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Deplorable! UCLA Girl Rants About Asian Students

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This is absolutely SICKENING to us!

Check out the awful video (above) of a UCLA girl ranting about Asian students at her school.

What was the thought process this girl went through before posting this video? Did she need attention THAT badly???

Truly disgusting.

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356 comments to “Deplorable! UCLA Girl Rants About Asian Students”

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  1. 1

    …new internet meme?

  2. 2

    She's a Poli Sci student? hahahahahaha That seriously made me laugh. I hope she was kidding about that because it worries me to think she may one day hold public office.
    And what does she expect at the library? Unless you are in a "quiet/no cell phone area", then there are no rules about using your cell phone. If it bothers her, she should get her ass up and go somewhere else! Oh and her saying "no offense but blah blah blah" killed me. It is just as bad as all the boneheads who still say "no homo".

  3. 3

    not only is she already ugly as eff, her personality makes her 10 times worse.

  4. 4

    What a dumb cun*t.

  5. 5

    I am NOT EVEN GOING TO VIEW IT. I am not going to GIVE HER THE ATTENTION, but, YOU, MARIO, Did!!! THANK YOU FOR GIVING ANOTHER RACIST, ATTENTION. The only way to stop individuals, is NOT to publish their CRAP! Yes, you are calling her out, but, unfortunately, there are people who THINK LIKE HER, and SHE PROBABLY LOVES THE ATTENTION. TAKE IT DOWN. DON'T GIVE HER THE EXTRA ATTENTION.

  6. 6

    what a soulless slut bag..

  7. 7

    She is not right, also she looks like a whore… lets post a video that is very racist and have my cleavage poor out also to gain more attention. She is so heartless. I'm pretty sure she wasn't in the library to study….. she doesn't look like the type…

  8. 8

    Oh wow, stereotype much? I can do it too, look. Why dont you go suck off another professor to get that passing grade u dumb blond bimbo!

  9. 9

    I fear for this girl's safety. Wait, I don't fear. I fully rejoice in the fact that this racist piece of excrement will get her ass beat. Doesn't she know where Karate and Kung Fu came from?

  10. 10

    I'm an American, and I think that Americans have some of the worst manners of everyone in the world. I think this girl is just a spoiled little bitch who doesn't like anyone who isn't like her. She sounds like a complete idiot, and while people on cell phones bother me sometimes, I don't see many Asians doing it. I live in a town with a university, so there are tons of students from all over the country and even-gasp!-Asians. Of all the people that annoy me the most, it's the stupid entitled Americans. Perhaps some of them were trying to find out what was going on with the situation in Japan, who knows? But, are you telling me that this twit, or anyone else for that matter, wouldn't want to find out what was going on with their friends and family? Sorry, but I think this girl would be one of the first ones to grab a phone and start talking, library or not. Annoying little bitch.

  11. 11

    If she wanted attention you certainly gave it to her!

  12. 12

    I do not agree with how she did this but she did bring up a point in a way. Asians come here and they think they are so much better then Americans. They really do. I live in Baltimore and whenever I run into them they always have an attitude and come off as though they think they are better. If you are so much better then me then why did you come to MY country! Just go back home. Disclaimer*** I do not think all Asians are like this.

  13. 13

    this is freakin HILLarious!!! i'm an asian who doesnt use the phone in the library, but in these horrible horrible times(what with the tsunami, earthquakes and atomic reactors exploding) one should be more sensetive. she seems to be as blond as she looks! idiot

  14. 14

    I'm willing to bet that she doesn't give a crap what YOU think of what she's saying, Mario. In fact, she's exercising her right to free speech the way YOU do on issues that others find distasteful. So suck it up and learn to live with it. Because though I don't care what she's saying or how she's saying it, I can absolutely assure you that I don't care what YOU think of it either. You post this stuff so you can be righteously indignant on your site because you imagine it makes you look like a moral person (you're not). If you really objected to it, you wouldn't give it attention. Let's see if your moral self will post this.

