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Deplorable! UCLA Girl Rants About Asian Students

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This is absolutely SICKENING to us!

Check out the awful video (above) of a UCLA girl ranting about Asian students at her school.

What was the thought process this girl went through before posting this video? Did she need attention THAT badly???

Truly disgusting.

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356 comments to “Deplorable! UCLA Girl Rants About Asian Students”

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  1. 301



    Perhaps if you have such a damn issue with him posting it, you should no longer be reading his site. You give that girl attention whenever you log into his site. He's clearly not intending to give her positive attention BUT HES BEING A GOOD BUSINESS MAN AND POSTING STUFF PEOPLE WANT TO SEE. THUS WHY HIS BLOG IS SUCH A SUCCESS.

    Stop complaining, you all sound so stupid.

    This girl is a uninformed person, who at one point as spoken loudly in an area that is suppose to be quiet. She needs to rant this elsewhere, not the internet.

    Love you Perez! :)

  2. 302

    Re: jayelleee – yes. I lived in Germany for 8 months. They were rude as FUCK to us Americans.

  3. 303

    Re: xcalibur – how do you manage to type with so many dicks in your ass fratboy?

  4. 304

    i need to blow the GERNADE WHISTLE !!! LMAO
    someone give her a paperbag so she can put it over her head !

  5. 305

    I don't think the video is at all "deplorable"…she gave her opinions on the asian students at UCLA…I agree and then some. Like wanting the rich white man, just what a girl needs, more competition.
    The same thing goes on here at Berkeley, where I go to school…..

  6. 306

    This girl is NOT right on every point. This racist bitch needs to realize the world doesn't revovle around her library time and her apartment's communal laundry machines. I'm sure when she comes home loud and wasted screaming about how fucking radical that party was or wakes her neighbors up blasting Kesha, its ok….I mean she's white, so its okay. I didn't hear her complaining about all the white people on their phones in the library…she would be absolutely right on that point.

    Its seriously times like these that I am truly embarrassed to be American.

  7. 307

    she's kind of an idiot but moderately entertaining

  8. 308

    that actually wasn't racist

  9. 309

    her man must've left her for an asian haha

  10. 310

    Re: xcalibur – AMEN! HAHA

  11. 311

    Pretty is as pretty does!

  12. 312

    she;s actually pretty correct.

  13. 313

    1. Racism is sad. I believe that every culture has so much to offer, and by taking these stereotypes as the gospel truth, we miss out on so much.

    2. Generalising Asians is stupid. Asia has more than 3 billion people, which is way more than North AND South America combined. Americans i've met claim that people from different states are so different. Looking at just both Americas, it's sooo apparent that they're worlds apart. Asia has more than 10 times more people than the whole of the United States (and consists of South, East as well as Southeast Asia). What makes you think they're all the same?


  14. 314

    Asian people = paradox.

    In our culture, almost everything is about face value. Filial piety, respect, and basic manners are taught just to appease the family's idea of a 'well-educated' little girl/boy/twit. Herein lies the discrepancy; It's all put-on (yes, like makeup) for the sake of the blood relatives. It's like a competition in a sense - My kid > your kid, etc.

    Ironically, said 'practical manners' are mostly left at home when out on the streets. Recently bumped into a fellow Chinaman in Melbourne. I said "Pardon me,"; he tried to elbow me in the face. That is all.

    On the other hand, blondie shouldn't mouth vomit too much. Let the Asians hammer the Asians, or you might be labelled racist for speaking politically-sensitive facts. That or give us the impression "Flash tits, get into UCLA."

  15. 315

    i thought the first thing you need to do before going to UCLA is to grow a brain…
    i guess they let just anybody in these days..:\

  16. 316

    She's actually right and she said she's annoyed by anyone that does it, not just asians. People should stop being so sensitive. Not like she said violent things toward anyone.

  17. 317

    The reason why she probably never saw that before is because it was probably the first time she had ever been inside of a library.

  18. 318

    She knows where the library is? Wow.

  19. 319

    Paid poor actress, most likely paid by the phat phuck Perez. Where ever did u find this lovely vid Perez? I wonder. Did u go to youtube and search for racist ucla biatch? It's pretty sad, when u have resort to this crap to get your ever declining viewership up. Damn shame…

  20. 320

    UCLA's 99% Asian, & white people lose it after the first year.


  21. 321

    stupid bitch …..

  22. 322

    I don't get it what did she say that wasn't true?

  23. 323

    Obviously there are enough Asian students acting this way for her to notice it. Why is she considered prejudiced for stating her opinion of the way they act. NO ONE can say ANYTHING any more without someone taking offense. Stereotypes are basically non-politically correct observations that liberals can't tolerate hearing. It ruins their little rainbow worlds and ideas that everyone, no matter how disparate their backgrounds should understand one another and get along. GET REAL– there are too many cultural differences between races for this to be reality whether you can accept that or not. If someone is talking on their cell phone loud enough for others to hear, their ignorant in almost all settings. Believe it or not, no one wants to know what you had for lunch or hear about your latest shopping or other inane subject. NO, IT'S NOT DEPLORABLE, MARIO. You're just so politically correct that it's ridiculous.

