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Celebrity Apprentice Drama! Lisa Rinna Vs. Star Jones

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lisa rinna vs star jones

Looks like things are NOT cool between Celebrity Apprentice contestants Lisa Rinna and Star Jones.

Lisa feels betrayed by Star who "pushed to get Lisa chosen as team leader, primarily because she thought she'd blow it and get fired."

Here's what a contestant had to say about Lisa and Star's relationship:

"Since the show wrapped, there's been no love lost between Star and Lisa. Things got so ugly between them that NBC legal had to get involved."

Yikes! Here's more from a friend of Lisa's about her relationship with Star Jones:

"Lisa feels betrayed by Star and Dionne Warwick and has never in her life been exposed to such a negative environment. She comes from a place of love and refuses to fight dirty even if that means she would not win. To be honest, she's happy it's all over and has moved on."

"At least she left with her class and dignity in place."

Dramarama! It must have gotten SERIOUSLY ugly if NBC legal got involved. We can only imagine what went on behind the scenes…

Who do U side with? Team Rinna or Team Jones?

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53 comments to “Celebrity Apprentice Drama! Lisa Rinna Vs. Star Jones”

  1. 1

    This actually worked in favor of Lisa as I viewed her on the show as a smart, intelligent women and yes I do think she was thrown under the bus…..shame on most of her team for wanting to see her failure….women can be such beotches to each other and not supporting one another enough….I see Lisa in an entire new light and for that I wish her much success in all she does!

  2. 2

    Star manages to piss off pretty much anybody she comes in contact with. What a miserable person.

  3. 3

    star jones AND dionne warwick are just evil nasty people. i knew this about star, but was actually surprised when i saw dionne acting the way she did.

  4. 4

    warwick should have gone home..she is a bitter broke has been who contributes nothing to the show and star was and is still a bitch who thinks she is so much better than she is….lisa is a sweet heart and last nights show makes me not want to watch any more….

  5. 5

    Star and Dionne looked like two old wrinkled donuts picking on the pretty girl. Lisa really did look good. They are just jealous. Star married a gay guy and Dionne lost her psychic network.

  6. 6

    She has to go home to her stud pony Harry the "hammer" Hamlin, as Urula called him.

  7. 7

    Team Rinna, Star was wrong in so many ways…and if you haven't seen it SO was Dionne. you'd think a star of her caliber… nah poor Marlee Matlin.

  8. 8

    Anyone ever notice what a giant bitch Star Jones is? She can't get along with anybody!!

  9. 9

    Did they say she left with class and dignity?! That's hilarious! This poor woman looked lost, confused, and completely out of place. With the horrible performances from both Star and Dionne, I thought for sure that one of them would go home. Lisa blew it so badly by stammering and pathetically trying to prove that she is tough. It really was not a fair match as both Star and Dionne are ten times smarter than poor Lisa, but I thought that Lisa would have pulled it together and used their mistakes against them to get them fired. Lisa should not have started with the immature trash talking in the first episode…Star was bound to take care of business with Lisa and not let Lisa make Star look like a fool. Lisa just didn't have a chance.

  10. 10

    Star is AMAZING at defending herself. She knows the right things to say. And Dionne is just a BEEOTCH! Team Lisa for sure! I am shocked at all this drama, especially since NeNe is not involved!

  11. 11

    Dionne and Star are such Divas, just their sh*t doesn't smell! Well, they both smelled badly in this episode! It was a team effort - everyone is a member of the team, ladies! Lisa, you did great under the circumstances.

  12. 12

    I love Lisa! She's always been cool since Days of Our Lives. Nobody gets along with Star. She's only in the news if she's starting fights with old ladies and anything prettier than her. I know Lisa will pull ahead even after leaving the show before Star.

  13. 13

    I was ashamed of every single one of those women! Disgusting! Star, NeNe and Dionne were arrogant, manipulative, decietful hags. The rest of them just sat there and refused to say andything except Marlee Matlin because they didn't want the bullies to pick on them next. If they all would have stood up with Rhinna, they could have gotten Star or Dionne out of there. Istead they all just sat there and refused to say anything and they should all be embarrassed! ANY of the guys are better than any of those women!

  14. 14

    Re: Krista66 – I agree - I would be glad to get away from those jerks

  15. 15

    I Felt Really Bad For Lisa. Star (The Miserable Bitch) And Dionne W. Were Selfish And Obviously Not Team Players.

  16. 16

    Lisa got screwed big time. Star or Warwick should have gone. 2 See you next Tuesdays big time.

  17. 17

    Team neither! LOL In any case the Rinna lady is so bull shit, she will talk behind ppl's backs.

  18. 18

    Jones and Warwick acted like washed up mean fools which they both are.

  19. 19

    Team Lisa Rinna!!! You rock, Lisa!!!!!!!!!!! Love U!!!!

