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Holly Madison Breaks Up With Jack Barakat

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Holly And Jack Are Dunzo


It's never a happy story when a couple breaks up, but sometimes it just has to happen.

Apparently that's the case with Holly Madison and her rocker Jack Barakat, who have split, and it seems to have happened amicably.

The cause? Well, the long distance was a big factor!

It's okay, you guys! We're sure you'll both find someone else soon enough!

Do U think they were a good couple??

[Image via WENN.]

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14 comments to “Holly Madison Breaks Up With Jack Barakat”

  1. 1

    I thought they were an odd couple but I still liked seeing them together after seeing Hollys show. Love them both.

  2. barny says – reply to this


    Does anyone really care.

  3. 3

    I really can't stand her. She always looks so full of herself.

  4. 4

    And to answer barny's question, no we really don't care.

  5. 5

    I was shocked when I saw this goon bag on Holly's show. His name is Jack? Haha. Laura Croft for President.

  6. 6

    I love all time low… yet i didnt hear about them dating…. so no i dont care

  7. 7

    He was a no-name using her to promote his music, and she was stupid enough to fall for it. At least she wised up.

  8. 8

    I thought they were a good couple I hope Holly finds someone soon! She deserves it!! Love ya Holly!!

  9. 9

    Re: VegasSchmegas

    Coming from an All Time Low fan, I can tell you, Jack is far from smart enough to think of doing something like that. All Time Low may not be a mainstream band, they're far from being 'no-named' as well, considering every show they play is sold out to the point they have to do 2-3 more shows in one area just so that everyone gets the chance to see them. And then even those shows sell out.
    She's in Vegas, staying in one spot. He's from a town in Maryland, in a band that travels for almost 4-5 years straight at a time.
    I'd like to see you or anyone else who bad mouths him try and maintain a healthy, strong relationship doing that. Some people, yes they can, but others can't and even if I wasn't a Jack/Holly fan, they weren't one of those couples and it sucks because Jack and I'm sure Holly, were very happy together and you could see it in all the photos and when they'd talk to each other and when other people would talk about them.

  10. 10

    I wasn't a Jack/Holly (Jolly as the ATL fans call it) fan at all, nothing personal against the girl, but it just seemed like… a bad mixture to me.

    Though, I will say, it sucks that this happened. They were both really happy together and Jack was extremely happy and you could see the difference in him from it, but being in a band and trying to maintain a stable relationship with someone, is hard. Some people can do it and live happy lives, get married, have kids, but other people can't do it. They just can't handle the distance and constant paranoia of something going wrong. Like I said, as sucky as it is, they didn't seem like they were one of those couples, so they did what was best for eachother.

  11. 11

    i love them both but i always thought it was weird because jack is so close to holly's ex benji madden… keeping it in the same circles i guess!

  12. 12

    Re: Amanda Ritter – amen! jack would never use anyone and there break up was becuase of long distance im glad there over tjo cuz jack could do wayyy better :)

  13. 13

    Re: ohdamngaskarth

    I mean like, I know they were happy and it was extremely visible in Jack, because he doesn't date a lot but when he does, he's a very dedicated boyfriend. But I just wasn't a fan of this relationship. I don't believe most of the fans when they say they liked the relationship, because look now, they're all turning around all 'Oh, that bitch.' or all Holly fans who said they liked Jack are turning around and doing the same to him.

  14. 14

    I thought they were adorable. It sucks that they broke up. Of course, I still love both celebrities, and I'm not gonna take sides like some kids.

    Jack would never use anyone to promote All Time Low. That's just a jerk-off move, and Holly's World never even mentioned the band name, and most articles have Holly as the main title and Jack as "a rocker," so how does that work out? They're both awesome, so i don't think either needs to be bashed.