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Chris Brown's New Album Sells, Despite Bad Press

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chris brown album sales doing well despite bad press

Given all the bad press he's gotten recently, Chris Brown is doing pret-ty well for himself.

He's still confirmed for Dancing With the Stars, he was invited back to Good Morning America, and now we've learned that he's leading the way in album charts, with sales in the 250-275k range for his album F.A.M.E. (Forgiving All My Enemies)!

Not bad AT ALL. So far, his album holds the #2 spot, next to Adele at #1, who's sold 351k copies of her new album.

Jennifer Hudson couldn't even come close to Breezy with her album, I Remember Me, which has hit 150-175k copies sold.

This is crazy! What kind of good fortune is gonna come to Chris Brown next? They'll offer him a major role in a huge upcoming movie perhaps? Avatar 2, starring Sam Worthington And Breezy???

Do U think Chris Brown deserves all of this success?

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89 comments to “Chris Brown's New Album Sells, Despite Bad Press”

  1. 1

    Not really but neither do a lot of other shitty artists out there today for example Lady Gaga people will eat basically anything that's shoved in their faces long enough.

  2. 2

    no, and i think it was ridiculous how he acted on GMA, after being asked questions that were obviously going to be asked, hes a twat

  3. 7tizz says – reply to this


    Whoever disigned that album cover needs to never work in that field again. What's with the letters F.A.M.E. looking all goulish anyway?

  4. 4

    Hate him!

  5. 5

    Controversy sells, is that even news to people?

  6. 6

    & Lol At Your user @MsJules who is blindly defending his actions along with the other CB sheep fans on here.

  7. MJB12 says – reply to this


    F.A.M.E. stands for Fans Are My Everything, not Forgive All My Enemies

  8. 8

    Hes worked hard to get to where he is today in his CAREER. Now, Charlie Sheen, Lindsay Lohan and Mel Gibson who have been given NUMEROUS chances dont deserve success.

  9. 7tizz says – reply to this


    Re: MJB12 – Considering CB said the latter, you are wrong. Did you even see the GMA interview?

  10. 10

    Doesnt everyone deserve a second chance. You were given one, or do you no remember being called out by Jeniffer Aniston on why are you so mean?? Do you forget using the F@gg07 word?? Should everyone write you off?? They guy has his demons, but you have to admit he has talent. He doesnt owe me an apology and he has some growing upo to do but he is in his early 20's it took you getting into your 30's to change your evil ways (and truthfully you still are a bully, you could use a little more humilty yourself). So yes he deserves it, and maybe along the way he will have an epiphany to humble himself too

  11. 11

    Yes he deserves success because he's earned it. He is actually very talented. So why don't you start posting about how Charlie Sheen doesn't deserve to return to two and a half men because he put a gun up to his wife and abused a hooker. But no, you continue to post "get better" blah blah. I don't condone violence but this one sided bs is annoying.

  12. 12

    Huh? Clearly a talented person deserves his or her success.
    Artists are known for being temperamental and mad geniuses. Always have been.
    And Chris Brown is right: he is roundly criticized for similar offenses that Charlie Sheen is lionized for. So, why the double standard?

  13. 13

    oh girl shut up already!! Did Demi and Miley deserve to get all the press coverage from u and other outlets cuz of their bad behavior and now sympathy? MUST u print abt Charlie Sheens achievements everyday? Why is Jlow considered a singer…Why is Lindsey still relevant and getting paid for mag covers and interviews despite not having a hit in ages….shall i go on?? I guess Chris is DIFFERENT?? than all these ppl you glorify?? explain to us that???

  14. 14

    Fork you Perez! i am with Chris all the way…this is what working hard to get what u want stands for. stop trying to bring him down with your negativity whilst u kiss other peoples asses to get where ur going. sucks to be you big time.

  15. 15

    I think he deserves it. He has worked hard.

  16. Blunt says – reply to this


    muahaha suck it perez, face it the guy is talented. Btw rihanna sold 162,000 and caca sold 137,000 their first week. BURN

  17. 17

    Despite all the stupid shit hes done, you cant say that he doesnt have talent. Yeah, hes made some bad moves but that doesnt mean he doesnt work hard or anything. The point is, he is a talented singer and deserves all the fame and success he gets, no matter how dumb the stuff hes done in the past is.

