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What Kind Of Plea Deal Has Judge Schwartz Offered LiLo?

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Seriously, we don't know what is keeping her from taking this deal. She's really playing with fire here!

When Lindsay Lohan arrived for her grand theft hearing last week, Judge Keith Schwartz offered her one last, at-that-time-unknown plea bargain, of which she can either accept or deny, in which case would mean she's heading to trial.

The details of that specific bargain were then unknown, but sources have come forward to reveal what kind of consequences she'd be facing if she takes it, and frankly, we think she'd be crazy not to!

An insider explains:

"Lindsay should take the plea deal, period. That deal would include the least amount of jail time possible in the case. Judge Schwartz has told Lindsay that he would sentence her to 60-90 days, if she accepted a plea deal, which she would serve in county jail. If Lindsay does gamble, and go to trial, and the jury finds her guilty, there is a chance she wouldn't go to state prison. The DA would assess the evidence and the witness testimony, if the jury does find her guilty. State prison is absolutely NOT a foregone conclusion. Danette Meyers could ask Judge Sautner to place her on felony probation, instead of jail. It’s still very early in the case, the prelim hasn't taken place yet, but state prison isn't an automatic if Lindsay is convicted. There is jail time ahead for Lindsay though, there is no mistake about that. If she doesn’t accept the plea deal and insists on going to trial she will serve some time for parole violation, regardless of whether she is ultimately found guilty of the theft charges or not.”

As we've already reported, Lindsay must notify Judge Schwartz by March 23rd if she plans to take the deal, in which case, she'll be expected to appear in front of him on March 25th.

If she turns it down, she will appear in front of Judge Sautner for her preliminary hearing on April 21st.

Make the right choice, gurl! Luck can only save you so many times!

What do U think LiLo should do?

[Image via WENN.]

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20 comments to “What Kind Of Plea Deal Has Judge Schwartz Offered LiLo?”

  1. 1

    What do U think LiLo should do?

    Use her last remaining days of freedom and hunt you down and throw a bucket of cold piss over your fat meth horse head for talking shit about her for years?? If the judge sees her do that, he may grant her immunity…cos lets face it, we all have fat fuck Perez!……

  2. 2

    shes had her 15 mins now im watching a tiny little kid get checked for radiation lilos problematic life is no longer of any relevance to anyone .

  3. 3

    My god, look at her.

  4. 4

    Lilo should keep her flipper lipped, obvious fake boobs, hair extention, freckled fugly face in New York and stay there so we don't have to hear about her every damn day. Stay out east and find what your good at in life. That should take you a long time to try and figure out what your good at an in the mean time we are all spared of your fake and phoney drama that you and your low life mother start all by yourselves.

  5. 5

    Surely she has an amazing lawyer with her money so they no what their doing! She should take the plea deal BUT if she really is not guilty why take it? I'd rather take the chance of longer jail and plead not guilty if i really wasnt guilty!So yeh if your guilty take the plea and if your not then dont and just fight for it and do some wishing on a star :)

    ALso she looks beaut in tht pic,love her hair lol good luckkkk

  6. 6

    Re: perez posse member 777 – And yet here you are taking the time to not only read this article, but to comment about it. Don't be a hypocrite. Either go do something relevant, or stop bitching about it.

  7. 7

    Re: buggadaboo – Because there's no media reports coming out of New York.

  8. 8

    Move to Siberia

  9. 9

    It's all bullshit. No matter what happens, she won't spend 2 seconds in jail even if she killed and ate Obama's dog.

  10. 10

    I watched a local trial via the net…the handcuffs were real, the shackles were real and the consequences very real for the offender. I don't really care if alleged stars are druggies or drunks…until their actions can kill or injure others or if/when they become excessively delusional.
    She has been given every chance under the sun…the LA County Jail is full of people that are incarcerated that their holding has screwed up not only their lives but the lives of say, their children, or husband/wife, parents, etc.,. and are less deserving of "time".
    She better grab what she can get because I believe we are way passed the point of her very minor movies roles should be getting her such excessive breaks from the Legal System. If she can't stay sober or out of trouble (like if her "sobriety" is making run foul of the law) then turn her loose in general population. She will at least grow up…she might be given "star" status or might get cut- the same fate all held are afforded.

  11. 11

    Wow, you just lift about half your stuff from your competition. I saw this about 3 days ago on a more popular web site.

  12. 12

    Get your facts straight Perez, you report incorrect information all the time girl, it's probation violation… not perole violation. She's not out on perole… lol. Blame it on your 'source' I guess eh?

  13. 13

    Double chin, dark hairy brows, stringy extensions. She really must be broke! Don't take the deal Linds. I want my Court TV!

  14. 14

    It is a PROBATION VIOLATION, not a Parole violation. She has been on misdemeanor probation for her 2 drunk driving convictions. Parole is something that you are put on after you are released from State Prison. Huge difference. The deal sounds good because if her shrink report to the judge shows a woman struggling with her addictions but putting in the work, she would get 60 days, which would translate to about 6-8 actual days. A conviction will get her FELONY PROBATION which also means 1 year in the County Jail. Get it right, Perez.

  15. 15

    It's just not the same without you calling her Lindsanity LOLhan.

  16. 16

    LOL She has TWO chins in this pic ! She better get back on smack, cos' she is starting to look like some mid-west Fat Ass working at the local IGA ! LoL ! SHE DON'T LOOK SO GLAMOUROUS ANYMORE ! DRUGS - LOOK WHAT THEY DO TO YA, KIDDIES ! lOl !

  17. 17

    gawd, shes lookin raspier by the minute just like her kunt mom

  18. 18

    THIS whore slut tramp kunt bitch hag tramp twat WASTE OF SKINE needs to be smacked, LIVE, on national T.V., and in the process, a bidding war can be had for the one who gets to do it !. All donations to the people of Japan….

  19. 19

    OMG when will this bitch go to prison. I bet she will just go to take another mugshot and after that she will be released. She just laughs on the legal system.

  20. 20

    Lohan is an idiot. If she takes the deal, she'll be out and working on her next publicity grabbing crime in no time. If not, she might serve real time. And that wont make that double chin disappear.