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Deplorable! UCLA Girl Rants About Asian Students

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This is absolutely SICKENING to us!

Check out the awful video (above) of a UCLA girl ranting about Asian students at her school.

What was the thought process this girl went through before posting this video? Did she need attention THAT badly???

Truly disgusting.

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356 comments to “Deplorable! UCLA Girl Rants About Asian Students”

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  1. 101

    What an ignorant piece of sh*t!! She is as blond as she looks. Where are this looney bimbos coming from?

  2. 102

    i think you should take these posts down of these girls videos perez. i do not agree with what they are saying but i think that by you posting these videos up these girls will get more attention from online bullying and such and i know that you do NOT support online bullying. so i hope that you reconsider this and replace these posts with people vlogging about what people can do to help out japan instead.

  3. 103

    I don't find this disgusting! Perhaps immature and insensitive at this time, but I really don't think she meant it to be insulting. Her points are indeed valid, the timing is just way wrong to state it! Give her a break, she's just a kid!

  4. 104

    The Asians can't drive either, they are blind as soon as they get a windshield in front of their face. It's like a whole race of Mr. Magoo's out there, lmao even though it's scary as shit

  5. 105

    Describing your personal experiences doesn't make you a racist. Hating someone for the color of their skin does. I'm quit sure she made an accurate assessment of what she experienced.

  6. 106

    How did she get into UCLA…?

  7. 107

    HI, I might not agree with everything she said but she is absolutely right!!!! Some Asian has no manners at all and they can be very, very rude and I mean asian not born here in America. I think it's their insecurity about not speaking perfect english or being asian in a caucasian country. And , Yes I'm asian too but a very considerate asian person!

  8. 108

    I'm sure you would have thought this hilarious before you became all "good." You aren't fooling me, Mario Lavendoodoo.

  9. 109

    what a disguting bitch.

  10. 110

    Re: chickawickabob – How can you blame someone else for what you assume they're thinking? It's ridiculous. You're just as ignorant as this classless lady.

    What makes you think this is YOUR country? What have you done at all to contribute to this country? Other than native Americans, every one who currently resides here are immigrants. So, if you have a problem with Asians coming to this country, why don't you go back to your country?

    Just because some Europeans came here and committed genocide doesn't make this YOUR country. Instead of telling Asians to go back to their country, why don't you think about what you say before you say it? A lot of Asians are U.S. citizens. They probably contribute more to this nation than you do. In fact, even Asians you who aren't U.S. citizens make your way of living better than you deserve. From the clothes on your back to the TV you watch to the car you drive, Asians are a much bigger part of this country than you think. Get a clue!

  11. 111

    Deplorable? Girl just wants to get her study on. If she puts out a second video called "kill the asians", then we should worry.

  12. 112

    Re: Cassandra Richard – That's very interesting. Doesn't excuse not saying Please or Thank You though?

  13. 113

    Those who don't rant and get shit out wind up going postal.

  14. chiro says – reply to this


    Re: xcalibur – How sad and miserable must your life be? I pity you for having an ignarant , racist mother who passed it on to you. I will pray for you and your ignorant family.

  15. 115

    Re: justtfax – I totally agree with you..people are so desperate for attention that there is no limit to the idiotic things that they will do or say…just take it down Mario ..with having this video up and giving more idiots to watch it you are helping her…TAKE IT DOWN

  16. 116

    Okay, so she is kind of a typical stupid blonde, BUT, she is right on many points. I mean, have any of you been to UCLA lately?! It is completely taken over by asians. I find it extremely disencouraging that our country gladly accepts ethnic people left and right at these great universities, but makes it so hard for true Americans to get in. And I also agree, even though it sounds a bit harsh, that nobody should be using their cell phone in a library. Maybe in a town library you could get away with it but NOT UCLA.

