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Larry King Calls Anderson Cooper A "She"

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Wait, what??

At Comedy Central's Donald Trump roast, which taped last week, Larry King referred to Anderson Cooper as a "she."

While up at the podium, Larry said:

"Anderson Cooper is coming up next. Let's see what she's up to."

A friend later defended Larry, saying:

"He was just having a little fun,. Larry has huge respect for Anderson and couldn't care less who he chooses to sleep with."

Uhh, so that makes it okay? We don't think so!

That was totally uncalled for, Larry!

And it's not even funny!

[Image via WENN.]

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100 comments to “Larry King Calls Anderson Cooper A "She"”

  1. mrob says – reply to this


    It was a ROAST dumb-ass. That's what people do - make fun of others. Get over it.

  2. 2

    It's a freaking roast……Nothing is off limits. You and the PC police are exactly what is ruining this country.

  3. 3

    Typical gay community can't even take a joke at a damn roast, on comedy central no less. If you don't want to be poked at then don't go to places where jokes fly.

  4. 4

    LOL, it's a roast dude! That is hilarious!!!

  5. 5

    OMG he was joking, dude is like 900 he probably didnt even realize he said that. You are so sensitive to ANYTHING that could possibly be a "gay slur" even things that arent meant in anyway to be one. grow up.

  6. 6

    weird, i laughed.

  7. 7

    IT WAS A ROAST! Perez, you are not the right man to say what is or isn't "uncalled for"….

  8. 8

    SHUT THE FUCK UP PEREZ. its a fucking roast…EVERYTHING IS FAIR GAME..just like when people makes fun of DISABLED PEOPLE, WHITE PEOPLE, HISPANIC PEOPLE, OLD PEOPLE, JEWS, BLACK PEOPLE…so a gay joke is off limits cause it makes you crawl into the fetal position and cry? get the fuck over it..IF YOU WANT TO BE TREATED EQUALITY LIKE YOU ALWAYS SAY THEN THOSE JOKES SHOULD BE OK…youre such a pain in the ass…andersons not crying about it..so let it go

  9. 9

    It's a Roast you idiot. Everyone gets made fun of, that's the idea

  10. 10

    the most honest thing larry king ever said in his 100 years of being in the business! also it was pretty darn funny!

  11. 11

    It's a roast. What the hell is he suppose to say?

  12. 12

    Holy Crap, even though it isn't actually you writing this, you seriously need to shut the fuck up already. It's because of people shouting for equality like numb-nuts over every stupid little god damn thing that prevents it from ever actually happening. It's a roast, which implies that you can say anything offensive and inappropriate, in expectation that the next presenter will indefinitely return the favour. If Anderson Cooper could not handle it, then he shouldn't have been there to begin with. Stop acting like a god damn jackass by making life a little more difficult to people coping with their sexuality, by influencing them that every single thing said is derogatory or offensive to their own being.

  13. 13

    It's a roast dipshit, you're supposed to rip into people.

  14. 14

    Come ON! This isn't an anti-gay or anti ANYTHING slur. It's a joke. If a comedian called Trump "She" during his roast, would you be whining about inappropriacy then? Or if a football coach says it to motivate his team? Get off your high horse and stop turning every single word that doesn't assosciate with unicorns and lollipops and happiness and light into some anti-whatever slur. If he was (rumored to be) straight, this wouldn't even be an issue. Talk about a double standard. Political correctness has run amuck and is making our social world a friggin nightmare.

  15. 15

    Uuuugggh!!! Its COMEDY you Asshole. They are commonly known for being nice…. NOT

    Get your fucking head out of your Ass you stupid Fuck.

  16. 16

    What do you expect for a Comedy Central roast? I don't see you get upset after all the shit they said to Andy Dick.

  17. 17

    Haha, it was a joke, get over yourself. You`re probably the only one who found it offensive.

  18. sanaa says – reply to this


    You call Zac Efron Zacquisha for years now…. that's the new it joke to refer to someone of one gender casually as the other, I think it was invented on Will and Grace.

