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Girl Is Overjoyed With Japan Tragedy, Calls It A Sign From God

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This makes us feel truly sick!

Earlier today, we heard a UCLA girl say horrendous things about Asian students at her school. And yes, she commented on Japan in a disgusting, insensitive manner.

Now, another girl has posted a horrifically insensitive video (above), in which she calls the tragedy in Japan a sign from God.

She's overjoyed with what happened to Japan, and now she thinks America is next because she believes that God is looking to wipe out all the atheists.

Words cannot properly describe how disturbed we are by this video. This girl's world view is SO twisted.


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462 comments to “Girl Is Overjoyed With Japan Tragedy, Calls It A Sign From God”

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  1. 1

    Is this girl for real? She has the look of someone in a cult. God is loving. At least my God is!!

  2. sim says – reply to this


    Where are these people coming from

  3. 3

    The Westboro Baptist Church has a place for her.

  4. 4

    You keep giving these morons attention Mario. Continue giving them exactly what they want.

  5. 5

    GOD truly created an asshole here, didn't he? F*cking retard…….

  6. rory! says – reply to this


    She REALLY incenses me! I could wring her neck the stupid bitch!

  7. 7

    lol what a dumbass

  8. 8

    What god is she praying to?! The only person going to hell is this girl. She has no respect for human life. people like this make me sick. if that is your god…then your god is an asshole.

  9. 9

    Whaat an idiot.

  10. koto says – reply to this


    RELIGIOUS PSYCHO! EWW! God is not cruel to others, God does not take joy on other's misery and dispair..at least not MY god.

  11. 11


  12. 12

    What a sick, twisted bitch!

  13. 13

    there is a lot of people that think your world view is "so twisted" simply because you are gay. this girl is not a celebrity and has no business being on your website - if you think it's so deplorable, don't post it.

  14. 14

    Oh my god…… this is just too much! A strong belief in god + a mental illness never go good together….

  15. 15

    You do realize she's a troll right…? It's Poe's law.

  16. 16

    Hmm, girl, as an atheist you make me even more sure that there is no such thing as a god/gods. You are insensitive and delusional and you should be admitted to a ward with loads of kind nurses and doctors. You need to learn that YOU are responsible for your own actions, and that YOU do not have the thruth for anyone else. MY thruth is; there is no god. I do not shove it donw anyone's gullet to make me feel more secure. Make you should learn to do the same.

    And please take this of your site Mario. This does not deserve a stage.

  17. 17

    aw poor girl is unfortunate looking god must hate her

  18. 18

    wtf! is wrong with people ? i guess she thinks what happened in New Orleans was ok . i dislike people who are Fanatics and dont see beyond their noses grr.

  19. 19

    why are you posting these people and giving them the attention they want. You are still the same evil fucktard you have always been. you are just letting other people do the evil work for you.

  20. 20

    What a vile creature (I can't even bring myself to call her human)
    If she's doing this just for attention, she needs to get her head checked. If she's actually believing this, what a sicko. I'm sure her parents instilled this belief system in her.

  21. 21

    Exactly the kind of hate and intollerance that organized religion spreds. Ship her off to Westboro Baptist…they could use another mouth piece for ignorance and hate.

  22. 22

    It is sad to see christians so full of hate….. this is why people are so turned off by religion ppl like this think religion is all about getting back at other people when in reality if she was in fact a christian she would not wish harm on any of her brothers and sisters….. what a hypocritical typical american christian, no respect for others. Clearly, she does not recognize the true driving power of humanity, no not god lol, I am talking about LOVE, the love between all of the members of the human race which should unite us as one!

  23. 23

    As angry as this makes me, I can't even be mad at her. I actually just feel bad for this girl. What a sick, twisted, backwards world she lives in. God is vengeful? Since when???

  24. 24

    where are the original links to these videos? Why are you hosting them?

  25. 25

    This is very disturbing to watch and I don't understand why you would post this video in the first place!!! Why are you promoting hate? Might not be your intention but that's what you're doing when you give attention to losers like her. Everybody has an opinion or belief when it comes to God and it will always be a complicated subject to talk about.

  26. 26

    What the HELL is wrong with her?
    I don;t believe but I sure do respect! she and all her "brothers and sisters" should try it.


  27. 27

    I am literally sick to my stomach. God bless America and that she has a right to express herself, but it saddens me that she so truly believes in this.