  17. Asian says – reply to this


    Manners are not all the same in all countries. It's polite not to make eye contact unless you're having a direct conversation. Also the cell phone thing is a pretty cheap shot; white folks you do it too. And to conclude, unlike white america, our traditions are deeply rooted around our family which is why we help our children and live in multi-generational homes. It has nothing to do with lacking independence; we don't kick our children out when they are 18 but help them along through their lives. So as a poli-sci student you should consider having more tolerance to other cultures and views. Also she should consider learning to speak better; I have yet to meet a poli-sci student who used so many "likes" when there are no assimilations made.

  18. 118

    Re: puh-leese

    Don't be stupid. You can't be an immigrant if you were born here, by definition. Besides, by that ideology, Native Americans don't even belong here because originally they traveled from the Bering Strait from Asia.

  19. 119

    UCLA = University of Caucasians Lost among Asians.

    we all know she is telling the truth…

  20. 120

    haha is that really what she's studying? cmon im sure she hasnt used her cell while driving and texting away! and our american manners arent always polite. i see our own people being very disrespectful to another everyday. never fails. every 5 no wait 15 mins

  21. 121

    1 i cant take this girl seriously with her fried blonde hair and redic cleavage 2 americans have the worst manners we are spoiled 3 im pretty sure there are annoying americans who do the same shit she is talking about, racist no dumb yes

  22. 122

    I think she's on her period. Shes having a Period rant

  23. joka says – reply to this


    hahahaha. you guys all call her rude and say she is stereotyping and then you call her a "typical blonde with blue eyes". hahahhaa. hilarious.

  24. 124

    She should prepare herself to get ROCKED at school.

  25. 125

    Re: Errare humanum est – Oh please! I've seen plenty of Americans who don't know how to say "please" or "thank you". This country has pushed good manners out the window. How many times have I gone out to eat or gone shopping and seen people let go of the door, instead of holding it for the person who is right behind them? How many times have I gone to the store and people park their shopping cart in the middle of the aisle, while they stand on one side and people try to squeeze by on the other side? Too many to count. It doesn't matter where you come from, there are rude people everywhere. Don't act shocked that a foreigner might not know our customs, or the customs that we used to have. If you were to go to another country, would you know every single little detail about their culture? It's doubtful.

  26. 126

    she's right.

  27. 127

    you know that girl is a nasty ass slut. You can tell. She is probably rarely in that damn library. She's so full of shit.

  28. 128

    she's a disgusting fat human being.

  29. 129

    WTF… amazing americans!! starting with this ignorant fake blonde!!!
    she's supposed to be native american? where's her red skin??? instead of those fake boobs… nose, lips eyebrows…. disgusting

  30. 130

    She's annoyed with Asians and I'm annoyed by dumb twats like herself posting stupid shit online to get attention.

  31. 131

    wait wait wait wait, their family come n do all their chores on the weekends?!




  32. 132

    ya know, looking at it again, she doesn't really say anything that bad, the big titties really swung me over on her side.

  33. 133

    why does this ugly bimbo have to go to the library??

    u don't have to read when u end up in porn

  34. 134

    She is right! My university has a very large program for Asian exchange students and they have NO library manners they talk on their phones leave the sound on their computers when they IM/Chat I frequently have to ask that they be considerate and they act oblivious! Asian students as well over run dormitories take over floor kitchens with offensive food and abrasive smells.
    She may not have used enough tact for a public forum and left herself open for scrutiny but I completely understand her frustration and need to vent. Its finals giver a break.

  35. 135

    She is right, but she had no need to point out Asian people, because I'm sure it's not only Asians who do that and she probably has her family up too, maybe these people she's talking about maybe their family doesn't live near them .
    Racist bitch.