  15. 15

    Not "disgusting," merely offensive and bigoted.
    You live in Cali, that's where east meets west. Jst deal with it.
    And I bet the Asian girls dress more modestly than this "typical" California girl. I mean, does she go to class like this, with her boobs hanging out?

  16. 16

    you are an insensitive disgusting pig..your turn will come you fucking bimbo.

  17. 17

    hate to say it. but shes kina right. they r always everywhere.. and they dont really have manners. some do. but they always just look straight forward.. or walk right past you being rude. no smiles. dont even get me started on the driving. ickk

  18. 18

    Why bring attention to it? There's so many people out there with much worse views. You just have to ignore the haters. Why post this on your website for the world to see when that's just what she wants?

  19. adamt says – reply to this


    I'm not racist and i find Asian people very friendly but it's very true that they don't have manners.. Well the Asian people i have encountered, they're not being rude, i just don't think they are really taught manners like we are.. I'm Australian by the way.
    It's the simple things that they miss (please, thankyou) and just common courtesies.

  20. 20

    I don't get it…what's so sickening about this?

  21. 21

    She spends time in the library..? Yeah right!

  22. 22

    Yup she nailed it, they need to get some manners…………..and ya the greater of them are just fucking annoying as fuck.
    I worked in a salon with a few asian women and they are absolutely horrible to work with….they'll do anything to get a head.

  23. Bboss says – reply to this


    What was YOUR thought process when deciding to POST this on YOUR page?? If you find it so disgusting and deplorable, why would you post it? Because you're a hypocrite and you need the attention THAT bad, that's why. YOU are sickening and disgusting, Mario.

  24. 24

    this is pretty much how 75% percent of college students feel about the asian students at our schools. it isnt limited to this girl, and obviously this is from months or possibly years ago if she is talking about finals week its not like it was recorded yesterday.

  25. 25

    Libraries are supposed to be quiet.They exists so people ahve a quiet place to study. In my town the public libraries will ask you to leave. They are not your phone booth or your lunch room. I agree with many things she said…It has nothing to do with Asians.People and their annoying phone conversations-especially when it's not in your native language sound like chalk on a blackboard.Annoying. As far as family coming to do things for their family members,that's how families should be..Helping each other out..
    Perhaps you can learn something from their culture…But I do agree that
    libraries are supposed to be QUIET!

  26. Blunt says – reply to this


    not surprised! typical blonde blue eyed white folks smh lol

  27. 27

    Super funny. I love her. Quit trying to force your politically correct bullshit on us you damned butt pirate.

  28. 28

    Being the polite, nice, American girl your mother raised you to be: You decided to male this ridiculous, racist video. And I see PLENTY of white people use their cells in the library… it is not an exclusively Asain practice.

    And please someone tell me I heard it wrong when she said she was studying poli-sci.

  29. 29

    Re: dekoboko

    Of course, unless a sign specially states you can't use a cell phone, all courtesy and manners go out the window.

    I wish people would shove their phones up their asses and leave it there.

  30. 30

    I dont see whats so bad about what she says…she's giving an opinion…and @dekoboko, the WHOLE library is a quite zone..u shouldn't be on your phone anywhere at the library…sorry

  31. 31

    She talks like Asia is a country.

  32. 32

    Rock on Sister!! You are SO RIGHT!! She did not say every Asians. Just the Mama boys and still attached to their mommy girls. It is so true. The asians seem to put the WHOLE family's on the smart one in the family. So they kissed little Johnny'ass in hopes he or she will support them later.
    Your mama raised you to believe in free speech and to speak the truth!!! Go Girl!!

  33. 33

    She was pretty funny and I see her point. Stereotyping is wrong, and if the noise in the library bothers you, go to another area or have them post signs for no noise or something. Complaining and being offensive won't solve much. Lol, thats like saying all blacks are extra loud in movie theaters. (that could be true, but c'mon, not all of them are)

  34. Shak says – reply to this


    Wow, I had no idea there were so many racists who read Perez. What a shame.

