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Apple Takes Down "Gay Cure" App

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Apple Takes Down Gay Cure App

So there was this app in the Apple App Store recently aimed at “homosexual strugglers” by Christian group Exodus International.

That app, apparently due to outcry and possibly an online petition with over more than 145k followers, has been yanked from the store!

Apple, who is notorious for not having a clear outline on what's allowed and what isn't allowed in the App Store, has not released a comment as to why the app has been removed. We think we'll hear from them soon enough, though!

Now, while obviously we don't support or agree with the app and it's content, we DO feel however that they have the right to have their app in the store.

The app had been available since Feb. 15th.

Do U think it should have been taken down?

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55 comments to “Apple Takes Down "Gay Cure" App”

  1. buck says – reply to this


    the ap sounds like a great idea for those kids that are really struggling with their sexuality and would like to led normal healthy lives. if you don't want help simply don't get the ap. i guess liberal strike again!

  2. 2

    I agree. They seem to be marketing in a "tasteful" way (if that makes any sense). I haven't looked in to it, but it doesn't seem to be hate based.

  3. 3

    I think they should be able to do what they want to because we have freedom of speech in our country, although i do not agree with that lifestyle, I don't have to read it or agree with it!! Just as some people might not agree with my freaky lifestyle!!! www.weightlossin90.bodybyvi.com

  4. 4

    HELL No if they do something like this again I will be pissed. I hate Homophbic people. The should be put somewhere

  5. buck says – reply to this


    Hilton should explain why he doesn't support or agree with the app. It seems that anything that could give our youth guidance on sexuality and perhaps save them from a life of being ostercized, humiliated and bullied would be worth while. The only explaination I can come up with is that Hilton would rather have people be tormented and push his pro-gay agenda rather than really trying to help people

  6. 6

    Re: buck – Buck I know many people with gay lifestyles that are conservative and lead normal healthy lives. Just because your gay does make you a liberal.

  7. 7

    Re: buck – Oh, a normal, healthy life? As opposed to an UNhealthy and ABnormal life. I see.

  8. 8

    I think it should have been taken down.

    You cannot pray away the gay. God made you gay in the first place and no amount of praying is going to change that.

    Only homophobes would think this tool would be useful and they are the only people that will benefit from it, in that they think they are "helping someone", but the end user is not getting the help that they need.

    It does not actually help those who need real useful positive guidance and acceptance, it just prolongs the period that they cannot find acceptance of themselves, so they suffer with their identity for a longer time and not be able to get on with their lives.

    It is a harmful application and should therefore not be made available.

  9. 9

    You're such a hypocrite, Perez. I'm sure if you thought-master GAGA had spoken out about this app you would be hating on Apple for allowing it at all. You probably use a Mac computer, too, which is a testament to your complete superficiality. Stick to Hollywood gossip or hire someone to do research for you b/c when you talk about issues like this you sound like an ignorant fool.

  10. buck says – reply to this


    Re: LizardKinG – i agree..didn't say homosexuals are all liberal, the liberals are the PC groups that try to block things like this.

  11. buck says – reply to this


    Re: Dick Gozinya – yep, i agree with you..you got it right

  12. 12


    It is not the individuals problem that they could be ostercized, bullied or humiliated. It is societies problem and we all know that. Bullying is wrong. Treating someone different because of their sexuality is wrong.

    There is nothing wrong with being gay and anyone who is gay needs all the support they can get to be able to walk around and hold their head up high, to be proud of themselves especially in all the hate that can come there way.

    This application does not empower them to do that.

  13. 13

    Apple is a private company and have all the right in the world to decide what they will or will not sell.

    And as far as anyone thinking being gay can be "cured," it's time to find a cure for homophobia and hate. Oh, if gay can be cured, then so can being str8. Line up for your shots now, boys!

  14. 14

    Being gay is not a choice of lifestyle, which I see some people still think it is. NO app, NO preacher and NO hate or opinions forced upon any gay person can change that.
    The app had no business there in the first place, it's like relasing a neo-nazi app teacging people how not to be jewish. Enough already.

  15. 15

    Re: buck – And i bet you're one of the stupid people who ” ostercized, humiliated and bullied ” homosexuals. You know they can live without being tormented, right ? Your comment is just stupid and unnecessary.

  16. 16

    Wait I think we're all missing the important fact here… Punkinhead wrote the christian group have a right to have the app in the store. Is our large headed misogynistic self hating gay boy growing up? Nahhhhh, he's probably just faking it.

  17. buck says – reply to this


    Re: AzureAngel – but if you can be cured wouldn't that be the better outcome?

  18. 18

    Sounds like a "HATE" thing to me. I just feel SORRY for the group that organized this app - I mean, who wants to spend every waking day thinking of new technological ways to hate people? I don't really care one way or another if someone is gay - people need to focus on themselves and STOP trying to control society through their "personal" views.

