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Victoria Jackson Continues To Promote Homophobia!

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With all due respect - keep your homophobic, narrow-minded, tea-party babble to yourself, 'kay?!

Last night, after the world got wind of her hateful tribble against Glee in her column on WorldNetDaily, former SNL actress Victoria Jackson appeared on Headline News' Showbiz Tonight to "clarify" her comments.

If you're waiting for an apology from her, don't waste your time. For another five minutes, Victoria just continues her tirade of homophobia by bashing the gay community as well as the show even further.

Watch the video (above), if you can stomach it, to hear her spew more hateful thoughts.

Shameful. Downright shameful. We feel sorry for your teenage daughter who is getting a limited scope of the world because of your skewed views!

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247 comments to “Victoria Jackson Continues To Promote Homophobia!”

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  1. 201

    So sad. I used to like her.

  2. 202

    she did not answer the questions being thrown at her…..

  3. 203

    She is a FAT ASS has been. Who really cares what that nobody says. Hahahaha!! Buh bye, Victoria.

  4. 204

    I think she's right. I was disgusted also by the kiss on Glee.

  5. 205

    i HATE when people bring the bible into things. Do not use God to defend your narrow mindedness!

  6. 206

    God damn… I think media outlets need to stop paying attention to her. She's only getting what she wants from all of this.

  7. 207

    Even if you are a homophobic jerk, that kiss was not a gross kiss. They weren't slobbering or over-doing it. It's a good thing she has "Jesus" because he is the only one who will ever love her.

  8. 208

    Re: OriginalRecipe – You know who looks like a clown? Lady Gaga in your profile picture. Now shes the clown

  9. 209

    Re: Marlene Artemis Mobango – As Christians its fine to accept them but not accept their lifestyle. We should love them but not love or agree with the sin they are in.

  10. 210

    Circular Logic How refreshing.. Come on stupid if you have nothing better to fall back on to reference your options please keep your mouth shut, and go back to cave you confine yourself to and watch the fire for further apocalypses. If you want to know the definition of the word apocalypse. It means to draw back the vail, or to reveal secret knowledge. One other point Victoria if you follow the bible as a rule book for your life and you believe in it’s literal interpretation why don’t you follow all the rules in it. Because if you are skipping any of what the ”good" hmm book says that means that the book as literal rule book for life is invalid. At least to most logical thinking humans.

  11. 211

    She is clearly wackadoodle. The first words that came out of her mouth confirmed my worst fears for her sanity: "It doesn't matter what I think, it matters what the bible says." So, wait- you are saying that you don't even agree with the bible, but you think you need to blindly follow what some book of fables written by men very very long ago says? That's the problem, Victoria, you are not thinking!! You are not thinking for yourself. Use that brain that "God" gave you. Even the reporter was trying to shut her up on the bible stuff, she knew Victoria was coming off as a nutcase. Religion really has a way with the weak minded.

  12. 212

    Holy shit listen to her. She is unbearable in every sense and form of the word. She should've played Umbridge is Harry Potter!

  13. 213

    make her voice stop!!!! the media needs to stop spreading her small minded views!

  14. 214

    This is great. A washed-up glutton has come out of the closet to call boo on Glee. I had to Google her. Why does she gossip so much. She is old enough to have seen the Brit and Madonna kiss on TV. Did she go up against them. Oh, that's right, she would have lost her job on Saturday Night Live. The old 8mm film of her on TV explains where she is today and why she is overweight, unhappy, divorced, and pretends to have a little girl voice. Victoria - If you do not like America - move out. If you do not like Glee - change the channel. If you think a TV show is making your daughters gay - love them anyway. Better yet, give Sara Palin a big wet long kiss at the next iced tea party rally. mwwwaa

  15. 215

    Re: sweethaang4 – You made me laugh. You have a three way as your photo? Did you know penguins can change their sex and love man on man action?