  36. 136

    Run for your life white trash lol.. Angry asians are coming for you!!! LMAO!! Typical dumb ass American blonde who likes drama and attention. If you are talking about loud Asian most of them are Americanize. Like some loud Americans!! She is so fat and ugly that most likely you seen only in America. (where you can find obesity) take that fat bitch!! How wonder how comfortable walking in campus..Let's throw yogurt on her face or let's stuff her face with junk foods!!!! when walk by in the Library!! hahah were coming for you bitch!! LMAO

  37. YUCK says – reply to this


    she is totally right. I live in a state that has a lot of asina people and most of them might not be considered rude in their own countries, but a lot of these peasants come to this country and are by our western standards considered very rude, they bump in to you because they cant walk like we do in our country and they never say I'm sorry. also they cough without covering their nasty mouths, they burp out loud at the work place without an excuse me or even trying to restrain their burp, they cant even follow simple rules at the work place thinking they can just get by wits kissing butt, they microwave food in small workspaces that stinks like bufallo butthole that stinks for hours not considerate of their coworkers, they are just nasty people, most of them anyways. so yes I agree with this girl and I know some will accuse her of being racist, but she is not.

  38. 138

    you know what i thought of the girl when i saw this video? firstly i think that as she said tht asian peoples parents come n help maybe shes such a loner or noone is there to do tht stuff for her thts y shes complainin cuz everyone would love to have someone to help them. but but i agree with her when it comes to talking in the library . that is just disturbing. i think her mom needs to give her special attention. Jealous much?

  39. 139

    What about this is deplorable??? The Tsunami comment wasn't cool, but everything else she said was spot on. They ARE rude! And they talk SO loud wherever they are with no respect towards anyone around them. It's like (illegal) Mexicans. They talk so loudly everywhere they are and they don't care about anyone around them. I won't even get started on how rude and entitled Mexicans are. Asians are only slightly less annoying than Mexicans.

  40. 140

    This video is horrible, it makes me sick to watch it. But, I dont know what is worse: her comments, or some of the absolutely ignorant comments that are posted on this site. And for all those people who continually leave comments on this website bashing Perez-why the hell do you subscribe to this website?! It makes no sense to me at all. Move along. We have no room for hatred here.

  41. 141

    bwahahaha, It looks like she's been snaking all these "asians" food they are getting from their moms, cause she's a porker and a half

  42. mft says – reply to this


    It's clear that she doesn't study in the library AT ALL, because if she really did she wouldn't have post this in the first place (I mean she is Poli Sci student).
    It's also clear that her mom didn't do a good job teaching her how to be polite…NEWSFLASH just because you talk like a baby doesn't mean that you have manners.
    Finally I have to say AMERICAN doesn't just talks about the US, ok?
    don't the teach you that in UCLA?

  43. 143

    I can't believe people are agreeing with her. Massive stereotyping. Every race, minority, gender, sexuality etc has people with great and terrible manners…

  44. YUCK says – reply to this


    Re: chickawickabob – the reason they have those attitudes is because they are insecure, people who are insecure will often come off like that also especially the koreans were slaves to the japanese and they have a huge chip on their shoulder always trying to prove they are better because they were once slaves.

  45. 145

    Re: YUCK – Peasants? Can't walk like we do? With such stupid comments, I'm pretty sure by Darwin's standards that you are still dragging your knuckles on the ground.

  46. TEE85 says – reply to this


    Yep the Skank will be forgotten tomorrow…………………..Listen to this Skank do not bring God into yor hate filled world

  47. 147

    I think she's right. She's not even in the same category as that religous fanatical from the other video.
    Asian drivers bother me. Whenever I get cut off or nearly hit by a car that obviously has an idiot piloting it, I wait to see if it's true and yes, it's usually an Asian driving it. Asian women are so rude. They run in to your heels in a large group, walk through doors without holding them for you, and yes, speak very loudly in quiet situations.
    And I'm ASIAN!

  48. 148

    Re: Jessicuhhh – I beg your pardon Miss. We are not taking over the whole entire universities and since your American it's hard to get in???? what!!?? really!!!???Sweetie Asians study and work so hard to get in to any universities. There is no called HARD if you work "hard" to get where you want to be.

