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33 comments to “Whoopi, Joy, And Joan Defend Gilbert Gottfried”

  1. 1

    my comment really has nothing to do with what he said, I just wanted to say that I NEVER liked him, he is just too loud and acts fuking stupid. Anytime I see him on tv, I immediately flip it, his voice & face irk the shit outta me!

  2. gooby says – reply to this


    gilbert was definitely wrong. let me put it to you this way - how would you have felt if a comic made fun of the people that died in the world trade center disaster a few days after the event? see? it's not so funny anymore.. howard stern, etc. would have been crucified if they took that subject on. is it o.k. because they're just 'japanese people'? think about it.

  3. 3

    If any comedian made jokes right after 9/11 they would have never worked again in this country. Freedom works both ways. If I had Aflac I personally would have cancelled if they kept him.

  4. 4

    Yeah he is always inappropriate but there are still consequences. The guy pushed to far and got smacked down for it. Rightly so.

    Next time, STFU. Or, better yet, get on a plane, put on some gloves and help clean up/rebuild over there.

  5. 5

    He did make a 9/11 joke at the Hugh Hefner Roast not long after the tragedy and then followed it up with the best rendition of "The Aristocrats" joke ever filmed (his 9/11 joke had to do with flight he was thinking of taking, but it had a connection with the Empire State building.. and as always, followed up with "what? Too soon?"). Gilbert has never shied away from trying to make light of sad times…as Whoopi put it, he's always been inappropriate, but that is his JOB.

  6. 6

    sort of like there's a time and a place to label someone with an STD? hated u before but ur blatant ignorance makes me pity ur sad existence!

  7. 7

    I'm an American living in Northeast Japan, his comments were not funny. I hear everyday about the rescue effort and how they are pulling bodies out of rubble and how bodies are washing up onto the shores and he wants to make jokes about it? Honestly, it wasn't funny. They are right, AFLAC does do a lot of business over here. When he comes over here and deals with a 9.0 earthquake like I did, then feel free to make all the jokes you want. Until then it wasn't funny.

  8. 8

    i personally thought what he said wasnt that bad. yes maybe it was a little too soon, but like whoopi said, hes a comedien. that is how they deal with things in the media, they make a joke. i dont think they were as bad as some of the ones ive heard recently. give him a break. he was just doing his job.

  9. 9

    Being a Comedian does not give you the right to make jokes about a country in complete turmoil.
    Jokes should be funny…this is tasteless and insulting. I love Comedians that are shocking and innapropriate but the timing is all wrong…the seriousness of this situtation does not allow for his lame jokes.
    He's also stupid….you don't make a joke about a country where your employeer does 75% of it's business…they had to fire him.

  10. 10

    His comedy must be super lame if he has no material until this kind of tragedy occurs….

  11. 11

    Yes, comics do tasteless jokes but it doesn't mean that it's ok. Glad they fired him.

  12. 12

    His comments were and are inappropriate and I'm the first one to get irritated over political correctness. Tens of thousands of people are dead, missing, displaced, injured and/or homeless. Next time a tsunami is expected I'd say Gilbert should stand on the beach and wait for the wave to hit - then see what jokes he can come up with.

  13. 13

    I don't give a shit what people say or joke about, but you should also keep in mind who your employer is and they will mind.

  14. 14

    Maybe he is unfamiliar with the process here. Before it comes out of your mouth, it HAS TO have gone through your so-called mind, Gilbert!!! So, your claiming to be sorry is pure B.S. as the first one to hear your speech is you and you still thought it was a good idea. The nonsense that he is just trying to cheer people up with laughter is crap as well. Typical North American thiunking that says "if you have a thought you should spew it out", is in full swing here and I am not suprised that "Joan" would support him, she is no better, calling her mean-spirited rants "comedy". On his best day with someone else's best writing, he is not funny. His timing always sucked and this last display at so called humor proves it.

  15. gooby says – reply to this


    it was interesting to learn from minmin that gilbert HAD made a joke about the 9/11 not long after the disaster.. after explaining the joke however, it sounded pretty innocuous and not nearly as offensive as his pointed comments about people dying in japan. not quite the same thing.. he wasn't joking about how the people falling from the towers looked like paper airplanes. would that be o.k.? sure, people can argue that this is what he DOES - make inappropriate jokes not long after these events.. but where do you draw the line? can we now make jokes about the bullet in gifford's brain? how about babies being tortured? that would be a good yuck-fest.. sorry, they ARE lines that can be crossed with humor and making fun of the people that died in this disaster just isn't funny, it's negligent.