  19. 19

    this "buck" character in the message board is probably gay……

  20. 20

    300 years ago society believed that people that were born with red hair or left handed were of the devil and not of God. Do you see how stupid that way of thinking is?!! Morons.

  21. buck says – reply to this


    Re: wickedfate – any chance i get to bully someone i usuall do..its so much fun!

  22. buck says – reply to this


    Re: bretticus21 – oh no!!! outed on PerezHilton.com…the horror of it all. i'll never recover, although i hear therapy helps.

  23. 23

    Great job Apple! Why are religious freaks so obsessed w- the life of others? These A-holes always try to rule everyone and the way they live while clasping a bible. You can't fix what isn't broken! It wouldn't fly for a sec if there was a"become gay/ recruit app". The nuts would go ballistic. What makes them think they can try it backwards? Another "sugar coated" form of hate.

  24. 24

    If Apple was to make more money than they would lose, they would keep the ap… Just sayin'.

  25. krw35 says – reply to this


    What's wrong with the Exodus app? It's there if people want it, and if you don't want it…. don't download it! Simple! So sick of your one-sidedness. Really tired of you period.

  26. 26

    If being gay can't be prayed away, then why not have a tool available for the 'young ones' to help them? Oh, because it is a Catholic Ap so it must be bad. Does being gay put you on a 'fence'? Closet gays can go either way, is that why you 'outed' ones are so afraid a simple phone Ap is going to change their minds? I thought being gay was not a choice…? and.. Is being gay such a delicate state that it cannnot withstand debate? Hypocrytes…

  27. 27

    As someone who has been friends with the president of Exodus International for over 20 years. I am saddened by this. BTW, it's not as simple as praying away, but change is possible. Apple won't have this app but Grindr which lets men search for other men nearby to hook up with is okay?

  28. 28

    I can imagine you wouldn't agree with the message and I totally applaud you for recognizing they have the same right you do to say what they believe. I don't agree with it either- just don't buy it and it'll go away eventually. I'm sure if you look hard enough there's more on the app store- some just haven't been "discovered" yet by the press. Any pres is good press right? Isn't that the saying. I'm sure the app is making more money then it ever would have because of the publicity.

  29. 29

    How embarrassing, I mean I can't imagine you WOULD agree with the message. I'm sorry.

  30. 30

    you are such a hypocrite because you condemned them last time and now you say that they should have the right to have a hate app? FAKE PEREZ :(

  31. 31

    They should not have taken down it down that is discrimination within itself.

  32. 32

    I hate this kind of hypocritical behavior. As much as I support the HRC and LGBT rights, I cringe when there's a call for censorship like this. If you truly want equal rights, then you have to accept both sides of the coin. If the gay rights movement doesn't like being censored, they shouldn't try to censor their opposition. It's just not the answer.

  33. 33

    Re: buck – Can your stupidity be cured? Can you be "cured" of being STR8?

  34. 34

    Here's my take on the whole thing. Im a christian, and I totally support equal rights, as does everyone in my church. We're a small baptist church and when the vote came for Gay Marriage in Canada we were all encouraged to support equal rights. BUT, when I moved out for university I moved to BC and had a lot of mixed feelings about my sexuality and I'm not going to lie, would probably have turned to an app like this to give me some guidance. Not because I would want to cure the gay, or pray the gay away or whatever. But because I was so confused and had relationships that were damaging to not only myself but the people I was seeing. In the end, it wasn't for me. But I think some grounding would have helped me to come to that decision faster than breaking hearts along the way.

  35. 35

    if you stop letting people talk about gay issues just because they are negative then they will get buried, fester and passed donw along generations. if you let them speak out they can be challenged. you are creating a rod for your own back with the gay mafia. the uprising is coming….

  36. 36

    Sounds like we live in Russia.

    What happened to freedom in this country…..freedom until someone complains about it.

  37. 37

    Re: cupcake71 – How is it freedom of speech when they are removing that freedom?

    God you are so public skooled….idiot

  38. 38

    Re: OhJustPickOne – yes it is and do a study to prove me wrong.

    haven't you wondered why no one has done a study on whether you are born gay or not…..because it can't be proven…….it is not biologically correct and doesn't exist.

    prove me wrong….I challenge you with a study.

  39. 39

    i agree with perez. although we may not agree with the app, part of what makes america free is that there is more than one mainstream idea allowed. When we censor everyones opinion we don't agree with, we have a dictatorship. If we want to have freedom of speech, we MUST understand that we have to tolerate and allow an opposite opinion.

  40. 40

    OK. so this is an app that if you like the idea of it, you BUY it. Maybe you don't want to be "gay" let's say you're "bi" and want to lead a "normal" life, perhaps this can be helpful? I personally would not buy this app. FREE beautiful world.

