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All Aboard! New Titanic Mini-Series Coming To ABC!

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Wow! It takes a lot of balls to try to tackle this topic, especially after what James Cameron managed to produce!

Academy Award winning screenwriter Julian Fellowes has reportedly written a four-hour TV mini-series based on the sinking of the RMS Titanic.

Set to air on ABC, Global TV, and ITV, Titanic will focus on the lives of different characters in various social standing as they attempt to survive the iconic ship's sinking on that fateful day in 1912.

Quinn Taylor, SVP movies miniseries and acquisitions for ABC Network, says:

"The Titanic retained a powerful hold on people around the world for almost 100 years, and this new miniseries will offer a compelling take on this epic, tragic story. We look forward to bringing this remarkable series to our viewers."

Agreed! It really is such an unbelievable and heartbreaking event in our history, and we're sure that Fellowes' take will be a fascinating one.

However, we do have to wonder if people will be disappointed with the results, when compared to James Cameron's Titanic and the amount of money, construction, and special effects the director put into re-building the ship and its actual likeness - not to mention the disaster scenes at the end!

We doubt that a mini-series will have that kind of production value!

But who knows??

What do U think?? Will U tune into the Titanic mini-series??

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8 comments to “All Aboard! New Titanic Mini-Series Coming To ABC!”

  1. 1

    James Cameron's movie sucked. I liked some shots of the ship in the beginning and the sinking was fun. But the story was horrible.

  2. 2

    I will have to reserve judgement til I have seen it. But, it would be nice to see re-enactments of people that were really on the ship vs. the made up ones of the Titanic movie.

  3. 3

    Re: tom951 – feel free to write a better story. jackass

  4. 4

    The Jesuits had the Titanic sunk so the Federal Reserve could move forward without opposition from the key players against it being John Jacob Aster, Benjamin Guggenheim and Ira Strauss that were all coaxed on board and eventually all went down with the ship.

  5. 5

    im excited, i loved titanic and still do should be intresting

  6. 6

    I'm the biggest Titanic fan on the planet, not just the movie, but the ship itself, so if they plan to make a mini series, they have some big expectations. I demand to see some real historical accuracy on this project and it had better be high end and good.

  7. 7

    Julian Fellowes is an incredible screenwriter and his Titanic mini-series will crush James Cameron's film. Cameron's was HORRIBLE and it managed to take a tragedy that resulted in the deaths of thousands of people and move the focus on to one imaginary character and make audiences grieve only for him. It was a travesty and very disrespectful to the memories of those lost. Also, there was plenty of room for two people on that stupid slip of wood Kate Winslet is on. If only she moved over a bit he'd have fit on it easily and would never have died.

  8. 8

    The Titanic was part of British history and yes it was a very sad part of OUR history not yours.