  16. 216

    You know, for someone who preaches that we should all be less hateful and more accepting of ALL beliefs - you do just as much damage to your side of the story as she does to hers…

  17. 217

    This has to be a joke, I think she is trying to get publicity by pulling a Sheen.

  18. 218

    its so sad because so long ago on SNL she really WAS funny……its sad…

  19. 219

    Re: tenyearsgone – i know..they didnt even use tongue….shameful

  20. 220


    She is not sick person, she is claiming the bible, therfore if the bible sick, then God is sick!!

    ADAM AND EVE story that we all knew from childhood, even if it was symbolic, talks about man and woman, never woman and woman, or man and man. It was ADAM and EVE and never ever ADAM AND STEVE.

    Keep doing what you doing "THIS IS AMERICA", U r the sickening piece of trash itself. U never and will never do good to u, ur people, other people's lives..

    Ur end is worse than SADOM AND GAMORA, Remember that, by not letting the good word sink in your hearts.

  21. 221

    Hey for ALL you people that can't read. The Tea Party does NOT have an agenda on social issues… OK.. CAN YOU READ?? THE TEA PARTY IS ABOUT LOWER TAXES AND LESS SPENDING… Wait.. did I say that too fast for you?? THE TEA PARTY IS ABOUT LOWER TAXES AND LESS SPENDING!!!! Got that??? And she is NOT invited to this party!!!

  22. 222

    I'm confused as to why a grown woman is talking like a baby. She's a ditz, and it's obviously not just an act. The "Word Of God" she is quoting, with the voice of a three year old, also says that shellfish eaters are destined for hell. EVOLVE !!!

    Gluttony is also considered a Sin, just sayin'…

  23. 223

    Sally, if you gave birth to a child who had both MALE and FEMALE reproductive organs, what would you do…would you give the child a series of painful Frankenstein operations to correct "God's mistake"? Or would you accept the child and realize it is God's plan to create beings which are both male and female? Next time you are in Bible class, look up "stumbling block".

  24. 224

    Re: His_Heiress – but they are two completely different types of clown ;)

  25. 225

    Hey cry babies on this site…
    it's America and it's called free speech! Stop fucking crying everytime someone has a different opinion than yours, you bunch of hypocrites. Some old comedienne isn't going to influence anyone, so change your tampon, get a new kleenex to cry into, and get on with your lives.

  26. 226

    Re: Franceska Saint-juste – Apparently in Canada, there's not much in the way of English classes. I'm glad I don't live in Canada. It's just full of Canadians…EW.

  27. 227

    What a vile, ignorant bigot. She's made a complete fool of herself. It would be funny if it wasn't so serious, in terms of the enormous movement of right wing tea party bible thumpers. I'm so glad I'm not gay in America, it must be awful havin to deal with morons like this. Stupid woman.

  28. 228

    This generation is dying off. Young kids grow up these days to accept, no, to embrace diversity. These ignorant bigots are a dying breed. We'll just have to tolerate them and keep quiet until they die out. Don't let them upset you Perez. It's not worth it.

    My parents, bless them, find it difficult to accept gay marriage and the openly gay lifestyle. They are from a different era. We shouldn't let their views bother us. They feel equally perplexed about the internet, technology etc! It's just not something they understand or have been brought up with.

    Don't get your knickers in a twist about these backward views Perez, just let it go. A new generation of youngsters are being inspired by Glee kisses and the more open, kind attitude towards all people, however they want to live their lives. These kids know it's OK to be who they are. And by the time they are adults all these ignorant dinosaurs will be long gone.

  29. 229

    What a disgusting & hateful person!

  30. 230

    I've got news for ya. If you're watching a show called "Glee," then you're guaranteed BY GOD to see some gay stuff. Don't be surprised.

    And you say you can't find a TV show for your daughter to watch? Shit, show her whatever you're watching you giant hippo. Clearly you're sitting on that tuckus of yours overtime.

  31. 231

    Don't agree with her, BUT I am sick of the Gay agenda being pushed down our throat by Glee AND especially Perez Hilton.
    Perez, Please keep one site for entertainment news, and another site for gay rights, Please.

