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"As far as I can see, the appeal of Katy Perry is a pair of tits." - Human League lead singer Philip Oakey on Katy Perry [Image via WENN and Ramey PixRead more…

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    he is absolutely correct and they're not very nice tits either for her age.
    she sucks. i couldn't believe how bad she is until i saw her on SNL .
    i guess she's great if you're a tween girl .

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    Hit the nail on the head with that one buddy!

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    So true–I just don't get the appeal. The music is bubble gum pop for tweens and yet she is at the top of the charts frequently.

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    They are not just any pair of tits, they are magnificent and real.

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    "As far as I can see, the appeal of Katy Perry is a pair of tits."
    That cover a great set of lungs which are connected to a great set of pipes. The girl is a product for sure buy she has a product that sells!!
    I may be too old to be a Katie Perry fan (she's not my genre), but I'm no deaf, dumb and blind idiot either.

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    The Human League, REALLY? It must be a slow news day! Let's hear more about Chris Brown being a douche, at least that's a bit more relevant.

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    Yeah……..If she's gonna use em lolololol good 4 him! Her songs are pretty dumb….but etleast she can sing and is not better than Taylor

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    haha that's true. amen

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    I agree. She is a pretty girl with boobs and mildly talented like the rest of pop music. Whats new?

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    i like em real and big :)

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    SO TRUE!!!

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    Haha! She is the definition of mediocrity.

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    And a mighty fine pair of tits they are. I just wish she would get them out for the lads. Of course, I wouldn't expect Phags like the Human League to appreciate them, but I certainly would.

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    True indeed…

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    Plus those tits are now married off, which should be the end of her career, hopefully

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    Hey, if ya got it…flaunt it!

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    So true.

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    Ha ha! Sad but true that you have to be a comic book character to sell your albums. Those videos are so sexual and all focus on her boobs. I'm not saying don't do it, but don't rely on gimmicks. Congrats on your success, but don't forget about the ladies before you that faded away. Show off your talent, not your cleavage. If she didn't have firework boobs would she have a hit? For those that say "Human League, who cares". I bet there are lots of talented musicians past and present that cringe that their music doesn't get the exposure of those that are over exposed for the wrong reasons. I would rather hear Human League than some of the newer people that are popular for the moment.

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    that aren't as great as they're made out to be………..

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    I agree. She's nothing but an overly auto-tuned big-titted goon who cannot sing live.

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    Re: quorum

    You are a dumb cun*t.

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    Mmmh, nice boobs…

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    Ding ding ding!

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    What is that???!!! Is this dress undressing itself?

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    I kinda have to agree with him. Last year when she was on American Idol and was such a stuck-up bitch, I remember thinking, "Wow, she's awfully high and mighty for someone who sings cheap bubblegum pop songs about popsicles and bikinis." She's a hack, plain and simple.

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    That about sums it up.

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    ha agreed. the girl is gorgeous but live she is terrible and she is soooo mean. glad somebody said it.

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    Re: PalmSprings – ha as much as i dislike her they are pretty great. how does someone so thin have such big, natural boobies? i'll never understand. jealous!

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    It is sad though, her boobs are better than her singing!

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    There is nothing wrong with using sex to sell yourself. I might remind Mr. Oakey that the original Human League were a failure and it wasn't until the all male original band broke up and was reformed with two attractive young female singers that they had real success. I remember seeing them back in the day and they certainly did play up the females in the band.

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    ok im assuming that around 85 percent of her fan are girls and i don't think they are just fans because they want to bone her. she has a REAL/good body and she is pretty, but she makes fun music that people like. he's jealous

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    The Human League? Really? Jealous much? The 80's had some shittacular music I should know I lived thru it!

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    They lovely jubblies, aren't they? With all due repect to Phil Oakey, if he were sporting a pair of those babies, I still wouldn't pay to see him sing or dance or whatever the hell else he does. Katy also has a very pretty face and is funny and sassy. Her boobs are also very nice. Oh and by the way, did I mention her boobs?

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    He was spot on lol.

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    She is just the worst, isn't she? Sounds horrible! Her body is ok, but her face always has a dopey look.

  40. @v@ says – reply to this


    It's not her tits that are charting worldwide. Sour grapes?

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    If she had a brain I would say the truth hurts, but it won't in this case

  42. uyeah says – reply to this


    She sure is proud of her fake balloons. And apparently is a narcissist who puts them out for attention.

  43. uyeah says – reply to this


    There are before and after pictures that verify her books are FAKE. You think those go with her body?

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    Her eye looks weird in the last picture….

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    Re: miss hot mess – Not very good for her age? Are you fucking retarded? You must have have mosquito bites…

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    I feel like having a glass of milk.

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    Sadly, so true.

    Love Human League- their songs are still popular 30 years later. In 10 years, we won't be talking about Katy Perry.

  48. @v@ says – reply to this


    I resent the fact that Human League's Oakey is reducing Perry's success to a part of her anatomy. It's a bit misogynistic. Her songs sell. Listen to firework. It's a terrific tune. He knows that the industry molds these young performers and tells them a nice package helps to sell more CD's, and the young performers will do almost anything to have a career in music. I just watched 'Don't You Want Me' on youtube, and their lead singer has his Bowie make-up and hair on, and they have their two girl singer dancing in dresses upfront on stage. They just show more skin these days. Maybe he should get busy in the studio himself. I'd love a new Human League CD.

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    lmao… the human league? jesus christ, i had to google them to see who the heck they were. they wrote more retarded lyrics and melodies as katy perry's songs. they just want their 15 minutes of fame back that they had when they came out with that one hit wonder… can you say jealous much?

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    of course it is…. that's the only thing people see …she emphasizes the tits rather than her singing and songwriting abilities.

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    That's a pretty fair assessment, I'd say.

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    from the very beginning of advertising… SEX SELLS!! It's no different in the music industry! And what a wonderful rack she has! BTW… AM i the only one here, but if you post something negative about Perez, he will not post it? I have had dozens of posts that never made it. Whatever happened to freedom of speech and no censorship?

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    yup, he's 100% correct - but since everybody has to have a gimmick today, big tits are just as good a gimmick as the outrageous costumes Gaga wears, so it's all relative.

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    She has mom boobs.

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    …dont push those boobies down like that……dont push those boobs down like that !

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    I have nice tits by nature and everyone compliments them, however they are big nut nowhere near her size. There is no way that those tits are real, the look like blown up balloons and not attractive yuck lol.

  57. 57

    What? She has a perfectly adequate singing voice. The boobs and face are a nice addition.

  58. 58

    Sounds like sour grapes. He's probably wanting to suck on them.

  59. 59

    Re: Annie Marie Gibson – I disagree with you, miss hot mess is right. sure, she has large breasts, but they're not really nice breasts. they look like a fifty year old woman's breasts…

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    That is a TERRIBLE dress in the main picture!

  61. 61

    She's so hit-and-miss in her voice, but the girl is undeniably gorgeous, face, body and hair… I want her hair!

  62. 62

    true story bro

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    Re: be_creat_ive
    One hit wonder? "Being Boiled," "Love Action," "Keep Feeling Fascination," "Human," and "Tell Me When," were considerable hits as well (the US charts aren't the end all of what's considered a hit). Pretty good for a group that really didn't pander all that much to the mainstream.