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Deplorable! UCLA Girl Rants About Asian Students

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This is absolutely SICKENING to us!

Check out the awful video (above) of a UCLA girl ranting about Asian students at her school.

What was the thought process this girl went through before posting this video? Did she need attention THAT badly???

Truly disgusting.

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356 comments to “Deplorable! UCLA Girl Rants About Asian Students”

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  1. 201

    asians don't have manners? lemme tell you, an asian would never make a video as disrespectful as this. and since when are white people raised with manners? white people are the most obnoxious people i've ever met…especially the college ones. this girl is an idiot. "in america we don't talk on cell phones" haha dumb bitch. what do people do in america? what is an american anyway?

  2. 202

    Re: Mancunian – I love Scotland and never speak badly about it. It's that growth attached to Scotland I have issues with.
    You're trying far too hard. Get over it.

  3. 203

    Nice polite people don't make vile racist shit like this.

  4. cymro says – reply to this


    haha! she's not speaking as a white supremacist, she's speaking as an american - she's speaking tongue in cheek and being funny so why are you doing this to her? there are plenty worse vids on youtube so get over it. perez, bullying yet again!

  5. 205

    this is NOT "sickening" she is merely exersiziner her right to free speech just like everyone else on the internet just like you Mario. It is 100% NOT racist if you are expressing the TRUTH! she is merely saying what she observes.

    also to many of you, isnt the ENTIRE library a quiet zone? isnt that just a known thing?

  6. 206

    She is kinda right lol

  7. 207

    She could have left out the whole "Asian" thing. Talking on cell phones and having people who don't live in student apartments come over is against school rules. It's not just one group that does it though. She's a dope.

  8. 208

    Does anyone know this Betty's real name? I'd like to educate her blond cracker ass about how white trash she actually is.

  9. 209

    Re: los1281 – So true. Too bad her white trash family is too poor to care for her. So they send her to college and little do they know, she's about to release a video for Vivid video. I think it's called Barbie Does UCLA: Gang Bang edition.

  10. 210

    Re: Serena Loves Mario – if that's the best response you can come up with then bye to you too

  11. 211

    Perez, I hope you know that YOU ARE THE ONE giving her right that attention!

    I know, you can't just accept this bull shit, but by posting this, you gave her attention!

  12. 212

    Re: adamt – What world do u live in? What the hell do they have to thank you for?

  13. 213

    Ummmm… hell-ooooooooooo…. there's rude people from every race. You can't sit there and say "yeah, Asian people in general are rude, they have no manners, but I'm not a racist…" PLEASE! That is so effin' ignorant that my head's gonna explode. Do you know how many people I've come across in my life that are rude? And guess what? They're White, they're Black, they're Asian, they're Hispanic… race has nothing to do with it - bottom line…. here's a dollar - go buy some manners of your own.

  14. 214

    LMAO I thought she was funny. And the Asian-On-The-Phone impression was dead on LOOOL.

  15. 215

    oh yeah her chinese is spot on…and if she wanted privacy she can just go back to her own apartment, and SHE is studying political science??? HAHAHA

  16. 216

    I think the same thing about all the Mexo's moving into our country. Nothing wrong with venting about your OPINION. And I DO think Asians are RUDE. they speak their shitty language in our country probably talking shit about us.

  17. 54321 says – reply to this


    @ Azraelx

    Yup, no Americans are rude. Just Asians and "Mexos".

  18. 218

    a lot of ppl are equating race with nationality…those are SEPARATE things.

    Chinese person doesn't mean Chinese citizen so on and so forth…a lot of those Asian kids at UCLA are American citizens so stop with the "Americans" and "Asians" and the "go back where you came from"s. It's just laughable.

    I doubt it if were white European students you would take the race route.

  19. 219

    disgusting!!! I hope she jimps off cliff racist

  20. 220

    I don't think this video was all that disgusting. You act like she said the worst things someone could ever say. For one I don't think there is anything wrong with family coming to take care of their kids in college. What great family values Asian people have. More families should be that way, but yeah you shouldn't be talking on your cell phone in a library. It's just her opinion, and who gives a shit. Say you disagree and walk away. Now you're posting her video on your site and you know she's loving it! Perez, you are such a hypocrite it's laughable.