  18. 18

    Re: HateMachine – yup he got a second chance then he pulls out the gma diva stunt

  19. 19

    Good job Chris!

  20. 20

    Yes. That thing that Happened two years ago is OVER! She was NOT abused it happened once. And comparing to actual obusive relationships is offensive.
    Anyway..I don't understand this is one of the biggest gossip sites you would think that u cld see the majority opinion yet it doesn't cover it bc his album is #1

  21. 21

    Focus on his talents not his wrong doing WHICH he is truly sorry for!
    chris brown is one great singer! way better than other people in the bis like…b.e.p and rihanna who! cant sing live without their auto tune! :P
    just keep in mind he has talent! singer, dancer and actor!

  22. 22

    im glad chris is doing well, he's very talented. adele should be #2 or better yet adele should be all the way at the bottom. she sucks. adele triple chins needs to go. haha i swear who would even buy triple chins music.. her music is terrible. she needs to go back to where ever the hell she came from. chris hand down. his success right now is making all the haters jealous. haha i love it.

  23. 23

    yes he deserves it despite what happened 2 years ago he have a great voice I think that some people should just get over it I'm not saying that what he did is right but we don't know the whole sorry about what happened to years ago so stop hating and FACE IT he haVE talent !!! @iSayEffU and BTW LADY GAGA DESERVES EVERYTHING SHE HAS. SHE HAVE CREATIVITY AND A GREAT VOICE SO STOP HATING you probably have nothing of these ur just a talentless judgemental hater

  24. 24

    I don't agree with his behavior after the GMA interview, but let's face it- he is a talented guy. If you look back at all the outbursts, overdoses, hotel room trashing and all the other over- the-top antics of musicians over the past few decades, this is really not that bad. If he were a white rock dude, would it really be that big of a deal? Let it go, Perez. If ABC is okay with him, then what's your problem?

  25. 25


  26. 26

    what is your constant obession with chris brown, u r ALWAYS on him, even when u are "complementing" him, it is veiled with sarcasm. I don't think you've changed at all, i think your're masking your hating ways, and going after those you view as "weak" or in a place where most will agree with your hateful comments. For all you chris brown haters that might jump on this comment, i could care less about chris brown trust me. But damn, give the man a break. Everyone on here has done something they are ashamed of, it might not be hitting a woman, but no one is innocent. and they way you going after him, I would think you, Perez, are the first person to walk this damn earth, that is perfect. Trust me you are far from it, as am i. All you need to say is congrats on #2 in album sales. Leave the other bull behind. smh. ugh

  27. 27

    Yes he deserves this success and MORE!! He's been through hell. He's young and obviously has a lot of living to do and alot to learn about life….as do most young people. I LOVE FAME…the album is HOT!! #beautifulpeople

  28. 28

    Love him. Period

  29. 29

    no he doesnt deserve anything, expect maybe to get shiv'ed in prison!

  30. 30

    I want it all baaaaaaack! That song I Want It All Back is my FAVE on the FAME album!! OMG Chris' music SLAYS!!

  31. 31

    Re: Eirin S. Johansen – Yeah, constantly acting like a douche and throwing hissy fits aren't no easy tasks!!

  32. 32

    Re: JJOfficial – there's controversy, and then there's beating up a woman. that isn't a controversy, it's a disgusting crime and anyone who would buy his album, work with him or associate with him in any way may as well say "i support domestic abuse" because he has made it clear he isnt sorry and he hasnt learned anything. he doesnt deserve success, attention….he doesnt deserve happiness or any sort. may he get what he deserves. what an evil human being.

  33. 33


  34. 34

    Yes he does deserve it. And I am so happy for him. GMA set him up, but he should go back on.

  35. 35

    Re: HateMachine – TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU!

  36. 36

    Love him!

  37. 37

    Yes! yes he does
    he's music is great
    he may do dumb things but so do a lot of other rock stars

  38. 38

    YES! Mario, because at the end of the day, it is about talent. he has talent, why should we disvalue that?

