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Watch Rebecca Black On The Tonight Show!

| Filed under: Music MinuteJay Leno

Girl's going places!!!

Last night, Rebecca Black stopped by The Tonight Show to talk to Jay Leno about her overnight jump to mini-stardom and perform her viral hit, Friday.

Check out her appearance in the video (above) to hear her talk about Ark Music Factory (and not talk about her parents laying down $2K for the single), parodies of her work and why she just thinks Friday is so fun, fun, fun!

P.S. - How loud is the backtrack, huh?

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50 comments to “Watch Rebecca Black On The Tonight Show!”

  1. j.no says – reply to this


    why the hell would anyone want to watch a kid that is so horribly auto-tuned….her parents should ask for their $2k back, unless that's literally the best she's ever sounded.

  2. 2

    how do you become famous for a BAD SONG???!!! I just dont get it….

  3. 3

    Ugh…poor thing…yes, she is only 13, however, that doesn't make the song any better.

  4. 4

    honestly i cannot believe this talentless internet fad is getting so much attention and publicity. this is truly sad that we live in a society where some 13 year old girl who uses her parents money to make music videos is getting attention from record producers. what happened to real talent? i wish she'd realize she's just a huge joke but yet celebrities support her, it sickens me.

  5. 5

    I find her voice really nasal and whiny - I can't listen to more than a few seconds.

  6. 6

    why is no one talking about the fact this is a bob dylan song???

  7. 7

    Her mom is paying everyone to promote her. She obviously did something to get ther daughter to bypass every other kid auditioning in that studio. Paid more than 2,000 im sure… no one in their right mind would listen to her and think, "omg, we have a star!" But maybe im the one who's in the wrong because obviously she's famous now… she seems like a sweet kid, but really, give her singing lessons first and then come out with another song. We'll see if she's any better… that was soooo autotuned…

  8. 8

    you suck fatso

  9. 9

    she's so cheesy. Why the hell does she get that much attention? Why's she actually famous?

  10. 10

    it's totally not my kind of music.. she won't last enough.. too young and no VOICE..

  11. 11

    Yeah the backtrack was a little loud, but you have to admit this girl is adorable. The song may suck, but it is very age appropriate. She's also so sweet to be donating all of the money to Japan and her school. That's an amazingly selfless gesture.

  12. 12

    Are you kidding me, BRADLEY COOPER! I don't care is she's famous now for the dummest song ever, but she got to meet BRADLY COOPER, what the hell!!! This has gone too far

  13. 13

    Hate that song.

  14. 14

    It only has so many views because everyone loves making fun of the video/song! Gah this bitch is stupid.

  15. 15

    Re: Crystal Cebulske Brown – I know eh!? Its a total rip off….other "celebrities" get huge backlash when they put out a song that sounds even remotely close to another……this is word for word….I have doubts that they had permission for this…Just like I have doubts over the authenticity of ARK! haha

  16. 16

    I'm so excited for her next single Saturday. It's going to be a piece of musical art.

  17. 17

    How much was Mario paid to have so many posts about her???

    I think she should open for GagGag on her tour.

  18. 18

    Re: Crystal Cebulske Brown – That's not him its a fake lol. I still stand by what I said this song is terrible and its ashame that this girl gets noticed but so many other undiscover talents are ignored. Its just embarrassing.

  19. 19

    Re: Cheryl Lynn Angevine – You're both being sarcastic…right?

  20. 20

    I do feel bad for the girl. People should be making fun of the song writers not her. She's just a 13 year old girl that wanted to sing a fun song

  21. fid says – reply to this


    The more people talk about her (yes even all the negative stuff) the more hits she gets, the more producers etc. see dollar signs. How to protest these untalented leeches on society? Do not watch any show that she is a guest on, the proof is always in the ratings and the money spent.

  22. 22

    she is cute ! :) she kinda reminds me of lea michelle …

  23. Lumie says – reply to this


    I feel bad for her, people are really mean and she IS only 13. It's really sweet if she's donating money to Japan. However, she has the most annoying voice I've heard in my life! And the song… I don't even know what to say about the song. Her parents should've used the 2000$ to buy her another pony or something, lying to her about her "talent" isn't good for the poor girl.