  21. 221

    she needs to shut her dick

  22. 222

    From a certain perspective i agree with her, BUT thats not a race thing,thats a people thing. Theres gonna be rude people everywhere you go, NOT just a specific group of people, There are people of all different races that need to learn home training. What she is doing right here is racial profiling,and thats wrong. especially in this day and age.

  23. 223

    This fugly cow is one ignorant bitch.

    Its people like her that need to be shipped to some island somewhere and have a big tsunami wipe them out. When her family is going frantic, wondring how she is…and they happen to be somewhere, they'll miss her call on their way OUTSIDE….wow.

    Clearly she is trapped in her own little world, where she thinks everyone should act like her…..but who the fuck would want to be anything like her???

  24. 224

    Re: joselli – yeah but that's okay. i work in a bar and some are sooooooo messy and rude but you can be just as rude back and you will never get a complaint back or anything. Actually most of them are lovely. (Ettiquette needs a little work) But It's the one time i can guarantee that they're not going to become disorderly and they're always nice whenever you ask them to move or something else that white people go psycho at me for….man i'm moving to asia.

  25. 225

    Dumb white trash barbie. How in the hell did she get into UCLA?

  26. 226

    How did she say anything disgusting? She stated facts, her experiences. She may have been blunt but she didn't say anything that wasn't true…

  27. 227

    BAHAHAHAHA that was so funny when she impersonated the phone thing!!!! i haven't heard someone say ching chong ting tong in YEARS!!!! roflmao so funny. Girl needs to hang around more asian people, i think the majority of kids nowadays can come up with better engsian than ching chong ting tong. omg that was too good.

  28. 228

    This bitch is about to be karate chopped….. I'd pay money to see that…. these are our poly sci majors? This country is F U C K E D

  29. 229

    Ok… so I am not so much in agreement that it is 'Asians' that are the only ones that are completely inconsiderate. I too use a library on many occasions and find the total lack of consideration for others that people have today. People are so 'me' oriented that they don't even recognize that there are other people around. I have to agree with her that if you can't have peace and quiet in the LIBRARY where is one supposed to go?

  30. 230

    fucking idiot. she sounds like a fucking blonde bimbo

  31. 231

    well perez you just gave this racist idiot all the attention she could possible want. good job.

  32. SB900 says – reply to this


    omg she's going to regret this sooooo much haha so many people are going to hate her

  33. 233

    I don't know what I find more disgusting, the video, or how many people commented that they agree with her. Sad.

  34. 234

    Well… she had to pick something to major in when her parents paid for her to go to college. She is hilarious… in an absolutely disgusting way. She should fall in a hole and die. There is no place for racism, AT ALL! What a fucking loser.

  35. 235

    IN AMERICA we don't have our boobs in a too tight fitting bra, IN AMERICA we are polite and don't talk stupid to the world about how ignorant we are. IN AMERICA we don't up talk. How did you get in to UCLA?

    She will now have to get rid of the too tight bra, blonde hair and up talking and move. I didn't finish watching because she is so DUMB!

  36. 236

    this bitch is right. the asians dont know what theyre doing. they walk slow as fuck cloging the hallways. like learn how this country works or go back where u came from.

  37. 237

    I have to add. Someday she is going to get married and then she will have kids and sadly her kids will be as stupid as she is.

    Wouldn't it be funny if she fell in love with someone Asian. Hopefully he or she won't see her video or maybe they should.

  38. 238

    Re: xcalibur – and oh wait hahaha white people do it too so stfu u prejudiced degenerate

  39. 239

    "I'll be deep into my political science" what a joke. For one thing idiot, if you are going to post something, do not say what college you go to you fucking idiot. I would not doubt it if the school tried taking her out. I like how she said that asians needed "american manners"..because posting a video of your racist ass is really good manners. fuck off bitch, go smell some bleach

  40. 240

    Re: Azraelx – stop being a sensitive little bitch, some things are just easier and better to say in their own language you self absorbed racist not everybody talks about you. you're not that important in this world.
    have you ever gone to another country and saw how americans acted there?….. i swear to you its 100 times worse. and what are you? italian? irish? mixed of some sort? how about you go back to your own country.