  16. 16

    Is it is OK for a Jew to make disgusting jokes about others but it's not OK if someone would say the same jokes about Israel.

  17. 17

    As a comedian Gilbert should have had better timing than this. Yes he has the right as a comedian to poke fun at the situation, but not right after its happened. Bad judgment ….

  18. 18

    Gilbert is was in the right. Why is it people continuously including you say have tolerance. Accept people for who and what they are. But yet, here everyone is trying to conform Gilbert into being politically incorrect. How boring would it be if all comedians were politically correct? I'm sure these people complaining are the ones - still doing nothing to help.

  19. 19

    Re: Gaganheim Artists – Joan Rivers did. Get your facts straight.

  20. 20

    Gilbert gets fired, while the Westboro nut church gets supreme court approval.
    What happened to Freedom of speech

  21. 21

    First of all, Whoppi, Joan and Gilbert are all really bad so called comedians. They're so funny that whoppi is now a talk show host, and Joan is on a reality show. Secondly, there is such as thing as off limits. After 9/11, I don't recall any american comedian making jokes, instead you had late night hosts like Letterman having firefighters on his show. Till this day, the holocaust (which happened long ago) would still be "too soon." I suppose because it's not americans who lost their lives than it okay to make "jokes."

  22. 22

    I don't recall Gottfried making jokes about 9/11 to "deal with the tragedy." If he did, his career would have been ooooover! Some topics will always be "too soon" to "joke" about (i.e., holocaust, Uganda). Compassion should always trump tacky tastleless so-called jokes.

  23. 23

    These 3 women on The View may be comedians, but they have not and wouldn't dare make those inappropriate jokes or Barbara Walters would have told them off. Hypocrites!

  24. 24

    The biggest offense to me was that his jokes were painfully lame, and he deserved to get fired for that reason above all. I agree that nothing should be off-topic for a comedian, though personally I believe there are lines that should not be crossed.

  25. RJ says – reply to this


    I think they have more important things to worry about besides what some comedian said.

  26. 26

    I'm so sick of comedians thinking they can say whatever they want and use "ooh, I'm a comedian" "ooh, I'm a comedian" excuse, there needs to be a line drawn.

  27. 27

    So let me get this straight: Gilbert can say what he said and be defended…but fkn Rosie O'Donnell goes "ching chong chong" and practically loses her fucking job.

  28. 28

    But Perez,that is how you've made your living thru all the years you've had a blog!

    "Publicly making tasteless, inappropriate, and insensitive comments about people who are currently in the midst of a tragedy is wrong, whether it's a comic making the jokes or a lawyer, or whoever. "

  29. 29

    Gilbert wasn't wrong for making the jokes. I'm sure it wasn't tasteless to everyone. I remember a time when Johnny Carson would be applauded for just such stuff. Don`t believe me, check out clips from 1986 when Chernobyl happened. However Aflac was well within their rights to can him for it. Comments like those don`t sell insurance to Japanese who need it most now. He took a risk and lost, simple as that. To those who say `what if he was joking about your tragedy`, well I`m always the first to joke about my bad luck and don`t disparage others the right to do so. People need to grow thicker skins.

  30. 30

    had the situation happened in isreal…
    ansd someone made jokes there would have been no support only a call
    for their life

  31. 31

    His main mistake was in lampooning a tragedy in Japan - when Japan represents a large share of Aflac's policyholders. Since Aflac is now poised to pay out big bucks to Japanese victims - it doesnt look so good.

  32. 32

    who cares about the comments he made, can we talk about something really important here? Like the fact that Whoopie insists on wearing these tent dresses ALL the time!

  33. 33

    He and anyone in this country have the right to say whatever they want. There are consequences, however. I'm not a huge Gottfried fan. Am I surprised? Nope. Did I find the jokes funny? Nope. Inappropriate, yes! But is it something for me to get huffy about, nope.

    I'm more concerned about the asswipes that say "God/Mother Earth is retaliating on the Japanese people for killing whales" Now THAT is effin serious because they actually believe what why say.