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Rebecca Black Speaks! Talks Friday And Cyberbullying

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Curious to hear Rebecca Black say something other than Friday speak?

During a recent interview, Black opened up about her song Friday (above), as well as on the subject of cyberbullying.

Here's what she had to say about comments people have written about her on the Internet:

“Those hurtful comments really shocked me. At times, it feels like I’m being cyberbullied.”

And here's Rebecca Black on Friday, which her mother spent $2,000 to have produced:

“I didn’t write it at all. The other song was about adult love–I haven’t experienced that yet. Friday is about hanging out with friends, having fun. I felt like it was my personality in that song.”

Rebecca on her decision to keep Friday up on YouTube:

"I decided not to give the haters the satisfaction that they got me so bad I gave up."

And here's Rebecca on her upcoming acoustic version of Friday:

“I want to show people there’s more to me than they think."

We're sorry to hear you feel that you're being cyberbullied, Rebecca, but we're proud of you for not letting it get to you too much. We look forward to hearing the acoustic Friday!

Do U think Rebecca Black is being cyberbullied? Would U have kept Friday up on YouTube if it were your song?

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54 comments to “Rebecca Black Speaks! Talks Friday And Cyberbullying”

  1. 1

    Bieber fans are the worst of the worst, she was absolutely being bullied!

  2. 2

    Bullying: You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

    Telling somebody that their singing sucks when it fucking sucks is not bullying. Sometimes people will criticise you. Get a thicker skin. You wouldn't have this problem if your song wasn't a steaming bucket of shit.

  3. 3

    Worst Song EVER…oh and also the worst Video Ever…good luck with this crap

  4. 4

    I feel like she's not being cyber-bullied because when you put up a video on youtube, you are pretty much automatically asking people to critique it, and yourself. I feel bad that she feels that way, but it was her decision to get that song produced, and this is what has come of it. And hey. Right now she's almost at 16 million views. Love to hate it or just hate it, people are watching.

  5. 5

    It's honesty, not bullying.

  6. 6

    This is the dumbest fucking song I've ever heard. A 15 year old talking about partying? Give me a fucking break.
    This "bullying" bullshit has gotten out of hand. What happened to honesty? Should people not say what they want because they don't want to hurt someone's feelings?
    This chick is the worst fucking singer I've ever heard…and this song is the dumbest fucking song I've ever heard. She is horrible

  7. 7

    This is among the worse songs I've heard in my entire life! It's so annoying!

  8. 8

    She's been getting a lot of death threats which is far beyond bullying, most from stupid 12 year old Bieber fans who if were approached on the street, not on the internet, would probably shit their pants.

    At the same time the song does suck and people can voice their opinion on that. I mean should we all just lie and say it's good and to keep making music? People can voice their opinions just don't turn it into threats or really hateful messages like "You're a dumb piece of shit". She's 13.

  9. Wheel says – reply to this


    The song does suck but personally attacking the girl is certainly wrong. However, we have the right to say whatever we want about the song itself. It was written by some company that's trying to churn out hits by young, cute kids and bank….. Back to the song. It sucks, but I can't get it out of my head. So maybe deep down I like it? God, I hope not…. Lets not forget. There are a lot of bad songs. Anyone remember, Mickey by Toni Bazil?

  10. 10

    It's funny how she thinks she's beeing bullied…girl, if u can't handle the truth go do something else, music industry is not for you. Her mommy should go spend 2000$ on something usefull cuz her daughter obviously has no talent for this. There are things you do for fun, like a music video your mom can afford and that's ok. But don't expect people to tell you you're good when you'r really not, if you can't deal with the fact you suck then don't put your freaking auwfull song and video you did for fun on youtube or any place else! simple: THE FACT THAT MOMMY CAN AFFORD A MUSIC VIDEO AND RECORDING SESSION DOESN'T MAKE YOU GOOD.

