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Victoria Jackson Continues To Promote Homophobia!

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With all due respect - keep your homophobic, narrow-minded, tea-party babble to yourself, 'kay?!

Last night, after the world got wind of her hateful tribble against Glee in her column on WorldNetDaily, former SNL actress Victoria Jackson appeared on Headline News' Showbiz Tonight to "clarify" her comments.

If you're waiting for an apology from her, don't waste your time. For another five minutes, Victoria just continues her tirade of homophobia by bashing the gay community as well as the show even further.

Watch the video (above), if you can stomach it, to hear her spew more hateful thoughts.

Shameful. Downright shameful. We feel sorry for your teenage daughter who is getting a limited scope of the world because of your skewed views!

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247 comments to “Victoria Jackson Continues To Promote Homophobia!”

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  1. 1

    Hey Fatso, what's that you told Chris Brown? Oh yeah, that's right: life isn't always fair. DEAL WITH IT!

  2. 2

    Let's just ignore her! Perez seriously……. let's ignore her, this is what she wants

  3. 3

    crazy bitch brought a bible of course!!! People like her make Christians look crazy, I LOVE my religion but sometimes i feel ashamed being in the same category as dumbasses

  4. 4

    I think it was the kiss we couldn't stomach. nasty…

  5. 5

    Its Glen Beck's mother!

  6. 6

    WOW and to think I was a fan of Jackson… what a sad, narrow-minded woman! SHE makes me sick.

  7. 7

    LMAO Victoria Jackson??? Nobody's heard a peep from her in 25 yrs! Go back to pretending you were funny on SNL.

  8. 8

    Wow… just wow. I can't believe how sickening she is. And homophobia is a cute buzz word!? She is a complete contradiction, vial and full of hate. What you're doing is not what being a Christian is about; it's bigotry and hate.

  9. 9

    *sigh* does anyone take a has-been SNL cast member as serious, I sure can't. I can't get past the stupid bow she's been wearing since 1986 or the voice of a creepy little girl. I guess I would be more offended if this were a legitimate force with a fan base. Why would HLN even bother booking her, really who cares what she has to say? It's obvious she posted this blog to attempt to stay relevant by providing "shocking" posts. *yawn* get a new schtick.

  10. 10

    I feel there will always be this element out there with people her age and older and it's based on fear and misinterpretation - Eventually they will die off - Thankfully things are changing but nothing changes overnight - If you blog mean things about her now it just proves her point - Not that I think she is interested in this site but somone may share

  11. 11

    The bible is fucking only 2,000 yrs old. It's a book that created a giant brainwash business for people that had nothing. If god created the world and is always featured as a male man… Then why did he create plants and dinosaurs millions of years before man? What the fuck was god doing for 80 million years before people? Was he a plant back then?
    give me a break

  12. gooby says – reply to this


    look, im straight and i found her views to be extremely frightening and draconian… it's 2011 for goodness sakes! and hiding behind the bible is dreadful.. who we're attracted to is no one's business and jon's comment was correct - she IS glen beck's mother!

  13. 13

    She is a disgusting excuse for a human being! With her narrow-minded, skewed and despicable comments. Horrifying! BLEH! She made me throw up in my mouth a little.

  14. 14

    She could be Sarah Palin's running mate.

  15. 15

    Everyone has a right to their OWN opinion. Whether you agree with it or not Perez….

  16. 16

    Ooooo! I just realised who she looks identical to. Miss Umbridge! A toadlike face, a big bow on her head, a sickening sweet voice and a total fascist. MISS UMBRIDGE all over. I can't imagine she'd like that, I'm sure Harry Potter and witchcraft is also anti christian.

  17. 17

    I find it funny that that the woman who sang 'I Wanna Be A Slut' on SNL is now going on about this. She is a lunatic.

  18. 18

    Perez, I'm totally against homophobia… but I'm also totally against anyone condemning other people's opinions. There's still free speech in the world, so…
    doesn't mean what they're saying is right, just let them come across as arseholes and don't get sidetracked on a little petulant tantrum against them because a) it's not worth it, b) it's not going to change their minds.

  19. 19

    As much as I don't agree with her, she does have a right to her own opinion and she doesnt have to keep it to her herself. I personally think she wants the publicity. Shake them hatas off P-rez.

  20. 20

    Another dumb republican tea bagging bitch….what else is new?