  35. 35

    Re: dekoboko – No need to worry. This girl can't even hold an intelligent conversation. There's no way "like" she could hold a "um" political position.

  36. 36

    SHE GOES TO UCLA??????????? AND SHE'S A POLI SCI MAJOR? College is such a joke anymore.

  37. 37

    As a college student I hate when people answer their phones in the library too! They are not talking on their phones bc they are asian! Every annoying person does it regardless of their nationality, being annoying is not defined by race…. This chick needs to take a reality check! Also, put those boobies away if you want people to take you seriously! We really need to learn to not mock other peoples cultures, this girl is at UCLA she should know better!

  38. 38

    I do not find this disgusting. A little naive and stereotypical, yes. But, not disgusting. I have to agree with her on most points, though. She just said what most are thinking and don't have the balls to say. GO OUTSIDE and talk, do not talk in the library..HELLO!? DUH!

  39. 39

    Asians need to stop being so sensitive about things. I AM Asian and this does NOT offend me. Because YES, there are many people that have no regard for others, that includes Asians AND THIS GIRL! There are other issues in this world that we need to worry about, and other things to be thankful for. As an Asian, I am NOT offended when people say we have slanted eyes, BECAUSE WE DO. I am not offended when people say we're all smart, because, well why would you be upset over that? We all have cultural differences that we should embrace. Especially during a time when we should really show compassion for one another, it's disheartening that people would even take a second to be offended by this girl. She has opinions like EVERYONE ELSE. Whether they are right or wrong is no one's place to judge.

  40. 40

    Your mama must have forgotten to taught you the most important manner of all, "If you can't say something nice, then don't say anything at all".

  41. 41

    I was about to buy her argument and take this seriously. Then I got to thinking about them boobs. Maybe a bigger pair of tits would be better?

  42. 42

    Asians are fucking awesome.

  43. 43


  44. 44

    Love the way that she is vocalizing her opinion (rolls eyes). Like this, like that, like, like, like, like…..etc. If you want to come off as an intelligent person, learn to use proper linguistics. Don't use the word like every second word. You come off as an unintelligent person. "Like Oh My God, this is like the worst thing like ever!!! Like these people like don't use any like manners." See what I mean.

  45. 45

    I agree with her 100%

  46. 46

    Posting this is giving her national attention Perez… you're giving her probably exactly what she wants!

  47. 47

    one look at that dumb whore with her tits sticking out all over the place, her bleached blonde hair and her Valley Girl inflection immediately invalidated whatever she's bitching about.

  48. Helus says – reply to this


    She speaks the truth!!

  49. Thor says – reply to this


    Deplorable? Uh-no! I have heard worse, but she really is an idiot! How did she get into UCLA! Oh yeah, daddy's money and connections!

  50. 50

    Re: Dustin Donner – if you watched the whole video she mentions the tsunami so obviously it isn't from years ago. I know plenty of white bitches who are rude as hell and text in class, libraries and what ever… a majority of my friends are Asian. Heck even my daughter is half Chinese. None of my friends or family is rude. I'm pretty sure they find us rude also.

  51. tiffs says – reply to this


    Wow what a dumb bimbo!!!! It must be super easy to get into UCLA

  52. 52

    She's right

  53. 53

    Ok, Racism is not cool first of all. But, this girl has a point about the manners thing and it's not just in America. I work in a coffee shop in London, and the few Asian customers I have had have been so incredibly rude. They don't say please or Thank You, they snatch their change back and the worst thing of all is that they won't even give you eye contact. They seem to have this attitude of "You work in a coffee shop, therefore you are beneath me and I don't have to talk to you." Good manners cost nothing!

  54. 54

    Maybe you should show a less ignorant version of her opinions. This is a way to distract from the truth even our lowest class citizens can comprehend. (meaning Blondy) People do not come to this country to be a part of it. Only to drain its resources and help the success of their family. They segregate them selves often times returning their beloved country after they have satisfied their needs. Does no one think It is time to stop pretending to be kind.?