  24. 324

    Like, OMG you guys, she's like trying to be a polite American girl…she's like not trying to offend anyone..take it easy on her…she is clearly mentally handicapped yall.

  25. 325

    Typical American no brain, big boobs, I'm so hot don't touch me girl ! A turd living on a cloud !!

  26. 326

    I'm asian american and I agree with her. They have a security guard when you enter that library who sometimes doesn't let people in, but they won't kick people out for gabbing on their phones all day.

  27. 327

    Re: catlover – You're just like her, whether you like it or not. You think that bashing Americans makes you different, but it doesn't. It makes you look just like her, an ignorant BITCH!!

  28. 328

    Just another bonehead who thinks americans are oh-so-much-better than asians. Coming from different places, OBVIOUSLY asians would have different cultures compared to americans. Is it wrong then for asians to have closer knit families compared to americans?? Obviously she comes from a dysfunctional family ultimately resulting her becoming of an attention-seeking whore. And i find it annoying that she says "hordes of asians come to ucla".Obviously they got there by merit and that gives you no right to discriminate or stereotype. Sudden being blonde and letting half the world see ur cleavage gives people the moral highground to comment on others' behaviour.

  29. mayi says – reply to this


    This is so typical..She's completely ignorant of that culture and because all she's ever known is United-States, then anything else is completely weird. Guess what, not every culture is as self-absorbed and individualistic as yours. In other countries, family are much tighter and people help each other. Their manners might look uneducated and bad in your point of view, but that's according to your background and your culture. In theirs, they are completely justified to act that way.

    This video isn't disgusting, but very ignorant and narrow minded.

  30. 330


  31. 331

    She IS right about every thing she said. But, it's not just Asians. It's most nationalities that migrate to our country who do not acclimate themselves to America. Most foreignors are rude. Plain and simple. It may be OK in their country to be rude and loud, but it's NOT OK HERE! Learn some respect for those around you! You GO GIRL!!! Finally, someone with the balls to say what needed to be said. I applaud you!

  32. Hm P says – reply to this


    The attitude of asians in America and other white countries is nothing compared to the attitude of whites in Far East Asian countries. The men especially think they are kings, expect (and exploit) the local women and services. They really are too spoilt for their own good.

    The Asians who are in America have probably paid a premium to get there. Extortionate tuition fees, rent, services, social abuse from the white (and blacks. latinos too) majority. They SHOULD get better treatment - they have paid for it.

    And the Asians who were born there… well, they're as American as you. So fuck off, it's their right to act how they want. They aren't harming you after all - unless their slanted eyes and black hair is making you depressed or something?

  33. Hm P says – reply to this


    Re: Jessicuhhh – Maybe because they satisfy the entry requirements better than natives. Oh, and pay more.

  34. Hm P says – reply to this


    Re: dbsx77 – Erm, why are they annoying? Do their slanty eyes piss you off? Amazing.

  35. 335

    I wonder if she needs a cigarette after she has an epiphany.

  36. 336

    Poor dumb thing. Hard to believe that she is a college student: Maybe a beauty college student. It is not that other cultures do not have manners, there customs and manners are just different than ours. For example, in many parts of the world having your tits at full mast would signal that you are a whore, whereas in the USA . . . no wait a minute, she'd look like a whore in any culture.

  37. 337

    i feel sorry for her. she probably doesn't realize why she has such strong reactions to people who are different from her. i bet she's lived in her little white bubble for a very long time and anything different is very distracting to her. the whole talking on your telephone in public spaces is not an asian thing and we all know that, and i bet she's able to tune out conversations if its in english. so, she only notices foreign sounding calls as the guilty party. she also doesn't realize that people from other places have different social rules. while the eye contact thing might be a sign of politeness in one society, others might find that to be totally unnerving and rude. For instance, if you were to enter a home of an iranian and paid an empty compliment that you liked a piece of their furniture. they have a custom called Tarof that makes them obliged to give you that piece of furniture. so, while you thought you were being polite and nice, you are actually being incredibly rude to that host.

  38. 338

    continued- i pity this child and her very narrow minded view of the world. she lives in fear whenever she is perceived to be a minority and her fear makes her angry and confused. it is easy for people to pick out asians, indians, and other obvious non aryan looking people and group them as foreigners but they forget that we are all immigrants here. no one is more entitled at calling america their country, other than the real americans (american indians). living side by side with people that are totally different from you is incredibly hard but if you work hard to understand why you are different from them, then that's when you come to understand that everyone is the same.

  39. 339

    So let me get this straight, you lot are blaming her for 'stereotyping' and yet you are calling her a' stupid blond' and a 'slut'.
    How's that different ? If you are allowed to be misogynists then she is allowed to be racist.
    Although i don't find her racist, what she says is basically true and after the misogynistic rant of that FAT STUPID ASIAN i side with her.

  40. mft says – reply to this


    "Americans" have the worst manners ever…so, I really don't understand her.