  49. 149

    I wasn't offended by what she said as far as asian's, I was offended cuz I'm white and this bitch is so fucking stupid, she makes us all look idiotic. Not the racist shit, just the way she talks, what an airhead, she better be able to suck a helleva dick, cuz there is nothing else there to offer.

  50. 150

    2/3 of the stuff in her shitty room is probably made in china or some asian country.
    just because her mum cant be bothered to get off her lazy arse and do shit for her daughter! and fuck off with your ugliness, it offends my eyes you munter.

  51. 151


  52. 152

    Giving a racist pig publicity that she DOES NOT DESERVE is what's horrendous, Perez. Better to IGNORE people like her, NOT call attention to them!

  53. 153

    I'd like to motorboat her chest.

  54. 154


  55. Mena5 says – reply to this


    I understand you want to create attention to racism; but posting it online will just give her notoriety which is what she wants. I won't watch the tape since I cannot stand to view stupid people.

  56. 156

    This girl obviously cannot think. All the oxygen is going to her boobs. Seriously, this issue does not apply to Asians….but to EVERYONE. Everyone who talks on their cellphone in a libary or movie theater are morons. I hate it when I am trying to watch a movie and someone has to talk or text in the movie theater. Why did you even go to the movies? So that you could talk on your cell phone and ruin everyone else trying to enjoy the movie? Alot of blacks do this. Sorry, but it's true.

  57. 157

    omg just yesterday I was at the park (in Argentina, where I live) deep in my studies (ACTUAL studies) and 3 American girls, typical UCLA girls came and sat next to me. They were SO freaking loud, and they could totally see I was studing because all of my notes were everywhere. All they talked about was guys and they had this girl's voice, exact same one. So annoying! so…not just asians girl, you are just as annoying
    and maybe you should go to the mall and buy yourself a brain

  58. 158

    She's nothing but a blonde bimbo, how the hell she got into a college it's a miracle. Did she get a scholarship from the strip club she works at?

    What a dumb bitch. She's probably just jealous that these Asian people have families that love and care about them, and she has no one that loves her.

  59. 159

    Ha. Silly girl. You think Asians don't teach their children how to fend for themselves? Look around, you're living in th land of the spoiled rotten. Everything you said about Asians is true for every other race or nationality. There are good people and there are bad people. Americans have the worst manners of all. Open your eyes sweetheart.

  60. 160

    She sounds like a jealous witch who is just upset because she has to have skittles for dinner and mommy won't come wash the skids out of her undies! Get a life you mindless douche bag skank!

  61. 161

    That blond girl got a lot of correct points… Just watch up Blondie Girl when you got a boyfriends because those Asian classmates whores are going to try to take him away from you now. I live in San Francisco and it's the same thing here !

  62. 162

    I don't think she is right at all. I think it's all soo racist. I see alot of different people text and talk on their cell phones in the library. Not just asians. And in the dorms here's in NC, i see many white, black, asians, hispanic ect families come and go as well. I think she's not studying…. She's studying too much about asian people for her to only notice about asians. I do see her point about its a library and we should all be quiet. But She's only pointing out asians. And what's wrong with us asians having our family around? AND U GOT SOMETHING ELSE WRONG. I see many other races have their parents come around to do their laundry and cook. Parents are just worry about their kids going to college and mayb studying too hard to even have a proper meal. I DON'T SEE NOTHING WRONG WITH IT. I am asian, and NO I DO NOT HAVE MY PARENTS COUSINS BROTHER SISTER GRANDMOTHER COMING OVER TO DO MY LAUNDRY AND COOK FOR ME. I do it myself. We are all grown to even be baby by our parents. Come on! Oh and yes i have many white, black, hispanic friends. I see the same thing. They come around and cook for them and do their laundry help them clean and stuff but never pointed them out. I think it's awesome to have family around. Especially theirs. If u want to point out other people and talk about them do it right!

  63. 163

    Someones wasting money paying for this chicks college education. Shes only gonna be a stripper. Lunch time "b squad" stripper at that.

