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Jodie Foster Defends Mel At Premiere Of The Beaver

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According to Jodie Foster, it's about the art, not the artist.

At the SXSW premiere of her new movie The Beaver, also starring Mel Gibson, Jodie had one request for moviegoers. Before the screening started she asked:

"I just have to ask everybody, can you see a film and appreciate the artist for his work? And if anything, I think anybody who comes to see the film and understands Mel's extraordinary performance in the movie can't go away untouched by his humanity."

Mel did not show up at the premiere (for obvious reasons).

Jodie has an interesting point. Will moviegoers be able to separate the actor's personal life from his work on screen?

What do U think? Will U still see The Beaver despite Mel's personal troubles?

[Image via WENN.]

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23 comments to “Jodie Foster Defends Mel At Premiere Of The Beaver

  1. 1

    Why should we EVER support the work of someone who is racist, antisemitic and misogynistic? Sorry, but he doesn't get a pass from me.

  2. 2

    A) Given Mel Gibson's persistent anti-semetic remarks, his crazy-ass anger issues (as evidenced on the recorded messages he left his girlfriend), there's no way to like him personally. So it's my intention to never see anothert one of his movies.
    B) Never been a huge fan of his acting. He was okay in the Lethal Weapon movies and a few others, but he's pretty average.
    C) The premise of his new movie, The Beaver, has zero appeal. I wouldn't go see this movie no matter who the lead was.

    This is going to bomb hard. I think this guy's career is over. That will give him more free time to beat on his women.

  3. 3

    I really try to separate the artist from their personal life (which is none of my business), but when someone like Mel, who I used to really like, displays himself in such a heinous manner, it really colours my opinion. I can no longer see his face without seeing him at his worst. Similarly, I turn of the radio when an MJ song comes on, I can't listen to a pedophile no matter how talented he is.

  4. 4

    Jodie is one of my favorites but I've never been a fan of Gibson.

  5. 5

    He is an "actor" he is supposed to be able to convey a range of emotions. Acting has NOTHING to do with one's humanity. Any sadistic sociopath can come off as humane in the right situation (hello Ted Bundy). His real life choices that have played out in the public eye because of his OWN decisions is what we base our opinions of the dickhead on. He is an over-rated, angry, and hateful actor who has deep, deep issues that he should step out of the lime-light in order to seek the help he needs.

    ps my money will not not be used to help pay the salary of a wife-beating, anti-semite.

  6. 6

    Will moviegoers be able to separate the actor's personal life from his work on screen? — if ur going to ask that about Mel Gibson then u need to ask urself how all the women leaking sex tapes, nude pics, and drug use are going to be percieved by the public. He is still a very talented actor and we should see only the actor when he is performing–personal life should not be a factor–if it were the whore Kardashian would not be so popular. Personally I'm more offended by the whores of hollywood than by some drunken rant! Is he an abuser? Doubtful. Did he hit Oksana on 1 occassion? Probably. Is Oksana milking it for all the money she can get out of this–ABSOLUTELY!!!!

  7. 7

    Ummm no Jodie… Why should I support someone who makes the world a worse place through his actions. Maybe she doesn't feel personally affected by them, although as a woman, I don't see how she couldn't. What if his crazy rants were about LBGT people? Maybe that would rub her differently.

    Same thing as Woody Allen - I don't care if he is an "artistic genius." There are plenty of good film makers and actors out there so I don't need to support those who are so against all of my beliefs.

    Eww Jodie - now you've gone down a notch on my list.

  8. 8

    I love him and I love Jodie Foster, I will see the movie and I really do not care about his private life.

  9. 9

    I would go down on her ’til her head caved in. Yummy!

  10. 10

    I will never, ever see another Mel Gibson movie. And for that matter watch Charlie Sheen in anything ever again.

  11. 11

    She's right. And, lest we all forget, it's pretty much been shown what a crook and liar Osana is! He got shafted! Hmmm, I wonder why?? They all stick together.

    So yeah, she is 100% correct.

  12. 12

    Actually, I'm not seeing it because I don't like Jody Foster. It's difficult for me to separate her cheating "macho" ways from her "art". Why even name a movie "The Beaver"? It's a degrading title in our society.

  13. 13

    Of course i can seperate it. I am not one of those who get offended by drunken rants.
    He made his mistakes, and he apologized for them numerous times.
    He made a huge mistake hooking up with a retarded gold digger. He should have been smarter than that.
    If you were a fan before, you should accept that he's not perfect and be a fan.
    If you were not a fan before, then you will never be a fan.
    I am 99.99999% sure he's not a racist, and not a anti semite. The guy has given too much charity to too many people to not be a decent man.

  14. 14

    Re: Perezbian_Lovah – DITTO !!!

  15. 15

    I love Jody Foster, and I feel for Mel Gibson because of his obvious mental illness. However, as Hollywood already knows, once a star's behavior (or political activism) become too prevalent and/or outlandish, it is impossible to separate their on-screen persona from their off-screen one.

  16. 16

    I won't be seeing this stupid piece of crap Beaver movie. Aside from his obvious problems (rehab wouldn't hurt this boy), I haven't been happy with anything Mel Gibson's done movie-wise in a good long while. He's obviously not stable, his movies are sub-par at best and intentional gore-fests and giving him attention for his shortcomings (public and private) aren't helping anyone. And guess what, Hollywood? I am one of the movie-going public. I'm a consumer and the best way I have to voice my opinion and register my displeasure is the spending of my hard-earned dollar. Why would I want to give my money to an obvious racist and misogynist? Answer is, I wouldn't. And I won't. It's easy to say "you need to separate the artist from the art" but in my opinion, you don't! If I don't like a movie, I'm not going to see it. If I don't like an actor's style of acting, I'm not going to run out and see his work. If I don't like the obvious and offensive public antics of an actor, I'm not going to fund his further bad behavior. You're putting out a product, you need to be VERY AWARE of how the public perceives your product. In the case of an actor, you're selling yourself. Poor salesmanship, Mr. Gibson. God, these are the days I wish the Studio System was still in effect.

  17. 17

    see Woody Allen

  18. @v@ says – reply to this


    Of course I”ll go. It's the story that's important; and if you don't operate like a bitchy member of some PTA clique and you like extraordinary moving tales, you will too.

  19. 19

    Jodie is simply being a true friend. Nice.

  20. 20

    I am a Jodie Foster, fan. Why is Mel constantly ruining her director skills at this time. She is just trying to promote her movie. There he goes again in the front page newspaper and reminding of us of how much his behavior is not accepted.

  21. Ocean says – reply to this






  22. 22

    Sorry with that title It is not appealing to me!

  23. 23

    Of Course She DEFENDED Him ! ! !

    What Else Would She Do ?

    "Hi, He's A Piece Of Sh*t And I've Starred Him In My Movie……………Please Come See It. It's STUPendous………! ! ! "