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Zacquisha Parties With Some Lucky Girl!

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Why are you trying to break our hearts, Zacquisha??

We're just going to blame it on the alcohol.

A PerezHilton.com reader spotted Zac partying and giving googly eyes to some random girl at a friend's apartment in El Lay earlier this week.

Holding a can of Tecate, Zac seems REALLY into her. Check out some additional pics of Zac getting his flirt on (below).

So we have to ask…who is this girl??

We don't know much except for her name - Victoria - but that's all we got!

We need to know who she is, what she does, and more importantly, what is she doing with our man??

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127 comments to “Zacquisha Parties With Some Lucky Girl!”

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  1. 101

    Re: toria2 – Your pretty but damn girl calm down the haters are just jealous

  2. 102

    And what was it Zac said about not partying, being falling down drunk, and how that wasn't his thing? Guess the dude was lying. Considering that his face is always bloated, it seems he does more than a normal amount of drinking. I hear he's also a closet smoker (cigarettes and pot), does ecstasy and the white stuff too. He's running with a pretty rough crowd these days. Dudes much older than him. Wonder what he's trying to prove?

  3. 103

    you old farts whats wrong with her taking pictures at a party..something is clearly wrong with your bored life if this is wrong to you!! forgot how to live a little?

    and when did drinking become a sin? its probably the freaking weekends.. thirsty thursday can also be included. the wrong thing is you put her last name here perez come on use common sense

  4. 104

    Re: SophiaT
    uh,how do you know that?
    do u know him?

    also i think he's trying to prove that he's not ”disney guy” anymore,

  5. 105

    Re: NookiesWA – yeah, you're still an ass.

  6. 106

    Re: BriggyBoo – Do you have a fucking life???????????????

  7. 107

    This would be no biggie if it was an occasional thing. But there have been SO many tweets starting back around Jan of him bar hopping, clubbing, doing shots, and making out with random unknown chicks. That with his face being so bloated kinda adds up to him having a drinking problem. He even looks stoned in a lot of the pap pics. He may have been drinking all along behind closed doors, but for the past 3 mos, it's escalated and he's taken it public big time.

  8. 108

    Look guys he's not on drugs or drinks alot or a party boy he hardly partys or drinks just a little lately so stop jumping in to things also it dnt look like he's gflirting he looks more confused and awkward but if he was flirtying and did like her then I must say he like girls that look ugly and whory vanssa then that girl that loooked like a old hooker now her he needs some one pretty and talented like leaghtion meester they be soooooooo cute together *-* she's sexy pretty talented and classy or Taylor swift some one real amd down to earth all the other girls he hooked up or flirted with or dated all look fake and trashy dnt you agree?hhhhh if only they could date oh by the way he should get better friends it looks like a privet party for friends so they must have linked it up and he's not GAY he's sexy and a great actor that needs to get better taste in girls though :(

  9. 109

    Not surprising given the group of Z-listers he has been hanging out with lately. They are a core group of wannabes, would be actors and extreme D-list actors…think "Teen Nick"…and then you pretty much get the gist. They nicknamed themselves the "Ninjas"…pathetic I know…and run all over LA hitting up bars and tweeting their exploits. They are riding Efron's coat tails. His stock is plummeting in Hollywood and so what is a guy to do? Drop some "E" and hit the clubs. To make matters worse, he has a terrible team in place navigating his career. Get ready for more bonified flops and more embarrassing pictures from Zac and his posse of morons. He's looking more and more like a character from a Jay McInerney novel. Notice how happy Vanessa looks now that she cut Zac loose. It's like a 10-pound histriontic monkey has been lifted off her back. She is having the time of her life professionally and personally.

  10. 110

    Wow. I can't believe everyone is just eating this right up without thinking about it first. FIrst of all, someone like Zac , with his level of fame doesn't do much "by accident." It's called damage control, people. Zac's been dealing with gay rumors - so last week we read all about him with some guy and then bam all of a sudden in a day or two - pictures of him partying with some girl at a private residence are "leaked" to the press and everyone seems so certain he's dating her? Seems a little weird to me. There is also nothing in the photos to insinuate that he's dating her or with her in anyway. It's called damage control, people. Zac has never had friends photos like this leaked into the public before - this seems like a definite little set up,
    to ward off the gay rumours, give the girl some 15 mins of fame and zac's friends make some cash.. so everybody wins. Also .. nothings happening in these pics so nobody is caught lying. Perez, you used to be more a little more savvy in your news writing ..I understand not wanting to bully anybody into coming out but reporting the truth is what you did best.

