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Not Nice! George Lopez On Kirstie Alley's DWTS Performance

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Low blow, George!

Check out the video (above) of George Lopez giving a Dancing With the Stars recap, in which he makes a less-than-flattering comparison between contestant Kirstie Alley and a pig.

His words, NOT ours! We actually think Kirstie has slimmed down…at least a little bit.

Ignore him, Kirstie! You're doing a great job on the show thus far. Keep it up!

What do U think about George Lopez's joke about Kirstie? Funny? Mean? A bit of both?

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92 comments to “Not Nice! George Lopez On Kirstie Alley's DWTS Performance”

  1. 1

    george lopez was never funny. hes one of those people who think that being "meixcan" automatically means hes funny. his george lopez show sucked, this show sucks, he sucks.

  2. 2

    Wasn't he married to a lady for years , that weighed the exact same? I think he secretly has the hots for plus size women.

  3. 3

    George is clearly not a skinny guy. How is a fat person calling another person fat? He acts like he is the voice for latinos. Hes a fucking jackass who looks like a fucking Llama

  4. 4

    Dude … this was how you came across not more than 6 months ago. And I am sure you still feel the same way he does but you want us all to pretend you changed. We are not stupid!

  5. 5

    Funny stuff! Lighten up Perez!

  6. 6

    He's not the first "comedian" to do it. People have been taking shots at her for years now.. I bet he didn't even come up with the joke on his own.. Conan takes a lot of shots at Kristie, how original George. I hope she goes far this season, and really shows him up. I'd like to see him go on DWTS .. he'd fail almost instantaneously.

  7. 7


    I'm still laughing at "He's a fucking jackass who looks like a fucking llama". You just made my day.

  8. 8

    At least she doesn't smell like a wet burrito.

  9. 9

    Re: catloverRe: catlover – LMFAO!!! I know that's 'correct'!!!!

  10. 10

    I think he is a PIG for calling her that! He has no room to talk! I think Kirstie is not only beautiful on the outside but on the inside as well! The majority of America is overweight and we want to sit around here and condemn bullying, well that is EXACTLY what George Lopez is. A BULLY! I will never watch his show again, he is a disgusting PIG!

  11. 11

    I am dissapointed in him for making fun of someone who is a bit overweight. Should we remind him that he is a jerk who took his ex-wife's kidney and then cheated on her, class act, wish there was a law where a spouse could demand their organs back if one of them cheated. Also, he was hideous, (well still is but a bit better looking), when he started his show on ABC, then gradually over the years lost a few pounds.

  12. 12

    Re: zooby – You sound like such an ignorant skank. If he can call a fat person fat, what's wrong with calling a mexican guy a mexican?

    Don't get mad though, bitch. It's just a joke! ;)

  13. 13

    WHO CARES?! YOU ARE BOTH DISGUSTING PIGS WHO WILL MEET IN HELL ONE DAY! You are the most disgusting human being I've ever met, Mario.

  14. zooby says – reply to this


    Re: lolgfgstfuhaha – There is nothing wrong with calling a Mexican guy "Mexican" … it's the way you use it. If you're using it as an insult or to demean somebody or simply to ridicule the person, that's wrong. You guys are complaining about him calling her 'fat' yet you guys are being racist rednecks! :D Makes a lot of sense! I bet the majority of commenters here are fat republican whales too.

  15. 15

    He is the least funny "comedian," his show is a total bore, and hes divorcing the woman who supported him for years. Im surprised anyone bothered to tape it.

  16. 16

    Re: lolgfgstfuhaha – News Flash, George is AMERICAN…and u are trying to make a point as if it is offensive to be called Mexican, well its not! but educate yourself 1st and learn where to apply proper words…can we stick to the topic? Yes it was rude of George to do that…not funny or cool at all!!!!!

  17. 17

    Re: zooby
    I never complained about what he said. I thought it was funny, but someone saying he looks like a llama is more funny than what he said. Anyways,
    I'm sure you're an illegal mexican that smells like fertilizer. Go back to your beany homeland and you can take George Lopez with you.

  18. 18


  19. 19

    Here is my thing, both celebs suck, I am Latino and he does not speak for me, I know that much, but what a waste of blog space Perez, come on… you running out of good gossip to post? Honestly IDK why I come here to read this crap, it's all trashy gossip, 40% of the time he is removing his posts because it's false or just made up, who saw Mario on Aubrey O'Day's show? he is looking haggered, whats with all the nasty skin pumps Mario, can't talk shyt when you look like it.

  20. 20

    You're all a bunch of racist idiots. Just because you can't relate to his humor, it doesn't mean you have to choke on cock. I like to get on Perez Hilton to read your stupid opinions.

    Celebrity "obsession" is one hell of a disease. Get well soon you silly motherfuckers :)

  21. 21

    haha i love george. that was so funny. george is amazing. seriously though, wtf were they thinking putting a fat old lady like kirstie Alley to dance on stage in front of an audience? haha to dance you have to be skinny. fat people are not meant to dance. lmfao no one wants to see your jelly rolls going up and down while your dancing kirstie. haha i bet she ate before and after the show to calm down her nerves and then she went wee wee wee all the way home like george said. haha. i love you george. your hilarious and you look good. haters just jealous of you of course. hopefully, job of the gut goes home pretty soon. and also kirstie lay off the twinkies girl. haha their not doing you any good fat ass.

  22. 22

    Re: Htownspitfire – You should probably learn how to read, retard. Kirstie Alley is fat, so he called her fat. Then someone (NOT ME!) called him Mexican. and some fucktard like you got offended. I said if he can call a fat person fat then why can't people call a mexican a mexican? That's what he is. He's Mexican. Sorry if you can't understand what I'm trying to say, yo….but try harder or something because it's not that difficult.