  19. 19

    IF YOU WANT TO BE TREATED LIKE EVERY OTHER GROUP, THEN DONT BRING SHIT LIKE THIS TO OUR ATTENTION. it only makes your group stand out and no one should have to walk on egg shells when at an event like this because some f-l-a-m-e-r like you is going to make a big fucking stink out of it. you wanna preach equality? how about shutting the fuck up? no wonder why GLAAD wants nothing to fucking do with your fat ass.

  20. 20

    Hey Mario, I think there are far more terrible things going on in this world then someone jokingly calling a "he" a "she". If you whine about every little politically incorrect phrase people are never going to take you serious.

  21. 21

    Perez, YOU spread hate…you spread it because you make every little thing about the GAYs..like prop 8…the people who voted yes for prop 8 does not necessarily make them hateful towards your group. granted, there are ALWAYS a percentage of people who are discriminatory towards EVERY GROUP..not just gays, well..it happens and you cant change people…but that doesnt mean that every little joke or questionable remarks from seom hetero means that they are full of "HATE"…sorry if most people do not agree with your lifestyle…fucking deal with it. i think you guys (homos) have it pretty good…every show now has a gay character, some movies are gay, literally…look at that chuck and larry movie…so dont sit here and act like you people are fucking oppressed..you wanna see oppressed? ask a 70 year old black man.

  22. 22

    I agree with the very first person to comment on here. It was just for fun. lighten up Mario…

  23. 23

    Are you serious?!?!? This is what gets your panties all twisted? He said She so what, they're worst things he could have said. Stop being such a cry baby and grow some balls!

  24. 24

    Okay, I'm gay and all my friends call me a girl all the time… Did you catch that Perez? "FRIENDS". YOU are the reason people hate gay people. You yourself and YOU! Please do us a favor and SHUT UP!

  25. 25

    And the difference between this and you calling a male star "girlfriend" is what? You hypocrital fat twat.

  26. Shark says – reply to this


    its a fucking roast you door knob….you have made hundreds of posts commenting on other roasts and generally have laughed along with those that make the roast jokes…which are always non politically correct…but have a hint of anything gay related and you go off…
    you really are one who wants it both ways……literally and figuratively…..door knob!

  27. 27

    he meant to say butt pirate

  28. rory! says – reply to this


    Perez you're embarrassing for us gays! You seem to think your take on things is representative of us and it isn't! Shut your mouth!!

  29. 29

    stop treating homosexuality like a crippling disease…

  30. 30

    If his next word were "…but I support gay marriage", your lips would be kissing his ass today. Shut the hell up Perez…….idiot.

  31. 31

    um, ITS A ROAST and it WAS FUNNY, lol…haha I'm sure Anderson got a kick out of it too. You know something, I'm always out there supporting gays rights to get married and what not, but its just shamefully pathetic that they themselves cannot take a joke. Any time you try and poke fun at the gay community they insantly scream out discrimination and all that crap. It's absurd. Perez, you should retract your stupid, uneducated, and idiotic thread about this because its not a news story. Larry King was well within his rights to take a lil jab at Cooper and even so, it was funny but so slight in its humor that you truly have no basis for being upset. Grow up, Perez, you can't have things both ways.

  32. 32

    After seeing the ferocity and magnitude of this quake and tsunami,it brings in focus the silliness of the Left thinking they can control Earth's catastrophes, by taxing the hell out of people on energy.
    The Earth is going to do what it wants to do, regardless of Liberal meddling.
    God bless and provide comfort to all of the dear people in Japan, who have been affected by this event.

  33. 33

    Okay–I agree with Perez and disagree with every single person who commented so far. It's a straight guy casting aspersions on the masculinity of a colleague, just because that colleague is rumored to be gay. It's propagating a negative (and false) stereotype. Since when has "humor" become sacred? If a lame attempt at humor is in bad taste, it should be criticized. What other minority group would put up with this sort of thing? Gay people are just supposed to take it, laugh off the slurs, be humble, patient, and "entertaining" (i.e., turn themselves into jokes) in order to gain acceptance. Bullshit.

  34. Rohan says – reply to this


    Not one single post in your favor, Perez! Sure says a lot about your readers and what they think of you. Must be a nice feeling lol!