  11. 111

    Re: toria2 – Are you fucking kidding me? You can't be that naive…LOL. Word of advice: don't let your friends take drunken pics of you with a celeb. It's a surefire way to end up a blog like this where the vultures will rip you apart.

  12. 112

    Also, what you all need to realize if you look throughout the history of Hollywood nobody who was actually straight has ever had a lot of gay rumors written about them. There are grains of truth in what you hear. And yes, a lot of bull*** - but usually when there is that much suspicion about someone's sexuality for so long - that means there is some truth there and I know that different people know stuff and aren't talking. So yeah, what's the big deal anyway? If someone is gay or bi, they should have the balls to come out and be honest with their public. It's the only way things are going to change. Until then, people who continue to pretend just feed into the oppression.

  13. 113

    also, yes zac does smoke weed. big deal. he's just a normal person. i don't see why if he goes out drinking etc or has a beer everybody starts trash talking. like 90% of you aren't the same. it's what people do. probably especially 23 y/o ex disney kids who were too busy auditioning and learning dance numbers to have any sort of teenage life.

  14. 114

    Zac Efron was spotted an hour ago playing beer pong with friends at The Parlour in Hollywood that makes him an alcoholic he has been out every night beer ponging since his arrival from NYC. Ignore the problem one day he will get in a DUI and someone might not come out alive. Everyone is enabling him and as long as he picks up the tab why not?

  15. 115

    Re: toria2 – Hahhaha you wish he was your friend. Classy response, loser.

  16. 116

    Victoria is an amazing girl…none of you know her so you can't have an opinion she is beautiful inside and out! Dont let the haters get you Victoria! She is a Tridelt at Florida State University which is one of the best sororities on campus…Delta Love Victoria and you go girl

  17. 117

    victoria is amazing…and gorgeous!

  18. @v@ says – reply to this


    He looks bored, or a bit wasted, and like he'd rather be somewhere else.

  19. 119

    Re: DeltaLove4 – She is also a marketing intern for Social Butterlfy and a wanna be model and if she was this upset she would not have you losers defending her she would have had Perez emailed by a lawyer end of story. Her 15 seconds of fame are up move on get another drinking buddy.

  20. 120

    Just so you know, you deleted her last name from the post but not from the tags.

  21. IVIV says – reply to this


    Re: Be-Atch – everything you said is true ;x

  22. IVIV says – reply to this


    Re: exlibris – e-x-a-c-t-l-y…thank you lol

  23. Tasos says – reply to this


    You CLAIM to be against bullying and you also clamed to be against sexual harassment, though you do exactly what you condemn by referring to Efron as "Zacquisha" to imply that he is gay. Whether Efron states that he is straight. Questioning his orientation is NONE

    You jump on other's shjt for harassing gays about their orientation, yet you are harass Efron about his. This is one of many reasons why
    so many gays and gay-friendly straights believe that you are a hateful opportunistic head case, who does more harm than good through 'representing' LGBTs and causes. It also explains why no one defended you when Wil.I.am Boom Boom Powed your bullying
    happy azz after you tried to bully and intimidate him. Think, Mario.

  24. Tasos says – reply to this


    Re: Demode – : Well said, Demode! Mario is obviously jealous, because IF Zak was a gay man, it would not change the fact that the thought of Mario probably sickens him (and who could blame him?). What we are noting is bitter Mario's sour grapes.

  25. 125

    Oh get over it, he looks wasted, shes not famous who cares.

  26. 126

    Just readin some of the other comments, and now that you look at it, it kinda looks staged, see how in all 3 pics he not directly looking into the cam, even though the person is directly in front, even if your drunk or not you still look into the cam and give a drunken slur. I don't know why people slag Vanessa more than him, at least there isn't pictures of her wasted and looking high, she made mistakes in the past and moved from them, he isn't exactly a great role model for all the soppy like Zefron Fans or "Zacquisha" ;)

  27. 127

    Stupid celebs you would think they would have learned by now. with todays social networking no one is safe. it will only get worse for them.

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