  11. 11

    To the people saying she's not being cyber bullied, you're idiots. They're not just criticizing her song. I've seen comments telling her to go kill herself, etc. Also I don't think she should take the cyber bullying thing seriously. They're all judging her off ONE song. They don't know her personally so she shouldn't be too offended. The song is pretty bad but I saw her on Good Morning America and she sang the star spangled banner and she didn't sound too bad.

  12. 12

    She's definitely being bullied, death threats and being told to kill herself? That is not critiquing the song. I'll admit, I'm not a fan of the song, but she didn't write it, it's not her fault. She has a lot of courage to put up a video and sing and do what she wants to do, I commend her for that. Not everyone goes for their dreams.

    But she is still young. I'm sure part of the reason her mom decided to pay for the production was so that her daughter could get her foot in the door. Justin Bieber was made famous by youtube, so maybe she thought she would too? It doesn't hurt to try.

  13. 13

    somebody is lying as bad as it is…it cost more to do the song and video then $2000 unless the song was done at a booth in the mall

  14. 14

    hmmm this may be sort of cyber bullying! but obviously people are going to say it out loud when they dont like anything ! comments like cut your self are absolutely horrendous but saying i dont like it is better!

  15. 15

    Well I don't like this song it's just bad point blank but she shouldn't be threaten either or told to kill herself over it some people are so dramatic.

  16. 16

    she's super cute - I hope she succeeds! you go girl!

  17. 17

    I heard this song this morning. It isn't the best song in the world, but it isn't bad atl all. The girl can sing. If it was a differet song, this wouldn't be happening. It's one thing to say the song isn't good, it's an entirely different thing when people tell her to cut herself or develop and eating disorder so she can be prettier; that is so wrong! These things hurt and it definitely hurt this poor girl. She was trying hard to not to break down! It's time we accept this girl instead of drag her down!

  18. 18

    Why are we, as the human species, so quick to judge and ridicule, before anything else? Why are we impossible to impress? And the most critical ones are those doing absolutely nothing with their lives. Just dull, boring, lack luster, average people with nothing better to do than poke fun and tear down. Yeah, well good luck with that!

  19. 19

    Rebecca Black was listed on Charlie Sheen 's tour rider!! Search keywords "The Media Jerk" to read heartless criticism of the day's biggest celebrity news stories!!

  20. 20

    No one knows more about cyber-bullying than you, Mario.

  21. 21

    Sorry she feels that way but she isnt a very good singer, She makes Taylor Swift sound good.

  22. 22

    I feel bad for this girl, it must be so scary to be getting threats when all your doing is trying to make your dream come true. Even though the video is corny, it's still adorable and got everyone's attention! If you read this, you have a great voice and an awesome mom for helping you with the video!

  23. 23

    holy God this is the worst song I have ever heard in my entire life.

  24. 24

    The song is bad, but she's 13. What else is she supposed to sing about? I heard Katy Perry and Ke$ha at the gym today, and I thought..their music isn't that much different from this girl's. If Miley had recorded this song during her Hannah Montana days, it probably would have been a hit.

  25. 25

    The girl is what, 13, 14, or 15 years old? I don't expect someone that age to put out an epic anthem to the airwaves. I don't even expect today's artist to either. Since music has plainly gone to absolute crap. Anyway, she's singing about the weekend, I'm pretty sure most kids can't wait for the weekend. I'm not a kid anymore and I still do! At least she isn't singing about having sex with her boyfriend or doing proactive things. If you don't like the song, don't listen to it. The many people who don't like it, keep talking about it, and now they are annoyed that it's become such an instant sensation. Keep talking about it, you're making it more and more famous. I feel bad for the girl.

  26. 26

    Her "accoustic" version? So… she can't handle the critique of her first horrible song so to make it all better she's going to make an accoustic version of it? Woww… someone's obviously loving the fame. Idc what she says to the contrary.

  27. 27

    the song sucks. her voice sucks. its just the dead honest truth. there are millions of other people who deserve contracts way more than this. In fact, my cat has a better voice and more talent with song writing. Might I also mention never, ever have I ever owned a cat.

  28. 28

    Leave the poor girl alone! Geez, it's just a little song and it's not that bad…kind of catchy…Half the people out there making music are auto-tuned to death too! She's 14 for crying out loud!