  35. 35

    why gay men make fun of women all the time and its acceptable,
    but a straight man makes fun of a women by calling a gay man one and its unacceptable.
    guess who is really being put down in all of this? WOMEN.

  36. 36

    LOL I'm pretty sure nobody cares…and what makes it funny is someone making such a big deal out of it.

  37. 37

    maybe it was a mistake, i sometimes by mistake call a waiter miss, of ask some friends how their sister is when they actually have a brother, sometimes ur mind plays tricks on you, if not anyway its not like he call him a fu**in Fa**ot or something like that

  38. 38

    I am a gay man and I can honestly say that I did not take offense to this comment. First, the context in which this was said was one in which mudslinging is expected and welcomed because it is all done in FUN. Larry King would have made an "off-color" joke about ANYONE he was to introduce, the hot button topic that related to Anderson Cooper just happened to be the fact that he is gay. Secondly, and more importantly, why is being referred to as "she" so terrible, as if being referred to as a female is degrading. I get what you are saying, Perez, I just feel like you need to lighten up and that your head was up your ass a little on this one. Please don't segregate the gay community by asking for special treatment, particularly when it has become such a clear agenda of yours to do the opposite.

  39. zoey says – reply to this


    Larry is an icon…..

    you need to man up

  40. 40

    Re: BITCHyoulostyourmind – wow.. calm down freak…

  41. 41

    Oh suck it up Perez, it's a friggin roast.

    It's obvious we'll never ever see you on the stage for a roast.

  42. 42

    Re: yeahokayalright – Agreed. Unfortunately we still live in a world where the worst insult one man can give to another is to refer to them as a woman.

  43. 43

    PEREZ REREZ PEREZ, remember when you were actaully funny? Remember when you drew dicks on pictures and "white stuff" on peoples faces? AND THEN you let Jennifer Aniston tie your panties in a bunch. You weren't a bully! You were funny, like a comedy central roast. Now you need to change the name of your website to sissyperez.com bc of your constant telling on other people. This person said this, this person said a bad word, blah blah blah. This was my fav website, now it's almost painful to read.

  44. sanaa says – reply to this


    Re: Taffernoodles – Hey!!! the reverse is true too!!! What woman wants to be called a man???

  45. 45

    I love that everyone is on the same page that posted comments… Perez.. come on.. you've said way worse things about people.. humor and comedy is what makes something that can be so taboo not such big a deal…

  46. 46

    Re: gregsgotmoxy – couldnt have said it better myself! clap! clap! BRAVO!

  47. 47

    1st of all, are you sure it wasn't a 'slip' of the tongue? Then, if not, it is OKAY to call King-old, ancient, there when the bible was written, married to every and anyone, etc, etc, etc, and I AM SURE HE GOT THEM THAT NIGHT, but it is not okay for the gay people to get gay jokes? So, then to we cut out hetero jokes? fat jokes? Old jokes? IT IS A ROAST, AND YES, EVERYONE IS INSULTED THERE. Don't go, if your feelings might be 'hurt or offended'. ROASTS ARE OFFENSIVE, OFF COLOR, DISGUSTING, ETC. then edited for tv.

  48. 48

    Re: Tink66 – hey suck my balls!!!!!

  49. 49

    STFU Perez stop being such a celebrity ass kisser! Its a roast, worse things have been said at other roasts and you know it. At least Larry didn't call him a f*g or queer or any other derogatory word.

  50. 50

    he's a senile, bitter old man… don't listen to him

  51. 51

    At any other time yes, this comment would've been unacceptable… but at a roast it's fine. THAT'S WHAT HAPPENS AT ROASTS.

  52. 52

    it's a roast…
    saying that i don't find it particularly funny, maybe it's funnier in context

  53. 53

    Perez, you need to lighten up girlfriend! Just shut-up and stop being such a bitch!

  54. 54

    I'm gay and I think it's hella funny…. The fact that he's in the closet makes it even more of a riot… And like everyone said… it's a roast, get it over it… and get a sense of humour Mario, not everything is political like you make it out to be. You and Gaga totally belong together… you're both clueless…

  55. 55

    She just flew into Japan. Because she didn't feel she could use a break after getting assaulted in Egypt last month. But whatever I know Larry King isn't homophobic he just doesn't know whats funny and whats not.