  41. 241

    Re: Mancunian – Nice usage of complete sentences. I thought you were supposed to be this supremely intelligent being.

  42. 242

    Its funny how we go and bitch about Asians but look how much money America owes to China Japan and countries in Asia…yea dont bite the hand that feeds you and really don't mess with Asian. I am not Asian but the reason they are getting into schools like that taking our jobs and stuff is because they care about getting an education and see their parents working at a chinese restuarant and they dont want that to be them and want to honor their mother and father so yea and the cell phone thing really…like none of you guys have ever talked or got on your cell phone in the library and one last thing…as a political science major if this ever got out it would lose a lot of people's respect and votes for her and don't give me that she is a child i am a 17 year old college freshman but you dont see me posting videos like this

  43. 243

    haha i like this girl. she has a good point though i mean if your gonna be in america just act american don't talk in your chinese, asian, japanese language cuz no one is gonna understand you. and were just gonna think your crazy. but yes, asians are very freakin annoying. if you can't handle being an american then get the heck out of here. lol

  44. 244

    LMAO. She is kind of retarded. Poor girl obviously hasn't been outside of whatever small town in grew up in, never mind even seen much of the world at all. Hopefully she grows up eventually and becomes a bit more sophisticated. She's also immature and her frontal cortex definitely hasn't developed fully. Hence the lack of appreciation for anyone or anything that her narrow mind doesn't comprehend, which by the way, is a lot.
    And hey, NEWS FLASH - everyone in the US are either immigrants or descendents of immigrants. That's what made this country. So NO, no one "should move back to where they came" if they feel like keeping in touch with the culture they or their families came from. What the hell is wrong with you? Think first before you babble like a fool on the internet.

  45. 245

    As you can see… I am pretty Asian. And this girl doesn't really bother me. I mean, when someone is exposed to new cultures or things that are different.. they are most likely going to have a reaction. That doesn't really make you a racist.

  46. 246

    Sarah Palin of the future.

  47. 247

    You stupid whore! Please, please, please come to Philly to get your ass beat! How many guys did you have to blow to get into UCLA? You can't tell me that you are not one of those bimbos with their phone glued to their ears annoying everyone around you. By the way, everything about you annoys me!

  48. 248

    Okay..well how about you use some american manners and tuck your nasty fake tits away and shut the fuck up. You look and sound like a disgusting little spoiled pig. And if your momma raised you to be such a nice american girl. why'd you post such an ignorant, hateful video? Oh and that little "Tsunami Thing" you mentioned, killed 10,000 fucking people. pretty sure if anything happened like that where your stupid family is from, you'd be on your stupid cell phone too you dumb bimbo. Seriously, you make me embarrassed to be from America. You give white people a horrible name. You should be fucking kicked out of UCLA and then maybe you'll get a little taste of what real life is like. I hope you fail all your finals you dumb twat. You're a disgrace and God only knows how many people you had to blow to get into UCLA anyways.

  49. 249

    After living in NYC, I would have to say that many Asians (women) lack manners. So many times in the morning I would witness them giving people the elbow and then the people flipping out. The only issue here is the generalization, but there is some truth to it. Oh and this the second disgusting video I have seen from UCLA, what is up with this school? Not to mention, how unattractive physically these women are! haha

  50. 250

    Such a racist RACIST bitch. I seriously hope she gets her karma and anyone else who agrees with her. This is just sick and twisted it's not even funny.

  51. 251

    honestly, i'm torn on this. should she really have made a video about this ..? no, probably not. was there a far, FAR more intelligent way to express her feelings ..? yes, probably. she definitely made herself sound like an insensitive, uneducated racist. but sadly, a lot of the ideas behind the things she said are not too far off. as a college student at a large and diverse school, its hard not to notice things like this. an overwhelming majority of the asian/asian-american population are guilty of the "talking on the phone in the library" point she was making ..is this to say there aren't white american students or latino students or black students who do the same ..? of course not. but in my experience, those numbers haven't even come close. just sayin ..

