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Confirmed! Vanessa Hudgens New Nude Pics Are Definitely The Real Deal!

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At this time, we think it is prudent to quote the immortal words of one Dane Cook:

"Girl, you gots to keep your clothes on!!!"

This morning, a fresh batch of embarrassment was leaked onto the Internet for Vanessa Hudgens as new nude photos surfaced of her in very graphic poses. If you are keeping count, this is the third time this has happened to V-Hudge in the last five years. That might be a record or something, we don't know.

Anyway, sources reveal that these new shots come from the same batch as the 2009 leak and once again, they were posted without Vanessa's knowledge or consent. Furthermore, insiders reveal that Vanessa is sincerely distraught this morning and feels like someone "has it out for her" because the release of these photos seem to always coincide with her movie releases.

Oh yeah. Sucker Punch is coming out this month. That's going to be an awkward red carpet!

Well, honey, if you really think someone has it out for you, you better find them quickly…especially if they have more photos of you like this! Otherwise, welcome to your NeverEnding Story!

[Image via WENN.]

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87 comments to “Confirmed! Vanessa Hudgens New Nude Pics Are Definitely The Real Deal!”

  1. 1

    The unknown actress who VH thought was her friend, leaked them. That chick is desperate to be famous. I wouldn't be surprised if pics of Victoria Justice come out soon with that same unknown. They were all friends and only one of them is not famous now. Very obvious.

  2. 2

    God i feel bad for her:(

  3. 3

    You fat worthless blob of SCUM. Despite all your phony AND empty promises of giving up your bullying of celebrities, you HAVEN'T stopped. It is BEYOND clear that you are rejoicing and squirming like a little bitch in sheer delight because of the situation Vanessa Hudgens is in. Your tongue-in-cheek remarks and stupid-ass exclamation marks are very telling. You pathetic fuck. Clearly, this girl made a huge mistake in her youth and someone's capitalizing on this and dragging it out as much as possible. Ok, she fucked up. Big fucking deal, we all make stupid decisions at one point or another. Instead of picking on her and pissing on her wound, AT LEAST try to "act" impartial. Report the fuckin story and move on. All your bullshit is unnecessary and it is a form of singling her out and crucifying her needlessly.

  4. 4

    Quit taking pictures of you nasty bush bitch it looks like it fuckin reeks hopefully your career is finally over!!! At least you will have a chance in porn!

  5. 5

    …by the way, you're just butt-hurt that your beloved Zac Efron has put his face and cock all over her and not you. I'm sure he rather put his dick in a jar of acid than put it anywhere near you. Even as a gay man myself, I'd rather sleep with a woman than touch your disgusting ass.

  6. 6

    I can't access the link where I work. For those who have seen the pics what's so "graphic" about them? Are they actually graphic or is that just exaggerated melodrama? The media's always hyping everything up and acting like everything's way worse than it really is.

  7. 7

    Such a whore.

  8. 8

    She might as well just pose for Playboy now. Show it all in a quality magazine, and no one will care about those old pics. Might sound crazy, but I think that would be the best thing for her to do.

  9. 9

    Stupid girl.

  10. 10

    She's not only a hoe. She's a dumb hoe.

  11. 11

    just stop takin nude pictures girl.

  12. 12

    i hope whoever leaked them gets in trouble for possession of child pornography. same for you perez.

  13. 13

    Wow! How unlucky can you get…

  14. 14

    O please!!!! no coincidence her nude pics always surface just when she needs a publicity boost! now that Zac Efron has wised up and dumped her loser ass, she has to stay in the lime light somehow. But on the bright side–she's doing things right–just look at how well Kim Kardashian is doing!! Whores and sluts always succeed in whoreewood! Maybe you should release a sex tape Perez!!! hahahahaha

  15. 15

    Re: Q*bert – Just tit shots and a huge shot of her spreading open her Vag.

  16. 16

    Anyone else see this as a complete PUBLICITY STUNT!? This is the oldest trick in the Hollywood book!

    Ugh. FAME WHORE.

  17. 17

    Re: Andy27

    youre a fucking idiot. first of all perez didnt say that this gross bitch should stop slutting it up left and right, so how is he a bully? sounds to me like youre the bully making mean comments. YOURE the scum of society. and not because youre gay, but because youre fucking retarded (:

  18. 18

    hey Perez!! Nex time you post something this juicy please don't direct to a site that's not comparable with mobile users! So disapointing. I'll have to wait and the pics will probably be down by then. You suck!

  19. 19

    Re: gregoryschmo – Umm
    She's legal, douche.