  21. 21

    wow. I am a Christian but I have my opened my eyes and I know that his world is full of so many different people. I am disgusted by this piece of trash who doesn't try to see that Christians must love their brothers and sisters and EVERYONE is part of our family. I don't understand how this is disgusting; in the Bible it says a man must not lie with a man in the same fashion as a women but C'MON look at today. So many people are different and have different beliefs and interests. I am not contradicting myself in anyway by saying that I am not against gays but I am opening my heart to the world and seeing that everyone is allowed to be who they want to be despite others beliefs. Being opinionated is one thing, but you better be able to back it up with evidence before making claims and accusations against a show that is just trying to help a generation of people who are still scared because of people like her.

  22. 22

    Woah, what a nut job.

  23. 23

    Who really cares what this has been (never was) has to say about anything? Why give her more airtime for her babble?

  24. 24

    This woman seems like she's on something- woman is a fruitcake!
    I'm a Christian, but I'm also EXTREMELY pro-gay. We're not all like her, thank God.

  25. 25

    Re: lesley_ant – LMAO Thumbs up!

  26. 26

    guess what last time i checked she is entitled to her opinions! You don't have to agree with her. Your whole website is based on YOUR opinions on who's hot, who's not, who's icky icky poo…well she has the freedom to state her opinions as well. Hypocrite.

  27. 27

    Besides making no sense and NOT being cute or funny…. She really let herself go!!

  28. 28

    What the hell is wrong with this woman and why are they giving her air time?
    "I wanna be a slut" was not that long ago!

  29. 29

    spoiler alert: there will always be homophobia. ignore it and move on.

  30. 30

    What happened to everyone is entitled to their opinion and beliefs Perez? Cant stomach it when its againt u can u?

  31. 31

    And yet again, you give it more relevance by posting it. When are you going to get it….Stop giving idiots a podium. If you ignore stupid, stupid disappears; but media idiots like you keep giving credence to this garbage and so the hate is perpetuated. STOP!!

  32. 32

    "With all due respect - keep your homophobic, narrow-minded, tea-party babble to yourself, 'kay?!…"

    Lets switch that around just a tiny bit:
    With all due respect - keep your gay-promoting, narrow-minded, catholic-bashing babble to yourself, 'kay?!

    It amazes me how stupid you can be Perez

  33. joka says – reply to this


    why is she not allowed her own opinion? apparently the opinion of Glee producers is that homosexuality is fine..which is great if that is their opinion. And her opinion is that it is not ok..which is also fine. People are not always going to agree! There is no need to put another person down because of his/her opinion.

  34. 34

    The woman couldn't get 2 sentences out without being interrupted. I don't necessarily agree with what she was TRYING to say but if you're going to interview someone, let them speak.
    I do agree with her on the subject that let's focus on these diseases children are spreading and teen pregnancy if you want to educate them via television (which is a horrid idea IMO). Focusing on 2 men kissing on tv isn't going to make these kids think "it's okay to be gay" as they are probably ridiculed for watching a dumbass show like Glee to begin with.

  35. 35

    isn't everyone entitled to their own opinion. or is that except when it has to do with gay/lesbian topics. the reason the world is the way it is today is because everyone is so uptight about what other people say, everyone gets offended.why? so victoria jackson said negative things about homosexuals.so what!!! putting it on ur site only validates what she said. i'm sure most of ur readers dont even know who she is. or cares.

  36. 36

    Re: jjsaldana
    yep. her whole schtick, career, the only reason anyone ever listens to what she says now was ditzy, sexually promiscuous roles. guess once you find jayzus (and the tea party job it brings) you can ride that moral high horse down everyone's throat.
    she's a nutjob.

  37. 37

    dam she got BIG, SOUEEE SOUEEE

  38. 38

    To say people have a "right" to their own opinion is a sorry argument. Sure, under the 1st amendment people do have the "right" to their opinion and say what she is saying. But that doesn't make it ok. There's a difference. Forty years ago people would have exercised their "right" to declare blacks second class citizens, but now someone wouldn't be caught dead doing that. At least not publicly. Why? Because it is wrong, even though they may have the "right". I guess the moral of the story is: just because you can, doesn't mean you should. She deserves to be condemned for her comments.

  39. 39

    What this fat bible thumping has been bitch pig fails to mention that in the same chapter that mentions about what she is quoting it also says: Woman can't be teachers, Eating pork and shrimp is an abomination, you can't have sex with a woman for a week during their periods, men can't shave their beards, you can't wear certain fabrics, you can stone adulterers and disobedient children and it's ok to own slaves and how much they are worth. Why don't you christians ever quote those verses? The bible is ridiculous and it makes you wonder how such a supposed intelligent being could write such utter nonsense!