  55. 55

    I'm all up for manners but singling out the Asian community as the culprits .. what a douche, funny how she had time to rant with all those essays she supposedly can't concentrate on haha x

  56. 56

    I usually don't comment but in fairness, what an idiot! I understand how frustrating people talking in the library is but to isolate that behavior to Asians is ridiculous! I live in Ireland and we have people from all over the world in college here too, and I personally attend a college with a large population of Asian people and they have never been of any disturbance to me. Not only that but to bring the tsunami and whatnot into it, that's a low blow. I agree yes, they should take their phonecalls outside but to isolate it to a particular race is abhorrent, her mother clearly did not raise her to be "nice" and "polite"… If she did, she'd show other people more respect than to post such a foolish video online. Everyone's entitled to their opinion of course but if it's going to be so offensive be smart enough to keep it offline.

  57. 57

    LOL how did she get into UCLA? I find it very hard to believe that she has any ephiphanies and the only reason she's never seen an American douche bag on their cell phones in the library is because it was probably her first time in one- ever. Its not just Asian people who do it, I've seen it happen a lot. I admit its pretty annoying but to pin point just one group of people is completely dumb, especially if they're getting calls FROM their families that were affected saying that they're ok. I'm sure if they were getting up every second to go outside to talk on their phone she would be upset. And she sounds pretty bitter about the families coming in over the weekend. What's it to you? Dumb blond.

  58. 58

    People that come to America are so disrespectful, they come here and take our jobs and take our money, they stomp all over us, and they always think they're better than us. Screw that, i agree with this girl, it's not only with Asians. They stereotype Americans so much, and we give them all the freedom they want, and we get shit back.

  59. 59

    And a little off topic, but is deplorable your new favourite word or something?

  60. 60

    Know what I hate in the library? Idiots TYPING ON THEIR LAPTOP non stop. CLICK CLICK CLICK!!! ARGH. So STFU blonde idiot!

  61. 61

    Re: Blunt – Don't you realize that by saying that you are just as bigoted and ignorant as her? Or is being racist ok as long as it's against white people?

  62. 62

    it's called freedom of speech - part of what makes us all equal….you know, that thing you keep preaching about. oh sorry, my mistake - mario preaches about gayness - if she was a lesbian, I'd bet money he'd find a reason to agree with her.

  63. 63

    She's an idiot.

  64. 64

    What a conceited, spoiled, ignorant, narrow-minded, DUMB little bitch.

  65. 65

    i love how she keeps referencing to being american.. im sure your fellow americans love you for that…dumb redneck

  66. 66

    Re: Wenchtits – Well obviously I realize libraries are traditionally purposed to be a quiet area for study, but if you think that university students care about that, I'm guessing you haven't visited your local university library lately? Most students have the Cartman attitude of "Whateva, I do what I want!" (Myself included when I was an undergrad.)

  67. 67

    Honestly, I'm part asian so clearly I'm not racist against asian people, but she is right on some of her points. I've noticed the exact same thing. Generally in a library you know to be quiet and not talk on your cellphone really loud. Sure, usually there aren't signs saying that unless you're in a quite zone, but it's an unwritten rule. Of course not all asians are like that, but some of them are.

  68. 68

    Re: Dustin Donner – it obviously wasn't from months or possibly years ago since she said "from the tsunami thing" which was PRETTY recent if you haven't heard

  69. 69

    this bitch needs one SERIOUS ass beating… violence is not USUALLY the answer… But in this case?? Me-thinks it DEFINITELY IS!!

    Stupid white trash, racist piece of shit.

  70. 70

    she is absolutely right!!! they are soo loud and are always in packs running around everywhere!

  71. 71

    Re: Kims4munchkins – HA! Well said!! :-D

  72. 72

    She's right American as a Country lets too many foreign students into her schools. This has to be stopped. America should start prioritizing American born students first and stop providing a free eduction to ungrateful people who leave and go back to their home countries and hate us. As for the tsunami and earthquake that is a separate issue which is truly a devastating tragedy. Just so theres no confusion on the two separate issues.

