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Charlie Sheen Adds 12 MORE Dates To His Violent Torpedo Of Truth Tour!

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We guess we underestimated the power of tiger blood!

Charlie Sheen has already made serious bank off of his upcoming, multi-city tour of live shows, called Charlie Sheen Live: My Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat Is Not an Option, and it sounds as though he has no plans to slow down - because he's just added 12 more dates that go on sale tomorrow!

$1 from every ticket sold will go to the Red Cross Japanese Earthquake Relief Fund, which we think is a very thoughtful gesture.

However, it's STILL beyond us as to why anyone would actually pay money to see this crazy when you safely watch it from the comfort of your own home via the internet!

Ugh. Such a sad situation.

Check out the added dates… AFTER THE JUMP!

[Image via WENN.]

Toronto (April 14)
Atlantic City (April 16)
Washington (April 19)
Atlanta (April 21)
Tampa (April 22)
Sunrise (April 23)
Houston (April 26)
Dallas (April 27)
Denver (April 28)
San Francisco (April 30)
Vancouver (May 2)

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16 comments to “Charlie Sheen Adds 12 MORE Dates To His Violent Torpedo Of Truth Tour!”

  1. 1

    Your jealousy is showing, Perez. I think you're mad at him because he talked to everyone and anyone but YOU. And that's not sad, it's smart. I realize your feathers are still ruffled about that, but I know that you'd die to have the tiniest fraction of people willing to see YOU, let alone PAY for it. lol

  2. 2

    shut up preze!! Some people(like my dad) have always been fans of charile and since they cant see him on tv their willing to pay to see him act on stage. He already said that he's doing skits and stand up so THATS WHY PEOPLE WANT TO SEE HIM!!! He's always been a drug user and crazy and yet he was still able to film and do his show. I actually dont think its gonna be that bad of an show. Plus i'll rather pay to see him then pay to see YOU!!! At least he HAS talent!!!

  3. 3

    The only thing sad about the situation is that he'll spend oodles of money on coke and whores and only $1 of ticket sales to help people are are really in need.

  4. 4

    Re: tenyearsgone – I crack up every time I see your avatar! Perez is sort of doing the same thing as Charlie with his birthday party\charity scam

  5. 5

    Ugh, Perez I do enjoy ur website but you're always soooooooooooo cheesy and lame!!!!!! I will be attending Charlie's show cuz I Am in Sheen's corner!!! The whole thing is so hilarious and these concerned folks (like Perez) make the whole thing even FUNNIER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. 6

    Re: Gilbert Bumpucker – Yeah, but on a teeny tiny scale because Perez doesn't have the following that Charlie does. LOL :D

  7. 7

    I also think that this new WINNING shtik that Sheen's doing is WAY funnier then Two and a Half Men!!!! I hope he keeps it coming!!!! Poopoo Perez :( ((

  8. 8

    "To Empire gatekeepers, Sheen seems dangerous and in need of help because he’s destroying (and confirming) illusions about the nature of celebrity. He’s always been a role model for a certain kind of male fantasy. Degrading perhaps, but aren’t most male fantasies? Sheen has always been a bad boy, which is part of his appeal—to men and women. What Sheen has exemplified and has clarified is the moment in the culture when not caring what the public thinks about you or your personal life is what matters most—and what makes the public love you even more (if not exactly CBS or the creator of the show that has made you so wealthy)…" Newsweek Magazine.

    Charlie Sheen is the modern celebrity according to Newsweek Magazine.

  9. 9

    I'm shaking my head at all the losers spending money to see an even bigger loser.

  10. 10

    :D He's coming to Houston!

  11. 11

    anyone who DIDN'T buy tickets for his shows is a fool. GET IN SHEEN'S KORNER PEREZ the rest of the country is. even tho you're my idol you sound real lame in all these posts. Charlie Sheen is the most brilliant person in the world, you should learn something from him

  12. 12

    people will go because many folks adore an anti-hero and lots of people love "crazy".

  13. 13

    They want to see his meltdown.

  14. 14

    Re: iloverickymartin – no we dont, theres a reason why he was paid 2 mil an episode on 2 1/2 men, its becuase he has talent and is AWESOME!!

  15. 15

    One whole dollar per ticket? While he's personally taking home how much? Why not the proceeds for just one show to the victims or some other cause. He's not exactly Father Bountiful - unless hookers are involved.

  16. 16

    Thank you, perezhilton.com. I've been depressed lately, and reading that $1 from each ticket sale will be given to the Japanese Relief Fund made me laugh out loud for the first time all week. Now we can contribute $$$ to two disasters at the same time!