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Did You Forget Something, Kirstie??

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Girl, put on some damn shoes!!

Kirstie Alley was photographed walking out of a dance rehearsal on Tuesday, BAREFOOT!!

We're pretty sure one of the requirements to be on Dancing with the Stars is wearing a pair of shoes.

No, but seriously, Kirstie, stop walking and driving barefoot. It's a gross habit!!

Though, you do seem slightly slimmer.

Keep up the good work (and buy yourself some nice shoes).

[Image via National Photo Group.]

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30 comments to “Did You Forget Something, Kirstie??”

  1. 1

    who cares

  2. 2


  3. 3

    Who cares??

  4. 4

    `shes living proof jenny c and the other low cal programs dont work she would be better off had she done the zone and exercised it would of stayed off but low cal diets eat the lean muscle as u are starving urself and then when the weight comes on ur lower muscle and higher fat

    she can walk faster in bare feet but a pair of sandals wouldnt go astray

  5. 5

    Its one thing to be over weight but jeezus! There's no excuse in being a SLOB!

  6. 6

    Really man, What Is The Big Deal??? It bothers you THAT much?
    Kirstie looks great- she looks like an American. Slightly slimmer or not.
    How is it you don't see that commenting on people's weight and natural hair (P.Wentz) is a form of bullying? Just coz you imply "bless her/his heart" after by being all wordy as per the 'new you', doesn't make it any less biting. Mean is mean. Critical is hateful.

  7. 7

    Stop bullying her, Mario. Just because YOU don't like walking and driving barefoot, that doesn't mean doing it is "gross." You really need to stop projecting your own issues onto other people, and you really need to stop being so judgmental, because when you do that stuff, you're showing your true, hypocritical colors, and you're proving that you're a worthless jerk.

  8. 8

    Even if you pictured someone licking the bottom of her feet next, it would still be less disgusting than you Mario.

  9. 9

    You'd be barefoot too if you danced in high heels ALL DAY!

  10. 10

    who cares?

  11. 11

    She is a big girl and she is losing some weight. Her feet are hurting because she is learning to dance. Her feet will ache until she quits. Be prepared to see her in her bare feet until this over. I took a dance class years ago. My feet were so swollen I could barely get my feet out of the shoe. The following week, my feet were so swollen and blistered that I literally had nothing to wear on my feet to class. I ended up wearing sandals in the middle of winter.

  12. 12

    what's your beef with bare feet? they probably hurt like a bitch rehearsing for that shitty show.

    and btw, I think she looks a LOT slimmer. good on her.

  13. 13

    some people like to be barefoot — find something important to write about

  14. 14

    Perez, do you even know the meaning of bully? You think you're not a bully anymore because you've found politer or more subtle ways of bullying people. I'd really like to see that change but I am starting to wonder if you are just not capable.

  15. 15

    Re: Harper J – lol love it

  16. 16

    Stop spitting on the ground Perez and everyone could go around with bare feet.

  17. 17

    Didn't she start her own 'better' version of Jenny Craig? Wasn't that what her reality show was all about? I am thinking it wasn't so successful?

  18. 18

    "Though, you do seem slightly slimmer"

    Now let's discuss your enormous skull and what can be done to bring it down to modern human standards. M'kay?

  19. 19

    Just guessing here, but she'd probably been dancing in high heels all day.

  20. 20

    Walking outdoors in your bare feet is just plain ole nasty!!!

  21. 21

    What's wrong with going barefoot? I'm a complete germ-a-phob and I don't see anything wrong with it. It's not like she's in a public bathroom, that's gross. Outside who cares!

  22. 22

    she makes me want to vomit.

  23. 23

    Ok Twinkletoes, its obvious you have never taken a dance class, if you were wearing high heels and dancing for hours on hardwood floors your feet may be a bit tired and swollen. I dont see anything wrong with being barefoot, I go barefoot often, but guess what you can wash your feet, but in your case we cant wash your way of thinking…you are still a bully, and at your age it isnt "cute" its condecending, biased and just plain ignorant.

  24. 24

    Who cares? She's walking to her car, not doing a 2 mile walk. And I'm sure she wasn't planning on putting her feet in her mouth or anything…

  25. 25

    I see nothing wrong with driving barefoot…I usually drive sans footwear and I feel like I have more control on the pedals…And yeah her feet hurt from being in high heels and dancing…She is a very attractive woman regardless of her weight.

  26. 26

    She walking to work and her she's carrying her snacks for the day.

  27. 27

    Oh god, so fucking what?! You never went anywhere barefoot before? And you're fatter than her! So shut the fuck up!

  28. 28

    And you taking a cock up ypur shithole is what?

  29. @v@ says – reply to this


    Do you know that barefooters have abnormally healthy feet and arches?
    As nature intended. Barefoot summers till I die, unless I leave my property.

  30. syd3 says – reply to this


    Kirstie has always seemed to be an independent free-flying spirit in the world; she has a particular charisma that can be compelling; I'll definitely be in her camp with respect to that dance show (I guess that I'll have to start watching it).