  64. 164

    what a hater! doesn't she know that these kids are being looked after because when their parents get old they have to take care of them. she's hating cause her parents don't love her and don't give two shits about her.

  65. 165

    Re: XTINA IS A POP MUSIC ICON!!! BITCHES!! – Get a dictionary and go back to school. You obviously don't know how to spell, use grammar or punctuation correctly.

  66. 166

    well she contradicts herself "not any of my friends…but EVERY ASIAN I HAVE EVER MET IN MY WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE!!!!" moron. and she sounds really stupid, even just her voice/accent.

  67. 167

    Re: Carlops54 – They got into UCLA as foreign students, you dumbass. They're clearly brighter than your ignorant ass. Do you know what a low acceptance rate UCLA has for non-California residents? Obviously this bitch is from Cali.
    Re: Lilyliqueur – How many Americans have you actually met that have gone abroad? Many of my friends and I travel frequently and ALWAYS learn local customs before going anywhere, and we're all American. You've probably never ventured far into the world if you have that opinion.

  68. 168

    oh and a lot of the Americans I see when travelling or at any tourist spot/museum have been loud and obnoxious but I don't go round making videos blasting every single American on the planet and other nationalities do it too but people conveniently ignore that when they want to

  69. 169

    I see where she's coming from, don't talk on your phone in the library. But marking out Asians in particular…was there any need for that!

  70. YUCK says – reply to this


    Re: puh-leese – asians in your eyes contribute to building this country but lets talk about how they contribute,="
    they produce disgusting knockoff goods that take from reputable businesses, like all those fake louis vuitton, gucci, fendi bags, nasty asians profit but our legitimate retailers suffer.
    they produce cheap costume jewelry and toys full of lead to sell in our america that can bring serious health issues to our people and citizens
    they come to our country and grow marijuana in their homes that they sell to black and hispanic people to sell on the street (google it bitch)
    the factories they have in america are usually sweatshops where workers dont even make a living wage in some cases and they cant take bathroom breaks or lunch breaks (forever 21 anyone as well as countless others)
    that my dear is just scratching the surface,
    how about all their fake thai massage parlors were they peddle sex instead of massage. LOL what a joke
    asian people come and rape this country more than any other minorities and yet the americans turn a blind eye to them focusing on hispanic imigrants that at least come here to pick fruits for our large nation. fuck asian. I hate them and I dont care if that makes me racist.

  71. 171

    Re: Tim Whited – no they should prioritise the people who get the grades

  72. 172

    America the racist. *sighs*

  73. 173

    Hate to say it, but I kind of agree with her. Her rant is about manners and respect. It just so happens that the people that she comes in contact with are Asian. She probably shouldn't have mocked their language but hey, it's her rant. If she would've posted this two weeks ago, people wouldn't have made that big of a deal about it. Get over it.

  74. 174

    Who raised this ignorant beast?

  75. 175

    This is not Deplorable Perez….. Grow up… She is just speaking her mind. BTW Perez…. You are looking rough. You look frumpy and saggy… Getting old isnt doing you any justice…

  76. 176

    Re: chickawickabob – at least most of them know when to use "then" or "than"…

  77. 177

    Re: Jessicuhhh – The Asian students of whom she speaks are likely the reason her in-state tuition at UCLA is so low. She should be thanking them for paying outrageously high international tuition fees.
    As for you… get over it. The majority of these "Asians" you see at UCLA are likely US citizens who actually studied in high school, rather than skipping school to blow football players like you.
    Re: catlover – You're right. Too many people's parents didn't teach them manners, and it isn't limited to Americans! I was run into by an Italian girl today, who didn't say sorry; and a few days ago, a British woman jumped in front of me in the queue at the store. There are people without manners all over the world, in every country.
    Re: Mancunian – But you're always on this site speaking badly about Americans, when we've already determined that you're a council-housed chav that hasn't travelled anywhere but resorts in Spain.