  40. 40

    you know what, i am sick and tired of Christians thinking that they are the ones that are right! I understand it's important to have faith, but faith has nothing to do with HATE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. 41

    She's entitled to her opinion. Not everyone can stomach that kiss and I know most people don't want their young children watching such things on TV. Not all of us appreciate this Gayness being shoved down our throats either. I'm not a homophobe but why do they have to flash it?

  42. 42

    other than this situation, when was the last time you heard from victoria jackson? we shouldn't encourage these washed up, has been actor/actresses when they say crazy shit. we will continue to hear ignorant, offensive garbage from these people when they know that is the only chance they have of getting their names in the news. check victoria's imdb her big hit movie is uhf with weird al from 1989 - she needs to crawl back under her rock!

  43. 43

    I really not gonna lose any sleep over this, all I can tell you Perez is what you told Chris Brown just a few posts ago, life isn't fair, deal with it!!!

  44. 44

    Hey Perez, SHUT UP… This idiot does hold the Tea Party values, so don't bring them into it.. WHAT DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND ABOUT THE TEA PARTY DUMB ASS??? It has to do with over taxing and over spending PLAIN AND SIMPLE!!!!!! Most Tea Party people are Independents which means we do not oppose gay marriage and equality for all!!!!!! Can you PLEASE FRICKEN READ and learn before you speak about shit you know nothing about!!!!

  45. 45

    Re: pie107

    She brought the Bible because it is the sword. Why is what she is saying crazy? It is straight from the Bible that came straight from GOD. I find it hilarious when "rooted" christians speak and people think those words are of bigotry and hate. Everything they speak of can be backed up and none of it is promoting hate but it is promoting the words of GOD. READ people, read your Bible for yourself. If you choose not to believe that is on you.

  46. 46

    Re: lesley_ant – I thought the same thing! How funny!

  47. 47

    She sounds brainwashed and ignorant…SAD!

  48. 48

    Hey Victoria, The bible also says not to eat shellfish, are you worried about the state of our country based on that? many things in the bible are outdated because the things they didn't want people to do back then really did have a health risk associated with it. Now we can have gay people and eat our shell fish too.

  49. 49

    perez, everyone is entitled to their opinion! i thought the reporter was rude by cutting her off every time she went to give an answer. she asked for her to explain her views and wouldn't even let her talk. it does talk about that stuff in the Bible. and i do think glee is very biased to one lifestyle. The Bible says to love on another no matter what, but we don't have to support their lifestyles. yeah, it is 2011, everyone has different views on everything, so we all should just respect each others opinions.

  50. 50

    Re: juwannaman – there are also wrong INTERPRETATIONS of things.

  51. 51

    The bible also promoted women as property and slavery…

  52. 52

    Re: Jujubean88 – You're right ! Everyone is entitled to an opinion. And Perez's opinion is that she is a stupid fat cow that must be very sad and frustrated in her life to get behind her bible like this ! It's like : "hey, i'm unhappy, i hope everyone else is (and i'll make sure to make my part) !"
    Perez is only applying the bible you know ! Paul said that he was putting himself on the same level as the people he was preaching to ! So I guess, Perez just gave her the taste of her own medecine !
    Btw Perez, keep the fight !!! right there with you !

  53. 53

    humm….she have gay friend? i bet the same friend are the gay that are republican…. i mean come on….im so greatfull to live in Canada..cause we have seen more of gay teen drama……on or television…it was just a kiss….and by theway…..muslum hate god…like bitch please…..the muslum are the most beliver in god……she is a goofy asss stupid bitch……GOD BLESS CANADA…

  54. joka says – reply to this


    Victoria never put anyone down or called them horrible names while stating her opinion, so why are you all dumbing yourselves down by calling her inappropriate names? What if she said you stupid fat bitch pig gay people are so disgusting and gross and shouldn't be kissing on tv, blah blah blah. At least she nicely stated her opinion.

  55. 55

    Can anybody tell to this BigFatUglyPig to stfu!! We are in the 21Century for god sake!!! I AM christian and my bff is gay so whaaaaaaat

  56. 56

    This idiot DOES NOT hold the Tea Party values!!!! Correction….

  57. 57

    She looks like she is high, she cant even say anything that makes sense… SHE is sickening!

  58. 58

    Fat Cun*t.