  20. 20

    ahhhh. how mean of someone to give her all this press before her badly-reviewed movie opens! what a jerk! it's really a shame when you can't even give all of your friends nude pcitures of you that you took on a cellphone. somebody'd have to be really paranoid–like charlie sheen paranoid–to be able to foresee something going wrong with taking nude pictures of yourself and putting them on a storage device to which others have access. if only there were some legal way to get people to take down nude photos of you which you didn't authorize the use of…but i guess there's just nothing you can do. poor dear.

  21. 21

    STOP GIVING YOUR NUDES TO ANYTHING THAT BREATHES THEN YOU SLUTTTTTT. unless you actually release them yourself, which is more likely.

  22. 22

    As stupid as it was to take the photos in the first place, no one deserves to have something like this surface. A classier thing for you to have done, P, since this is still a "gossip" site is to report the incident without the link… no need to spread this sort of stuff around - remember the changes you want to make.

  23. 23

    I feel bad for her :( . She's human if it's all the same batch that's just terrible and all a part of the same mistake not different ones.

  24. 24

    why be embarrassed now? anybody that wants to see them already saw what she's working with from the other 2 times they were "leaked"………not too bright, this one……..

  25. 25

    Re: Lexi Cake

    I agree Lexi, and personally, I wouldnt be surprised to find out that she's behind the "leaks" of the photos

  26. 26


  27. 27

    considering the entire cast of sucker punch looks like porn stars i say she'll fit right in!

  28. 28

    Flop bully.

  29. 29

    Vanessa has leaked her own photos before, whenever her career needs a boost.

  30. 30

    Whatever…devastated my gorgeous ass…obviously she is leaking the pics herself, or with the help of her "people", to generate some buzz for her shitty movies. What a pathetic skank.

  31. 31

    People who rejoice at others misfortunes USUALLY have a heap of crap to hide themselves.

    For those of you calling Vhud names I wonder what a glance at your lives would show.

    But here's the rub by your actions you have guaranteed that each and eery one of your dirty little secrets will be exposed and probably by someone you thought you could trust and you'll remember your remarks this day.

    BTW PEREZ YOU ASS V looked very beautiful at the Lakers Game last night she not even going let the likes of a first class bully like you keep her down.

  32. 32

    Re: HeatherIsOnFire – She wasn't when the pics were taken, genius.

  33. 33

    These were taken four years ago. And who was she dating then? ZAC EFRON. So who were these naughty pix for? ZAC EFRON. How come Mr. Clean isn't taking any of the blame for this? He obviously used the pix for his pleasure. I think that blond chick who used to be a friend of Vanessa is releasing them. Can't remember her name, Kelly or Kathy or Kiley or something like that. She's a nobody and jealous of Vanessa's success. I hope the FBI gets in on this and puts that girl who's releasing the pix in the slammer for distributing child porn. Yep, if you're under 18 when the pix were taken, it falls under the category of child pron. Send that jealous ass girl up the river.

  34. 34

    Re: Andy27 – She is a dumb slut you asshole!! Mistakes as a kid what kinda of kids take pictures of themselves nude she has been in the business awhile her parents must suck at raising kids or her mother is a slut too!! And as for bulling celebs they want and ask for this shit when they do stuff like this if she does not want to be talked about she should have kept her bush in her pants!!What's up with your hair you fugly asshole!!!

  35. 35

    smh lol

  36. 36

    what a dumbass…
    never had a career anyway….

  37. 37

    I swear with all these 'leaked' nudes there is something sick going on. I have a hard time blving all these ppl are that dumb to take pics of themselves and sex tapes I feel as though maybe these young boys and girls are forced by their sick handlers. Something to think about.

  38. 38

    Do I hear the sounds of her lawyers tap tap tapping on your door?

  39. 39

    wow i feel bad for her…I hope she doesnt read all the negative responses here…as for PEREZ/ MAria….SHAME ON YOU..u seem to enjoy this!! Hopefully Zac will NEVER befriend u…your jealousy is soooo obvious over this girl…you could have had class and reported this w/out links!!! Porque mija? tu no cambiaste para nada!!!!

  40. 40

    You can't sell me innocence and victimization. Neither exist in Hollywood.

  41. 41

    i think someone is out to get her

  42. 42

    Re: SophiaT
    i think her ex friend was name was kelsey

  43. 43


  44. 44

    Taking naked pictures of yourself means YOU have it out for YOU, not that someone else has it out for you. No one made her take those pictures. If she never took the them, she wouldn't have this problem.

  45. 45

    girl nude photos=whore..guys nude photo=hot…

    oh i get it now…hypocrites

  46. 46


  47. 47

    wtf is with the gynecological exam cooch shot? I mean, after seeing that, you almost feel obligated to give her a pap smear.