  39. 39

    frankly, it seems to me that chris brown could have thrown sprinkles and rainbows all over the GMA set and you would have still found something to criticize about him. am i condoning his behavior (past and present) ..? no, of course not. but i find it difficult to comprehend the fact that every other post on here is about charlie sheen and how funny/sad his antics are and how you wish he'd get better. the guy shot his wife (i don't give a flying fart in space whether it was accidental), has had multiple domestic violence accusations against him, and yet you feel bad for him..? what is fair about that? maybe chris brown has some demons like charlie, but you will always insist he's a "scumbag woman beater". and i've heard some pretty ridiculous stories about the diva antics of certain other celebs whose asses you continually kiss on this website, and nothing of substance is ever said about them. your attempts to prove to everyone you've changed your bully ways is pretty unsuccessful. anyone with half a brain can see through your bullshit and knows you're still a bully, you're just a little more quiet about it now. get real dude.

  40. 40


  41. 41

    Re: anon1111

    well said, completely agree with u 100%

  42. 42

    You know im sick of everyone giving him such a hard time…. HIS IS AN ARTIST HE WRITES HIS OWN SONGS…AN ARTIST…DOESNT RIP OFF OTHER ARTISTS…. His private life has no reflection on his talent… I hate how sheep ppl do this. yes he has issues but does that make him a bad artist? NO. Its easy to get the taylor swift "poor taylor" card to sell more records and how rihanna gets sales for being the victim. But lets be honest here he writes his own songs, rihanna doesnt. He dances well, rihanna doesnt, he sings well, rihanna doesnt but yet HE DOESNT DESERVE HIS SUCCESS. You only dont deserve success as an artist if you produce a shit record. He has not done this. Most guy morally? HELL NO but give him credit where its due ppl!

  43. 43

    Re: lucil902 – hey perez is leashed my ri ri so we all know what team hes on

  44. 44

    lol, what do you mean does he deserve all that success? ofcourse he does. he's worked hard on this album and a reaction lk his at GMA shouldnt take what he deserves away from him, good or bad. his album is good so ppl are buying it.. but the way he reacted wasnt the greatest and he got bad publicity for that. your so twisted, hop off cb.. if anything ur insignificant ass doesn't deserve success

  45. 45

    Does anyone even like this pencil dick anymore?

  46. 46

    And Please who the fuck cares about Jennifer Thudson?? What are you, on her fucking payroll?

  47. m777 says – reply to this


    yes, he does. what he did to his girlfriend back then is certainly wrong and unforgivable but i truely think that he needs a break, it's not helping him at all to constantly remind him of how bad he should feel when he's obviously trying to move on. he deserves his second chance and as far as music is concerned he his very talented, so why not ?

  48. treek says – reply to this



  49. 49

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE C.B. I also agree this album cover is crap! Please someone redesign this cover. I hate it. Chris is a very handsome dude…showcase his good looks on his album cover…not this artistic rendering. And YES, he deserves this recognition. He has a ton of talent. I haven't heard a single song I didn't like of his. I love his voice. Chris Brown all the WAAAAY. Suck it Perez. LOL I'm gonna go buy his album now.

  50. 50

    Re: Im_A_Prick – You mean Rihanna?

  51. 51

    as long as Chris can make music then whatever he does is his business. i think generally people like to dwell on the past (even in their personal relationships, friendships, family, etc) and then make up more non-sense based on it.

    as for the interview, personally, i think the more educated women are the better they are with planning on how to word their side of the story or scheming in a sense. i'm sure he knew what they were gonna talk about, but she kept saying… "yeah, but you know it was serious what you did" I don't think he had forgotten how serious the situation was, but I think he snapped because it was on television. it's kinda embarrassing. no one likes to be be talked down to in public.

  52. 52

    Wow, all these comments supporting this DOUCHE are insane! Just think how happy you would be for his success if he was the one beating your child! How dare you all. If he actually showed that he had learned from his mistake then you might have a point. Obviously he has no control over his actions. Shame on you.

