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Google Goes GaGa!

| Filed under: Music MinuteLady GaGa

Such an inspiration to so many - and here's exactly why!

Lady GaGa gave an exclusive, hourlong interview with Musicians@Google yesterday, and not only spoke about her upcoming album, Born This Way, but also about the perception out there about female pop stars, her songwriting process and goals, her faith and how she keeps it, and shockingly enough, her perception of the latest YouTube sensation, Rebecca Black!

Oh man! LOLz!

Check it all out (above)!

Such an incredible interview! It's hard to remember sometimes that underneath all of her groundbreaking - and well-deserved - success, she is still a talented, compassionate, and HIGHlarious young woman, with boatloads of insight and unwavering convictions for what she believes in!

Obsessed! We love you, Mother Monster!

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33 comments to “Google Goes GaGa!”

  1. 1

    did you really just post a video that's over an hour long about cruella deville? what a joke……….you and her.

  2. 2

    I watched the whole video. I can't wait for Judas. :D

  3. 3

    She's a clone of everything that's already been. Nothing original. A cheap copy an imitation for people that don't know the difference like you Mario.

  4. 4

    watched it yesterday****

  5. 5

    Can't wait to see the shitload of comments like "Ugh she's copying madonna, she's so ugly, lady caca…blah blah etc" from people who haven't even watched the video

  6. 6

    *sigh* I wish she could go back to the "Pokerface, Paparazi, Just Dance" Lady Gaga… not this over exploited I have to sell out and try way to hard to be cool Gaga… I was such a fan until she became so mainstream.

  7. 7

    Re: jacd123 – Probably because people who truly don't like her wouldn't waste their time watching the video. I watched it– and all I could keep thinking was.. damn I miss the old Gaga. She seems so self absorbed now- when before it was truly about the fans… And every time she shouts "We did it monsters" all I can think to myself is that she’s thinking "Yea, I did it- I got you all to line my pocketS" maybe I'm off based.. but her new direction seems less then genuine.

  8. 8

    The dress, the voice, and the laugh of the interviewer just put my teeth on edge. Awful.

  9. 9

    @MsJules yeah I agree sometimes I question her sincerity but I think she came across great in this interview and her confidence and positivity can sometimes seem like arrogance but she is a true artist and to be honest I don't care if she's doing it for the money( in my opinion she's not) because she came from wealthy family but left that to follow the lifestyle of her idols and she is so passionate about her music and she always goes back to the small pubs and clubs that gave her a chance and performs again, plus the only thing she spends her money on is her clothing/outfits and her touring she likes to create an amazing show and is 100% in control of what she does unlike most modern pop stars plus she doesn't spend her money on big houses/fancy cars/yachts etc.. plus Im sure the music on BornthisWay will be amazing…Edge of Glory sounds like it cam straight from her heart

  10. 10

    Thank you Perez for posting!! Gaga is an amazing human being, I watched the full interview..I love you mother monster

  11. 11

    Have you noticed perez, that theres everytime less and less comments on anything Gaga related lately, and that her last video doesnt even have half the views her previous videos had?. Just saying.

  12. 12

    Could someone PLEASE explain to me what's so "groundbreaking" about this chick? Her music (what little I've heard, thankfully) sounds like the WORST euro-pop the mid 90s had to offer, and her "look" reeks of desperation ("Look at me! LOOK AT ME!!! I'm so ARTY and WEIRD!!!"). I honestly don't understand what she brings to the table that others haven't already done before…and done better.

  13. 13

    Ummmmm GaGa is NOT a musician! She is just a newer version of Madonna. And not in a good way. There will always be more people with bad taste than good.

  14. 14

    Re: jacd123 – Though if she wasnt in it for the money, she wouldnt be making as much as she did and she would be giving it to people. Yes she gave to Japan but if she truly wasn't in it for the money, then I think she wouldnt come off so egotistical.

  15. 15

    I absolutely loved watching this. One of my favorite interviews ever!

  16. 16

    Re: CaliCoyote – Gaga is a hybrid of everything that is pop & rock culture, and she is also a musician… a very multi-talented one as well. Please get your facts straight before posting pointless opinions. Thank you very kindly. :)

  17. 17

    amazing introduction video!! good work whirled!!!

  18. 18

    Loved every minute of it!!!

  19. 19

    Personally, i would feel honored to be compared to madonna. just saying. think to yourself and tell me that you wouldnt want to be compared to such an icon. you say she is unoriginal but all you can come up with is "copying madonna" "lady caca" etc. im not trying to change your minds, just look beyond what you say. who is really getting affected when you post mean things? no one. i honestly think she doesnt care what people think of her.

  20. 20

    who does an hour interview?? NOBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that's why we love you gaga!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. 21

    Gaga: "if you dont have shadows then your not standing on the light"

    THAT'S FOR Y'ALL HATERS! (who happen to be brit's, Katy's and rihanna's fan bases)

  22. 22

    @yeaman But she's not in it for the money, I don't understand what you're saying exactly? she raised more than 200 million!! for HIV and Aids last year and will make 250 million for them by 2012, she gave half a million to Haiti last year and donated concert + merchandise sales to Haiti and Is now raising millions for Japan, she doesn't have a house she doesn't have a big fancy car she lives on the road and puts all of her money in to her shows, I don't understand whats wrong with that?? In the end money won't make you happy theres only so much you can do with it, her passion is performing and writing/singing etc plus she's able to speak in an interview unlike Katy Perry and all them, Gaga has a brain and I hate the amount of hate she usually gets on here, "Lady Gaga just took a shit in a toilet!! Madonna has been doing that for years!!! omg she is soooo copying her! what a clone!!!"

  23. 23

    Re: armchair – Could not possibly have said it better myself.

  24. 24

    I love Gaga! That lady interviewing her is super awkward though…

  25. IVIV says – reply to this


    Re: jacd123 – "she doesn't spend her money on big houses"…so what about her 6 bedroom $25000 a MONTH house in LA? lol thanks to the little monsters! You're really naive if you think all she spends money on are her clothes/costumes, come on now. I'm not saying she can't spend her money but she says the complete opposite & the fans believe it because they believe anything she says. case and point- your comment. & she's not the only "pop star" that is in charge of their career. Young fans just might believe that because they weren't old enough or alive to experience anything else before her.

  26. 26

    gaga looks fantastic, and she truly is so grounded for someone that has such massive fame. love her, everyone hates but she continues to gain popularity, and treats her fans with respect unlike many popstars these days.

  27. 27

    I love how the haters came to here to post hate messages :D Just more popularity to the Lady

  28. 28

    Re: CaliCoyote – how can u say that she isn't a musician? :S she composes, she writes, she plays instruments, she sings… if that is not a musician I don't know what it is !

  29. 29

    Re: bleahf – Hahahahaha, yup, 20mill views is average for a popstar.

  30. 30

    Re: jacd123
    "she raised more than 200 million!! for HIV and Aids last year and will make 250 million for them by 2012,"
    Receipts? Lmao.. BS!

    She raised 400k for Haiti.. you shouldn't add an imaginary 100k.

  31. 31

    other than this website, i dont hear much about gaga anymore… she will be around for awhile, but she peaked with fame monster… yawn

  32. 32

    The thing I love most about Lady GaGa is how much she cares about her fans. Such a contrast to other celebs.

  33. 33

    wow useless comments. none of them have to do with the interview?… anyway, love her, love perez, love the interview and love google! :) this just reaffirms my love for her even more