  28. Beccx says – reply to this


    Aw, poor dumb bitch.

  29. 29

    so this is like totally fucked up beyond words.

  30. 30

    glib, school of ugly. in islam the eventual look and feel of it is jungle law, never be surprised by anything

  31. 31


  32. 32

    what a sick shit.

  33. 33

    what a f*cking WEIRDO! hahaah
    god didnt shake the country… plate tectonics did
    open YOUR EYES to the facts of science

  34. 34

    Now this is sick and wrong, not the UCLA video. She is obviously cherry picking from the bible and not listening to her God. I'll pray for her and the victims in Japan. Speak no evil, folks. It does no one good, including your God and/or your religion.

  35. 35

    Absolute fucking mentalist. This bitch should be locked up!

  36. 36

    This Girl is straight crazy. Like I dont know why people need to preach like that. Not everyone believes in Gob BITCH!

  37. 37

    Hopefully Perez posting this doesn't spread the hate even further, though I have a feeling it might.

  38. 38

    Im not offended by people with a mental disease. She needs help

  39. 39

    lentil season? is that like garbanzo season? moron. lenten. doesn't even understand her own religion.

  40. Alesi says – reply to this


    I hope ALL her family die, SO SHE CAN FEEL THE PAIN OF GOD…….

  41. 41

    Ok, let me start by saying that my comments are not because she seems religious- it is because this girl is obviously a religious fanatic. You can see it in her eyes, while she looks excited her eyes are completely blank to me. How can you be gleeful over the deaths of thousands of people? I don't know, its her beliefs that's driving her. But I have to ask- how are athiests "evil"? Its not like we go around slaughtering goats and drinking baby blood we just don't believe in the same thing that you do. Right now I'm kind of grateful for that because any belief or religion that completely erases human compassion like this is something that I do not want to be a part of. While many agree that this is a sign that it is near the end of days and God will be coming- I still see people religious or not expressing their sympathy for the country of Japan and offering up prayers and kind words for them regardless of reason. So at the end of this- I'll say that this girl is not religious- but a religious fanatic.
    P.S Chick you're going to hell too because while you've been praying your ass off and memorizing your bible cover to cover you've seem to forgotten the rest of your top. First Timothy 2:9, , "In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel." That top doesn't look very modest with all your arms showing, since I'm guessing its a T-back bet you there's cleavage~

  42. 42

    I believe God would want the world to be at peace, with no war, no hate and not to have his name associated with unnecessary death of innocent people. What happened to love thy neighbour?

  43. 43

    I don't like this girl - but have to agree that there is something going on to our world that should make us all worried (just a little).

  44. 44

    Hi Perez! I usually never post but I had to make a profile just to respond to this. I do enjoy your site but I must agree with a few of the other posters here by saying the LAST thing you should be doing is posting this video on your website. You have an extremely high traffic count and by posting this, this girl's twisted hateful message is being spread so much more than it ever would have been. Not only are people able to view it here, but now anyone can repost this and even more people will see it. I don't even know if you will see this but I felt compelled to respond. Thanks!

  45. 45

    this is disturbing. This is everything that is wrong with religion, people get obsessed and delusional! I'm all for believing in higher power and everything but this is sick. She needs help!

  46. 46

    whether you believe in what she says or you don't…you has the right to say it. whether is it appropriate or not….she has the right to say it. whether it is in poor taste or not….she has the right to say it. and you have the right to not watch it, not post it and not talk about it. this is not a video that most people would have found on their own. if you disagree….make a video saying so….you have the right…..it is really amazing with the freedom of speech and religion cover.

  47. 47

    I think a clock somewhere is missing its cuckoo bird!

  48. 48

    This piece of shit must be related to Fred Phelps. Quit giving her publicity, Perez. You are simply feeding into what she wants.

  49. 49

    Please Perez, delete this vid from your website!! This sick monster should not get this much attention and viewers!!

  50. 50

    The other UCLA girl was pretty spot on about asian families invading campus every weekend I will say, it's not racist-just honest.

  51. 51

    people are so confused…this girl has a look in her eyes like she is on something…honey g-d loves all….even athesist…people like her should go to there own island and leave us all alone…how horrible to say g-d did this…ah the earth did this..

