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Victoria Jackson Continues To Promote Homophobia!

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With all due respect - keep your homophobic, narrow-minded, tea-party babble to yourself, 'kay?!

Last night, after the world got wind of her hateful tribble against Glee in her column on WorldNetDaily, former SNL actress Victoria Jackson appeared on Headline News' Showbiz Tonight to "clarify" her comments.

If you're waiting for an apology from her, don't waste your time. For another five minutes, Victoria just continues her tirade of homophobia by bashing the gay community as well as the show even further.

Watch the video (above), if you can stomach it, to hear her spew more hateful thoughts.

Shameful. Downright shameful. We feel sorry for your teenage daughter who is getting a limited scope of the world because of your skewed views!

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247 comments to “Victoria Jackson Continues To Promote Homophobia!”

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  1. 101

    she's so bad….. how stupid…. not educated at all.

  2. 102

    Re: AimeeBee – Okay, so according to you this country shouldn't listen to "dumb hicks" who are a minority that is holding back gay rights? Everyone has a right to be heard in this country. If I am correct (and I am) gays are also a minority, so maybe the country shouldn't listen to them either? Such absurd comments…

  3. 103

    Didn't realize that the dumb blond routine was real! And Perez, what is "tribble"? Did you mean to say "drivel"?

  4. 104

    This woman is clown, inside and out.

  5. 105

    She is entitled to her opinion. I am happy, she actually has the balls to say this in public. Good for her. I am also sick of seeing the homosexual agenda, reamed down our throats.

  6. 106

    There is nothing more disgusting than so called "christians" hiding behind God's name as they spew vile and hate.

    Watch out Victoria when your day of reckoning comes God just might slam the door in your ignorant face.

  7. 107

    AGAIN! God hates no one! Victoria Jackson was never funny, never smart so why should it be any different now. Her baby voice leads on to believe she suffers from arrested development due to a past trauma.

  8. 108

    She makes me sick. Honestly, I watch Glee with my 13 y/o daughter and we discuss it a lot. We cheered when they kissed because we like the characters and want them to be happy, just like we would want for anyone in that situation. I am raising my kids to have tolerance and not end up like idiots like this woman!

  9. 109

    So she doesn't want to watch two men slobbering all over each other. For that matter, neither do I. Of course, I can always change the channel and I suggest that she do the same thing. Get over it Mario. Not everybody wants to promote homosexuality like you do.

  10. ClubM says – reply to this


    she wants her 15min. back she broke she obviously ate all her money…GO AWAY you ignorant washed up has been

  11. 111

    Lol wow shes such a doofy fat ignorant bitch , if i see her in public i would definitely run her fat ass over and muslims dont hate god they love the same god as america they just call him allah cuz thats what god means in arabic.

  12. 112

    What's really sickening, is the sound of her voice. I couldn't even listen to the whole thing. How old is she with that annoying high pitched voice? What issues does she have that she is trying to sound like a 4 year old?

  13. 113

    Wow what happened to her? she turned into a nutbag

  14. 114

    she is disgusting!! :( sad people

  15. 115

    Before posting READ. the majority of these 100 or so comments have said the same thing. Shut your mouth and read.

  16. 116

    I used to like her! Its ok for people to not like something. However, how on EARTH can you take a book (a BOOK) that was written over 3000 years ago and hold the things they say accountable for these modern times? People back then were not as technologically / and scientificcally advanced back then, it was the dark ages for petes sake. They didnt know that you are born that way. Your born straight, and you are born gay, common sense and scientifically proven. She needs to get her head out of the fridge and get with the times. some books need to be amended. She's been out of the spot light for soooo long, maybe this is her way of getting her name back in!?

  17. 117

    Re: lizzypalma – if you really were a Christian (or an adult), you would not be referring to one of God's children as a "piece of trash" just because they don't share your point of view. You sound ignorant and immature, not to mention anything BUT Christian.

  18. 118

    I couldn't even finish that video. She makes me SICK. But I'm Atheist and can't stand when people push religion on you like that. I agree that she is allowed to have her own opinion, and that YOU are making it worse by showcasing her. I agree with everyone else who has said this, there will ALWAYS be homophobes! DON'T support them by creating more media attention!!!

