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Yeah, Right! Casey Heynes' Bully Claims That He's The Victim!

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What an absolute joke!

We don't buy this for a second!

Now that 15-year-old Casey Heynes became an overnight hero after a video of him fighting back against a bully went viral, his tormentor, Ritchard Gale, is now attempting to spin the story so that he was in fact, the innocent one all along.

Check out this clip of him being interviewed by Today Tonight (above)!

Clearly, this young man isn't even perceptive enough to even properly apologize to Casey without being goaded by the interviewer and his parents, let alone convincingly lie about what actually went down, so we don't think this is going to do much for his reputation.

So sad, and such a shame.

Here's hoping that he someday realizes how horrible his actions really were, and can show some legitimate remorse.

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102 comments to “Yeah, Right! Casey Heynes' Bully Claims That He's The Victim!”

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  1. 101

    Re: bazzer

    And did you know Bazzer that 99% of all quoted statistics (especial those quoted by a fucking moron such as yourself) are plucked out of ones arse?

    Seriously - you are fucking retarded. Did an Australian dump you or something? Bitter much?

  2. 102

    Thought you Americans were all supposed to have perfect teeth?!
    this kid qualifies for free NHS treatment in the UK, perhaps someone will knock them out to help him, he deserves it!

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