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Arrest Warrant Issued For Kill Bill's Michael Madsen Over Unpaid Child Support

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Deadbeat alert!

An arrest warrant has been issued for Kill Bill star Michael Madsen.

Michael's accused of allegedly owing around $570,000 in child and spousal support payments.

A judge found him in contempt and issued a warrant for his arrest after he failed to show up for a hearing last week.

If he is caught (and hopefully he will be), he'll be thrown in jail and will have a bail set at $26,000.


How could someone accumulate so much in child and spousal support debt?? Hopefully an arrest warrant will finally wake him up and he'll learn his lesson.

[Image via WENN.]

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8 comments to “Arrest Warrant Issued For Kill Bill's Michael Madsen Over Unpaid Child Support”

  1. 1

    I'm going to bet that the order for support was put in place when he was working more and he got behind because it was TOO much! Now, that is easily remedied. You go back to court, show all tax documents, etc, and get the amount lowered.

  2. 2

    maybe he doesn't have the money to pay. and to add insult to injury, in divorces the wife gets everything, the kids, the house, while the husband has to leave only with his clothes and sleep in the car sometimes. i wouldn't pay either!

  3. 3

    it doesn't scare alot of people. Micheal lohan for one. if you don't have the money, you don't have the money. sometimes, spouses just don't believe you. and sometimes, the ex shouldnt be believed. (hiding money). It should be easy to get it lowered if income changes and ex spouses should remember that it is for supporting THEIR CHILDREN, NOT THEM. It DOES NOT take $40-50 a month to support a child. To support the Mama's live style, YES, but daddy is not married to mommy any more.

  4. 4

    $570,000? seriously? some bitch marries this guy and has a kid and she practically wins the lotto? guess what- you don't need that much money to live.

  5. 5

    Look, if he couldn't afford to support his child/children then he shouldn't have had any. Yeah, this may be a old order from when he was making better money but it is his place to go to family court and ask that it be lowered. IMO, he is probably like many other deadbeat moms/dads and he just didn't want to pay it. I'm sure when they arrest him he will have the 26K needed to get out of jail. SUPPORT YOUR CHILD! They deserve that much!

  6. 6

    justtfax~ Are you serious? It doesn't take $40-$50 a month to support a child? Or did you mean 40-50 thousand a month? I agree that many will use the children to try to front their lifestyle but since child support is income based it is appropriate is someone is making millions a year.

  7. 7

    My ex tried to get his support lowered b/c he wasn't working (hasn't in 10 years). Well, he was denied. You know why? He wasn't working when I got the child support order, it was based on his earning CAPACITY (i.e., what he was making when he WAS employed). In addition, the dummy got a DWI and his license revoked sometime within the past few months, so the onus was on him–the judge felt he couldn't get to work b/c his license was revoked on account of his own stupidity.

  8. @v@ says – reply to this


    He showed up when it was time to make those kids. Maybe he's had a batch of career misfortune. He's a fine actor, as is his sister. I hope he's able to reach his acting potential so he can fly right and pay off his outstanding debt.