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Michael Jackson Surveillance Footage Erased By The LAPD

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This is crazy.

Dr. Conrad Murray's lawyers will be going to court on Wednesday to ask the judge to order the LAPD to turn over all the surveillance videos that showed who was going in and out of Michael Jackson's home on the day he died.

The problem is only 4 minutes of footage was copied by the LAPD. The rest of it was erased.

Oh geez…

The LAPD says that they grabbed the footage to get a timeline of when MJ entered his home before he died. Since they didn't know that his case would turn into a homicide investigation, the rest was erased.

In fact, the police apparently never even looked at the rest of the surveillance videos so no one knows who entered his home on the day he died.

Wow. That seems pretty careless. And also, a little bit shady…

Guess Conrad Murray's defense has been hit with another blow.

[Image via WENN.]

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11 comments to “Michael Jackson Surveillance Footage Erased By The LAPD”

  1. 1

    not shady Mario, stupid, stupid stupid stupid. and as for not knowing it was going to be a homicide case(it is actually manslaughter, BUT…) THERE WERE QUESTIONS SURROUNDING MJ'S DEATH IMMEDIATELYY AFTER HIS DEATH. POLICE ALL OVER THE PLACE…. that was probably the problem, too many cops, walking all over each other, just a mess. BUT MARIO, YOUR L.A. POLICE, THEY HAVE BEEN KNOW TO BE A 'LITTLE' MESSY BEFORE, HAVEN'T THEY? THE D.A. TOO? (if the gloves don't fit, you must aquit' heard that before?

  2. 2

    HOW HAS MURRAY'S DEFENSE HIT ANOTHER BLOW? Actually Mario, this might be a GLORIOUS GIFT FOR THEM. It shows that the police was SLIPSHOD, AGAIN. If Murray has good lawyers, and the jury is FAIR, the lawyers can put DOUBT into the jury's mind, THAT someone else went into MJ'S ROOM, could have opened up the IV GIVING THE LETHEL DOSE, taken evidence out, etc.etc.etc. etc. lots of doubt, no tapes other then 4 minutes.

  3. 3

    UGGGHHHH you know damn well that Dr is going to get off..FFS!!!! AND lets get real the LAPD has never been a friend to Michael Jackson…not surprised. Sorry Michael I don't think you will be getting any justice. Fuck the world

  4. 4

    You mean more like they viewed the tape and only copied the parts that fit with their "story"

  5. 5

    Fishy…..that doesn't seem accurate.

  6. 6

    the LAPD is corrupt

  7. 7

    who fucking cares, let the pedophile rest in peace.

  8. @v@ says – reply to this


    Is that evidence tampering?

  9. 9

    Well let's see……..who controls all media outlets?who controls the government,C.I.A,FBI etc. "The Secret Society"(ILL.)……how do you think Micheal ended up like this?This Doctor Murray was picked out for him.He is just a pawn who was picked to give him the drugs, to kill him.Is not that "Cops" in general are corrupted, but the U.S system is…….

  10. 10

    this isnt a blow at all. its good for the defense that they police were so careless. you have a duty to preserve evidence when there is even an inkling that there might be a trial.

  11. 11

    When I heard about this a couple days ago I was beyond livid! WTH is wrong with the police?? This should have been treated like a homicide from the very beginning. A man dies at the hands of his doctor in his own home yet the police trampled all over this and didn't look at it as a possible homicide at first? Why not? So now since Murray's defense teams crap about "Michael adminstered it to himself" isn't panning out, they are now going to say that somebody came into the house and admistered the lethal dose to Michael BUT since the damn surveillance is gone, they can take this and run with it because the proof that no one else was in that house aside from Murray, Michael, the chef, the kids, and the bodyguards is all hearsay. Ugh! How dumb can the Police be for goodness sakes!! justice4Michael