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New Hole Documentary Features Unreleased Duet Between Courtney And Kurt!

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Wow. It's amazing that there's still never-before-heard material from him.

A new documentary chronicling the story of former Hole band member Patty Schemel premiered at the SXSW this week, and on top of focusing on the drummer's drug addiction and the deaths of Kurt Cobain and Hole bassist Kristen Pfaff, it also features never-before-seen footage of the late Nirvana frontman performing an unreleased song with then-wife Courtney Love!

Hit So Hard reportedly features home footage of the couple performing the track, called Stinking of You.

Love reportedly explains in the doc:

"Kurt used to hang around us, 'cos he hated his band [Nirvana]."

Furthermore, when the film premieres in New York on March 28th, all original members of Love's band, including Schemel, Melissa Auf de Maur, and Eric Erlandson, are expected to be present.

So cool!

Personally, we're very curious to see this one, partly for this footage of Cobain, but also because frankly, we effing love us some Hole!

What do U think?? Are U interested in the previously unseen footage and music?

[Image via WENN.]

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19 comments to “New Hole Documentary Features Unreleased Duet Between Courtney And Kurt!”

  1. 1

    Why do people continue to celebrate this loser who made mediocre music then killed himself leaving his young daughter to be raised by Courtney Love?

  2. 2

    fERETS AND lIKE ANIMALS WERE BANNED IN CA SO PEOPLE WILL NOT DUMP THEM AND HAVE THEM BECOME FERAL AND GROW IN POPULATION TO ENORMOUS QUANTITIES. (SORRY, I HAVE TO RESPOND TO THE PREVIOUS 'STORY', HATE WHEN YOU HAVE COMMENTS OFF, MARIO) there is a reason for these laws Mario. Go to a Petco on the eastcoast, lots of ferrets up for adoption, not for sale, adoption. People dont want their sweet, SMELLY, NIPPING SQEAKING pet anymore. SOME PEOPLE DO NOT WANT TO TAKE THE TIME AND JUST DUMP. AND IN CA. ARIZONA, ETC. THE WEATHER IS WARM ENOUGH FOR THEM TO SURVIVE OUTSIDE. Mario, people dump cats, right? The ferral population of cats is estimated at over 300 MILLION and their lifespan is esp to be 2,3 years. What do you think would happen to ferrets if people were allowed to have them in CA and go 'tired' of them? Got it? if not, watch FL when a 15 " Boa is caught, under someone's porch. GOT IT NOW?

  3. 3

    Re: justtfax – LOL I saw that the comments were turned off on that stort. LOL Ferrets are smelly and carry diseases. Just like Paris.

  4. gooby says – reply to this


    sounds like it could be an interesting documentary.. after seeing all of the others doc's and reading the large nirvana biographys though, i'd take courtney's "he hated his band" comment with a grain of salt - and she'd said the same thing on howard stern years ago too. the truth seems to be that he just liked courtney's similar drug habits more than his friendships with his non-junk using bandmates… a typical scenario with heroin users. from what i understand, kurt was talking to divorce laywers not long before he died.. so courntey appears to be trying to reinvent history here once again.

  5. 5

    Nirvana lovers have always been threatened by Kurt's taste in women. I think they need to relate to their idols on every level and he was clearly off the beaten path when it came to his taste. It's so funny the Courtney hatred she's always gotten… I chalk it up to more evidence of the patriarchal attitudes. Granted i'm no Courtney lover (or hater) but it's just so bloody amusing. It's the same societal attitudes that dictate what goes on in porn too! I just found this out this weekend talking to a female porn store owner but yeah I digresss….

  6. 6

    Everything about her says "loser."