  53. 53

    I'm pretty disgusted by this guy - even before his whole hissy fit on GMA. I don't care how talented a person is… whether you're Charlie, Tiger, Mel, Lindsey, Chris Brown or Bobbie Brown… you keep up the same gross behavior, whatever that may be, over and over, you'll get whats coming to you. This guy obviously hasn't learned a thing - and has been photographed all smiley and happy-go-lucky like it's cute. What's astonishing to me is even after everything that's happened HE ACTUALLY is trying to play the VICTIM here… and all these hormonal girls are playing along with it?!?!? What, just because he's physically attractive??? I'm sure his album sales will do just fine - and I wouldn't be surprised if he even planned the whole GMA thing for the publicity…

  54. 54

    …. I mean Robin Roberts is the last person in the world anyone should be offended by and she DID get his approval ahead of time. Can Chris Brown really expect the media to NEVER mention that again??? Can he seriously not control his anger long enough to get through a 5-10 minute interview about a SERIOUS "incident" in his past that he was guilty of? And everyone is defending him because it's been TWO YEARS??? Well I don't think two years is all that long for beating someone to being nearly unrecognizable. But that's just me. I think if a person is screwed up enough to hit a human being like that - whether it's a female OR MALE - then there's a WHOOOLE lot of therapy that needs to be done and TWO YEARS ain't cutting it. But hey - I guess throwing a chair through a second story window is an improvement afterall.

  55. 55

    Oh! Sorry - I forgot to mention his album cover. Despite my feelings about his character, I will admit that I like some of his music (though I can't bring myself to buy his album). I'm a graphic designer and I think the main illustration in the center of the album cover is nice but the rest is just… wow. I guess it might be appropriate in that it displays qualities of a multiple personality disorder? ;)

  56. 56

    no one should move on from what he did. it wasn't a "mistake" People who are in their right character don't do stuff like that. And he continues to show that he hasn't changed through his actions. so no, i will never look at him like i did before. he can go to hell with his silly mixtape.

  57. 57

    ppl like chris brown shouldn't be allowed to have fame. who knows what they would get away with or would do. excuse my language, but this little grinning blond fuck annoys the shit out of me.
    If anyone walked into a store yesterday and went, “One album by the woman-beater who just threw a hissy fit when asked pre-screened questions about his actions, please,” we are so irretrievably fucked as a nation that it’s amazing we can conduct even the most basic of tasks needed to sustain a functional society.

  58. 58

    did anyone ever notice, that under allll chris brown's youtube videos, thr are ppl saying: iLOVE CHRIS BROWN, THAT BITCH HAD IT COMING, or IF HE DIDNT WHOOP RIHANNA'S ASS I WOULD HAVE. ????

    so i guess we know who's buying his albums. all the wife beaters out there. no no…all the talented wife beaters out thr. the guys who hit their gfs or have their mother stuffed in their car trunk, or the girls that blame themselves for being wrong and are sorry when they are abused and think it's their fault. this stuff is real. it just shows how messed up the youths in this country are.

  59. 59

    these days people find much success from their bad behavior and it truly sucks. charlie sheen is hotter than ever. mel gibson doesnt seem to be hurting in his career. the kardashians and paris hilton have made entire careers from being skanks. now we have ghetto thug chris brown enjoying success after having a temper tantrum. its really pathetic. the only person whose career seems to be destroyed by her bad actions is lindsey lohan.

  60. 60

    all those guys out there sayin: you need to handle your woman right and you cant be disrespectin yo man, ima smack u bitch etc.

    those r the ones buyin his album. not everyone's gona be sane n know what's right from wrong. i mean, jerry springer made a whole show off of these ppl. ppl are gona buy his album cuz they like what he did or are just like him or worse…

    saying he's talented and judging him based on his music? THAT'S what's wrong with society. That's how judges get away with corruption cuz they're SUCH A GOOD JUDGE, orrrr influential religious figures get away with molesting kids, it's cuz thr good at what they do? yeh that's not right.

  61. 61

    o and the girls buyin his albums? seriously ppl, there are tonssss of girls that say: chris brown ooo he so fineee, he could hit me any day!

    yup..those are his fans. the ones that think, o i wonder what rihanna did to get beat up? she must have hit him first.. then it's fine of course he would hit her back..

    so im really not surprised by his album sales. it just reflects how fucked up our society is.

  62. ONIT says – reply to this


    It's not called bad press, it's called self-made publicity. Everybody does it, so what.