  52. 252

    it doesn't bother her but she does needs to post it online… plus, i'm pretty shure it's not only asian people doing the things she's saying.

  53. 253

    she is not dumb. it is very difficult to get into UCLA, especially these days when there are so many asians taking away the spots for dumb white people. i found this to be amusing and somewhat true. did not know about the cell phone component. incidentally, i also went to UCLA ('80s) and was annoyed as how hard they worked. i now admire that work ethic!!

  54. YUCK says – reply to this


    Re: qtoz23 – um asian countries in example asia are getting a lot of backlash for the filthy ways they manipulate their market to make it look like there is more prosperity than there actually is, (anyone could be filthy like them and print more money to manipulate the market, it doesnt make it acurate though) get a fucking clue. read my previous post about how asians are a detriment to our country and also it is a notorious fact that asian students cheat their way in to our colleges and institutions. asians are filthy swines that should be roasted over an open fire.

  55. 255

    Re: white_is_ugly – Before you criticize the language of others, learn your own.

  56. YUCK says – reply to this


    Re: bbbeeewww – I know some super bright people that have attended ucla but I also know a lot of morons (especially asians) that attend ucla based on cheating. it is very common in their culture and they continue to cheat while at the university. when they get in trouble for it, they always plead ignorance to get away with it.

  57. 257

    1) Is she the example of American manners? She should shut up. 2) She's never been deep in any kind of studying. There's a joke there. 3) Epiphany? Only if she was reading a book meant for 6 year old kids. 4) I'm sure that she's annoyed people while being on her cell phone in an inappropriate place. I bet she even talks/texts in the library. She's probably one of those idiots who talks and drives.

    And stop dressing like a whore.

  58. 258

    HAHA! OMG like i can't like concentrate like because all these people are like on their cell phones in like the library! It like seriously makes me like want to like rip my overly processed fake blond hair out, like omg.

  59. 259

    #1, how did you get admitted to UCLA
    #2, I feel like those Asian people may also have a very vivid opinion about you, since I, in 2 minutes, have managed to find you annoying and useless for humanity,
    #3, the coloring of your hair is terrible, get a new hair dye.
    #4, you look like if you have been attacked by a bunch of terrorist carrots. Who tans you because THEY HATE YOU.
    #5, instead of hating on Asians go read some books and feed that empty brain of yours!

  60. 260

    It makes since. All the homeless people yak on their phones in my library. I just tell them to STFU. Then if that doesn't work, I get the librarian. Rude ass people. The library is for STUDYING, not socializing!!!

  61. 261

    Re: dekoboko – the entire library is a quiet zone, that is pretty much the main point of a library. there are designated CELL PHONE AREAS where people can go to talk. the rest of the library is suppose to remain quiet.

    And she is right with what she is saying, she is just not saying it in the proper way.

  62. 262

    I mean towards random people I dont even know…so how can u jundge them? Good luck ever having a successful career in Poli Sci after this video goes viral. I h ope her ass gets beat the fuck up. talk about nice ass American girl. Hey BITCH u put nice American girls to shame

  63. 263

    no, of course no one TALKS on their cell-phones in the library, THEY ALL TEXT!!! nice american girl, my ass! chicks like this give decent american women a bad name!

  64. 264

    Are you kidding me? Americans use there cell phones everywhere! Where the hell has she been?! She's ignorant and I guarantee she texts in the library which is still just as annoying as being on the phone. If she wants to get all stereotypical then I guess she might as well consider herself a dumb blond… =)

  65. 265

    She's right though.

