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A Glimpse At T-Swizzle's Speak Now Tour

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This looks so exciting! We can't wait to see it for ourselves!!!

Taylor Swift's Speak Now World Tour has officially kicked off and judging from this video from her stop in Oberhausen, Germany, it is going to be a spectacular show!

Check out Swifty's performance of Speak Now from Germany! (above)

She sounds great! She looks great! That stage looks phenomenal!

This is going to be one hell of a show!!!

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14 comments to “A Glimpse At T-Swizzle's Speak Now Tour”

  1. 1

    it looks annoying!! Just like, Taylor.

  2. 2

    it kicked off a month ago in asia moron

  3. 3

    I don't know how you can tell anything from the sound quality of that clip. Her voice sounds thin and shrill, but it could just be the recording. The stage is ugly, overwhelming, and poorly designed. Her dress is cute.

  4. 4

    Re: Anastasia P – She ALWAYS sound ba when she sings live!!

  5. 5

    Here come all the hate comments. Taylor is amazing, she has sold out shows on this tour in minutes. Fuck you to all the haters.

  6. 6

    As much as I like Taylor and her music, I wouldn't pay to see her live. I still haven't heard/seen her do a live performance and actually sound decent.

  7. 7

    It'll be hell, alright, if you have to hear her live. She sucks live! It's all shrill out of tune shit. Arent her 15 min up yet???????????

  8. 8

    I am NOT a hateful person, but the facts are clear to anyone with an ear for music: Taylor Swift cannot sing. She is well-marketed, pretty, sweet, and a great song writer. But…she CANNOT sing. The package deal sells tickets; her fans are forgiving of her reedy, off-key voice. In the future, she is going to have to either improve her vocal abilities, or relegate herself to writing songs for others and posing in magazines.

  9. 9

    i love taylor especially her songs. you gotta give her some credit for singing live at least and not autotuned. probably because of her moving around too much too. but still, she looks lovely. must be fun being a back-up for taylor. :)

  10. 10

    You have people sitting there singing along with her..ie the person holding the camera. I admit, she is not the best live but i went to her concert last year and it was done very well. She does not just sit on stage and sings, there are so many elements to the performances. Definitely one of the best planned concerts I have been to.

  11. 11

    I went to her concert in Oslo and she was amazing.. Could be a little sharp here and there but at least she wasn't autotuned… It was an amazing experience for someone who's loved her since 2006. Her concerts are worth going to. She jumps on the stage, she talks to the crowd, she walked through the crowd at the end of "speak now", she is dedicated and never takes it for granted, she was on the verge of tears during "dear john"… she's amazing!

  12. 12

    She is a Goddess. Would really like to see her show.

  13. 13

    Yeeeees, I was there :)
    the show was amazing, really
    i totally loved it and so did my friends
    i don't want to sound like a mindless fan, but i'm pretty sure that the so-called "haters" also have music that they like or that touches them in a way. And everyone should appreciate another person's taste, even if you don't agree. So if you think she's not talented, you shouldn't ruin it for other people by writing mean things on this wall or just all over the internet.
    For all you fellow Swifties: the tour is awesome! Enjoy

  14. 14

    I was at the concert in Germany, and i was pleasantly surprised at how good she sang. I agree with the other comments that when you see her on TV singing it's not that good, but I didn't hear anything wrong with her voice at the concert. Can definitely recommend going