  63. 63

    i mean, i'm a fan of music. he has created a bridge for all of your favorite artists to mix techno/house with pop/hiphop/rnb such as rihanna (whom he wrote a song for).

    i'm a supporter for people who want to make a change and make efforts to do so because without that kind of mentality the world could never ever change. people should learn to embrace the idea that he's trying to make a change. no one said that changing would be easy, he'll mess up a lot and most of them will be reported to the media. i have an uncle that beat up my aunt; he's changed. i've always known he was a good person but it reflects even more now because he made that effort to change — no one interfered his progress to change they allowed it to happen.

  64. 64

    He clearly is a national superstar, and deserves EVERYTHING and every little bit of fame! Why do people have to be so negative, jealousy if you ask me!
    He's loved by a lot of people and doesn't need the haters! So if you don't like Chris Brown, why are you so interested in commenting on him? If I don't like a celebrity I don't start calling them and hatin' on them. Come on it's not like their going to waste time looking at you're evil comments anyway! They earn so much by natural talents and it's amazing! Infact Chris Brown is amazing, and it's clear to see he is by how many records of his have sold. I also believe that everyone should get over 'the rihanna situation' it's in the past, he deserves a second chance. Millions of people all over the world beat there girlfriends, you don't know the story behind it and you never will so leave it to the celebrities, cause whoever's hatin' on Chris Brown are just clearly jealous, probably because he earns more in a day than you do a year :)

  65. 65

    PEREZ - do you deserve all the success that has been brought to you?? I understand that this is a gossip site….matter of fact, it's YOUR gossip site, but you rose to the level of fame you have now by basically SHITTING on celebs, so how are you any different?

    He needs to grow up yes, but is he beyond help? ABSOLUTELY not. Just as you had to find your way into positivity, so does he. He is not batshit crazy. He's a confused young man that needs to get his emotions in check…not a monster.

    I would not consider myself a huge CB fan nor a huge fan of yours, but I do see similarities in you both. But at the end of the day, regardless of your mishaps in both your personal and professional lives, you work hard. THAT'S the measure of deserving success.

  66. 66

    Wait-you've got to be kidding- his album FAME stands for forgiving all my enemies???? wow! I love that he thinks he should be forgiving people, like he's been wronged. What a self righteous mega douche. I wanted to give him a break since its become so obvious he's very disturbed, but yeah, no, now I don't think so.
    And of course this violent ass woman beater doesn't deserve any fame.

  67. 67

    Well, a lot of people are buying his album, so even though a lot of people hate him, there's still a lot who don't. I don't really care much about his music or him.

  68. 68

    Actually, the album is #1. HAHAHAHAHA. Where's the hate campaign on Charlie Sheen you hypocritical, racist, cyber-bullying stalker?

  69. 69


  70. 70

    Re: catlover – Nope J-Thud, Perez compared his album sales to hers,,if he's not posting pics of her fugly mug he's mentioneing her, Can't stand that bitch!

  71. 71


  72. 72

    YES HE DOSE!!! TEAMBREZZY# all the way so happy for him and its not even been out for a week yet!! so many othe cleb have done bad stuff but no one talks about that so get over it already, i would be pissed off if people kepted going on about the past when your moving forward with your life!!!

  73. 73

    lol where the fuck have all these team chris brown been? lol damn i thought it was only old people on this page. love it. team breezy

  74. 74


  75. 75


  76. 76

    Re: MsJules – How bout YOU suck it Ms. McDonalds cup? Bet you woulda hated it if that glasses shattered and fell all over ya mama or your McDonalds cup. And just to end my sentence as you always do lol lol lol

  77. 77

    I think he deserves the success from his album because hes talented and his music is great. If all that stuff hadnt happened a lot more people would be buying it. What he did to Rihanna was bad but I honestly dont think he deserves people reminding him everyday because I'm sure the image is something that haunts him everyday. Even Rihanna's dad said he forgave him because he can imagine how bad he feels about himself.
    Everyone makes mistakes in life, hes still young (doesnt mean its right), and still has time to right his wrongs. If any of you are perfect and have never hurt anyone (whether it be physically, emotionally or verbally) then judge him. But I doubt anyone of you is perfect.

    purely based on his music and not his personal life, i think he desrves it

  78. 78

    I was gonna write a comment on a story yesterday but couldn't login. I'm dumb for not writing down the password. This may not be the post but my answer to your question in general, over this topic is… Yes indeed. I do believe that when negative Karma is put in check, you deserve a second chance. A rule in my rulebook is… Show effort at amends or honest remorse and you'll get a pass from me. I bought the CD and you know what? I don't regret it.