  20. 20

    Was I the only one who caught the racial comment that Trump made? He made a point to tell Lisa how nice her lips looked after she had them reduced, he went on to say how much he disliked big lips! Then he proceeded to ask only the black contestants what they thought about Lisas's performance! Needless to say the "larger lipped ladies" didn't like her one bit! Needless to say Star and Dionne didn't not do black women any justice by their bitchiness, gotta say the room full of people that I watched with keep saying "typical black bitches" got it out for the cute white girl. Lisa was classy though out!

  21. 21

    star is an egomaniac

  22. 22

    The show is a GAME and Star knows how to play it. Lisa knocked Star twice behind her back when Star was the leader for the Pizza sale. Lisa hated Star's menu that Star designed but Lisa gave Star the task to design the book. DUMB!!! The print was too small on the menu AND in the book. DUMB of Lisa!! Dionne is a stubborn diva but she knows how to play the game. Lisa needed to go as playing the game is what the show is about.

  23. 23

    While I admire the intelligence of Star Jones and her passion to win for her charity, Star still comes off as extremely bossy, brash, cold and super bitchy. I'm not sure why someone as intelligent as Star doesn't understand her image is so tarnished who would want to work with her? If I was to hire a lawyer, it would be Star. If I needed a celebrity for an event or a television reporter it would NOT be Star. She was fired from The View (ABC), fired from E Entertainment, fired from The Insider. All because she is extremely difficult to work with. Come on girl! Wake up. Your the problem!! When she was on Oprah, I actually believed her that she changed. NOT. NeNe is hilarious and so real. I love her. I love Lisa Rinna. While Lisa was not a great progect manager, you were liked, you did the best you could. Good thing Star is a lawyer, because her television days are over!

  24. 24

    Star & Dionne are two ugly bitches.

  25. 25

    not a rinna fan but i am on her side. dion and star were aggressively gunning for her from the start. they chewed her up and spit her out. trump should have fired dion or star. instead he rewarded their bad behavior. instead of focusing on the challenge the were working getting rid of lisa and elevating themselves. they are evil jealous bitches.

  26. 26

    I have never been a Lisa Rinna fan but after last night, I was given a new appreciation of her. Sure she was not the best at defending herself but she still stood her ground and was honest. Star and Dionne would NEVER ever admit they were not good, regardless of the outcome of the challenge. They both sabotaged Lisa from the beginning. Also, am I the only one who thinks the girls book was better.

  27. 27

    Dionne and Star set her up and bullied her. Both very mean unlikable women. If it comes to lowering yourself to that level, I would rather be fired. They were truly nasty, what will happen when it's one against the other? Now that would be truly entertaining, this just pissed me off!!

  28. 28

    Umm…who gives a fuck

  29. 29

    Star and Dionne came off so badly. I mean who in the heck thinks THEIR name should go on the book they ALLl created? How stuck up can you be??? They were so condescending to Lisa and Marlee… I hope they don't stay long.

  30. 30

    "Kindness, kindness" Lisa Rinna.

  31. 31

    It's SO HARD to look at either of those Hollywood Science Projects; sad, very sad!

  32. 32

    Team "i'm a grown up and don't pick teams anymore".

  33. 33

    I have never seen Lisa Rinna in anything, so all I knew about her was that she made a big mistake years ago with lip implants. After watching the show last night I think she rocks! She didn't have a chance up against those two witches. Ugggh. Can anyone stand to look at Star? She is soooo fugly! And Dionne - bitch from hell. Those two are not doing black women any favors, that's for sure. Really bad role models. As for Lisa - she reacted exactly how I would have. It's so easy to watch and wonder why she didn't do a better job standing up for herself, but when you are not used to being attacked by two bitches, it can catch you off guard. I think she's going to get a lot of work after this. She looked hot and came off very well.

  34. 34

    Poor Star, still an angry fat woman in my eyes.

  35. 35

    When Star and Dionne wanted credit on the cover of the children's that confirmed to me that those two are nothing but ego's gone wild.

    Star, you've got fired from almost every job you've had. GET THE HINT.

  36. 36

    I knew Star's horrible reputation preceded her, but what a trashy woman (along w/ Dionne). They were AWFUL to Lisa. They should be ashamed and embarrassed of how they acted, but that's assuming they had class or a conscience, which neither possess. I can't believe they wanted their names on the cover of the book - what delusional a-holes.

  37. 37

    Re: smithygirl – He didn't say he hated big lips…he said he hates when ladies get their lips injected with stuff and make them all huge and stupid looking….he hates FAKE big lips (trout pout)

  38. 38

    Lisa did the best she could. Star and Dionne were out to get her fired no matter what.
    Demanding to have their names put on the book pretty much said it all about their personalities. such witches…
    BTW… here's a tidbit on Dionne… a long while ago a friend of ours was in her band. when she found out that her wardrobe assistant had HIV she fired him only to go ahead a few months later and record "That's what friends are for" for the Aids cause. what a friggin' hypocrite as well as an egomaniac she is !
    Karma will get those two "women"…

  39. 39

    Star Jones is a Byatch!!

