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Family Time With The Jolie-Pitts In The Big Easy!

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So nice! You rarely get to see the whole family together like this!

Angelina Jolie brought her entire brood - Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Vivienne and Knox - down to New Orleans Friday to visit with their dad, Brad Pitt, while he works on a new flick - and it looks as though they spent the entire day together out and about and grocery shopping as a group!

Ch-ch-check out the whole crew (above)!

Lovely! Everyone looks like they're having such a nice time together!

We really do have to commend them for making an effort to get as much time in with the kids as possible! It can't be easy, but they're going to grow up all the better for it in the long run!

You guys have fun now!

[Image via GSI Media.]

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50 comments to “Family Time With The Jolie-Pitts In The Big Easy!”

  1. 1

    Team Aniston!

  2. 2

    wish I were there…they would probably spring for some smarties….

  3. 3

    Can you please stop saying 'ch-ch-check it out'? It's beyond gay and totally 1997.

  4. 4

    They look miserable to me lol.

  5. 5

    Cute- but don't they always travel with a team of bodyguards and probably nannies? Are they there but just out of the picture? I can't imagine that family going anywhere just them. Idon't envy that lack if privacy.

  6. 6

    Uh. Great. Now there are going to be f'ing paps everyday at the Dirty Mart. Thanks, guys.

  7. 7

    nobody cares to see a family doing normal stuff….boring…. especially since the family comprises of 2 of the most annoying and overrated people EVER.

  8. ick says – reply to this


    I'll tell you what I see. Her own kids are always dressed in better quality outfits (leather and such) than the adopted kids. They seem to always be wearing hand me downs. Mom to Zahara, Madox to Pax. On point observation by Ick

  9. 9

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the Jolie-Pitts. It is great to see the entire family together strolling the streets. They are so beautiful and fun. I hope they have a terrific time visiting New Orleans. Much love sent their way.

  10. 10

    The twins look like Sara Palins crazy kid. This is what happens when old skanks give birth. Too bad

  11. 11


  12. 12

    Poor kids. Shiloh doesn't even have a decent female role model. I speculate that maybe she dresses like her dad because she is closer to him. These kids look like a kiddie street gang. What about hair cuts? They seem to always eat junk food. They don't seem to have a routine for a home….or a routine for anything.

  13. 13

    good time? I think I see one smile on ONE face, among eight.
    not that they aren't happy, I just don't see any indication in this picture. And being dogged by photographers can't help much.

  14. 14

    I like Angelina's flip-flops. I'm so sick of these hollywood women wearing 6inch platforms every time they might get photographed.

  15. 15

    Nice photo op. I wonder if they recommend captions, too.

  16. 16

    I'm betting the nannies are on the side lines waiting for this photo to be shot so they can go back and take charge of the children.

  17. 17

    Between A and B they have enough $$$ in the bank so that they can lighten up on the movie making, and pick a place to live, and spend time with their children. Children need a home base, and they need friends their own age. And how about some fruit and veggies, these kids are always carrying JUNK! Rich is a state of mind, and these kids look poor!

  18. 18

    Re: gimpus maximus! – You shouldn't say it's "beyond gay".. He'll take it completely out of complex and you'll be labeled the next disgusting, homophobic, inhumane person and then he'll once again make himself a hypocrite and bash you for saying that. Even more so if you're a Christian following the word of the good lord.. Hahaaa.. On a real note, that trash needs to GTF outta my town. Homewrecker! But Brad can stay (:

  19. 19

    On the entry before i meant take it out of context not complex.. and on another serious note, with all the $$$$$ they have they need to get their kids some decent clothes! My God, i would never let my son look like a hobo and my bank roll is very small lol…

  20. 20

    Now how long before we see puffy faced, orange, Jen in a bikini somewhere tropical?? I give it 4 days

  21. 21

    Re: lcforthree – WHAT ARE U SMOKING?

  22. 22


  23. 23


  24. 24

    Re: NOLAgurl2010 – god you're actually a parent. after reading your immature nasty comment i feel sorry for your son.

  25. 25

    The kids look like they are heading to the WIC office. I don't have even half the money they have and my kids dress alot better than that.

  26. 26

    Re: lcforthree – I love them too.Good looking family.

  27. 27

    The guy in the background with the dog is my brother in law and we were just there for Mardi Gras!!

  28. 28

    Oh yes, all those nannies and realistic family settings. Please. Just wait til their old enough to realize their ever-loving mommy destroyed their father's first marriage. TEAM JEN!

  29. 29

    I love this family, and Angelina och Brad seems to be very good and loving parents. I wish them all the best!

  30. 30

    This team-Aniston thing is so ridiculous. It's been years, get over it!

  31. 31

    Re: AttFinch – Honey you don't need to feel sorry for anyone except those poor kids who have part time parents.. I didn't see anything about my comment that wasn't true.. not immature and nasty sweetheart.. My boys stay well dressed, clean, and eat heathy snacks.. I'd say that's a step up from what i see in the picture..