  73. 73

    Re: missmagz – couldn't have said it better!!

  74. 74

    Shes right on every point, we need to re-evaluate who does and who doesn't belong in this country! LEARN THE LANGUAGE AND THE CULTURE 1ST!!!!!!!

  75. 75

    When I was in college, it was dumb blonde sorority bitches like this that talked on their phones in the middle of the library! "Like…like…like…"… idiots!
    I live near a university and there are a lot of wealthy Asian students that have bought flats in my building, and they're all very polite. It's the white students that get drunk and cause the issues here!

  76. 76

    Re: Soapwitch – hahahahaha that was good :)

  77. 77

    I don't see the problem. She's acknowledging one of the many culture clashes taking place in our nation. Granted, the timing on this is horrible. However, if and when American's go to other nations — they are expected to act and respect the other culture and society. There are several culture clashes taking place in our nation, and we MUST talk about them to prevent further racism. If an Asian posted this about an American who bugs her, in her school, it wouldn't be an issue. In fact, we would wave our finger at that American. Stop with the one way streets.

  78. 78

    I love how people on here are getting angry and saying you should stereotype but why not make your point even more valid by stereotyping her as well? Sure she may look like a dumb blonde with big boobs but that shouldn't automatically mean that she's not smart. Practice what you preach, much?

    As far as her video in general, she makes good points, but she just took it too far by limiting it to one group of people. I can't say how many kids at my school are disrespectful to the people around them when they are in the library. It's especially annoying when you have people shouting to each other across the room. The library was meant to be a place where you could study peacefully, not a place to socialize. We have a separate student lounge for that.

  79. 79

    she's right about the whole cellphone in the library thing but i don't see anything wrong with family visiting the apartments. I'm asian and it's UCLA…they get homesick and their families miss them. she's lucky she lives in america. she doesn't need to make a video rant. this is just too much.

  80. 80

    with fiddy and these revolting girls giving americans even more of a bad name….. she sure is in for a horrible life…… such low level intelligence….. i refuse to view it and perez please do not give these racists attention!
    when she is dragged away by a tsunami or similiar please do not bother to rescue her….

  81. 81

    Re: dekoboko

    Unless it's changed within five years, I suppose I don't know. Last time I was in one everybody was respectful and kept quiet. Still shouldn't have to "just deal" with rude behavior, it's exactly why it's getting worse and worse.

  82. 82

    First of all, this girl is disgusting! Such a racist! She has the nerve to talk about Asians like she know them. When did it start bothering her that Asian people are family-oriented? Do she not have family that visit her? Obviously, no!

    Second, about that whole libary thing, its NOT ONLY ASIAN PEOPLE that's on the phone. I've seen many other race that do it also.

    She posted this video of herself to gain attention. But it is only bringing her hell. She is such a disgrace. What happened to appreciating different cultures and such? And wtf? She talks about her momma raising her well…we can obviously tell how her mother DID NOT raise her well.

    If you're reading this, I feel sorry for you. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  83. 83

    I get what she's saying, just not how she chooses to deliver it.

  84. 84

    oh and if she was polite, she wouldn't have made this video at all. just sad. but what the heck, no one's ever contented these days, eh? this'll soon disappear like it never happened.

  85. 85

    Perez you are a joke. Just because you don't call Jennifer Aniston, Maniston, stopped making fun of Rumer Willis and did this medi tour of how you are going to change for the better. Bullshit, you are as evil as you have ever been but just found more creative ways to show it. You probably agree with this girl, that is why you posted it.

  86. 86

    Typical american blond b$tch.

  87. 87

    Everyone who has said that Asians need to learn manners has a thing or two to learn themselves. It's called cultural competence. Everyone, all over the world, has a different culture. Different things are considered rude/polite, etc. Culture isn't the same everywhere you go even in the United States. I live in the south and if I'm walking into a building, I'll hold the door open for all the people behind me, where in NYC for example, you may not see that.