  32. 232

    I used to love watching Victoria Jackson on SNL, but now she's turned into Fred Phelps with boobies. I urge anyone with even half a brain to stop listening to her or her hate-filled rants.

  33. 233

    How immoral ,she has been married and divorced .

  34. 234

    You go Victoria Jackson! I would not like it if my teenager watching same-sex kissing on TV programs that are supposed to be for teens or children. I feel like Gay issues are being crammed down my throat too.

  35. 235

    Re: tacogirl – What is this "gay agenda"? To please stop outcasting them… Is that really such a crazy agenda?

  36. 236

    i think she is the sicking one! she has issues i am listening to her thinking that she needs help. What a terrible human being!

  37. 237

    honey…have you watched the show? the interviewer called her out on the christian point but shes also like "There should be a celibacy club." THERE IS. there has been a celibacy club in both seasons. glee is great because it shows and rationalizes views from both side of the spectrum…Holly Holiday vs. Celibacy Club, and they had Grilled Cheesus which made great points for Religious vs. Athiest. I love Glee and she is hypocritical, she is preaching one way tolerance. Be accepting of Christians…that's it. Umm…honey, look at yourself in the mirror.

  38. 238

    Two wrongs don't make a right people why bash her for her views, does she have to think like you? Everyone is entitled to their opinion no matter what it is. I don't agree with her whatsoever but it's her right to express her opinions.

  39. 239

    I kind of feel sorry for her! She made the mistake of posting what she did, but she was brave enough to not delete it after all the backfire. I am a Christian and I do not believe that hating homosexuals is correct and do not believe in hiding things like what was on Glee to the children of this generation. I respect Victoria for backing up her believes with the bible. Even if she should not have brought Glee up on her blog in the first place. There was no sense in tarnishing her career.

  40. 240

    Who gives a fuck about her opinion? I don't even know who she is. She's no more of a celebrity than some random blogger or writer. I'm sure she's loving getting any publicity at all.
    What a lunatic.

  41. 241

    I just find it aweful hypocritical of someone that has a blog, based on their opinion, to criticize someone else for voicing thier own opinion. Maybe you should get rid of your double standards and let other people say what they want without ripping into them. Not everybody wants to see two men, and in this case two boys, making out. Reverse what you have to say. Not everybody wants to have your gay/lesbian agenda pushed down their throat all the damn time either. It's pretty simple if you don't like what she has to say, change the fucking channel!

  42. krw35 says – reply to this


    As usual, the wind-bag interviewer wouldn't even let Victoria finish a thought. I totally agree with Victoria.

  43. 243

    i thought that she was playing a DUMB woman in SNL,but i was wrong.
    SHE IS ACTUALLY DUMB.and what is it with the aunt Jemima look.This Christians are sick.BY the way ,the kiss was HOT

  44. 244

    Dear Victoria Jackson, I just watched your interview on Headline News and all have to say is, I think just threw up in my mouth.
    Funny enough, it wasn't your Minnie mouse hairdo or the fact that you sound like a 5 year old trying to say exactly what her mommy told her to.
    Seriously, your inebriated recounts of bible passages that you've spun with your own personal brand of hatred & ignorance - and of course your need to be in the spotlight at any cost - MADE ME PHYSICALLY ILL.

  45. 245

    That has to be one of the cutest scenes that's ever been on glee. ♥♥
    That woman has serious problems :(

  46. 246

    That comment about her teenage daughter was way below the belt. Just because she's acting narrow-minded about this one particular issue doesn't mean that you have to bring her daughter or her parenting skills into it.

  47. 247

    1st:the war is in ur head.
    2nd:ur haircut is a sin.
    3rd:the intollerance is a sin,and as u dont tollerate me ur a big … sinner.
    4th:i dont judje u and accept and respect u(ad said jesus to do) although u say and that u speak like a stupid that has read the the fist page of bible and believes to know everything.
    i wanna tell u just 1 thing

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