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The Reviews Are In And…

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The critics loved our SXSW party last night!

CLICK HERE to read a review that sums up the evening so well!

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10 comments to “The Reviews Are In And…”

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  2. 2

    OMG it was amazing! Great Drinks, Awesome Music & Celebs Galore… Need I say more?
    Loved meeting you Perez!

  3. 3

    Word on the street is totally opposite to what the "critics" say. I guess either Perez paid them or he just extracted the parts that fit his deluded opinion that his show was the most EPIC that SXSW has ever seen.

  4. 4

    Just ONE critic, not criticS. Just one

  5. 5

    I'm laughing at the dicknail who wrote this and called that gossip girl's band "HEAVY METAL".
    you are cleary not a music critic.
    her band is more pop-rock / alt than heavy-anything!

  6. 6

    Who gives a flying fuck about your little party? Mario, when are you going to write a story about how your precious homophobic Barry Obama just started himself a war in Libya? If you liberals talked shit on Bush for starting those wars then when are we gonna hear you call Barry Obama a war criminal? Valid questions, ya gotta admit :)

  7. 7

    Whatevs. I got there 1.5 hours before doors opened and wristbands were gone. So much for "winning" two tickets. Thanks for nothing, dickwad.

  8. 8

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – uhm, valid questions for a site that focuses on political news maybe, not a website about celebirty gossip…

  9. 9

    The party totally sucked. People were leaving almost as quickly as they entered-There was no open bar! Rachael Ray's party was 1 million times better. Better food, much better music and open bar.

  10. 10

    some of yall are such jerks..why even take the time to come to perez's website create a log in and leave your rude ass comments, its a gossip website not CNN where he needs to report a war going on in Libya! His site is for entertainment purposes