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9 comments to “Anderson Cooper And 360 Crew Evacuate Fukushima Nuclear Plant!”

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    I hope that Anderson, his crew and all the other news crews in that area are safe. I am also praying for the brave people who choose to stay behind and try to cool the nuclear reactors. It's got to take courage and selflessness to do something like that with such a threat to your own health and safety. Anderson Cooper is a good person, and he brings such compassion to his stories. Stay safe guys.

  2. 2

    what a fucking drama queen. how is it that this man is the only newsperson consistantly in these harmful situations? Or is it just that he is the only one that promotes it by talking about it. He should have fucking stayed there. And if your gay bias was obvious enough, heeeeeeeere's Anderson!

  3. 3

    You look away for a few minutes and he's risking his life again.

  4. 4

    i saw him on tv yesterday, reporting from sandai & ask myself how the hell he can stay there - radiation doesn't stop over nice clean americans who want to be in the center of it all … this is no playground for well dressed silverfoxes - so get out of there before you get conterminated!

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    i think he's partially incorrect about the iodine — think you take when there's risk of exposure radiation to saturate the thyroid with non-radioactive iodine, so that it can't absorb the radioactive iodine — only protects the thyroid gland, however — and only for like a day

  6. 6

    The people that stayed are hero's. I don't know if I would have stayed if I were in their position. Very brave and selfless.

  7. 7

    Re: so what – The half life of 131-I is only 8 days, and it is a text book way of handling a release of 131-I into the air. So taking KI tablets for two weeks should be sufficient.

  8. 8

    Anderson Cooper is like our national treasure. I heart him!

  9. @v@ says – reply to this


    From what I understand, many are walking around Tokyo with their own little personal geiger counters. Japanese like tech. I'm surprised Cooper didn't have one, or have himself wanded with one somewhere.