  40. 40

    This is the one millionth story about Star Jones pissing someone off or stabbing someone in the back. What great life skills. At this point, I have to believe producers keep putting her on the air because she's guaranteed to bring drama. I wonder if it bothers her she's a terrible human being. Doubt it.

  41. 41

    Star Jones is one ugly power mad she-bitch who would eat her young at the least provocation.

  42. 42

    Star Jones has problem with everyone, must be a good reason!!! She is a bitch that thinks that because she is a lawyer is better than anyone. I am in law school and she is embarasing… Dione Warwick is just a good singer from the 60's, broke and a failure, a joke and fake psychic… Lisa, stay strong!!!

  43. 43

    Go Star, GO! and keep on kicking ass!
    Poor Dionne, she needs to lay off the dope (though I think it's too late!)
    Rinna deserved to go home as she clearly proved that she was/is nothing close to a leader…

  44. 44

    Re: PrincessLisaEmma – I agree with you totally. Star Jones is a MAJOR bitch. She even admitted she was going to throw Lisa under the bus in the interview portion. NeNe's head would explode if she had an intelligent thought and Dionne thinks she's a lot bigger than she is. She's a legend sure, but she's not Madonna or Streisand. You can't just get away with shit like that. The fact that they both wanted their name on the book like no one else had input said a lot and I'm honestly shocked that Donald Trump didn't say something about it.

  45. 45

    team neither of those two! nicky Taylor is the best one on there, she has her head on straight and no ego/narcissism to keep in check. TEAM NICKY

  46. @v@ says – reply to this


    Star and Dion have a long way to go as human beings. Rinna is already there.
    I felt like I'd eaten a bad meal.

  47. pj88 says – reply to this


    Lisa is so classy, beautiful and smart.. she walked out of that boardroom with her head held high… so proud of her. She was like Cinderella, and her two nasty bitch stepsisters were left behind. Star is just Star. She's a Diva, and will chew up and spit out who ever gets in her way ( I wish Barbara Walters would have done a cameo and came in and slapped her!!)… Dionne is the one I was shocked with. What a nasty old hag… I don't give a shit if she is a legend, her negativity was uncalled for. Be proud Lisa, you are the one walking away with the love and support of your fans. (P.S. Your lips look great.. so hawt!!!!)

  48. 48

    Star is just nasty and vile. Disgusting pig.

  49. 49

    I won't even watch this horrible show. It SUCKS! And if that twat wants nasty b*tches like Star Jones and NeNe Leakes on his show, it just proves how pathetic it is. He is milking this. But Star is just…..gross.

  50. 50

    TEAM LISA ALL THE WAY!!! Who cares about STAR JONES anyways? She's both ugly inside and out! She's a very manipulative person and that's not an excuse for being a ex lawyer! and WOW, DIONNE WARWICK, for someone who had lives for decades and still act live a rude bitch with no class! Wow, I'm a fan of your singing but it just went down the drain for me! It just show you can't judge a book by it's cover and you can't buy breeding when it's not really in your nature! In other words, STAR AND DIONNE, should just stick with their ghetto ways and not pretend to be smart ,classy ladies at all!! And Lisa, I have respect for your honesty about the physical insecurities you have and our open to talk about it not like Miss GASTRIC BYPASS , Star Jones!!!!!

  51. 51

    What sort of a role model is Trump for young entrepreneurs? He would stop at nothing short of murder to win it seems.
    Bottome line is, it's all about the ratings.

  52. 52

    What an embarrassment Star & Dionne should be to all women. Dionne was waiting to pounce on anything that any of the women said that wasn't to her liking. When she chastise Lisa for not treating her like a grown-up I thought it showed how defensive and self-indulgent she was and her rudeness toward Marlee was total inexcusable, the women is a confirmed pothead with no class. When Star and Dionne wanted their names on the book I laughed out loud at their arrogance. When I was watching all the ladies "tried" to have input into the book, I thought Star was just copying what was being said, then during the Boardroom she was trying to present herself as only wanting what was best for the team and her charity. What a two-faced piece of crap! I'm very disappointed the The Donald chose ratings over manners when he retained Star and Dionne and dismissed Lisa.

  53. syd3 says – reply to this


    Re: smithygirl
    No, Trump's comments were referencing those individuals who intentionally seek out the "trout pout" look. I have read other comments concerning Star Jone's reported potential lawsuit; however, I cannot locate any defined basis for said lawsuit. If Star Jones is feeling slandered, how so? Lisa is entitled to represent how she feels about Star Jones — in this case via masks. Perhaps she committed libel; again, how so? Have not yet seen anything to warrant this accusation. Star knows a little bit of law (studying law and actually practicing it professionally are not synonymous) … and consequently acts the bully. If we find out that Lisa's comments/actions are within the same behavorial parameters as Nene's, yet Star chooses only to go after Lisa, I would put a particular construction to Star's actions … as will many in the public … such action would serve as the "coffin nail(s)" to Star's appeal in the public arena.