  52. 52

    Re: heyheyyo – Since it says in the bible verbatum in Nahum 1.2. 'The LORD is a jealous and avenging God; the LORD takes vengeance and is filled with wrath. The LORD takes vengeance on his foes and maintains his wrath against his enemies.' Next line it says 'The LORD is slow to anger and great in power; the LORD will not leave the guilty unpunished. '

  53. 53

    im on my knees girl praying oh hallejuha

    im praying u and all ur cocksucking friends commit mass suicide in the name of the lAWD OH YAH IM SO OVERJOYED suck it '

    WHAT THE FUC HAS AMERICA CREATED ~~~~!!! what a demented little freak

  54. 54

    I like how this moron thinks that god shows that he "loves" human beings by killing a bunch of them. While I appreciate the modern conveniences of this time period, I sometimes wish I could see how the world will be once the majority of humanity realizes that believing an invisible man in the sky punished people who didn't believe in him by creating an earthquake is *INSANE*. I know there will always be bad people who will delight in the misfortune of others, but to use christianity to do so is…. retarded.

    Actually, speaking of retarded- maybe there really is something mentally wrong with this girl.

  55. 55

    I wonder if God cares that this idiot called it LENTAL season. Its LENTEN!! Or maybe she worships soup….. What a good little Christian.

  56. 56

    This girl is insane and idiot and clearly a NUT job!

  57. 57


    Why are you posting these things?! They would go unnoticed if you didn't post them.. instead you are bringing attention to negativity and giving them an audience to rant to and create copycats.. poor judgment on your part.

  58. 58

    I knew this crap was going to start coming out of the woodwork. There are a heck of a lot of people who can't stand the Japanese or Japan because of their WWII crimes that made Hitler look like the tooth fairy and stereotypes in general. It was a long time ago, let it go. A lot of innocent, sweet people are in absolute misery now, and they need our prayers and help. This girl should be ashamed and as she gets older and matures, this will come back to haunt her conscious with a vengeance.

  59. 59

    She is out of her ever loving mind. She preached about God etc but if she was really into the " lord" she would have NEVER said" OH MY GOD"… This bitch needs to get her ass kicked. She is INSANE…

  60. 60

    I call fake. She is insincere and a terrible actress - terrible. She's trying to create a character assassination of God and Christians.

    And if by some chance this is real - I don't know what is worse, fake or real - then she is no Christian.

  61. 61

    So terrible.
    What would we do, without POTUS and FLOTUS in times like these?

  62. 62

    Organized religion is bad for the soul.

  63. 63

    this video doesnt even promote religion and god. It promotes the twisted dellusion that if there is a god then that god would punish people that dont believe and would cause suffering. live and let live, not judge and hate people that have different beliefs to your own. excact reason im an athiest. This girls views are horrifying and do not deserve any recognition. my thoughts are with the peopleof japan.

  64. 64

    Now this is deplorable…again not sure if you should have posted this, but still she is way not in her right send. Though am I shocked that someone is saying this? No because I'm sure she's not the only one, but still its very sad that people think that it is a sign of god to kill athiests. Show compassion for people. Even if she thinks like this you would think she would show pity on these people. Besides most Japanese are Buddhist or Christian, but I rarely meet athiest Asians and it's just wrong to think god would kill someone for their belief system. Ugh she's insane someone get this girl some therapy.

  65. 65

    And people always talk shit about ATHEISTS?! As for myself, and other atheists I know an have spoken with, we don't say things like this about religious people. It seems that religious people are the ones with problems, not atheists.

  66. 66

    what a retard.

  67. 67

    I think that I will pray to God right now. I'll pray for him to shake her like he apparently shook Japan (her words). Let's see how much she would appreciate that. I don't understand how people can claim to be good Christians when they are so ecstatic over human misery. It's sick and wrong. If you want the world to be a better place, don't add ugliness and insensitivity to it. It doesn't help.

  68. 68

    I don't believe in any god, santa clause or easter bunny. but now i wish there is such a place like Hell so she can be sent there ASAP.

  69. 69


  70. 70

    What a sick, twisted, psychotic, delusional bitch she is!! It's amazing how calm and happy she is about this…she needs a good 'ol fashioned bitch slap from God to wake her the fuck up!! Stupid little bitch!!

  71. 71


  72. 72

    darn wish I could watch the video…..Its sickening to hear anyone wish death/tragedy on anyone.. guess ill have to read the comments to get a better idea as to what her malfunction is.