  19. 119


  20. 120

    Re: April 20th
    she kept getting interrupted because she was using the air time to make jabs at the democratic agenda .. she wasn't even answering the questions she was asked.

  21. 121


  22. 122

    no one should take her seriously. like just listen to her voice. muslims hate god? they pray five times a day. and glee isn't "making" people gay. just another washed up "comedian' looking for attention

  23. 123

    what a psychotic fat ass…. she does make all christians look crazy.

  24. 124

    Is this woman a vegan???? Because the bible she keeps referring to "ALSO" says "though shalt not kill" and "do unto others as you would have done to you". So she better not be chomping down on burgers and cheese strings while channel surfing for a show for her daughter to watch that has no gays in it. What horrid, shameful ignorance. An embarassment to society. And to the year 2011 no less.

  25. 125

    hmmmmm, thats odd scince jesus says we should love everyone no matter who they are or what they do!
    (im not christian btw, but if they can use the bible to back up their argument, so can i)

  26. 126

    She needs help… Seriously…

  27. mw says – reply to this


    I'm liberal and I believe in Jesus. I believe that making God "happy" involves accepting those that are different from you and being kind to everyone. So sad these people that call themselves Christians can be so full of hate.

  28. 128

    Some one wants attention. Loony tea-party people need to shut their mouth.

  29. H20 says – reply to this


    The thing is, yes she's homophobic, but so is a lot of the american public, and the world for that matter, because they are mostly religious, so whilst their vision of equality is clouded by their christian-coloured-glasses, people like this idiot will exist and spout this crap. Sadly, it is what they believe.

  30. 130

    unfortunately there will always be people like this in the world. its sad but true. Everyone keeps saying love people for who they are but apparently not when that person is different.

  31. 131

    Like OMG she hasn't been this funny in years lol…….. This is a joke right?

  32. 132

    You can clearly see that this woman is mentally unstable. Within her five minutes, she managed to discriminate against not only the gay public, but also Muslims. It is shocking to think that someone who made a living of mockery on SNL would try to preach such issues of the Bible.

  33. 133

    Hahahahahahaha WOW! She's funnier on HLN than when she was on SNL!!!

  34. 134

    This woman is an idiot. I don't hate god!

    i just hate his groupies.

  35. 135

    you know, being a Christian myself, I accept everyone. no matter what they are and I don't judge them based on their private or their personal life because it's none of my business. if one is into the same sex, that is good for them. and if they're my friend, I'd accept them, no matter what.
    Shame on you Victoria fatso and learn to keep your own narrow-minded and idiotic comments to yourself! D

  36. 136

    She does realize that all she has to do is change the channel???? Oh wait…Now I get it… She's only mad because when Glee comes on that means she actually has to partake in physical activity to locate the remote. Thus abolishing all aspects of her lazy, self absorbed, gluttonous lifestyle.

    Judge not, least ye be judged (Matthew 7:1)

  37. 137

    Why are you bringing the Tea party into this???????

  38. 138

    I want to sit on that bloated tub-of-lard's face and take a big dump (after eating Taco Bell).

  39. 139

    She sucks. What an idiot.

  40. 140

    Why give her the attention then, Perez?

  41. 141

    okay let's see if I got this right.. you are criticizing her and calling her narrow-minded because her beliefs are opposite to YOURS??.. wow
    Let her believe what she wants and you believe what you want.. what happened to "ACCEPTANCE".. oh that's right, I guess it's you MUST ACCEPT only what I believe or you're NARROWMINDED

    you are pathetic. true open-mindedness is accepting those who believe differently than you!!

  42. 142

    hmm let's see if I got this right.. you are criticizing her and calling her narrow-minded because her beliefs are opposite to YOURS??.. wow
    let her believe what she wants and you believe what you want.. what happened to "ACCEPTANCE".. oh that's right, I guess it's you MUST ACCEPT only what I believe or you're NARROWMINDED

    you are pathetic. true open-mindedness is accepting those who believe differently than you!!

  43. 143

    Hey… isn't her ex-husband, Nisan Eventoff, a MUSLIM? I ask because she seems to have some issues towards muslims. Wonder why? mmm….