  88. 88


  89. 89

    She absolutely nailed it! Good for her, I completely agree.

  90. 90

    She out of all people deserves to get washed out by the tsunami. Her house and family taken away by a devastating situation like that. With her fake tan, fried bleach blonde hair, and the tuition her mommy and daddy (Which, by the way, Mommy and Daddy, are obviously going to waste) are paying. Along with the people who believe the tsunami was karma for Pearl Harbor. They can make good friends. Obviously they all lack an education. I mean, her? Study? She's one of those girls who becomes a lesbian for one night to get free drinks, and sleeps with everyone else if they stand still long enough. Did I get that about right? Yes, cell phones in libraries are among the most annoying things in the world, but I see EVERYONE doing it. I bet she talks on the phone while buying things? Yes, that's rude too. I mean, would she use Asian manners if she were in their country? Probably not. She is a disgusting human being; lower than the bacteria that feast on dog shit that I step on.

  91. 91

    I think calling it deplorable is a bit much. It's just a bit dumb and she may even have a point.

  92. 92

    Re: Errare humanum est
    Actually, as far as I've been taught, it's an asian custom not to look a person who is above them in the eyes. For example, looking a police officer in the eyes could warrant punishment.

  93. 93

    This wasn't that bad. She was just voicing frustrations it happens. Not sure if this was the best platform, but I'll tell you being in LA I have heard way worse from people. You should see what people say about some that work in Fashion….though to be helpful, most of them do not help the stereotypes, but it's best to remember that yeah a few people may annoy you, but they aren't all the same. Basically it's like saying all black people will rob you, which is incredibly ignorant. I think your a bi-product of your environment really and that's probably where her frustrations come from. Though not sure I would post this video directly on a site like this. The girl will probably have to get detailed security now. Awesome way to put a girl in trouble who probably just wasn't thinking about the consequences.

  94. 94

    DEAR Perez,

    If this bitch wants some serious attention please provide us with her email or whatever information you have of her. She is the definition of what a DUMB blond is all about. She personifies what many of us already know about dumb blond bitches who live in this sufisticated fake plastic world that they seem to create for pleasure. She is the reason why when we see hoe's like her we label them plastic barbie's, gold diggers, spoiled bratz, racists. Now watch her rich parents ignore the fact that she just made uncomfortable remarks, lawer up and act make her look like the victim.

  95. 95

    Re: Carlops54 – Hark, look who talks. A bigot. I rarely ever see ANY Americans learning the cultures/languages in a country that they visit and or live in. I'm so very sorry that keeping the culture fresh in our minds, along with the language is so wrong to do here. Whence you're in a different country that speaks a different language, it is difficult to remember how to speak your former language. It is a form of practice, and a way to keep the language as well as the culture fresh in your mind. And I'm also so very sorry that your head is so far up your ass that all you feel is your stomach acids eating away at your brain matter.

  96. 96

    Re: sensfan999

    haha agreed!

  97. 97

    she "like totally" has the right to "um" speak her mind (if in fact she does have one). Everyone has used a cel phone when we shouldn't have. As for the family stuff, too bad for her. The Asian kids pay to live there and have every right to have guests, family or not. Rudeness ? "like um" she's being "totally" rude. If I wanted to be rude I could go on about her bad haircut or her disastrous
    bleach job. Or if I wanted to single out an ethnic group "like um" Valley Girls" I'd have a plethora of annoying habits to choose from. Or I could single out young girls with big jiggly tits that keep moving long after their mouths stop moving. I'm not "like" trying to be rude but "um" it's the truth. PolySci major ??? too funny. and UCLA …. shame on you for letting someone with a double digit IQ slip through the cracks…..

  98. 98

    She says "typing away furiously on my laptop, about to reach an epiphany…." when she really means, "typing away furiously on my sorority sister's wall". Don't pretend like you're studying, babygirl.

  99. 99

    Re: Lilyliqueur – I think you're overreacting

  100. 100

    Re: hahensler0 – die in a fire

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