  73. 73

    god seems to hurriedly bless every mongrel child rape sick gentleman, moer and more money for raping criminals in america

  74. 74

    anonymous is taking care of her

  75. 75

    Re: trix86 – IFKR. I cant find ANYTHING either!

  76. 76

    luke barr is a gay who violently poked my eye out, it was so long ago and police barely acknowledge child murders, oh well. alas japan, how are your child rapists?

  77. 77

    Yup, that's what happens when people read the Bible literally and believe the book is filled with historical facts. If they would actually read some history books they would know it's not. Someone should ask her, if she truly believes this to be a sign of a coming Apocalypse, who she believes the Dragon, the four beasts around the throne of God and the four horsemen of the Apocalypse are. She should also be reminded that Jesus himself said (somewhere in the Bible) that even he does not know when and how he will return. Many people will argue the Bible is pretty vague and open for interpretation, but Revelations takes the cake. It's people like this girl here that make me go 'isn't it a shame Revelations got in', seeing as there was once a debat whether or not it should be included in the Bible because of its dark and vague nature…

  78. 78

    what? so god shook Japan and killed over 10,000 people as well as homes etc…yea, some god that really is

  79. 79

    Did she say Lentil season?

  80. 80

    her faith is really admirable. but how she uses her faith is another thing. it's way too misplaced. Being an atheist per se is not bad. and i think calling them evil is an injustice. Instead of praying for destruction, i guess it would be more productive if we all pray for peace and prosperity. Wars aren't perpetrated by atheist alone.

  81. 81

    if you weren't atheist before viewing this clip you would be after. this kid is some kind of fucked up. what will she post in 40 days and the world is still here but no jesus ? this girl needs to get on her knees to do something other than pray… might make her see the light.

  82. 82

    the fact that she finds joy in what is happen to Japan makes me feel very sick inside. I don't believe that God would be happy with that happened….I was taught that God loves and forgives everyone.

  83. 83

    The Japanese people mostly aren't atheists. We're mostly Shinto. JS. Obviously, she doesn't know what she's talking about. Can I just say, that if God created the devastating Earthquake in Japan, then, he's a dick, and I'd rather not pray to him.

  84. 84

    These are the people who give religion a bad rap. Nut

  85. 85

    So her views do not align with your own and you don't like it - so you felt the need to single her out as 'twisted' and disturbed. And, of course, your world view is 'the right' one?

  86. 86

    Re: ChristopherJ – TOUCHE ! couldn't have said it better myself.

  87. 87

    I really don't understand angry Christians, I'm not particularly religious but the branch of Christianity I was raised in preached tolerance and love not judgement

  88. 88

    Stop giving people like this publicity, Perez.

  89. 89


  90. 90

    this girl is crazy.

  91. 91

    What a sicko! This is what comes with over zealous religious fanatics who believe that hurting people with different beliefs, or even none is okay. Makes me very sad to think that we still live in the middle ages when it comes to topics such as these.

  92. 92

    haha whats lentil season? it is like lentil beans season?

  93. 93

    Re: ChristopherJ – I thought they were one in the same…..

  94. 94

    Perez … Please give me her address so i can go round and blow up her house then turn around and tell her it was an ACT OF GOD!! Fuck you .. maybe if her family was killed in the flood she wouldn't be so FUCKING HAPPY. 10,000+ people where killed on friday and sick bastards like you want to thank the LORD about it… one day when the world ends and NOTHING HAPPENS is when people like you will wake up and realise you've wasted your life believing in something that isn't real. Enjoy!

  95. 95

    This is Fred Phelps granddaughter. Ive seen her on a documentary before. They are fucking wackos, and she should be shot.

  96. 96

    never thought i'd say this statement, but i agree with wenchtits, dont give this person the publicity she wants. but what a CRAZY MORON. japan has way more atheists than america, its main religion is Buddhism.

  97. 97

    "Lentil season" is a time for legumes. I believe she meant "Lenten season."

  98. 98

    oh la, what an awfull image of God sweeatheart! If you are really that religious, you should try working on his advantage, not against him! God's love, and we are aligned with God, when we love, respect, care… for each other. And btw, I´m not really sure you've seen pictures and videos of the innocent people suffering, searching for their missing loved ones. That might give you a perspective. Hope God "made you see this". Peace.

  99. 99

    Sheltering your christian kids creates people like this.

  100. 100

    She sounds like one of the Westboro Baptists. Disgusting!

    I'm with the many others, please remove this loser from your website.

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