  44. 144

    Re: pie107 – couldnt have sed it better myself.. as a fellow Christian

  45. 145

    The bible used to mentioned that wearing make up was a sin since you are disrespecting the flesh he gave them, Divorce was a sin, sex before marriage was a sin, Hating on others is a sin and a lot of others things are sins. So that retarded woman should shut up since a lot of things she do might be considered sins by the bible. Twist the bible all you want because everyone knows how to twist words from everything.

    Treat everyone as you want to be treated is the only thing I follow from the bible and I did it before learning the bible.

  46. 146

    She is clearly on drugs, which have made her delusions seem so realistic to her that she feels the need to share her "christian values" with the rest of America. I know there are some people that are crazy christians, but this bitch is taking it to a whole other level.

  47. 147

    She has a right to her opinion. Maybe she just wants to watch a tv show with her teenage daughter without worrying if it is appropriate. The envelope keeps getting pushed further and further. Pretty soon it is going to be acceptable to be fisting a person on tv.

  48. 148

    Wow what's this fat bitches problem.

    Shut up

  49. 149

    Wow, Victoria Jackson actually has a point. I'm with her on this one.

  50. 150

    Thought this was a celebrity blog site?

  51. 151

    With all due respect - keep your homophobic, narrow-minded, tea-party babble to yourself, 'kay?!

  52. 152

    she needs to stop using the bible to support her answer. she needs to just say what she thinks, not what the bible thinks. she has a right to free speech, yeah okay, but she's also a homophobe and there's no getting around that. i, personally, think she's an idiot.

  53. 153

    Re: pie107 – What's your religion? Are you Christian?

  54. 154

    Anyone else notice the notes she wrote on the inside of her hand? Guess she's taking queues from Sarah Palin as well!

  55. 155

    There's nothing right about mocking or being rude to people, but let's see…what IS so funny about Glee mocking people who love Jesus but promoting a gay couple? Isn't that just as narrow-minded as what you're raging against here? Perez, you are rude to anyone who doesn't have your exact beliefs, making you as bad as Jackson here. I have said it before and will say it again hoping you read your comments: you are the very definition of a BIGOT. Look it up.

  56. 156

    she needs to live and let live. everyone does.

  57. 157

    Re: lesley_ant – How is this a contradiction to Christianity?? Christians do not hate gays! Thats the fact that everyone has twisted. I would love to hear you explain what it is a Christian is supposed to be about.

  58. 158

    Re: Douche Hunter – We see Him as our "groom" and the church is the "bride" that is why we give Him that "male representation".

  59. 159

    i love how she recites bible verses the whole time, but cant seem to answer any question thoughtfully and clearly. it made zero sense. i dont agree with her opinion but she should at least be able to show us that she has half a brain to string some words together and complete a thought. she definitely wasn't giving a very compelling argument

  60. Ammie says – reply to this


    How old is she, 2? A grown woman should not be speaking like a toddler. Bottom line: She's developmentally disabled, bless her heart.

  61. 161

    Re: Niraha Harris – To be a Christian and to be EXTREMELY pro-gay is a total oxymoron. Sexual Immorality is a sin in the bible of Christians. So there is no way you can call yourself a Christian if you agree with the sin of homosexuality. You are either hot or cold. Choose what side you want to be because what you are saying makes you lukewarm. What you stated made no sense whatsoever. Let me know what you think of this.

  62. 162

    Re: Douche Hunter – I feel sorry for you as an atheist.

    what if you are wrong? can't change your mind if you get put in Hell.

  63. 163

    Re: CaCaCarKeys – What she said has nothing to do with hating gays. Christians do not hate gays. Geez.

  64. 164

    Opinions are like assholes..everyone has one including this stupid b..itch.

  65. 165

    EVERYONE HAS THEIR OPINION, STOP TRYING TO CHANGE EVERYONES MIND, IT IS NOT GOING TO WORK. Why are you wasting your time trying to change everyones opinion.
    Lady Gaga (perez.. listen!) said: "Well, that's your opinion, isn't it? And I'm not about to waste my time trying to change it."
    so you can state your opinion. that is fine
    but dont try to change everyone elses. please.


