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Lindsay's History Of Theft Is Going To Come Back And Bite Her In The Ass!

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Like we've said since day one, we really do hope that she takes this plea deal!

With merely days away before Lindsay Lohan decides whether or not to take her felony grand theft case to trial or not, sources close to the case have revealed that if the formerly hard-pAArtying starlet does, Deputy District Attorney Danette Meyers will be using her history of taking things that aren't hers - remember that rolex and mink coat? - as evidence that she has no problem stealing!

The insider explains:

"There is very damaging information about Lindsay's past evidence of thefts, including a stolen Rolex, which a friend of hers reported as stolen last April 2010, which will be made public if Lindsay doesn't take the plea deal. Lindsay was investigated by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department last spring after a friend reported that after leaving the Rolex at Lohan's apartment, it wasn't returned immediately. Actually, it was quite a bit of time later that the watch was returned to the person. The watch was valued at a whopping, 35k, and like the current theft case, Lindsay was photographed wearing the watch. Lindsay wasn't charged in that case because the victim became uncooperative as soon as the watch was returned. The D.A. will be sending investigators out from the office to talk to the victim. Meyers wants to know if there was a financial pay off. It will absolutely be brought up either at the preliminary hearing or the trial. This will establish a pattern of behavior on, that Meyers will prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Lindsay is guilty in this case. It doesn't matter that Lindsay wasn't criminally charged in those previous incidents. Meyers can, and will subpoena police that investigated those, and as well as the accusers if she needs to. Lindsay has major entitlement issues, which have led her down this very dark road. If Lindsay is smart, she will take the plea deal. Lindsay won't know what will hit her if the case proceeds to a preliminary hearing, and trial. Meyers is tough as nails, make no mistake about it. Lindsay truly has no idea how bad this could get, and how fast. This could truly ruin her career. Look at the Winona Ryder case, her career suffered after the guilty conviction, and she didn't have the criminal record that Lindsay has. [Claims that Lindsay's probation report could be very harmful to her in trial] That is just implicitly false. There is nothing bad in the report, period. It's a standard probation report. In fact, Lindsay's lawyer could use it as evidence if the case goes to the preliminary hearing, because it's actually good for her. It states that Lindsay is a good probationer. The probation report doesn't include any of the past theft incidents. The past theft incidents don't involve the probation department, Meyers is the only one dealing with the past theft incidents, period."

Uh-oh! Sounds like Meyers is NOT messing around!

Not that we anticpated that she would! Lady is probably effing TIRED of having to deal with LiLo's nonsense!

Time to just accept that jail is a reality, gurl, and cut your losses! This trial is NOT going to be pretty, and we have a feeling that if you try and take the case there, the only person who is going to end up burned is you!

What do U think?? Should LiLo take the plea deal?

[Image via WENN.]

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8 comments to “Lindsay's History Of Theft Is Going To Come Back And Bite Her In The Ass!”

  1. 1

    Wtf?!?! Because the bitch iz famous her shit gets dragged out despite all substantial evidence? This country is fucking disgusting smh

  2. 2

    What part of "after a friend reported that after leaving the Rolex at Lohan's apartment, it wasn't returned immediately. " says stolen? Why didn't they go back and get it? This sounds like a Costanza move with that stupid mink hat.

  3. 3

    does this bitch own a mirror??? get rid of that coke bloat, quit the over tanning, and dye your hair back to red..and go the fuck home!!!

  4. 4

    this bitch is going to jail..!!! i want this entitled bitch to sit in a cold dark cell for a good 3 months tops…she fucking stole a $35k watch!! i barely made that much at her age when i was putting myself through college!!! put this bitch behind bars and be done with her.

  5. 5

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  6. 6

    Lindsay Lohan …THE FELON lol

  7. @v@ says – reply to this


    She should, but a bad part of me hopes she doesn't so that she gets bigger jail time; and that's only because I really think she needs a mandatory time out along with inmate counselling and reality checks. She never got them from anyone else.

  8. 8

    They need to lock her ass up and keep her there for the whole sentence,none of that releasing her early because of overcrowding shit. Bitch has proved over and over again that she thinks she is above the law. She's under the impression that she is special and the laws that we all have to obey do not apply to her. It's time for her to find out that she is no different than all the other crack head thieves out there. Lock her up and lose the key. She has had way more than her fair share of second chances.