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Donald Trump Gets Real About Running For Prez

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Looks like he's really serious about it this time.

Check out the video (above) of Donald Trump talking about the possibility of running for president in 2012.

The Donald has said that he'd spend as much as $600 million of his OWN money for his campaign!

Well, he certainly seems committed. Guess we'll see what kind of support he's able to gain, if he in fact goes for it.

Do U think Donald Trump should run for president? Would U support him?

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49 comments to “Donald Trump Gets Real About Running For Prez”

  1. 1

    I wonder if he'd advance the uber rich & big business?

  2. 2

    Total egomaniac for sure….Donald is a great entertainer…but he's not refined or diplomatic….a few years ago he was calling Rosie O'Donnell a pig on t.v. because she did not agree with how he handled a Miss America situation.
    ..how will he react to serious world issues?

    Just because your wealthy and have friends in high places does not make you a Prez….

  3. 3

    Wow with opinions like that, and we all know hes very smart and extremely good with money, id vote for him shiiiit

  4. 4

    He seems completely out of touch with the average person, not to mention the impoverished person. Sounds like this is just a game for a spoiled rich man.

  5. 5

    He won't run. It is a publicity stunt. Trump may be annoying, but he is far, far from stupid. He knows he would never in a million years get the nomination. And that's the truth.

  6. 6

    I like Trump but I don't like fear mongering. I don't think Americans should be afraid that China or any other country will take over–people have been saying that for years starting with Japan, then Germany, Ireland, England, India and now even Brazil as well as China. But which country do they always say they will replace for top spot–always the USA.

  7. 7

    Re: rosebud99 – Not only is he out of touch with the average person, he is out of touch with what the average person thinks of him, if they think of him at all.

  8. 8

    ANOTHER rich person trying to buy the election?!?!?!!?! California just dumped two fo these…DUMP TRUMP!

  9. 9

    He's not a self made man, he inherited money from his father.
    He's teetered on bankruptcy countless times.
    (That's the source of his feud with Rosie because she said that.
    Who is he to manage our money?
    He should stick with his stupid tv show (that I refuse to watch).

  10. 10

    Re: Genghis Khan – Well.. we are the country that has California who voted for Arnold. I say he has a bigger chance these days at getting nominated. Its unfortunate but our country is not bright sometimes

  11. 11

    I think he would have some great ideas for getting the economy back on track and people back to work. Other then that cant seeing him being any good but then againg I dont want another four years of Obama's smooth talking no action.

  12. 12

    Heck NO….he can't even run the beauty pageants how is he going to run for President.

  13. 13

    Re: yeaman – No shit! Barry Obama is about as smart as a donkey yet he got elected to be prez.

    Hey, Mario, why didn't you write a story about how Donald Trump thinks that Barry Obama is a foreigner? You'll get alotta comments on that story if you do and we all know that you're a whore for upping the comments on your copy n paste website.

  14. 14

    Obama is wrecking our economy, I think Trump could turn things around. Trump is a doer, Obama is a talker. Trump is rich because he is smart about money. Obama is rich because he's good with smoke and mirrors! Don't go talking smack with all that class envy bull@hit! It's those rich people who pay taxes that pay for all the crap!

  15. Allik says – reply to this


    FML Nooooooooo

  16. 16

    you do realize that this guy has bankrupted several of his businesses over the years, right?
    he has no idea what real life is like for most of us, he's way out of touch, and I'm sure that he and his rich friends would get much richer if he becomes president. I see lots of red flags with this one.

  17. 17

    Trump giving political contributions to Rahm Emanuel and other left-wing politicians doesn’t tend to win trust.
    'Nuff said.

  18. 18

    Re: luvs2tango – Howdy, Luvs, it's a pleasure as always :) I don't want Trump to be prez but I don't find anything wrong with him contributing to left-wing shit. Nearly all of the major contributers to political campaigns give cash to both sides of the aisle (albeit most of the cash goes to the party they side with.) It seems like a strategic move to hedge their bets in case they need a favor from their enemy. And money doesn't just talk, it screams.

  19. 19

    This is likely to become more relevant in the foreseeable future. . . .
    In State v. Fried (Ariz. Just. Ct. Mar. 5), defendant was carrying a pitchfork as a political protest, and tried to enter the County Administration Building; the County Manager insisted that defendant leave the pitchfork outside, the defendant nonetheless entered the building with the pitchfork, and the defendant was then prosecuted for trespass.
    Held: The defendant must be found not guilty because,
    Without addressing any First Amendment protections which may be applicable to the Defendant, the Court concludes that the County Manager’s decision to allow members of the public with holstered handguns to access the building but deny access to the Defendant because he had a “holstered” pitchfork was arbitrary, capricious, and unreasonable.

  20. 20

    Why not, U.S. presidents are just actors anyway, this guy is no different than the actor Obama,Bush,Clinton,Reagan or a Schwarzenegger.

  21. 21

    Hey EC,
    Point taken.
    I don’t want what Trump and Romney are selling
    hecka’va lot better than what the current WH is selling.
    They’re marketing themselves like products.
    Find out what the customer wants and give it to them.
    Bottom line: Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman and Mark Rubio both consistently say, what I want to hear, from the next leader of the free world.

  22. 22

    that would be terrible for america and the whole world, this guy think it's others countries fault if america is in crisis..

  23. 23

    Re: smithygirl – Trump is rich because he's an heir

  24. 24

    Re: slm1234 – Why is it a negative to have money? So what if he inherited some cash. He was smart enough to make more cash with it, and not piss it away! Being rich and have money does not make a person bad, quit with your class envy and go make some money for yourself instead of bitching that someone inherited some cash, who the f cares!