  59. 59

    Re: Genghis Khan – Brilliantly put

  60. 60

    why are you giving this dumbass a platform for her idiotic views on life? just ignore this loser, has been, never was, never will be

  61. 61

    You know….it's amazing how some gays, lebians, bisexuals,etc. want people to accept their point of views and way they live their life and want freedom of speech and rights and this and that but are unable to do the same thing for others. I do not agree at all with this lunatic but it's her opinion, it's her point of view, I won't attack her bcuz of the way she see thinks and wants to live her life. EQUALITY GOES FOR ALL, IT'S NOT A ONE WAY ROAD!

  62. 62

    Re: rosebud99 – hahahaha too funny!!

  63. 63

    Re: CaCaCarKeys – I completely agree with you!!!! And I'm Catholic

  64. 64

    More backlash against the gay agenda.

  65. 65

    Re: meep0102 – Sure they do, but when you put your opinion out there you give people the opportunity to respond..but when your just CRAZY your opinions are greatly diminished!

  66. 66

    Well, hmmm, in the BIBLE men also slept with their daughters!! So, does that mean we should do the same? The BIBLE? That is what is wrong, people actually taking that work of MAN as the word of God!

  67. 67

    this woman is an idiot, leave her to wallow in her hatred. no one cares what she has to say when it is such hate fuelled, bigoted rubbish. what you have to remember though is that there are extreme parts of every religion, we shouldn't try and lump an entire religion together, because there are a lot of christians who would not agree with the stance this woman takes

  68. 68

    Hey Perez, We have something in this country called freedom of speech. That means even f you don't like it we can say it. Although you may not agree don't tell her to 'keep it to yourself'

  69. 69

    She's an idiot…and the idiots have their own agendas.

  70. 70

    I am from Alabama, the deep dirty South. I am a Christian. I love everyone, gay, straight, bi, trans. Would Jesus turn any of us away? No. If Jesus loves everyone, then so do I. I can't be worrying about what is going on in other's bedrooms, when there's so many more important things going on in the world.

  71. 71

    The show still sucks gay or straight.

  72. 72

    She's just a dumb hick, and we pay WAY too much attention to dumb hicks and what they have to say in this country. If we stopped giving so much attention to these people, equal rights would move forward a lot faster.

  73. 73

    Did anyone else notice that she didn't actually answer a single question? She just went of on a rant on her own agenda. Yes, everyone is entitles to their opinion, unfortunately, hers is very narrow minded and wrong.

  74. 74

    Re: Megra718 – well if u know the interview cant run for like an hour…and im sure ur not supposed to be preaching about the bible due to contract clauses and what not….so yeah i would have cut her off too for her rambling on and btw she wasnt even prepared for those questions….so that interview was just a mockery…enough said

  75. 75

    Dont think we all havent forgoten about your fat ass on celebrity fit club victoria. Wasnt it your fundamental christian parents who told you not to eat because you were such a fat cow. You even stopped chewing gum because it gum contained calories lol! sorry im being mean but you need to realize how fucked and offensive your christian anti-gay rants are. Lets just hope your little daughter aubrey isnt a lesbian because you are one twisted tea party twat!!

  76. 76

    she doesn't represent the tea-party. in any way. figure out politics before you comment on them.

  77. 77

    Re: OneLove5 – You Idiot…please prove to me that the bible was written by anything other that cowards that had to invoke a supreme being to feel powerful. I bet you can't

  78. 78

    I hate to say it, but she has every right to think that way. I don't agree with her, you don't agree with her, it doesn't matter. She has an opinion and she's expressing it in a nonviolent manner. If you want to stand up for glbt groups and spread awareness, it's easier to do it when you work with people, not against them. Things like this only make her and people like her more passionate for their cause.

  79. 79

    I happen to disagree with Ms. Jackson because of my libertarian leanings, but I am always appalled and disgusted, if no longer shocked, at how savage the Left can be.

    "With all due respect - keep your homophobic, narrow-minded, tea-party babble to yourself, 'kay?!"

    Why does she have to keep it to herself? She has as much a right speak about her disagreements with the politization of homosexuality as you have to be on here promoting it every day. Oh, yeah, right, you have made speech against certain things– which you have dubbed "hate" pretty much illegal. It's like the racial hatred laws…they only go one way and apply against what whites may say.

    It's a dangerous road to start travelling down. If you don't like what she's saying, come up with thoughtful responses to shoot her position down. Your response, which boils down to "Shut up!" doesn't win over thoughful people.

  80. 80

    Perez you call people like her narrow minded, well you need to not be narrow minded either.. just because you find nothing wrong with two men kissing doesn't mean other people don't find it disgusting and don't want to have to see it. You shoot down everyone that goes against your views and refer to it like it's a mortal sin - your way or the highway. You have to respect the other opinions too. To many people it's disgusting and you need to grow a pair and deal with it. Not everyone is going to love men kissing men.