  29. 29

    Leave the poor kid alone! Geez, it's only a little song..it's not that bad…kinda catchy. Half the people out there making music are auto-tuned to death too! She's only 14 for god sake…relax…………

  30. 30

    Fry-Daaay. What is with that nazal sound?
    The majority of people who heard/saw this video thought it was a joke. Who ever allowed her to think that this song was decent or worth the money it cost to put together is a horriable person.
    It has nothing to do with being a bully, it has everything to do with how someone of her age was manipulated by someone out there in the music industry to create this crap. Perhaps society should re-evaluate music since it is clear from this song it is heading into a downward spiral.
    I feel bad for her, since everyone seems to be dumping their opinions solely on her, but what the hell is going on out there in the land of music? Has society really placed their value of music on a catchy beat? Ugh!

  31. 31

    she is being cyberbullied. and that's not cool at all. rebecca is just having fun with music she's still young. and i actually like her voice it's better than kim kardashian voice that's for sure. yikes! kim sounds like a dying cat. haha but i like rebecca and the song is very catchy and she sounds good. i don't see you motherfuckers on the web with a music video? yeah, i thought so. you fucking haters need to get a life and stop being jealous of rebecca. keep up the good work rebecca. you did a good job with that music video. and your voice sounds amazing. your definitely gonna go far kid. let the haters talk. their just jealous because no one is paying attention to their poor ass. keep doing your thing and keep making the haters jealous by being more successful then you already are. you are gonna go far kid. haters you guys can go suck a dick or better yet go do everyone a favor and fall off a bridge.

  32. 32

    If you can't take criticism then don't put a music video on youtube for all to see….

  33. 33

    she should embrace that her music video is so popular like 15 million views popular even if its for being so bad.

  34. 34

    I think that as corny as the song is and how sub-par the singing is, there are soo many worse things on YouTube. At least the production value isn't that bad, and you can't deny that the song doesn't get stuck in your head. Props to Rebecca for keeping the song up and remember SHE'S ONLY 13! Wait til that hit song Wednesday comes out!

  35. 35

    She is not being bullied. The song is NOT a good song and it definitely does not flatter her "singing" voice. The "fans" are simply giving her constructive criticism. She said it was between this song and a song about "adult love" so she thought this suited her better, well I'm sorry she was wrong! Many people make mistakes like that in this industry and they get criticized as well, its not being bullied. "Gotta have my bowl, gotta have my cereal?" "Which seat can I take?" like WTF even she could have not honestly thought these were the most appropriate lyrics.

  36. 36

    It's worse to think she didn't write it. Most horrible lyrics ever by a 2 yr old. With that it could have been good. It's just so dam bad. That's not bullying. It's horrible. But I put up with worse at her age. She'll be fine. If one was doing it to seek fame =Mission accomplished. Talent? Long ways to go. She's cute she has a future. But that song is so horrible. What is with the black dude in the video? Made it more epically worse. But she gained the attention of the masses so she gets a brownie point.

  37. 37

    Um.. I don't think so. What I've seen its not so much, we're just expressing our views on the song. I think its pretty clear that its the worst song ever written, and she doesn't have much of a voice. I think that if she's being bullied its at the fault of the company that hired and promoted her.

  38. 38

    This poor little girl has idiot parents. They are the ones to blame. I don't even blame Ark Music Factory. They sound legit. They are giving little kids the dream of having their own music video. You pay for the auto-tuning experience, studio time, and the production of a cheezy "music" video. They are selling a product and for that they should get paid. So that's fine. BUT, to then put it on youtube is just ASKING for trouble. This little girl's idiot parents are VETERINARIANS. They are not stupid people. They should have just purchased this little dream for their precious angel and that's it. NOT post it on youtube and NOT look for fame. And that is exactly what they are doing.
    Rebecca Black and her parents are LUSTING for fame EVEN amidst the bullying. I find that disgusting, especially considering that she really is very marginally talented (and that's putting it kindly). And LOL at her two verse rendition of the national anthem. Poor child must have practiced those two verses for DAYS just to make it appear so ad-hoc. "Oh, you want me to sing? Sure". LMAO!! So scripted and rehearsed.