  41. 41

    I am so proud of you Perez. I support Exodus' right to share their message. some people really need to hear what they've got to say. I know they helped me come to terms with my sexuality and now I'm much happier. everyone should be free to live how they want to live. theres room enough at the table for all of us. Thank you for teaching us all about tolerance. much love!

  42. 42

    They're one of the major obstacles in the way of the gay rights movement! Just wondering how many transgender/bi/gay kids kill themselves because they cannot afford a session or feel minor to their peers that got "cured" or at least promote such a thing. They seem to lure vulnerable people into a trap where they can manipulate and control their weak personalities and turn them into zombies and self-destructive monsters. To me, that's pure terror!

  43. 43

    ::: insert heavy sigh here:::

    No, the app. shouldn't be banned. The 1st Amendment protects the stupid people, too.

  44. 44

    I think people are assuming a lot. You should know about the group before you assign them the label "homophobes" or anything else. I agree they should be given as fair a chance as anyone else to have the app. If you don't want it, don't use it. However, Apple exists to make money. They are not claiming to exist for other reasons. If they felt the app would hurt their business, by all means. Take it down. I have more of a problem with those signing a petition to have it removed as harmful. I read a lot of what people said about Exodus, and most do not seem to know anything about the organization, its purposes or beliefs. If you are preaching tolerance and acceptance, that should apply past your own demographic. Slapping a general label on all Christians or Conservatives, grouping people up, and judging based on assumptions breeds prejudice, bullying, contempt, separation, and all kinds of awful things. I agree the religious right has done all kinds of harmful things. I think Exodus is a horse of a different color. Either way, thanks for backing up their fundamental rights on this one Perez. I find you to be a very fair guy!

  45. 45

    This actually makes me sick!!! 'A GAY CURE'……?!?!?!? to cure is to resolve a problem, the app is insinuating that 'gay' is wrong, or a disease!!! As that skank GAGA said, "They are born that way". I could write for hours here, but you know what….you haters aint worth my time!!

  46. 46

    Apple is a private company and can do whatever they want with the apps in their store. Their policy is to remove apps that many users report as offensive, and that's what happened so they removed it. That's it, it's not even remotely a rights issue as Apple is a private organization.

  47. 47

    No. The app should've been taken down. It was awful, full of lies about homosexuals and about their lifestyle. It was just disgusting to see so many lies and ignorant in just one app. It's great that it's out of the app store because it's as if I created an App for "rape victims who struggle" and fill it with lies and saying that the fault was theirs for being in that place or "seducing" the person who raped them. That they should never wear skirts or something like that. It was a stupid app and a really ignorant one. So it's great that's it's down. Great job Apple ;)

  48. 48

    This app has nothing to do with hate or anything like that. I don't understand how they can take down an app that is far from offensive when there are plenty of offensive stuff available to purchase in the apple store. that is such a lame reason to shut the app down.

  49. 49

    Re: AzureAngel – God does not make anyone Gay that is so false. Why? because he is against homosexuality and calls it a sin.

  50. 50

    Re: DevonFlame – ' I hate this kind of hypocritical behavior. As much as I support the HRC and LGBT rights, I cringe when there's a call for censorship like this. If you truly want equal rights, then you have to accept both sides of the coin. If the gay rights movement doesn't like being censored, they shouldn't try to censor their opposition. It's just not the answer. " - FyaDanser

  51. 51

    Re: prpprb – I hate this kind of hypocritical behavior. As much as I support the HRC and LGBT rights, I cringe when there's a call for censorship like this. If you truly want equal rights, then you have to accept both sides of the coin. If the gay rights movement doesn't like being censored, they shouldn't try to censor their opposition. It's just not the answer. - FyerDancer - - and buy the way Perez is the one that called it a gay cure not the Exodus People. People are not born gay that is false too. Thats just something that LadyGaga is drilling into every mind of fans and making this homosexual situation worse and worse. Homosexuality is not a diseaase but is a sin and people need to wake up and realize thats its sooo wrong.

  52. 52

    Re: AlvaroPizarro – On the contrary, it was actually filled with truth!

  53. 53

    Re: JasonDiggy

    I'm a straight person but your equation made me to laugh.

    Did you mean Gay= Stupid? :p

  54. 54


    This I strongly object. What Russia has to do with this Gay nonsense? Please don't be Russian phobic, I see still some a good chunk of Americans suffer with this retarded thought.

  55. 55

    Re: His_Heiress

    PerezHilton is a Hypocrite too. Read this statement:

    "Apple, who is notorious for not having a clear outline on what's allowed and what isn't allowed in the App Store, has not released a comment as to why the app has been removed."

    Doesn't this site delete comments without give a reason about why those were deleted?