  81. 81

    Isn't everyone entitled to their own opinion?!?!? Some believe it is okay to be gay and others do not. Victoria is clearly stating her opinion and stance on the subject. Since Victoria has a column she is able to voice her opinion for whomever to read it and she put it out there just as Perez Hilton uses his blog to voice his opinion to support the gay community. There is not one single person here on this earth that has the right to judge anyone else except for Jesus himself. We all have to answer to Him one day and He will be the ultimate judge. To each their own!!!

  82. Eggie says – reply to this


    Why are so many morons here reiterating the same lame argument that she "has a right to her own opinion?" Nobody's arguing that, idiots! Nobody is trying to limit her freedom of speech by having her arrested! Perez is merely exercising HIS right to disagree with her, and call her out on comments he finds offensive. Nobody's rights are being violated. I am really wondering how low a person's IQ has to be to make that argument.

  83. 83

    Re: OneLove5 – If there are wrong interpretations of things, how do you know that the section in question wasn't a wrong interpretation? Did God tell you?

  84. 84

    I don't agree with her argument.. but I'll defend her right to argue anything she wants. Perez don't tell her to 'next time keep it to herself'.. if you don't like it don't listen to it.. just like you would say to someone who doesn't like watching GLEE.

  85. 85

    Not everyone is going to have your opinion Perez. Get over it.

  86. 86

    I don't see what bothers people so much, she has her opinion not everyone has to agree with it. So what if she thinks it's sickening? That's her opinion. Everyone has their own mind and we don't all have to agree on one thing that's what makes us different. Whether she is right or wrong, is irrelevant. People will continue to believe what they want anyway.

  87. 87

    wow….she has been brainwashed…very frightening to promote such intolerance when this is something that exists and will always exist….I am so sick if ignorant people saying being "gay" is wrong….no more wrong than being "straight"…..GET USED TO IT, WE WERE BORN THIS WAY!!! She needs to crawl back under the rock where she belongs….with that Bible…..ugh….

  88. 88

    It's just a kiss way to blow things out of proportion we see straight people kiss all the time but the gays are suppose to hide. Just ignore her Perez she's a has been or more like a never was. Separation of Church and State does that mean anything in the U.S? Keep your religion out of politics not everyone believes in the bible learn to deal with it!!!

  89. 89

    what a fuckn ignorant fat bitch

  90. 90

    Re: OneLove5 – You are way beyond ignorant. 60,000 years ago, the entire human race was reduced to a single tribe of 2000 human beings. Did you know that? It's a fucking fact. The bible is 2,000 years old and filled with crap to make people not lose control of their lives.
    As I said before…What the fuck was this so called god doing for the last 60,000,000 yrs before he almost wiped out "MAN" ? Taking a nap? hanging out with the bacteria and dinosaurs? Please do explain "One Love" you should read more…

  91. 91

    To: Lizzypalma…Thank you for your open mind and loving mind….You are correct….I wish all "christians" were like you dear….spread the word of tolerance and diversity…Thanks.

  92. 92

    First time I have seen the kiss scene. I definitely would not want my kids to watch that. It was DISGUSTING!

  93. LxMxO says – reply to this


    It’s called free speech. If she wants to say it, SHE CAN. It’s her right. Just like it’s your right to say hurtful things to everyone else on this planet. Asshole.

  94. 94

    this poor bitch needs fucked…

  95. 95

    The beauty part of being American is being free and entitled to our own opinions and beliefs - whether we believe in what others believe in is irrelevant. I happen to be a Conservative right-winger who has gay friends and accepts everyone for who they are. That doesn't mean EVERYONE will be so quick to accept homosexuality, or anything else outside of one's comfort zone or understanding. It doesn't make her a bad person; she's entitled to say what she feels, so no need to bash her for her beliefs.

  96. 96

    Re: tbone0726 – Thank you…my sentiments exactly

  97. 97

    I can't take her seriously because her voice is too comical. I just feel like this is a skit on SNL LOL she can't even speak right. bitch

  98. 98

    why is it the ones who claim to be christians are the least christian ?
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  99. 99


  100. 100

    I don't see how she can be so hateful about such a sweet scene. What's more why is this has-been being given a platform to speak? I feel sorry for her daughter. If she had half a brain she would know that the God of Islam is the same God as the one of Christianity and Judaism and not everyone even believes in a God, let alone her version of God.

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