  7. 7

    i have been waiting to here this song for YEAAAAAAAARSS.. i dont BELIEVE FOR 1 MINUTE PEREZ LIKE KC….poser…anywho Patty is a GREAT drummer and i would love to see all 4 of em get together…yes CL has always said that abt him hating his band, whatever the reasons may have been…he probably did..dont blame her for being honest! Do some research PPL!!! KURT TOOK 90% ROYALTIES and there was HUGE tension between the 3 cuz of that…woudl it matter if CL stayed quiet?? and for the record, they BOTH asked for divorce lawyers AND neither, according to timelines, NEVER GOT 1..AND CAN FOR ONCE CAN IT JUST BE ABT THE MUSIC? NO KURT/NIRVANA/COURTNEY/HOLE BASHING PLEASE

  8. Bravo says – reply to this


    Melissa Auf-Der-Fuckwit isn't an original member. She's just the late Kristen Pfaff's replacement, and only did 1 album with Hole before quitting.

  9. 9

    Re: Kimberbunny – this sounds rude but i kind of agree i mean his music is not that good its good but i dont see anything so special about it that people still worship it…there have been much much better musicians

  10. 10

    i gott admit i'll be watching it,

  11. 11

    I saw this documentary at SXSW on Friday and while it was interesting, it was about 45 minutes too long and a little disjointed. The life of Patty Schemel seems very interesting and doc-worthy, but I think there was a lot of focus on Kurt to bring in the "word of mouth" on this one. The "unreleased song" was just Kurt and Courtney messing around with some silly lyrics. Nothing more than that.

  12. 12

    Courtney is very good at bullshitting and fooling the masses. That is her talent platform. Kurt did not hate his band mates. Kurt did want her to take the Lexus back she wanted so badly. He was embarrassed to ride in limos. He was embarrassed of his huge home. She manipulated him and threatened him. She was always about the money and still is.

  13. 13



  14. Looo says – reply to this


    all u kurt bashers can suck serious dick youre obvious losers who sit around and post youre pathetic rants about musicians who actually have talent and did something with their lives besides go on perezhilton and talk shit behind their computer screen. youre all obviously white obese trash so please go die. wish it were you all instead of kurt. id trade in 600 of you fat ugly pigs for one kurt cobain.

  15. Looo says – reply to this


    oh and KIMBERBUNNY please ROT.

  16. 16

    Re: Looo – "Rot" Like Kurt Coabains stinking corpse??? Maybe one day but for now I'm alive, he ain't and LIFE is good.

  17. 17

    Re: Kimberbunny – he started the grunge movement you moron. its one thing to not like a artist's music, it another thing to be ignorant towards what they did/accomplish.

  18. 18

    Re: cali1086 – He started the "grunge" movement. No, he was a dirty, mentally unbalanced drug addict who was marginally talented and bizzare enough to garner attention from the press which in turn got a bunch of stinky flannel wearing lemmings to proclaim him a "god." How does 3 commercial albums make a legen (not counting "live" and "best ofs"? Don't mistake a pathetic loser like Kurt Cobain for anything but what he was; a sidenote in musical history.

  19. 19

    What a bunch of BS. Kurt wanted to be an actor from an early age. If the camera was rolling, he was acting. Courtney Love is not even her real name. I have the obit for the real Courtney Love who died Jan 1985 before the actress made her debut. I knew Kurt from 1983 and Courtney started hanging around in late 84 wanting a role in a movie (Sid & Nancy) that Kurt had been working on with Tommy Lee (Motley Crue) and Joe Elliott (Def Leppard). Tommy knew the punk band Circle Jerks which is how he got involved. Kurt was in a long relationship with another girl (a redhead) from 1983 until his death. At the time she did not want the public eye. She is now writing her autobiography and why this documentary is coming out.

    Musician Frank Zappa wrote about Hilter's "Big Lie Theory" in reference to the music industry. Basically, if you are going to tell a lie, tell a big lie, and never stop telling the lie even if it makes you look ridiculous.

    This is why they are flooding the market with biographies and documentaries that somehow involve Kurt. Kurt was not even a heroin addict. Joe Elliott was born Aug 1st. His birth flower is the poppy. Heroin is derived from the opium poppy. Kurt used red poppies in a music video. He supposedly developed an obsession about the actress Frances Farmer, this was because she died on Aug. 1st which not only is Joe's birthday but also MTV's.