  78. 178

    Her name is Alexandra Wallace.
    She's already disconnected her cell phone number because she's been getting so much heat from the video. Everyone at UCLA is asking the chancellor to expel her.
    What she said was extremely offensive and we don't want her associated with our school.

    ps. it makes me really sad to see so many comments agreeing with her. It just goes to show how our country still has so much to learn.

  79. 179

    ok kinda of funny…but whats really scary is not what she said about asians was the fact she looks and sounds as if she had a 8th grade education and works at Walmart (no offense Walmart employess) she's sounds soooo dum!!! Im surprise she was even in a library or attends UCLA.

  80. 180

    She goes to UCLA? Her daddy must be loaded.

  81. 181

    that girl's not even gonna have an epiphany if it hits her right in her massively pushed boobs.

  82. 182

    She is kidding right? Americans have the worst manners in the world. And this is coming from an American girl(myself). I was in Europe two years ago and they don't like us Americans because of our bad manners. This girl must be a crack head or just plain fucking stupid!

  83. 183

    Re: Serena Loves Mario – no I'm a student at Manchester Uni, I'm doing history and philosophy as a joint honours BA and I've never been in a council house never mind lived in one. I've been to other places in Europe, quite a lot to North America (though I've stayed with family so haven't been to that many different places) and to North Africa. I'm saving up to travel more but as I said I'm a student so money is tight. Funny how you seem to think you know me from a screen name and a minuscule picture.

  84. 184

    Dear Perez, your tag says CELEBRITY JUICE NOT FROM CONCENTRATE this is not a celebrity and it is also not a lolcat video which means it has no place on your website. I don't care about your political opinions either.

  85. 185

    She is just a stupid slut that has to much time on her hands…

  86. 186

    Re: Serena Loves Mario – no I'm a student at Manchester Uni, I'm doing history and philosophy as a joint honours BA and I've never been in a council house never mind lived in one. I've been to other places in Europe, quite a lot to North America (though I've stayed with family so haven't been to that many different places) and to North Africa. I'm saving up to travel more but as I said I'm a student so money is tight. Funny how you seem to think you know me from a screen name and a minuscule picture…

  87. 187

    Even if she's right about the cell phone thing shes a fucking dumbass for the way she talks … "being the polite AMERICAN girl my mom raised me". Dude, shut the fuck up. At least Asian kids have respect for their parents, you probably used to slam the door in your mom's face, call her names, and etc. you disrespectful little bitch.

  88. 188

    To be honest, this is typical of racism for her to go on about her drama like it's ALL Asian people. So let me tell this bimbo my Asian life at UCLA. My parents never visited me, they never did laundry for me, I was in the dorms being an RA for 3 years cause they decided that I need to pay for my own tuition and living, that's right B****, beat that!

  89. 189

    so while I lived in the dorms I wanna tell you a little about these blonde bimbos. They go to frat houses on thursdays or fridays, come back drunk, pukes in the bathrooms, then I get called to respond. Their blonde friends are like "no, no, they won't die, they just had a little." then miss blond bimbos are lying on the floor in their own poop (yes, poop) and vomit barely breathing. I can't tell you how many times that Asian me, I guess with all my bad manners, had to save a blond bimbo like her. Even then, after all this, I don't go around calling white blonde kids "idiots and white trash." Because you know why, people like her are loser individuals, that says nothing about your race or my race, but just her as an idiot individual.

  90. 190

    What she did here is wrong. She obviously did not learn the first lesson in college which is do NOT generalize a situation. I've studied in UCLA libraries, the people that talked the most around me were Persians girls dressed in clubbing clothes, and some white boys who shows up once a quarter to study for finals. Do I say anything about them? no! I don't, cause they're individuals, and the library, despite being a place to study, is a place to learn. If they needa talk, they needa talk.
    AND miss poli sci, what the heck are you gonna do with your major after this video? You really think any law firm is gonna hire a girl who's controversial for racism? This is where you might have hoped that a few Asian genes could help you not do something this stupid in the first place.