  66. 166

    Re: Black Swan – I don't understand why everyone believes this to be an opinion of hate. Come on open your eyes and ears

  67. 167

    Re: Pisstyn – You are absolutely correct. GOD HATES NOONE! BUT HE DOES HATE THE SIN INSIDE EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEM. do you understand that? God loves the homosexual but he hates the sin.

  68. 168

    I'm not going to watch the video. I just can't make myself do it. I already know that she's an ignorant asshole. Sure, she's entitled to her opinions, but stop with the "I'm such a good Christian. I'm so good and righteous, I'm gonna judge and condemn everyone who doesn't believe what I believe." bullshit. That's what pisses me off. State your opinion, and move on. Don't bring out the Bible and claim that God hates gay people, or Muslims, or whoever. God does not hate anyone. It clearly states in the Bible that God loves everyone. I don't go to church, but I believe in God. I don't claim to even be a Christian, because that word just has negative connotations for me. I just don't like people who hide behind the guise of being religious and then spew such hatred and contempt for other human beings. She is an idiot, and mark my words, the Republican party will probably use her in the future.

  69. 169

    Re: JBRAZIL – How is she ignorant?

  70. 170

    Re: KelBel667 – If you want a great argument. Pick up a book called The Bible. you'll get some great facts about it all

  71. 171

    Re: catlover – Again, God DOES NOT HATE gay people. Why do people misunderstand this. I repeat God DOES NOT HATE gay people.

  72. 172

    Re: MelissaVegan – Wow that's your best reply? -_-

  73. 173

    Re: Andy27 – I am shocked that after he has lost all that weight he still has ingorant pplstill calling him fat

  74. 174

    I'm pro-do whatever you want with your life and stay the fuck out of others.

  75. 175

    Re: Ginny Nairooz – How can you claim to be a Christian and agree with PIE107? It makes no sense whatsoever. People claim to be Christians but they are not even true Christians. it is not some label to be thrown around. To be a Christian is to be a follower of Christ. and to be a follower of Christ is to be a follower of the Word (the Bible). IF you disagree with what the Bible says (which is actually what Victoria Jackson is quoting from) than you are a walking oxymoron.

  76. 176

    What a stupid narrow minded bitch.

  77. 177

    This is disgusting!!!!!! The bible teaches you to love not hate!!!! someone with so much hate cannot be a christian! People should mind their own business and not interfere in other peoples lives, it just shows they really have nothing better to do with their time!!!

  78. 178

    I love she complains about Glee's "agenda" or whatever, and then comes to this interview, doesn't answer any of the questions directly, but takes out her Bible and starts spewing out verses. I'm not saying that Christians are bad people, but this is why they get such a bad reputation.

  79. 179

    Um so being a bigot isn't a sin?

  80. 180

    Re: BrittanyB123 – You don't seem to understand that what Perez is addressing is a human rights issue. If you don't want to watch two gay men kissing, turn off the television or change the channel. As much as others might not agree with your choice, it is just that - your choice. When you start talking to the news and posting blogs about how it's morally wrong though and how this should not be allowed on television, you are offending and bringing down many people. Gay people are attacked on a regular basis by people like Victoria Jackson, and it's not fair or right. The world is changing, and the people who can't adapt will, eventually, be left behind. That's all there is to it.

  81. 181

    Re: tabicakes – Um, no, I'm sorry. It doesn't work like that. There is a difference between accepting other's rational opinions, and just letting homophobia and discrimination slide. If someone were to say "things should go back to the way they were decades ago. Black people should sit in the back of the bus, Jews should be thrown into concentration camps and left to die, women shouldn't be allowed to vote, etc." would you be okay with it? Would you just say "oh that's just their opinion!" I would certainly hope not.

  82. 182

    Re: PosseUser

    You are a cun*t.

  83. 183

    Re: His_Heiress – Where the fuck did I say that God hates gay people, or anyone else? Did you even read my post?

  84. 184


  85. 185

    lol you go girl
    you got perez' panties in a bunch
    and who are you perez to tell anyone to keep theirs opinions to themself..
    you talk about anything you diagree with…Chris Brown, Charlie Sheen
    but when someone talks about someth

  86. 186

    lol you go girl
    you got perez' panties in a bunch
    and who are you perez to tell anyone to keep theirs opinions to themself..
    you talk about anything you diagree with…Chris Brown, Charlie Sheen
    but when someone talks about something you don't like thay have to shut up
    your a funny guy!