  41. 341

    I can see how people being on their phones in the library is inappropriate, but so was blaming it entirely on asian manners. People of all races do that. It's horrible of her to pigeon hole people like that.

  42. 342

    like honestly…pop your boobs out a little bit more. i dare you. i get it, she was annoyed, and in reality everyones a little racist…but what in the world makes her think its okay to upload a video like that! what an idiot. and her apology is obviously not sincere…she just probably saw this post and started crying and decided to attempt to say something nice. she's an ass. the end.

  43. Hm P says – reply to this


    @ParalyZzzZzer Of course you wouldn't find her comments racist and side with her as opposed to the asian, because you're racist yourself duh.

  44. 344

    "Uh….yeah…I don't want to be mean or anything, uh…I don't want to be rude or prejudice or anything like that BUT… well, I'm so sick of those bleach blonds with their fake nails and their fake tans and their big ol' fake books they keep pushing up into my face. I mean these are the same morons that squeeze their bazoombahs into too tight, too low cut shirts meant for 4 year olds, bustin' out all over and then they are surprised when guys stare at their 'investments' and then go…'Hello…My Eyes are Up Here!" Yeah, but your big fake fun bags and bouncing around in my face! And by the comments by this clueless waste of skin, it is certainly the most interesting thing about her. Yes, those Asian people are so annoying with all of their work ethic, and their emphasis on learning and intelligence and worst of all their families who care and support them! After all, phone etiquette is the gold standard! Good luck on getting degree sugar-tits.

  45. 345

    Oh, Jesus. How the hell did this chick even get into a university? She says "libary" and her "rant" concerning the Asian population is completely incorrect. This video is the epitome of ignorance. Her points were ridiculous and I feel like slapping her for calling herself a "polite, American girl". Well, Honey, posting this video really contradicts that identity. And the very fact that she brought up what happened in Japan when she was literally bashing the Asian population was just so uncalled for. You want to be a racist, then that's on you, but you don't include a tragedy like that in a pathetic attempt to back yourself up. She's f*cking lucky that she lives in a place where those types of natural disasters haven't been an issue (Knock on wood). I would honestly slap her in the face if I ever saw her in person.

  46. Hm P says – reply to this


    Nice one Lisa, you've just jinxed it for the rest of us

  47. 404g says – reply to this


    Re: dopee69 – oh really she's "kina" right? u idiot!!!

  48. 404g says – reply to this


    Re: dopee69 – you're an idiot.

  49. 404g says – reply to this


    Re: KimmyD – oh please kimmyd. asian women will do anything to get ahead huh? oh u mean like get to work on time, be reliable, dependable and do hard work rather than complain abt their co workerss (i.: YOU). HATERVILLE!!!!Re: KimmyD

  50. 404g says – reply to this


    Re: CaliGrl21 – lol. yup.white washed asian cali girl right here!!!

  51. 351

    I'm an Asian American. I totally understand the frustration with bad manners, esp. while trying to study in the library and I get exercising your right to the freedom of speech, but this girl is an idiot. I think the first indicator was this post to youtube… I also doubt this girl has ever been "on the verge of an epiphany"

  52. 352

    Re: chickawickabob – oh honey, you are just as messed up as this girl, putting out a disclaimer, seriously this ISNT your country, did you discover it, did you own it? NO, you just live here, America is the country known as home to every race, no matter where they are from, i could be wrong but im gonna go ahead and assume you are not Native American, therefore it is not really your country, if youre caucasian, then your people killed off the Native Americans for this land, so really is a bad attitude really that bad in comparison to murder? Seriously go educate yourself, that is only in your area, so why dont you go talk to those people in that area that you have a problem with, why say it here online, seriously youre ignorant and a coward!

  53. 353

    Re: chickawickabobRe: chickawickabob – "MY country" are you serious? "go back home" really? Why don't you go back to "YOUR country" because last time I checked, being "white" wasn't a race nor an ethnicity. Don't hate because you have no idea what ethnicity you are. The United States of America is country and "home" to all kinds of races and ethnicities, NOT just "white" people.
    Disclaimer***I do not feel this way towards all white people.
    (you see how retarded that sounded, to add a disclaimer after I have singled out the "white" race only?)

  54. Fuego says – reply to this


    Re: caligirl91311 – Um… white people aren't the only Americans. Asians have been immigrating to America just as long as white people. Maybe you might want to pick up a history book.

  55. 355

    If she was ranting about these asian students using their cellphones in the library, she shouldn't have said about families of her schoolmates going to the apartments and doing stuff for their son/daughter/grandchild etc. shame on you, you should have researched about our culture before you said that. I am so disgusted with the things you said, racist! ..and the fact that she's a pol sci student she shouldn't have said the things she said. FYI, we asians have always been like that, that is part of our culture, our parents are very attentive, even if we reach the age of 25, if my mom would like to do something for me, she will do it. that is how we are.

  56. Yishi says – reply to this


    HAHHAHAA pause pause pause

    I'm asian and I think this is hilarious. it really is noteven that offensive, people are allowed to have their oppinions and I don't give a fuck what she thinks. the end

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