  56. 56

    oh come on perez, it was just a joke, dont get me wrong, im ALL for gay rights but this was obviously just in good fun and you need to relax. No need to get your panties in such a twist

  57. 57

    Being that you have no problem making fun of Christians and white people, gays are fair game.

  58. 58

    but its totally ok for gays to call each other "she" like a certain race with the n word. I have nothing against gays or gay marriage or any of that but im so sick of the victim mentality i cant stand it. go find something real to bitch about!

  59. 59

    Ok, Perez. Because you never refer to any males as "girlfriend" or say they're "fierce deluxe"? Because those are really masculine terms, right?
    Seriously, enough is enough. I am all for gay rights but guess what, EVERYONE GETS MADE FUN OF. It's life. And the sooner we can accept something in *good* humor, instead of spiraling into a tizzy over every minor thing, the sooner everyone can just relax. It's like every minority has a field day when anything is said about them, yet any "majority" groups can be berated as much as anyone likes.
    Get back to what this site is about… and if you can't, and fancy yourself some sort of celebrity/leader of the gay movement, then close shop and start again.

  60. 60

    Give me a break, Perez. The ONLY person who has any right to be offended by this is Anderson Cooper himself. And doubt that he is, considering he's an intelligent man and knows what to expect from Comedy Central ROASTS.

  61. 61

    Perez is correct here:
    Just because Anderson is gay (and only presumed gay since he's still pathetically closeted like an ass hole) it means that referring to him as "she" is funny? Gay = "she"? That's fucking stupid and just plain not funny.
    Would he have referred to Portia De Rossi (?) as "him"?? No, never. Ellen yes, but not Portia.
    Yes it was a roast and you can say whatever you want… but it was just stupid. Yes, I'm sure he was trying to be funny but it was lame.
    It's like the white guy who has a black friend and constantly makes black "jokes". It's not funny, it's just old and dumb.
    It's definitely not a big deal, just ignorant to perpetuate that crap.

  62. 62

    Who cares he called her a "She" maybe its time for A.C. to come out of the closet, he is not fooling anyone. We said and thought the same thing about Clay Aiken or Ricky Marting. And its not like Larry said it at the oscars or while interviewing him, it was a Roast and they say way worse shit to others than that and the fact he was called that should be considered lucky. I find it offensive that Gaga sings "Dont be a Drag, just be a queen" isnt that just as offensive to be called a queen? Kathy Griffin calls Ryan Seacrest a "she" all the time yet you dont say anything about that and he is straight…supposedly, come on people need to get a sense of humor and you need to stop adding fuel to the fire by posting nonsense like this.

  63. 63

    Funny..havent u been the one trying to out him for the last 2 or 3 yrs? HYPOCRITE!!!

  64. 64

    Anderson Cooper he is a gentleman. Larry King he is not funny at all!!! Needs to go to a convelescent home and entertain the senior citizens there.

  65. 65

    not a good joke Larry!

  66. 66

    OMG Perez, it's a ROAST. Why are you taking this so seriously? Don't make a big deal out of nothing.

  67. 67

    NOT funny.
    I adore Anderson.
    He has such passion for the people in crisis that he covers.
    I didn't see LK & his hemroids get out of his chair to go help anyone.
    LK should go crawl back under his rock.

  68. 68

    You can dish it out but can't take it, huh? Quit complaining about your vagina hurting and accept the fact that life is too short to get so horribly offended every time something ruffles your ass feathers.

  69. 69

    I thought you would applaud that being that you look down on people who dont publicly come out perez

  70. 70

    Tracy Morgan said it best…. IF YOU CAN TAKE A DICK, YOU CAN TAKE A JOKE!!!!

  71. 71

    It was a roast you sensitive jackass! Stop being such a whiny bitch about everything. That is one of the BIGGEST problems in America everyone has become sensitive panty wastes.

  72. 72

    Larry King as always been an idiot. A disrespectful and ignorant fuck.

  73. 73


  74. 74

    Yes it is funny, DUH Winning….SHE hahah I'm still laughing. perez u sensitive gay man geez.