  91. 191

    It's not that Asian people "don't have manners". But if they're overseas for studying or just arrived to the country, you can't expect them to "Americanize" the moment they step off the plane. & if it is a family that moved to America or any other country, the parents could be trying to keep their own customs and manners as much as possible. You can't get rid of your culture. If everyone who went to America became "American" and left their culture and customs in the dust, everyone would be the same and there would be no diversity and learning from others.
    I know that Asians will walk quickly and freely about and may "push" or bump in to you without apologizing. That's because (in Japan, at least) if you stop to say sorry to every person you run in to, you won't get anywhere. It doesn't occur to them to apologize because that's not how it works in their country and, maybe, they just aren't used to that yet.

    I couldn't get rid of some of my Canadian habits when I lived in Japan. At least not right away.

  92. 192

    Absolutely disgusting and insensitive

  93. 193

    She went about this the wrong way. I am in College and I haven't witnessed this at all. However when I visited The Louvre in Paris everyone was trying to take pictures of the Mona Lisa. The guards told the people no and that the flashes will ruin the painting. I didn't take one but a large group of Asian tourists didn't care and kept on pushing and taking pictures. I am no racist but there is something to be said about a difference in American and Asain manners.

  94. 194

    Re: Serena Loves Mario – actually I don't even know why I'm angry, I love the look on people's faces when they assume I'm uneducated because I have an accent or because I like Eminem then I can tell them anything they want to know about Marxist theory in literature, Rene Descartes and the nature of reality, the continuing impact of The Prince (Machiavelli) or existentialism in the work of Albert Camus. I'm not stupid, I just don't see the need to constantly display my intellect on a gossip website.

  95. 195

    Re: reinbeau – I agree! That's the great thing about America - it's so culturally diverse, because people from every corner of the world have taken their customs there.
    Re: Mancunian – Your constant derogatory posts about Americans have given me insight.

  96. 196

    Re: Errare humanum est – heyy. i'm an asian who used to live in australia. i've had both caucasian as well as asian friends. i know what you guys mean about asians coming across as rude. but really, lots of my asian friends just think that caucasians don't want to mix with them. it doesn't help that a lot of them are really self conscious about their inability to speak good english. it's also generally not in our culture to make eye contact with strangers, as that may come across as proud, agressive or disrespectful, especially to elders.

    i've had my fair share of embarrassing moments seeing my asian peers coming across as ill-mannered, and i bet our sheer number gets on peoples' nerves (i've also gotten annoyed way too many times by some of their habits). but asia is such a big place, and within asia, people are soooo different. we're not all rude, and when we are, we really don't mean it. (:

  97. 197

    she is 100% right…..i go to a university in canada…and there alot of asians and they do the same THING!!!!!! its sooo annoying when your trying to study!

  98. 198

    I can really relate to what she is saying, but I think its very wrong of her to point out one particular race.

  99. 199

    Re: Serena Loves Mario – I've only ever said anything about people I know and I doubt you know them so you can't really speak for them and you're fairly fixated with attacking British people considering you choose live in the UK. I've never attacked Americans, I've attacked stupid Americans in the same way I attack stupid British people or stupid people of any nationality. Of course you've conveniently ignored what I've said about Kerry Katona, the Only Way is Essex, Jordan etc. because it suits you. Stop taking it so personally, I don't hate people because of what they are, I hate people who conform to stereotypes. I know that if I go to Spain, as a British person, that they will assume I'm some sunburnt beer-drinker who thinks a full English is traditional Spanish culture. So when I'm in Spain I make sure I know the lingo, that I go to the old town and see the cathedrals etc. When I see American tourists who embody negative stereotypes I just think "don't you care about how you're portraying your country?"

  100. 200

    What an awesome way to reinforce stereotypes about blondes.(:

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