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Here's What You Can Expect On The Charlie Sheen "Tour!"

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Prepare your mind tools, all you people who bought out his shows in under 10 minutes. We've got some intel on what will actually be happening during the My Torpedo of Truth/Defeat Is Not an Option tour, hosted by none other than Charlie Sheen.

You're already got your tickets to the show, one of the people you really need to thank for your upcoming journey into the mind of Sheen is Live Nation executive and tour coproducer Joey Scoleri. Joey's working diligently to get this show off the ground next month and he's sharing with the world exactly what they can expect from the Vatican rock-star assassin during his shows. Joey explains:

"Charlie has definite ideas on what the show is going to be and it comes down to the fact that he is an entertainer, so it will be entertaining… First and foremost he's an actor and a performer and the funniest guy in America right now, so the show he is working on right now will be largely spoken word, but having heard some of the monologues he is working on right now, it goes from hysterically funny to dark to very thought provoking. He is a truth seeker, that's his thing Right now he wants people to hear the truth and see the truth and I think that's why he has been as open as he has been about his life. He's not a liar, I actually consider him the most honest man in America. Now, you may not agree with what you see, but he is being honest."

Yes, honesty is good…and honestly, we think he is NUTS! But hey, you all seem to love him, so we won't argue. What we will do is give you some more info on how this tour will play out. First, no two shows will be alike. As Charlie isn't having any writers working on this show, what each city will see is a fresh batch of Charlie on whatever whim he happens to be on.

With so much improvising, "audience participation" will be utilized and welcomed in the show, to some capacity. The show is expected to run no shorter than an hour and ten minutes, but whether it goes longer is entirely up to Charlie. As for what the format will be, Joey explains:

"There will be some multimedia, but largely just him and a microphone and he's going to talk, and having heard some of the stuff he is going to say, people are going to be pleasantly surprised. There will be some things that are shocking and provoking, but you're going to laugh…There will be some video presentation. There is so much content out there about Charlie Sheen that has been user-generated, fan-generated, media-generated. There is a ton of stuff that will help provide context for the show. We don't know exactly what it is yet, we're still working on it."

Sounds…strange fun.

Let's hope this turns out to be worth it for those people who shelled out all the money for it. We have faith that Charlie will bring his, um, unique sensibility for sure…we're not so sure he'll show up to begin with!

Just saying! One night, he's too tired or he gets over it and its all over! Just saying!

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25 comments to “Here's What You Can Expect On The Charlie Sheen "Tour!"”

  1. 1

    He'll be arrested or have a "hospital emergency" before the tour finishes and end up rescheduling shows or canceling them altogether and issuing refunds. This guy has no idea what it's like to be on tour and doesn't have the stability to follow through from start to finish without some kind of drama, even on a short tour like this. LOSER.

  2. 2

    Charlie is very professional. He knows he has to be in good terms with his fans.

  3. free says – reply to this


    I can understand what the lure of Mr Sheen is for stupid straight men (he gets to do loads of drugs & alcohol, say whatever he wants, is rolling in dough and can fuck whores 24/24, while they have to go to work each day and can only commit adultery in their dreams) but what about his female fans? Are they insane? The guy clearly is a misogynist of the highest order- and a dangerous one at that. Keep away!

  4. 4

    Only in america you can be a total moron drunk drugie and still make millions. Why you ask because there are bigger morons that will spend thier money on crap. I am comming to america yahoo yahho

  5. 5

    preze you are such a HATER!!

  6. 6

    Fuckin' sheep..

  7. 7

    Not sure I will go see a show, but I'll get a DVD of the show if it gets good reviews.

  8. 8


  9. 9

    Re: free – not really, you dont know that, you only know what you read about and even if it is true why should i care? Its not effecting me an any way shape or form. Brook and all his other wives KNEW what they were getting into when they married the guy so thats THEIR problem, so if i pay to see comedy and thats what i get then i a happy camper.

  10. 10

    Thanks for that picture, now i'm going to have nightmares for a while. *shudders* that looks like something i'd find on teletoon after midnight.

  11. 11

    I wonder why people focus so much energy on hating a guy that's totally friggin hilarious? Why not just be honest (like he is) and just write in all caps "I'm jealous and bitter!"?? I bought tickets and hope he's still touring (alive?) by the time my show rolls around. And do I take his stuff personally as a woman? No, that's ridiculous. He's a comedian and he's totally out there because he can be and it sells. Finding something that's shocking hilarious doesn't mean you support it. Please, take the pole out of your ass. And if his show doesn't happen for any reason, then godspeed (or good luck in rehab), Charlie, you crazy shit! Thx for making us laugh by saying what the trolls that hate you wish they had the balls to say! ;)

  12. @v@ says – reply to this


    If he's going to do this, I hope he's brainstorming with the best. It has the potential to be hilarious if done full bore by skilled writers with Charlie's stamp on it. If not, it won't be pretty.

  13. 13

    I think there are going to be a lot of disappointed audience members.

  14. gooby says – reply to this


    gotta love the u.s.a. it's the only country in the world that a celebrity can make a fortune off of their crack cocaine addiction and take it on the road… sad actually.

  15. 15

    Perez, Charlie told you, Trolls Need Not Apply. ;)

  16. 16

    With all of the crazy Charlie Sheen truth out there, isn’t it time for some Charlie Sheen fiction? It’s “A Day in the Life of Charlie Sheen” on The Loop Now.

  17. 17

    o boy Charlie sheen, I think you need to visit my website www.makelifeabreeze.com Im a life coach and hypnotheraist..and by the looks of it you need my services lol!

  18. @v@ says – reply to this


    Do you know how much effort and skill it takes to adequately fill an hour and a half of air time? It's one thing to stand on your mark on a closed set and fire off two zinger lines that someone else wrote for you and then they yell cut. It's quite another to do what he's proposing. I seriously suggest a teleprompter in the orchestra pit.

  19. @v@ says – reply to this


    He could arrange a set with him in his living room facing the audience, watching a t.v. (which is secretly a teleprompter) in front of him that has its back to the seats. Visiting with Charlie in his living room. Archie Bunker style.

  20. 20

    10 mins on ustream of the chainsmoking 'what it is what it aint' drivel is fun but an hour he better lift his game . People these days dont take kindly to being effed around .

  21. 21

    Can we say, "Winging it?"

    No doubt Team Sheen will pull it off for the short term… until their leader blows a gasket.

    Intensity like that can't be maintained for long.

    The fireworks outta be pretty though and that's more bang for the entertainment buck.

    But what is it about a mad man's demons, that snares the imagination of the masses so? This guy needs help!

  22. 22

    Re: MonkeyJustice – LMAO.Amen to that one!

  23. 23

    if that's the official tour poster….I totally want one.

  24. 24

    lmfao, i wish i could see this HOT MESS OF HILARITY

  25. 25

    That's not an evil glow, it's his Charlie sheen….