  39. 39

    I just cannot understand what Rebecca Black's idiot parents are thinking. Do they really want a life of drugs, DUIs, STDs, and disgusting hangers-on for their daughter? Have they learned nothing from Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Demi Lovato, Mackenzie Phillips, Dana Plato, Corey Haim, the list goes on and on? But they won't even get the chance to EFF up their daughter's life….b/c, unlike the messed up child stars I just mentioned, Rebecca Black HAS ZERO TALENT.

  40. 40

    Re: magan2009 – Accept this girl? Why? She's not talented. She should not be told to cut herself and she should not be told to develop an eating disorder…and she sure as hell shouldn't be ACCEPTED as a legitimate singer because she's not.
    Rebecca Black: if you or your parents are reading this…you are making a big mistake in attempting to establish yourself in the music industry. You don't know how difficult it is for LEGITIMATELY TALENTED people to succeed. You come from a nice home with educated parents. Get yourself an education. Why chase a dream you have no hope of attaining? It's just unfortunate.

  41. 41

    If she's saying she was being bullied because people gave their honest opinions that the song sucks, then no, she wasn't being bullied. However, if she's referencing the comments that people made telling her to go die, then yeah, she's definitely being bullied. There's no excuse to tell someone to die, no matter how badly their music sucks.

  42. 42

    I think it is safe to say that most people know that Friday comes after Thursday and before Saturday and when there is only one seat available in the car, you typically don't ask which seat you should sit in….

  43. 43

    She isn't a bad singer but it's a horrendous song.

  44. 44

    Will someone please tell me…who the hell is Rebecca Black??!!

  45. 45

    I dont think shes being cyber bullied ive listened to her whole song and its honestly not that good actually its awful. Her signing isnt that well and she put up the video i think she would of known people were going to say how they felt about it you cant expect people to be nice about something they dont like.Everyone at my school hates this song and i couldnt agree more part of her lyrics dont make sense when you pay attention to it. Her dancing,acting etc. was not good thiers a difference between people telling you the truth about your music than cyber bulling its completely different.

  46. 46

    She chose to put this videp on youtube herself, so when you do that you know you get reactions… it's sad that she and her family didn't hear it was a bad bad song and that she can't sing. Her family should have protected her from this…

  47. 47

    I think Rebecca is a spoiled brat. her song sucks and her parents have their heads up their butts.

  48. 48

    She is severely untalented of COURSE people are going to be mean. Her mother flushed 2,000 dollars down the toilet when she should have encouraged her daughter to find a different creative outlet. Black must be deaf if she cannot hear how ridiculous she sounds. She should have never made the video if she didn't want to be teased.

  49. cho96 says – reply to this


    what a waste of $2000 and you weren't being bullied, you just SUCK you pathetic excuse of a human being.

  50. 50

    Clearly she is not marketing towards adults, so why do we care if it suits our tastes? Just because she isn't singing about making out with her boyfriend its a bad song? This is a perfect song for kids 8-14, they can sing along to it and understand its meaning. I think we need more of this stuff! Good for her for doing something different.

  51. 51

    Uh, Bullying!!! I thought she was 13 not 15 but regardless, people were telling her to kill herself - That's not bullying???!!! Come on, that's not criticism, that's just illiterate adolescents throwing barbs at others - Rebecca, let it go, where are these "hidden" bully? what are their claims to fame - Yeah, it's a little song, not deep meaning, BUT come one, she is a teen, WHAT WERE YOU WRITING WHEN YOU WERE HER AGE???!!!! get a life and leave her alone

  52. lolli says – reply to this



  53. 53

    i feel kindda bad for her.. but the song/video…really sucks

  54. 54

    The lyrics were definitely taken from Bob Dylan's Friday song … even then, the lyrics just aren't meant to be. However, gosh the more i play Rebecca's the more addicting it gets, it's just so freaking hilarious that it's like good haha