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Kirstie Alley's Impressive DWTS Debut!

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Kristie Alley has been hyping up her Dancing With The Stars spot for a while now, and now she's had her debut!

Watch the video above to see how she does!!

We think she did FAB for her age, and she's looking quite great! If she keeps up all this dancing, she'll be in extremely fine form!!

The choreography was on point for a first time performance and she ended up getting the second highest score of the evening!

Congrats, Kirstie!! Keep up the a-mazing work!

Did U watch her last night?? How do U think she did?

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29 comments to “Kirstie Alley's Impressive DWTS Debut!”

  1. 1

    I have always liked Kirstie!!! I hope she wins the trophy! Kirsten ROCKS!!!!!

  2. 2

    I have always liked Kirstie!!! I hope she wins the trophy! Kirstie ROCKS!!!!!

  3. 3

    go kirstie all the way!!!

  4. 4

    She did great for ANY age, let alone her age! She's gonna win. Kendra sucks. Hilarious.

  5. 5

    im really happy for her. she looks great and happy. i mean cut her a break! shes SIXTY!! she looks great for her age.

  6. 6

    I love Kirstie! She's so fiesty and fun. No way on earth she's 60. I think someone screwed up her birth certificate. I might just watch this season just for her. I hope she wins!

  7. 7

    I love Kirstie. I was glued to the show just waiting for her to dance. Very impressed.

  8. 8

    She killed it..love her attitude and my god..she is gorgeous at 60!

  9. 9

    lover her!! shes the best on on DWTS this season!!!

  10. 10

    I want Maksim's underwear from that performance. That's all.

  11. 11

    Kirstie has to be 50 at the most… there is no way she is 60. I think she might've lied about her age to get on Cheers

  12. 12

    She did great! LOVE her! Does her show come on anymore?

  13. 13

    she was great and is only going to get better! the first dance has to be to hardest one and now is over. She is going to be in great shape by the end of this!, yes she is going to be at least in the top 4, crossing fingers and anything else i can cross!

  14. 14

    Damn, girls got MOVES! Way to go Kirstie!!

  15. 15

    For her age? fuck you perez. Fuck YOU.

  16. 16

    that woman is 60?!?! are you freaking kidding me?! she looks absolutely amazing for her age, i would have guessed mid to late 40's. she was great on the show as well, well done her!

  17. 17

    She did fab for her age??? She did fab. There is no for her age attached to that.

  18. 18

    They deserved 10's all the way!! I hope she wins!! Love her!!

  19. 19

    wow she was GREAT!
    she's 60? incredible

  20. 20

    She did amazing!!! And not for her age either. I cant believe that she is 60. I thought that she was 50. But whatever… no matter her age she did great. She looks amazing too. She lost so much weight and she is going to lose so much more being on the show. I might actually start watching the show b/c she is on it and not a train wreck. LOVES!!!

  21. 21

    To all of those people that thought you couldn't be sexy if you are overweight….you're right she looks like a fat bag of shit.

  22. syd3 says – reply to this


    My big "sloth sin" is watching the all the housewives on BRAVO. Since I've always admired Kirstie … and since she seems to have performed so incredibly … sigh! I think that I'm going to just have to sneek a peek.

  23. @v@ says – reply to this


    She moves beautifully, (she's got 'it') and you can tell she likes to dance.
    Lol @ 'if someone told me I had to haul ass I'd have to do it twice.'

  24. 24

    she was great! thankfully she and RM elevated the general level….

  25. 25

    she was born in January 12, 1951
    she IS 60 and she ROCKS!!!

    my WOW's goes to you Honey!

  26. 26

    I just can't believe she's 60!

    She looks like 39! Really. This is not normal! And I mean, she did it without plastic surgery! If she looses some extra pounds (I'm sure she will with all this dancing) she's gonna look even BETTER!

  27. 27

    Those highheels must be made from solid titanium to support that much weight without breaking. She did a fantastic job.

  28. 28

    No way she is 60?????? She looks amazing for 60! Her skin is perfect and she looks like she is in her 40's. Doesn't even have the plastic fake look and danced great. Go Kirsti!

  29. 29

    Why is it so hard to believe she's 60? She probably had work done and she's not that great of a dancer.