  32. 32

    Re: jones19 – OMG get over it. Every story about Jennifer Aniston doesn't have to do with Brad and every story about the Jolie-Pitt's doesn't have to do with Jennifer Aniston. Geez these people have all moved on, why cant the rest of America?

  33. 33

    Re: NOLAgurl2010 – Shut up. You remind me of those PTC idiots. It's their kids, Let them raise THEIR kids like they please. Raise yours.

  34. 34

    The best effort they could have made would have been not to have gotten together in a relationship. Like they don't have a flock of nannies, oh please. Those kids are going to be SO messed up thanks to the lifestyle Angie drags them around for. Pull your head out their adulterous asses.

  35. 35

    People should grow up Angelina didn't steel Brad he left because he wasn't happy, and it happened at the time that Angelina was around. If he was really happy with Jen he wouldn't have looked at other females around him.

  36. 36

    I love the Jolie-Pitts they are Awesome!!

  37. 37

    The Shiloh kid looks like a guy.

  38. 38

    Re: R.B TnT – Yeah, I'm not too into them, either. You're absolutely right- there's nothing interesting about watching people do boring activities. And these 2 are the kings of that. The reason I read these types of sites to begin with is so I can read about "special people doing special things." But besides the fact that they're in movies, and they're attractive, I really don't see what all of the buzz is about. There's no mystery to them, at least not in my eyes.

  39. 39

    Re: NOLAgurl2010 – Yeah, I agree. My best friend lives off the government, and she would never EVER let her kids go out like that. She always gets the boys ready first. And then, if she has any time left, she MIGHT throw her hair in a ponytail.

  40. 40

    perez has perezhilton.com written across this does that mean one of the pozzez took the shot if so well done
    other than that how could perez claim it ??

    still want 7 kids brad?

    angelina is a disgrace to the human race

  41. 41

    funny how shiloh is up with "the guys" instead of back with "the girls"………

  42. 42

    Re: PlayingTheAngel – she lives off the government?? you should be ashamed to be associated with someone like that. your bf can thank tax payers her children are dressed, fed and alive. maybe she should stop having them since SHE cannot afford to take care of them.

  43. 43

    My kids wear the same style of clothing and yes, we are wealthy. Some of you should be ashamed to comment rude words about those kids.

  44. 44

    They look great. What in the world are people expecting to see kids wearing just walking a block to the corner store? There is not one thing wrong with their clothes.

    Seriously who are these people who think they know how much time these parents spend with their children? Such venomous comments about the private lives of people you know nothing about. Seems to me they are always with their children. They are always the ones taking their kids on outings with no help except a needed bodyguard. These kids are very well behaved and in many of the pics from this outing they are smiling and clearly having a good time.

    I sure hope these ignorant judgmental harpies don't pass their nasty mentality onto their own spawn. The Jolie Pitt kids will be fine - I'm not so sure about the kids of these posters.

  45. 45

    This is so staged it's crazy - who takes 6 kids out without a bag or purse? They must have been walking nice and slow for the paps to get some good shots without the nannies in them. I wonder if this is Jolie doing this because Jennifer A got her hair cut and looks about 10 years younger and hotter than her? I don't know what the obsession with Jollie is - she used to be attractive but now looks like Skeletor and she certainly can't act for toffee - Brad Pitt is just a sad has-been

  46. 46

    Re: Bridger
    THANK YOU!!!
    1. Team Aniston?? Get over it! Story isn't even about Jennifer or her inability to keep ANY man! You can't have "stolen" what wasn't willing to leave her selfish ass.
    2. Who care how they dress? It's a stroll to the store, not a walk down the red carpet. I bet those kids's clothes cost way more than you think and good for Brad and Angie to not raise their kids to be materialistic brats (ahem, Suri)
    3. No purse? really is that the best you could come up with? Think maybe Brad has a wallet and they were only out for a bit?
    4. Who cares who was walking with who? Shiloh seems like a tom boy… is that not allowed anymore???
    5. All the nanny comments are ridiculous! Of course they have nannies! Name me ONE star who doesn't have a nanny for their single kid, nevermind 6 kids! If you had the money, 6 kids, a partner that is away alot, work of your own ( movies or other) YOU'D have one too!!!!
    6) They look miserable? Maybe because anytime they try to do anything normal, annoying paparazzi are always yelling in their faces trying to get some shot so assholes like you can make you ignorant comments about their lives that you really know nothing about!

  47. @v@ says – reply to this


    With six in tow every trip must feel like a field trip. I suppose they sort of get used to it and have things down to a science. New Orleans is a cool city; wish I were there right this minute.

  48. 48

    Re: Edgenet – You're an Asshole!

  49. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: Edgenet – Boy, are you going to have to eat your words in a few years. All little ones look nothing like adults. They morph. Those twins are going to be absolutely beautiful. You watch.

  50. 50

    even though, YES, they are a cute "family"
    Angelina is NOT married to Brad, AND further Angelina destroyed Brads marriage to Jennifer (BTW I am not a Maniston fan) I am just stating the facts here…..not cool Angelina NOT cool!!!!