  79. 79

    Re: ChrisBrownBeatsWomen – You're a very sick woman.

  80. 80

    I like how everyone is comparing him to people like Lindsay Lohan. He almost KILLED someone! And honestly…the guy is not that talented. He's just another Usher. Who cares. Ike Turner's name was driven into the ground why shouldn't Chris Brown's. And the fact that he flipped out on GMA only speaks to his anger management issues. Once a beater, always a beater.

  81. 81

    Re: StanleyT – She's sick? Why are you so emotional over Chris Brown? He just proved he still has a violent temper! Have you ever experienced domestic violence, or stopped to think about the fact the maybe she has? Your are no less sick in your rabid defense of a woman beater than she is in her vitriolic hatred! Pot meet kettle.

  82. 82

    He deserves every bit of success he gets because he has worked hard to please people like you who are never satisfied with him trying . Honestly , I don't see why people are sooo judgemental. Yes he made a mistake, but EVERYONE does. It's pathetic how much Perez focuses on bringing Chris down , if anyone doesn't deserve 'success' it's Perez. I think it's funny that someone can sit on their computer and judge people allll day but thinks its wrong for them to do anything .

  83. 83

    Really seriously…stop comparing the fight with Rhianna to domestic abuse. Obviously you people have no clue. It is an insult to say this was domestic abuse. Is anyone forgetting that according to the police report Rhianna admitted to hitting Chris first with her high heels!!!!? She deserved her ass beat. You swing then you get what you deserve. She has admitted in public magazine articles that she likes to fight…Hello…abuse can go two ways…
    Get off Chris's dick…..Robin should not have asked the second question once it was clear that Chris was irritated. Yes he deserves everything he is due…and then some.
    I am so tired of the racist double standards…Sean Penn can win an OSCAR but no one talks about his assault to Madonna. Charlie Sheen has multiple abuse cases, and shot Kelly Preston in the arm…seriously….
    People give it a rest

  84. 84

    Re: AnnaJean – She is sick. Lol what is this doing for you?..

  85. 85

    got my deluxe edition copy. His personal life and past mistakes IMO have nothing to do with his musical intelligence. SO many people have doen things in their past that are not so rosy… but they are just lucky enough to not have had the entire world watching every second of their lives play out.. be glad your skeletons in the closet get to remain their you judgey mcjudgersons!

  86. 86

    Re: JJOfficial – Aww you care enough to have mentioned me in your posts. But funny.. you seem to have missed the point of all my statements. I never said i condone what he did.. I have always just stated that he made the mistake and people need to move on. And stood by the point that it is easy to make decisions from the outside looking in.. and that so many people (myself included) have made mistakes that we wouldn't want to have everyone remind us of every day. But please- try to tell me you have lived your life without ever doing anything you aren't proud of…Just be lucky you don't live your life under the miscroscope of the entire world. I would NEVER want to be a celebrity.

  87. 87

    Re: ChrisBrownBeatsWomen – Really? Is that the best you've got? Try again. You are so obsessed with my McDonalds cup.. I'll autograph it and send it to you if you'd like. Freak.

  88. 88

    Re: ChrisBrownBeatsWomen – and PS. i love that you took the time to go to my "Perez' Posse" page to get a bigger view of my photo. Thats awesome. Thank you for the time and attention. the cup is on its way.. LMAO

  89. 89

    Erm, why the hell does it matter if he's violent? If anybody needs to complain about his violence, its Rihanna, not you lot or not like it's got anything to do with the public, it's clearly between two celebrities who lets be honest, your never gonna meet to actually find out what there like..
    Clearly he's getting far because of his music career, not anything else.
    He's good a music and he's got millions and millons of fans, more than all you haters' will ever have, so just get over it :)