  66. 266

    ASIANS are now a MAJORITY. They come here and they don't even abide by the manners of their newly adopted culture. It's disgusting. I've seen Asians read a newspaper and then throw it down on the sidewalk and when I specifically suggest they pick it up….they laugh at me and just walk on by.
    She's absolutely correct about the cell phone thing.
    Asians get together in groups and exclude everyone else. NO NEED TO FEEL SORRY FOR THEM. THEY ARE NOW THE MAJORITY

  67. 267

    The silicone from her tits seems to have seeped into her brain…
    But seriously Perez, stop posting these twits, you are just giving them the attention that they want. She doesn't care that everyone's trashing her…omg I'm on perezhilton.com.

  68. 268

    ASIANS CHEAT LIKE IT'S NO ONE'S BUSINESS. They are pathetic cheaters. They will do ANYTHING to get ahead.
    I'm talking about ASIANS from ASIA. Americanized ASIANS are completely different. The ASIAN culture is absolutely disgusting. They are HUGE CHEATERS. And LIARS. THEY FEED THEIR BABIES MILK MIXED WITH MELAMINE…ANYTHING TO MAKE A BUCK. THEY CHEAT THE MARKETS. THEY CHEAT AT THE OLYMPICS.
    Americanized Asians are different though. Not the same.

  69. 269

    Sorry but EVERYTHING she said is true. I also find it weird & sad that the majority of Asians only want to hang out with people ONLY within their race.

  70. 270

    Haha! They only point she made here is how ignorant she is. Funny that according to her its the asian people that stop her from reaching an epiphany.. i think it's her lack of intelligence that does stops her!!

  71. 271

    Re: La Garse – Agreed…..100%

  72. 272

    Obviously your the one who needs to learn some manners little girly…The nice american girl my mama raised me to be,what fucken bullshit,if you were raised right you would know that your not the only race on this planet and there are many beautiful people who are different colours but are also human just like you…So much is going on in the world do we still need to be dealing with idiots like you?

  73. 273

    she's right. everyone is entitled to their opinion and asian students are SO annoying in the first place anyways.

  74. 274

    ok i am in a bitchy mood right now so…… 1) i am surprised she actually knows what a library is. 2) damn i wish i was asian if it meant my family did my washing and grocery shopping, why is that such a bad thing 3) people of all races answer their phones phones at the most inopportune times 4)have a little respect! i am pretty sure if she had just gone through a traumatic experience like she had broken a nail or broken up with some douchebag she would be on her phone whining about sonething, real people have real problems and i sure think a tsu-freaking-nami tops finals, i mean people have died.

  75. 275

    not for nothing, or saying that i agree with her or not…..but PEREZ HAS SAID MUCH WORSE SHIT THAN THIS GIRL DID!!! Do we not remember when Billy Joel's daughter almost committed suicide and he was back to calling her ugly like a month later! Hes such a hypocrite! Him and his stupid lady gaga are the fakest people! Seriously aggravating!!

  76. 276

    Just another fat, ugly, IGNORANT, desperate, overly-tanned attention whore. Why do so many exist these days? I hope she gets her ass beat… and you just know she wasn't studying at the library, give me a break. Only epiphany she was having was deciding on McDonalds for lunch.

  77. 277

    When someone said you should work on having "low lights" they didn't mean your personality dip sh*t….they meant that fried out mess you front as hair!!

    Looks like a fat blonde Snooki…with the same mental capacity apparently…btw not a compliment!

    Her parents must be so proud of their fat blonde ignorant, intolerant, racist spawn!

    Chip off the TeaBagger Block!

    I bet she's from the OC…

  78. 278

    umm, okay perez.. way to give her the attention she wanted? no help to her ignorance.

  79. 279

    I'm asian and everything she said is correct, but how she said it was rude. My parents and aunts and grandmas spoil the shit out of me and since if was 11 I've been yelling at them to fuck off and let me deal with shit myself.

  80. 280

    mean… yes, racist….yes……true…..yes
    she has some points …..the whole family comes over like it's a field trip o something. I am an asian and i can tell you from experience, it is embarrassing to have sooo many family members coming in and out, cooking, washing doing all sorts of crap. Also, I have to agree with her on asian students or young adult Asians not fending for themselves when it comes to cooking and cleaning.

