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Larry King Burns Piers Morgan, Talks Daily Show

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larry king burns piers morgans and talks daily show

Why don't you tell Piers Morgan how you REALLY feel about his show, Larry…

Here's what Larry King had to say about Piers' performance as his replacement during a recent interview:

“It’s like watching your mother-in-law go over a cliff in your new Bentley."

Ouch! We're sure Piers is feeling great after hearing that one.

And here's what Larry had to say about potentially teaming up with The Daily Show:

Jon Stewart called me – I don’t know if I’m a correspondent – he said, ‘How would you like to be on like every two weeks?’ I’d do my old column. I used to write for USA Today, where I gave extemporaneous thoughts just as they occurred.”

As we said before, we weren't crazy about the "little joke" that Larry made at Anderson Cooper's expense during Donald Trump's roast, but you know what? Screw it! We'd love to see him on the show as long as he leaves our Silver Fox alone!

As we've also said before, it's kind of fantastic how Larry's keeping active and continuing to expand his horizons at 77 years old…although he was kind of brutal towards Piers Morgan…

Would U like to see Larry King on The Daily Show? And what did U think of his Piers Morgan burn?

[Image via WENN.]

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12 comments to “Larry King Burns Piers Morgan, Talks Daily Show

  1. 1

    Hubby and I watched Larry for years. I respect Larry. That said, WE LOVE PIERS MORGAN! He is doing a great job, we couldn't be happier. I think Larry is just jealous.

  2. 2

    Isn't that Mr Burns from The Simsons?

  3. Tahoe says – reply to this


    Larry King should have retired YEARS ago! Towards the end he was boring and bitter. My husband and I love Piers Morgan, he's doing a great job. I like that comment about Mr Burns, haha! Larry King looks really creepy in that pic.

  4. 4

    Larry King should just shut his mouth. He's just showing what a jealous and cranky old man he is. Maybe he should spend more time on him marriage so his wife doesn't have to take up with their son's little league coaches.

  5. 5

    Not very klassy, Larry. But Piers Morgan and his show are horrible, unwatchable. CNN messed up; he's not a good fit. I think Omarosa was right about Piers. :-)

  6. Zoom says – reply to this


    I agree with Larry,and the ratings prove him right as Piers is in the basement.MSNBC even beats him most nights,now THAT'S bad!!Whoever said Larry is just "jealous" is kind of dumb seeing Mr.King would still have that job if he didn't retire,and HE even got better ratings than Piers. (what the fuck kind of name is "Piers" anyway?)

    I dunno why CNN thinks Americans care what some pompus British dude has to say for an hour long talk show.Go back home Piers,or stick to your lame ass talent show.

  7. 7

    Looks like the Libs promote and recycle loser media folks, just like they do in the Democrat Party.
    Out of ideas and out of new blood.
    Loser Larry King and Hillary Clinton, the standard bearers for the Libs.
    The media stooges threw Hillary under the bus, for BO, when her favorable numbers were catastrophically low.

  8. Zoom says – reply to this


    Oh,and surely you even know Perez that most of the jokes made at these roasts are written by other people.Jesse Joyce and Whitney Cummings write a lot of them for it.

  9. 9

    He looks like Dr. Evil….

  10. 10

    he is a nice guy i can see that and his show only depend on the guest i feel that he can not make a story, people watched sharly sheen because they like him and he is interesting and he will make it funy, but pries still trying even his show in uk was the same thing he interviewd cheryl cole because people talke about her even kim k but it did not work for him because he still can not make it hyp and he is trying to shade madonna that she is boring (i think he is boring more than her and he dont know her) and trying to be famous by saying that he want to interview gaga nacked(not because of her killer beauty no he want only hyp around him) he were new in usa and could not discuss any important issues in america from his point of view and he is banning alote of celeb because he dont like them(simon cowell frined) he must try everyting not force his tast even if you dont like a celeb try to be truefull to him in the interview thier is somthing called diversety accept people as they are and try to work on your self

  11. 11

    Get your facts right, Perez. Larry King was referring to his feelings about leaving the show. That statement was said last night on Conan O'Brien. When asked how he felt about leaving the show he gave that response meaning it was bittersweet. IT WAS A JOKE. During the show he also commented Piers Morgan was doing a great job although he would have liked ryan seacrest to take over since he's dear friend. At least get your gossip blurbs KIND OF accurate.

  12. 12

    I think Piers Morgan is o.k., but Larry is an institution, and his show was always very informative and entertaining. Piers sarcasm turns me off.
    It's not the nicest thing that Larry spoke about Piers, but remember, we have freedom of speech in America.