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Is Chezza Having A Meltdown?

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We certainly hope this isn't true! She's had a tough enough run of things!

Reports are suggesting that Cheryl Cole, who still has yet to hear what kind of position she will have - if any at all - on the American version of The X Factor, is stuck in El Lay awaiting the verdict, and struggling to keep it together away from home!

Insiders even claim that she's resorted to binge-eating and begging her mother Joan to come and stay with her, so she doesn't fall back into old habits and contact her ex-husband Ashley Cole!

They continue:

"Cheryl's in a bad place emotionally at the moment. She feels like the world's against her and nothing's going right. Cheryl, who's been crying herself to sleep, told Joan if she couldn't get there, she'd be forced to call Ashley. What her mom doesn't realize is she's in constant touch with her ex-husband as he's really the only one who seems to understand what she's going through."

Such a tough situation! We're sure that nobody anticipated that this process would become so complicated, but either way - we sincerely hope that she's taking care of herself and making the right choices!

Keep that chin up, gurl!

Things have a funny way or working themselves out sometime, you just have to ride out the storm!

[Image via WENN.]

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28 comments to “Is Chezza Having A Meltdown?”

  1. 1

    What she's "going through" is possibly alcohol withdrawal.
    This low rent chav beat up an African woman in a U.K.club restroom in a booze-fueled rage. Why hire this mess, this bigot?
    America will not embrace her, we don't care about Girls Aloud, they've never had a hit in the States.
    Plenty of better-looking and more famous candidates out there. Send this mess packing.

  2. 2


  3. 3


  4. 4

    Cheryl is stunning but its same old news and getting pretty boring, its quite annoying actually she needs to get some self respect if shes still contacting that love rat she called her husband, he cheated on her twice as its been alleged, god knows how many more times that hasnt come out. Its not like she needs the money really is it, its so frustrating when there are everyday normal people who are out of work and shes moaning and bitching about whether or not shes going to get the xfactor US gig! get over urself. rant over!

  5. 5

    alcohol withdrawal?? really? r u a fucking idiot?? im guessing ur from the states, so u have no idea what has gone on, yeh she had a fight with som1 like 7 years ago because som1 had a go at her, she doesnt just go hitting people, plus she has changed and matured since then… and none of us know if she is actually talking to ashley cole, and if she has, shes not talking about it, its the media who is saying all this shit not her.

  6. 6

    Wah. Get over yourself. Anyone in Japan would trade problems with you in a heartbeat. Please get a little perspective.

  7. 7


  8. 8

    nobody in america gives a shit you fucking moron

  9. 9

    Who is she? No one knows who she is? And when you use a nickname, it just makes it even less interesting. Stay in the UK, honey, where people know you - we have our own mediocre girl band members looking to be in a reality show. Perez is feeding you a pile of shit. No one here cares about you.

  10. 10

    Which one of you genuinely cares about this nobody, being famous only because of Simon Cowell

  11. 11

    Being famous only because of simon cowell? as some one commented ermmm No she has been in a girl band for 10 yrs:s Besides the xfactor didnt make her famous she already was it just made her even bigger in the uk due to the public seeing how nice and beautifull she actually is!

    America need someone new and fresh and I bet they will come to love her just as us in uk have come to love some of their stars!Give her a chance.
    If we can embrace the Kardashians and Paris Hilton or any other crap star from the us(most of them) then the Us can embrace the amazing Chezza!

    And alcohol withdrawal? Im sure every young person drinks lv! dont you:s But that was 7 years ago! And she didnt just hit the women for no reason the women was a bitch! No body wants to get in a fight on nights out it just happens.And she came from a chavvy background-from nothing to such a amzing respcted women.And how do we know shes talking to Ashley? the media make up crap!

  12. 12

    You cannot trade on looks alone. Grow a spine, be an adult, and get on with your life. Get professional help if needed. When I see what the people in Japan are going through, hearing about her "problems" makes me sick.

  13. mayi says – reply to this


    To me, she is one of the most beautiful woman on the planet, if not THE most beautiful. I have no idea what's going on in her life or career, no idea what kind of person she is. All I know is that she's truly beautiful.

  14. 14

    someone needs to slap her if this is true. Honestly! Feck off, you're rich, you are a celebrity…boohoo you cant make it in the states. how tragic! why dont you peruse ANY WORLDWIDE news and get a grip on what a charmed life you lead you selfish bitch.

  15. 15

    oh, boo-frickity hooo.

    Get real problems before you cry yourself to sleep…. my God, girl yiou wont get any sympathy here.

  16. 16

    aw poor thing - maybe she should wipe her twat, put on some big girl panties, grow up and get the fuck over it. millions of people would trade in their 9-5's, mortgages, car payments and children to live a week in her lavish lifestyle…….I agree with #6, get a little perspective…….

  17. china says – reply to this


    tough situation?

  18. 18

    must be so hard to be rich, beautiful, and talented. let the egocentric bitch drown in her own tears.

  19. 19

    Oh boo flipping hoo, nothings going right for her~? What because she's not getting that million dollar job she want's even thought she's filthy rich? Or because her knuckle head ex husband slept with someone else besides here - which is hardly surprising, yes he is a footballer they will do that darling.

    Jeez I think this woman needs to leave the show biz, after her interview with morgan, she made it sound like she was suffering from cancer. Jesus and to put in to perspective there's countries on fire and japans under water with half it's population with no homes of loved ones. Cherly Please go away, your not ever so bright anyway and you'd be doing us a favor!

  20. 20

    Re: mattihilton – …From nothing to such a amzing respcted women…..
    BWAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!! Seriously, what planet are you from?

  21. 21

    She should just withdraw from the spotlight for a while she is overexposed in the UK and most people have really turned on her again. It's probably best that she stays in America for a while so she can re-evaluate her career.

  22. 22

    oh waaaaah waaaaaah!

  23. 23

    Well she cheated on Ashley too with Will.i.am from the Black Eeyed Peas when he was producing tracks for her last album, and she's also been hooking up with 50 Cent since last year, still while being married to Cole….

    As far as her "meltdown" BOO Hoo! She sounds like an egocentric bitch who whines about nothing..I agree with some comment saying that other people have real problems to take care of, have to work real 9-5 jobs to put food on the table, make car payments, or have health problems and so forth. While she is rich and has a lavish lifestyle and is whining over nothing. just cause she's not famous in the U.S? She needs to get over herself!!

  24. 24

    I read her meltdown was attributed to her pathetic attempt in giving up smoking. Yes folks, to us it's merely nicotine withdrawl. To her its a meltdown. Jesus, get a grip.

  25. 25

    What you need to know about Cheryl is that next to her fists, crying is her greatest weapon. She turns on the tears and looks so tragic (without screwing up her pretty face) that you'd almost be convinced. If, as she claims, she is crying herself to sleep, it's no doubt intended to get to the ears of Simon Cowell so he'll give her the judging job. You have to admire the woman for knowing how to manipulate.

  26. 26

    hard to feel bad for someone that is such an awful human

  27. 27

    Boo fucking hoo. Someone needs to give her a clue. Why don't you go & hit another black toilet cleaner to make yourself feel better?

  28. 28

    I know that Cheryl Cole is hard to watch, handle and well put up with but you all sound jealous!! Don't give her any fuel towards her ego. That being said. I kind of hope she still gets that job but on the other hand I know I'll regret saying that. Her personality is annoying at times.