  24. 24

    She's so talented that I heard her singing before she finished walking over to the other side of the stage and hold her microphone up. Wow. How did she do that? It's so impressive.

  25. 25


  26. 26

    actually if they turned the back tracking down, she would of sounded exactly like how she does on the song. so she didn't really have that much done on the song. it's easy to sing so it's not like she need the backing track.

  27. 27

    …its official….american music scene has become a complete joke.

  28. 28

    oh my fucking god. so embarrassing. and the annoying little bitch was sitting next to bradley cooper?? that pisses me off.

  29. 29

    i would write songs for ark music factory for FREE because all of their shit is crap. fun fun fun fun

  30. 30

    well she is cute i can see her going somewhere within show business. but as for that song. blah. but she's 13 what can you say. its a kids song. good work.

  31. 31

    It's better than that Kim Kardsahian crap song
    but that's like asking,"Do you wan't to die by fire or drowning"…both suck

  32. 32

    after seeing this, i stop making fun of the song. shes only 13(which i didnt know) shes very sweet, very outgoing and lots of guts. everyone should support her, shes doing good things w this song.. shes a lil angel.. im not crazy about the song, but im so glad to hear she didnt write it.. for the person that did, what the heck where you on when writing it..??? well Becca hang in there, bb girl find a good writer or try writing some of your own. youre adorable, and go live out your dreams!! lots of love and luck to ya!!! xoxo H

  33. 33

    Can anyone actually hear her sing and she has such an annoying speaking voice.
    I would say I feel bad for her but she got to meet Bradley Cooper. If she becomes a legit singer due to this song I think I will lose my mind. I don't understand why she would want to record a song like this in the first place. Yes, she's 13 and good for her for not wanting to sing a provocative song but why in the world did her parents allow her to sing such a terrible song… ?

  34. 34

    the original of this song is sooo much better!!!!!

  35. 35

    Re: starsareblind – What do you think?

  36. 36

    We're being punked, I swear!

  37. 37

    Re: noemised – It doesn't really matter what a person is 'on' to write a song, I mean look what The Beatles were on when they wrote legendary songs. It just means the person who wrote Friday is not musically talented.

  38. 38

    She's a sweet kid who recorded a little song…it's not a good song (unbelievably bad lyrics) but her voice isn't terrible. It's just unremarkable. But she's a 13 year old girl. Y'all back off.

  39. 39

    what a fkng joke! so nowadays you just don't need talent, charisma or anything. this is a lipsynching fiasco. her age has nothing to do with hit. you either have it or you don't. how embarrassing.

  40. 40

    oh man!!!! Bitch got to meet Bradley Cooper - and didnt even care!!!

  41. 41

    That's Autotune on steroids. I didn't think a song could sound THAT artifical. Is there where music is going? Please don't say yes.

  42. 42

    Re: Crystal Cebulske Brown – you're an idiot

  43. 43

    WHATTTTT she got to sit / meet Bradley Cooper!

  44. 44

    Re: starsareblind – no, i think they both smoke crack hard!!

  45. 45

    Only in America.

  46. 46

    Oh no no no! People need to stop watching her video because she keeps getting more and more views and before you know it, she's a super star and she SUCKS SO BAD! When I saw her video, I wanted to cry. I honestly thought it was a joke or something. WHY WHY! She makes Justin Bieber look like Michael Jackson

  47. 47

    Apparently, SIMON COWLELL is on her side! I mean out of all people, Simon Cowell is on her side? WTF? This is one of signs of 2012 I SWEAR

  48. 48

    she is sweet, i mean reaaaallyyyy sweet!!! :) so i dont care if her song sucks … go girl! good 4 u!!!!! ♥

  49. 49

    Re: Maria Rojas
    Seriously, you're calling a 13yr old a bitch. Didn't your mother teach you any manners?! And you're a girl too, you should know better!

  50. 50

    Re: Crystal Cebulske Brown – probably because it's not a bob dylan song.