  75. 75

    ha, i came here to say "shut the fuck up, it was a roast" but about 74 people beat me to it .. but seriously, shut the fuck up, it was a roast.

  76. 76

    Re: BITCHyoulostyourmind – WELL SAID!

  77. 77


  78. 78

    ::shrug:: No one blinked when Larry was repeatedly referred to as "The Late Larry King."

  79. 79

    omgf Perez…it was a joke…get a sense of humour!

  80. 80


  81. 81

    It's a roast. And the roasters don't just go after the "roastee"; they go after each other as well.

  82. 82

    Did you see the Pam Anderson roast? They dropped so many gay jokes that it was like a bomb of political incorrectness exploded in the theater. That's just the way that roasts work. Gay, straight, male, female, fat, skinny… everybody gets glazed up and roasted to perfection.

  83. 83

    Last I checked, Anderson Cooper is a public figure and open to ridicule and tasteless jokes by "would be" comics. Isn't that the standard that you subscribe to as it relates to the Palins and the "would be" comic Kathy Griffin? Can't have it both ways Perez - if it's good for the goose it's good for the gander.

  84. 84

    So perez gets offended when someone calls anderson cooper a "she" in a ROAST, but yet has a blog dedicated to bashing people.

  85. 85

    I dont understand how you can argue you're demanding equality, when in reality you are demanding to be treated differently than everyone else. The definition of equality is to be treated the SAME, not expect special treatment for being different. It does nothing to fight the good cause, and its high time you realised most of the population DOESNT CARE whether someone is gay, straight or part horse. Its the way YOU continually shove this crap in our face that we hate.

  86. 86

    That's what happens at a ROAST. Who are you to tell people what's funny (your taste in music is that of a 10 year old little girl) you comedy nazi ! It not like he painted a heart on his crotch & cum dripping from his lips.

  87. 87

    Re: BITCHyoulostyourmind – i thought bitches dont have balls.. lol.. calm down crazy..

  88. 88

    I think it's pretty funny.

  89. 89

    OH please, it's a roast.

  90. 90

    Re: tearaivu – Anderson wasn't present at the roast. While I agree that yes, it's a roast, and everything's off-limits, I don't think it's necessarily right that someone who isn't actually present to participate should be roasted in any way in the process. That's not fair to take a stab at someone who isn't available to offer a like roasting in kind. That's why they're usually supposed to limit their remarks to people that are in attendance. But I don't think what Larry said really qualifies as the anti-gay slur people are making it out to be. Anderson is notoriously effeminate and considering how long those two have known and worked with each other, I seriously doubt Larry meant anything worse than that. I love love love me some Anderson, but even I know that this is a situation getting blown way out of proportion!

  91. 91

    I am gay and don't condone ignorant comments. But to me this wasn't Larry King being ignorant. It's a roast. EVERYONE gets made fun of, not just the person being honored. I just don't think we'd be reading about this on your site if it were a racial joke or a sexist joke. What the world needs more then anything right now is laughter.

  92. 92

    using feminity as an insult.. really? it's getting really old

  93. 93

    another "fat girl" reaction from perez

  94. 94

    I'd do her

  95. Bboss says – reply to this


    It's a ROAST you freak. Stop creating problems where there aren't any. You're such a sensitive freak. You might want to watch a roast before throwing a hissy fit about it. They play on every politically incorrect subject out there. This proves you're clueless and a hatemonger.

  96. ka.06 says – reply to this


    I think the moral of this story is don't do a roast on/or invite Perez to a Roast because he obviously can't take the heat.

  97. 97

    Re: Tink66 – theyre more than youll ever have you twat!!!!! im gonna keep bringing the crazy bitch!!

  98. 98

    it's actually a little funny when you say it's 'not funny!'

  99. 99

    the gays want to be treated as equals..well there you go! People joke about heterosexuals but it's off limits to make innocent fun of gays? Be happy it's becoming so accepted now that it can be done without a big deal being made of it!

  100. zoey says – reply to this


    Re: Kat0923

    OMG….. you are funny and sooo right !

    Change it to "sissyperez.com" because all Mario does is tattletale now …