  87. 187

    lol immorality? how bout idiocracy can this bitch formulate a cohesive sentence with out saying um? FYI what the bible says has change and evolved over time your gonna tell me its 100% all gods word… not so much dear just like the government the church is only letting you see what they want you to. why cant you just love and let love.

  88. 188

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion. And even though I don't agree with hers or Glee's, we do have freedom of speech in this country.

  89. 189

    LOL this fat chick is crazy . . . THE BIBLE IS A JOKE, GOD LOVES EVERYONE OF US, the only sin is to harm, Tea party SCUKS!

  90. 190

    Sorry, Ms. Jackson I am for real and you're definitely burning in hell for what you're saying now. Don't know if I believe in a hell but for you I'll definitely make an exception. This isn't a liberal vs conservatives argument seeing as how countless idiot conservatives have been outed over the years. CLEARLY, one side is just more honest and more mature on this topic than the other. Regardless, point is, Victoria Jackson is a worthless sack of shit.

  91. 191

    Wtf, she doesnt know a shiz, muslims doesnt hate god?!
    i dont.
    and god doesnt hate muslims, nor christians, jews, NOR GAYS! why?! cuz he friggin created them..
    before knwoing the truth about this issue i thought god hated gays, but fortunately i looked for answers tht was well explained and their source was actually the quran. Heres the thing, in islam u should not pretend being someone else(shouldnt be ashamed of who u r), it is well known u cannot wear a cross ..necklace lets say, cuz tht would show tht ur christian,(obviously) islam wants ppl to be themselves, therefore u cannot pretend being gay for a while cuz thts the trend right now..those who r born gay know they r, excatly like those who r bron straight know they r. The act(sex between 2 of the same sex) itself is forbidden of course and should not be practiced, tho u can love whomever u want u cannot marry someone of the same sex, therefor those who would want tht wouldnt really still be muslim. Islam have rules, some imply at all times, others imply ONLY when the whole state is islamic and ruled by muslim leaders FOLLOWING the islamic sharia rules..which ehm..lemme tell u that kind of country, DOES NOT EXIST!

  92. 192

    and i friggin totally agree, ppl should not act like they r gay only to get attention or whatsoever, people should be who they r. it is useless to try being someone else, if u have found ur passion and goal in life go for it, but do not hate, gay people doesnt hurt anyone, im totally supporing all kinds of marriage as long as 2 human beings love each other and want to be by each others side, god is the one to judge, PLUS as far as i know from the quran it clearly says tht god doesnt take from u more than what u got from him, with other words god doesnt punish those who havnt been informed..

  93. 193

    What the fuck Mario??? I just read what I was suppose to have wrote and that's not what I wrote at all. Are you changing posts to suit yourself? What I said what she has a right to her own opinion, whether you like it or not. The only hate monger I see is you Mario. If you go against the masses then your name is mud. Sorry, but not everyone agrees, but disagree with you Mario and you turn into the bully you claim to not be anymore. Print that bitch

  94. 194

    Um… she is mentally retarded. She clearly went to pray the gay away camp and underwent electric shock therapy funded by Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, et al. Clearly.

  95. 195

    Nobody should care what this bigoted has-been bloated cow has to say. 'nough said…

  96. 196

    LOL, bitch is probably upset she can't get peen and blames it on the gays and not the fact she is a fat ditch pig.

  97. 197

    To be fair, she hasn't spouted anything in this interview considering she couldn't get a word in edge-wise.

  98. 198


  99. 199

    like racism….homophobia will always be there, it is disgusting and should be condemned by all. Can't change people's thoughts so easily, shit… people physically and verbally attack each other everyday. The HUman race is so misunderstood.

  100. open1 says – reply to this


    wow.. what a nutter! yeah.. THAT is what is destroying todays youth. Not that they are allowed to do whatever they want with no consequences. Not that they are given evenything even though they don't deserve it or have not worked for it. Not that parents leave schools and teachers, and the TV to teach and raise their kids. Nothing to do with being materialistic or anything like that. NO.. it's a kiss between two boys that is destroying out youth. hmm..

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