  25. 25

    I believe he would win. I pray he runs!

  26. 26

    he'd probably have a better chance at a presidential election if he spent that 600 million on something more worthwhile.

  27. 27

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – Our President's name is not "Barry" and you are an ass for the way you talked about him. Whether you like him or not it is trashy and ignorant to call him "Barry!"

  28. 28

    He is tired of this place being the laughing stock of the world and if he has some ideas to try and change things up then he should go for it. Every time there is a catastrophe in some nation the USA sends the $$ but if its us like Katrina etc all silence from around the world. He seems like a no nonsense guy and maybe that's what we should give a try instead of feeling like fools.Aren't we tired of working harder than any other country and having nothing in return?

  29. 29

    His support? A bunch of idiot teabaggers who'll scream "He knows how to run a business!". Apparently they'll all conveniently forget the number of times this walking advertisement for Rogaine has bankrupted himself.

  30. 30

    Re: Crazascanb – Hey Herp Derp, America was founded on Revolution/Dissent…."There is nothing more patriotic than dissent"-Thomas Jefferson 3rd U.S. President.

  31. 31

    $600 mill for a campaign? God forbid he becomes president and decides to build a monument of himself opposite the statue of liberty…complete with hairpiece.

  32. 32

    I'd vote for him. He would kick ass as a president. Someone who ACTUALLY get's things done

  33. 33

    Donald is a fraud. His Daddy gave him lot's of millions to get going in life. He is most definitely not a self made man. And the lies he is telling about Obama are obscene. What a fucking jerk!

  34. 34

    How can he afford to put 600 million on his own campaing if just in the 2009 he filed for the Chapter 11 bankruptcy and having a debt of 500 million (and debt also in assets). Did he really made back all that money and more during a year and something?, or is yet another huge loan?.
    Sometimes I think that all his bankruptcies are some sort of strategy (or cheating) to not spend his money and instead doing more. Then again Im not into the whole bussiness but it always looked shady.
    Truth is he has lost like 50% of all his companies and such due to debts.

  35. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: windbourne – Baloney. Countries all over the world wanted and pledged help. New Orleans didn't get it. As the winds and water of Hurricane Katrina were receding, presidential confidante Karen Hughes sent a cable from her State Department office to U.S. ambassadors worldwide.
    Titled "Echo-Chamber Message" — a public relations term for talking points designed to be repeated again and again — the Sept. 7, 2005, directive was unmistakable: Assure the scores of countries that had pledged or donated aid at the height of the disaster that their largesse had provided Americans "practical help and moral support" and "highlight the concrete benefits hurricane victims are receiving."

  36. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: windbourne – …cont. Many of the U.S. diplomats who received the message, however, were beginning to witness a more embarrassing reality. They knew the U.S. government was turning down many allies' offers of manpower, supplies and expertise worth untold millions of dollars. Eventually the United States also would fail to collect most of the unprecedented outpouring of international cash assistance for Katrina's victims. Allies offered $854 million in cash and in oil that was to be sold for cash. But only $40 million has been used so far for disaster victims or reconstruction, according to U.S. officials and contractors. Most of the aid went uncollected, including $400 million worth of oil. Some offers were withdrawn or redirected to private groups such as the Red Cross. The rest has been delayed by red tape and bureaucratic limits on how it can be spent.
    In addition, valuable supplies and services — such as cellphone systems, medicine and cruise ships — were delayed or declined because the government could not handle them. In some cases, supplies were wasted.
    There's more; it gets worse, from the Washington Post, April 29, 2007.

  37. 37

    America would be stupid enough to elect him.

  38. 38

    oh my GOD no. EVerything he touches goes chapter 11, why the hell would we vote for him ?

  39. 39

    Re: ms trudy – What companies haven't been out of buisiness in the last 4 years? We're in a recession. The man would have to be a walking god if he couldn't be effected by the recession.

  40. 40

    What Donald Trump has in common with Sarah Palin: Neither will be our next president. I hope somebody sensible and electable runs against Obama.

  41. 41

    It's bad enough Trump is a republican, but he's also a Birther. He can go f@ck himself! He's just as a joke to the republicans as Palin is.

  42. 42

    well that's the scariest thing i've heard today.
    shudder. good luck with that america.

  43. 43

    Honestly, I would vote for him in a heartbeat.
    This country needs to be run like a business and maybe we will pull out the financial mess we are in.

  44. 44

    lol if the US does this OMG I would laugh so hard and it would cut your soiled reputation in HALF! This guys a gimp and just like others said how many of his businesses have gone bankrupt? Well he seems crooked enough for the job!

  45. 45

    I'd vote for him if it keeps Sarah Palin and Obama out of the White House.

  46. Alesi says – reply to this



  47. 47

    Re: bazzer – To comment on what you said, how is he gaining all this money if we are indeed in a recession? His businesses flop and yet he has 600 million to give to just a campaign alone.
    Here is a hint, maybe those millions of dollars should be taxed as hard as minimum wage is because I find it shitty that in this country, you either are extremely rich or poor. It is hard to stay in that middle. Idk maybe actually give that money to the United States. Oh and maybe we should focus on our own countries problems instead of getting involved with Eastern countries. Fucking politics make me mad lol

  48. 48

    He'd blow 600 MILLION on CAMPAIGNING?!? Wtf? That alone would make me not vote for him because you know what? 600 million could do a lot of good in the world and this idiot wants to blow it away!

  49. 49

    Re: smithygirl – Clapping widly. Totally agree!