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9 comments to “Miley's Mom Speaks!”

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    Mileys mum looks rank looking. She could be one of them surburbhan house wives on them reality shows, what is it with the tons of makeup on face and long curly hair exstentions!? she looks like a haggered version of miley. Don't try and fool us, we know your middle aged!

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    That picture makes me want to get a razor and shave that little tiny piece of big boy hair from under his lip. So annoying. She is not pretty in any way, shape or form. Now I know where the youngest child gets her looks from, poor thing. Money must be on the line here otherwise they would still be getting a divorce. Just like the Lohans, the Cyrus clan does nothing without something behind it to benefit them finacially plus she didn't want to go back to the trailer park.

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    Why do people feel the need to make their private lives public?

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    Why on earth would you think they're trying to save their marriage for "the sake of the media"?? They are real people with real emotions and problems and I'm sure they want to save their marriage because they love one another and want their family to be happy. Saying they're doing it for the sake of the media trivializes them as human beings and a family.

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    @Buggadabo, because the pending divorce brought up the issue of division of joint property between Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus, several in the entertainment media published what the two are worth financially. It should be no surprise to anyone that Billy Ray, after a successful career that spans two decades in music, TV and movies, is worth more than $100 million. What a lot of people don't realize though is that Tish, on her own and through her own hard work as a talent manager and movie producer–CEO of a successful film production company–is estimated to be worth $30 million. Sorry, but it's unlikely that she will ever be "headed for the trailer park" like you claim. It would be nice if the haters did some simple research before making silly unsubstantiated snarky claims. When you talk without knowledge, you always come off looking bad.

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    Perez, are you suggesting that they are lying about their reasons for wanting to be a family again? Stop being so judgmental.

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    Good for them. Divorce is sometimes the easy way out, but the rewards of doing the work to keep a long term relationship can be far more worth it. Everyone hits big bumps on the road. Everyone.

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    tish is a whore just like her daughter. she was a groupie and billy ray only married her cause he knocked her up. the whole family is TRASH!