  48. 48

    this dumb bitch is leaking these pictures herself. she does it right before a non high school musical premiere, guys get to see her naked, she gets to cry fowl and look like a victim for the girls. She's an idiot, I'm sick of seeing her hairy snatch.

  49. 49


  50. 50

    Dumbass! Stop taking nudes of yourself! Didn't you learn the first time? I don't feel sorry for her because this isn't the first time.

  51. 51

    She must be lacking some kind of attention. and now that she is flying solo, she feels that shedding the clothes is her only way to achieve that. Sad, she is a pretty girl with a lack of self-esteem.


  52. 52

    wow some of you dicks are mean xD.. but seriously if it is her releasing them then wtf is wrong with her? But if it really is her old friend, that bitch needs to get her ass whooped.. cause that's fucked up.. and to all those who said it wasn't her and didn't look like her…seriously? it look exactly like her -_- do you not know what she looks like? Its is her..

  53. 53

    If she doesn't want people to see nude photos of her then how about she stoping willing taking the photos of herself?!

  54. 54

    I find it funny that if this was Tom Hardy or Gaga you'd be drooling and totally not criticizing them. Hypocrite.

  55. 55

    OH gosh poor Vanessa. Vanessa is a really private person. I doubt she would release naked photos of herself. It does make more sense to me that she has a jealous ex friend who is out to get her. I know how that is for I have been there myself in the past. The crazy thing is she has a lot of pictures and she hasn't gotten rid of them yet! Vanessa, kick this girls ass will you? She's making you look really bad. And atleast release a statement to defend your honor. When nothing is said it just makes you look guilty.

  56. esj says – reply to this


    The pics aren't only the real deal, they are OLD DEAL. Perez keep your fake vajayjay on your forehead shut for now.
    Someone is out to put Vanessa down. She deserves a break!

  57. 57

    If you go on Disney Info Net you will find out the real story it was not the girl who leaked them but Zacs PR lady Gina who has been doing it for years yes it came from Zac she wanted to ruin her to elevate him. Go to Disney Info Net they were warned that Gina would do this and now they are blaming the girl. He was the owner of the pics and he gave it to Gina. You always want to blame the girl but this story was released on Feb 28, 2011 that this would happen. Zac Efron people want to hide that he is a growing alcoholic and allegedly also doing E and Cocaine. What you do with your boyfriend is your business and he is exploiting that.

  58. 58

    Note to celebrities: YOUR nudies WILL get out and you will have no one to blame but yourselves. Duuuuuuuh. Now quit your bitchin!

  59. 59

    Re: HeatherIsOnFire – she wasnt legal when the pictures were taken fuckface.

  60. 60

    Given her dwindling career, it sounds like a perfectly plotted PR piece.

  61. 61

    jessie j was great on the saturday night live show.her album is out on the 12th of april but you can always pre order now

  62. 62

    How is this confirmed? There are no quotes from her publicist or herself. I don't doubt it's her in those pictures but this headline is misleading.

  63. 63

    Re: BriggyBoo – Seriously? Are you 12? The only person who benefitted from these many leaks has been Vanessa. Zac had a lot of attention going at the time of the leaks and she had NONE, until the photos were leaked then the focus was all on her. What type of PR team would want to take the attention off of their client? Only tweens knew of her from HSM before the leaks, now everyone knows of her. That Disney blog is a total joke. Obviously written by one of her batsh*t crazy teen fans - maybe even you??? Try actually thinking next time, it makes life easier…

  64. 64

    if you are a major public figure, dumb and a willing participant to take nude photos of yourself, you should be fully aware that people who you think you trust will sell these for something called money.
    In this world money is everything.

  65. 65

    OMG… She so went to fuck

  66. 66

    hollywood couples have been able to stay together long before the invention emailing and camera phones etc.
    that long distance excuse for naked photos is BS.
    naked photos aren't going to keep anyone together. and it makes the person look idiotic when they leak.

  67. 67

    Putting someones nudes on the internet for public should NEVER be "news", Perez. as much as a Mosquito respects someones personal life, even you should know this is going too far. her personal space has been violated about as much as it possibly could be, and you feel the urge to Report It? The Shame. Maybe i will stop reading your posts now.

  68. 68

    Oh great ….more shots of her skinny little tits, and lack-listre bush…What a Twat ! Hope this puts the nail in the coffin of her non-existent career….

  69. 69

    Who wants to see this Ugly Twat's twat, anyways …. ? aND, SHE REALLY OUTGHTA GET A bRAZILLIAN…JUST SAY'N ….

  70. 70

    Re: gregoryschmo – If she took them in 09 then she was 21.