  81. 281

    Okay it wasn't the worst things anyone's ever said, but she is pretty bigoted to be saying 'just like the polite AMERICAN girl my mama raised me to be'…it's pretty obvious where she stands on race. I hate how she acts so damn self-righteous. Yeah we all hate when people talk in the library, but not all of them are asians, not where I come from in Glasgow. What a fucking bitch.

  82. 282

    Well, if US students would get a decent GPA in high school, you wouldn't have to deal with this situation.

  83. 283

    There is nothing wrong with anything she said. It's true. Asians typically don't have any fucking manners.

  84. 284

    Insensitive? absolutely.
    Incorrect? Nope.
    I have a number of asian friends, whom I love dearly, but I can't help but agree with her on a number of these things. I only ever noticed it while at college though, and in the library. My library has signs everywhere saying to stay off the phone, and it's almost always asians who ignore that message.

  85. 285

    Re: whitesox85 – Well, clearly you didn't attend college. "Exersiziner" is not a word, I am pretty sure you meant to say "exercising her". Libraries also have specific designated "quiet zones" and the other areas are mainly filled with study groups who TALK!

  86. 286

    I'm Asian myself and I agree with what she is saying about Asians and their manners, but she doesn't need to sound so racist about it.

  87. 287

    This is one dumb bitch and she is a Poli Sci major!?! Haha, I love how she starts out by saying "no offense" like this precursor will justify anything she has to say. Wow I feel sorry for UCLA and how this fake blonde is representing her school. I do understand the library cell phone problem but its not just people of Asian descent I remember plenty of idiot bottle blondes jaw-jacking about how they got shit-faced and hooked up with some random guy but you don't see me posting my frustrations on youtube just here in Perezhilton!

  88. 288

    I thoroughly enjoy the fact that she refers to herself as a “polite American”, I guess polite Americans are racist and feed into minority stereotypes.

  89. 289

    shes totally right i agree

  90. Tiss says – reply to this


    Ok, I understand the frustration regarding the use of cell phones in libraries. It is never appropriate to have a loud conversation on your cell in an area where others are trying to study. This is just simple respect for others BUT this can be reported to the library staff or you could just ask them nicely to keep it down. What you DON'T do is post a racist rant on the internet raving about asian families (um, how is any of that your business or even affecting you??). Oh, and good luck getting a job in the political arena, racism is an unattractive quality in a public figure you know. Unbelievable.

  91. 291

    Are we even sure this senseless creature attends UCLA? And if she does, can someone please tell me that she was recognized by someone with a brain that gave her a piece of their mind? Oh boy. This girl really is ridiculous. I didn't even have to press play to see that. It shows that her mother raised her right, indeed. Her breast implants say it all. Would she be proud of her little "project" here? Doubt it. She's just jealous that some people actually have a good relationship with their family. Her bitterness shines through this video.

  92. 292

    I have no clue how UCLA accept idiotic people like her…

  93. 293

    i just read a few of these comments below and i guess these are the "american manners" this bitch mentioned above.
    disgusting "nation".

    -not an american

  94. 294

    I would like to know what professor she was fucking in order to even get accepted into UCLA huge tits and bleach blonde hair isn't going to get through life bitch

  95. 295

    Well she's absolutely right. In their culture no one has privacy (crowded busses, apartments clustered together) so that consideration for others isn't really there. Then again here in North America we really are over-sensitive about a LOT of things.

  96. 296

    As IF Asians are the only ones who are guilty of talking on the phone in a library. Bad manners as opposed to being stereotypical and racist? That, my friends, is a UCLA representative.

  97. 297

    i went to high school with this girl. gotta feel proud of my home town for breeding such filth.

  98. 298

    Wow. Talk about an American stereotype in action… People like this, walking stereotypes, need to keep their mouths shut.

  99. 299

    As a fellow UCLA student, I'm ashamed we harbor students this bubble-headed. T_T

  100. 300

    As a fellow UCLA student, I'm ashamed my school harbors people this bubble-headed. I wouldn't be surprised if the chancellor reprimands her for this.

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