  71. 71

    Sweetiy I feel bad 4 u but if u stop takin' naked px u would'nt hav this issue not everyone wants 2 see that body.

  72. 72

    She should really be more careful…How these pictures ended up with whoever leaked them is beyond me. Don't leave nude pictures on your phone, stupid.

  73. 73

    if shes going to do this why not go to the bank with it? call playboy, do some videos geez

  74. 74

    Re: jillybean200x – Well Gaga is practically nude half the time anyways..lol
    Re: lilnino – Hahaha i love this comment.

    and why is she sending naked pictures to a girl? and also, why the fuck does she just take the pictures without her head in them? Especially if she has such a damn problem with them getting released.

  75. 75

    Re: most people suck! – You're ignorant if CAA did not buy his parts none of which he has earned since 17 Again Orson Wells FAIL CSC FAIL he parties his life away looks bloated as hell and having been around him he's a self involved prig I am not 12 more like 22. His actions and how he acts when cameras are off and no one is kissing his ass is reprehensible. I am not some low self-esteem dependent girl who needs a pretty boy has been to feel empowered. She is having it investigated and it can be traced back it had to all come from somewhere and when it does come out. She did not deserve to have her privacy violated. When you're under age you make mistakes how would you feel if it were a family member or your child? She is tired of it and won't stand for it any longer.

  76. 76

    where we can find uncensored pictures?

  77. 77

    Actually its the second time! you carnt count it as three times when its pics from 2009 from the same batch as the second lot!
    I think someone really has it in for her too:/ but y!
    Could be worse,a sex tape lol and atleast shes HOT!

    And look what it does for paris hiltons career maybe these sexy pics could make her more famous yanoo lol

    Feel sorry for her though.We all learn fron mistakes

  78. 78

    Actually its the second time! you carnt count it as three times when its pics from 2009 from the same batch as the second lot!
    I think someone really has it in for her too:/ but y!
    Could be worse,a sex tape lol and atleast shes HOT!

    And look what it does for paris hiltons career maybe these sexy pics could make her more famous yanoo lol

    Feel sorry for her though.We all learn fron mistakes

    Andy27 love your post BTW! SO TRUEE

  79. 79

    Re: mattihilton – BTW coming out with a sex tape and getting famous from it was so 20 years ago now she just looks like a slut and a dumbass look what happened to Paris where is she now!

  80. 80

    Leave her alone and if anything be thankful that you have maybe seen the most beautiful woman on the planet and of all time nude . If that isnt the most beautiful sight your eyes have ever seen then you need to get you eyes checked. Your probably either Blind , retarted, super gay or probably all three !!! I swear all you cry babies on here whinning about her being a slut are probably either a bunch of super fat ugly girls or flaming queers . Whats wrong with you people , Those photos are hot!! , Sluts are Hot!!!!, I just cant wait on Miley , Ashley and Selina Gomez to step up and show us some skin !!!! It won't ever compare to Vanessa but there's nothing wrong with second best

    VANESSA RULES !!!!!!!!!

  81. 81

    I'm sorry for the girl… ish. But I do have to say, not one of my friends, past or present, has any nude pictures of me. Well, I'm smart enough not to take any. But if I did… I'm PRETTY sure I wouldn't let anyone else have them. Hmmm…

  82. 82

    Re: Andy27 – You've got some issues dude… it's still a gossip blog. He doesn't "report" anything; this isn't a news site. Slow your roll.

  83. 83

    Re: Andy27 – it takes a bully to know a bully

  84. 84

    ok people, these are from the same time period, not new ones…weve been over this it's old news. stop with trash talking like she did it again.

  85. 85

    omg this bitch needs 2 get over herself… noone cares bout her anymore!

  86. 86

    it cud b the other girl that released them.. the other girl was that one chick from Zoey 101 wit Victoria Justice and Jamie Spears… i think vanessa is dumb for this tho cuz this is the 3rd time.. stuff like this cant be happening this often so she mite be leaking them herself for publicity.. these are jus som of my thoughts

  87. 87

    This girl is a tragedy and people are yet to see how low she and her handlers will stoop to gain publicity good or bad. She was recently interviewed at Mtv's daily 7. During the interview she kept shaking her leg awkwardly, also the camera cut to her sitting like a cat on a couch fully dressed in a leopard print dress. If that is not major subliminal messaging, then my eyes need to be checked. This ' Oh so family friendly Disney' girl is just another Mind Controlled Sex Kitten that was programmed to appeal to young men and women, who are obviously weak minded and controlled by visual delusions. This an opinion shared by many, the images these girls throw are too blatant. Yet people still support these people and pay to see the crap they put out. SAD :(