  23. 23

    Im surprised kirstie didn't break the stage. lol she's huge. stupid ugly fat white trash. poor thing. what an embarrassment. george your amazing.

  24. 24

    She's had past and present weight problems, to know somebody has a personal struggle and to see them happy doing something that may help, and take it and turn it into a mean joke… That's not cool, even for the job of a comedian.

  25. 25

    I think she looks amazing! I was expecting a much bigger Kirstie Alley covered in tons of rags the way the media made her out to be. She came out in that mini dress and rocked it! I usually don't watch that show, but I just might this season. However, I have NEVER watched George Lopez and I never will. He is SO so not funny! I don't know a single person who thinks he is, including my Mexican friends. Fat people go through more than any other race, because ALL races discriminate againt the overweight. It's SO sad. I thought America would have grown up by now..

  26. 26

    If Anyone is a PIG, it's GEORGE!! This ass cheated on his wife after she gave him the gift of life! She donated one of her kidneys to him. He is not funny at all, Geoprge Lopez is Scum on the bottom of Kirstie Alley's dancing shoe :) Kirstie Alley is a full figured beautiful woman who has alot of guts to get on that stage and subject herself to ridicule. She has more grace than many of the girls half her size!

  27. zooby says – reply to this


    Re: lolgfgstfuhaha – LOL! Typical tea party mentality. Anyone who disagrees with them or defends immigrants or Hispanics is an "illegal wetback" themselves. I am American and white and am not Hispanic or Mexican in any way. Now what insult are you going to throw at me, fatass?

  28. 28

    Jealousy - Even if you can't stand her as a person, you have to give her credit for showing the kids how it's done. She had panache, she had grit, she had flow, but most of all she had G-R-A-C-E. Spell it again for us, please, George. You might want to buy some sometime.

  29. 29

    Re: zooby – Tea Party? How can you judge my political views based on one comment, dumbass? My political outlook is much too complex for you to understand because you seem to be very uneducated.

  30. 30

    Re: zooby – You're not an American. You're an Asshole.

  31. 31

    Re: Erinbear33 – I agree with what you said, except for the part where you call fat people a race. Being overweight does not make you a separate race. You are just categorized as overweight.

  32. 32

    Re: zooby – Also, it's funny how you keep calling me fat. You literally have NO CLUE what I look like. How stupid can you be?

  33. 33

    Re: white_is_ugly – Kirstie Alley may be as fat as a pig but at least she ain't as dead as a doornail like your lil buddy Nate Dogg. Ha Ha!

  34. 34

    Re: lolgfgstfuhaha….
    Obviously, you're offended. And, more than likely he's an anchor baby. You know all you wetbacks snuck over the border for a better life. And there since you and your family got here, you're all fat. There is no such thing as a skinny mexican. You all eat like pigs. Oink, oink.

  35. 35

    Re: lolgfgstfuhaha – LOL! Typical tea party mentality. Anyone who disagrees with them or defends immigrants or Hispanics is an "illegal wetback" themselves. I am American and white and am not Hispanic or Mexican in any way. Now what insult are you going to throw at me, fatass?

    How about you're skanky white trash. Stupid meth addict. I'm surprised you have a computer. How's that skanky pig.

  36. 36

    I have no respect for George Lopez anymore. Calling an overweight person a "pig" is so uncalled for, that is NOT comedy. Gay teens kill themselves for being bullied, just like many women die every year from anorexia due to awful comments like his. I'd pick being 'overweight and happy' over 'skinny and miserable' ANY DAY.

  37. 37

    I lost all respect for him after he left his wife after she gave him a kidney that saved his life.

  38. 38

    Re: 1smartchick – I can't tell if you're talking to me or what. I'm not really offended by anything here though. This is all a bunch of people who don't know eachother talking shit. I'm not losing sleep over it, if anything I'm getting a few laughs.

  39. 39

    That's funny coming from this immigrant's fat ass and his busted grill. Also his ex-wife was bigger than Kirstie is. Pot meet kettle.

  40. 40

    Re: catlover – Oh, I just meant that they go through more than any race, because there are people from every race that don't like them. I probably shouldn't have used the word 'other'. My fault!

  41. 41

    I thought Kirstie was AMAZING! She was confident and never missed a step. Who cares whether she is 120 pounds or 220 pounds. As a woman that will never be 120 lbs again, I think she was a role model for confidence for women who aren't stick thin. Really…she was sexy and confident, and represents what every woman would want to feel. She never missed a beat and she was as sexy as any could ever want to be. And for George Lopez, who thinks that is sexy…

  42. zooby says – reply to this


    Re: lolgfgstfuhaha – Seeing how offended you're getting at him making a joke at fat people, when comedians always joke about EVERYONE, says a lot. Rednecks like you hate seeing successful Hispanics or African Americans. And to the girl calling me an anchor baby - I'm not Mexican or Hispanic in any way! Try again! XD You just proved what I said earlier! Hicks.

  43. 43

    for someone who looks like a wild boar himself, he shouldn't be talking about another person his own size. some ppl just don't know when to stop with the jokes.

  44. 44

    Re: zooby – I think I've probably said twice now that I'm not offended by anything. I think what he said was funny and I understand comedians make fun of everyone. I'll say it one last time — NOT OFFENDED. Can't you read? You're grasping at straws here. Nothing you say has any sort of substance, it's just a bunch of bullshit. You've called me a fat, racist, republican and you're judging me off of coments on Perez Hilton? Like really? How can you tell all these things? At least I'm insulting your lack of intelligence which is clearly displayed in all of the ridiculous shit you've been saying. Do yourself a favor and stay in school. Ya need it, honey.

  45. 45

    I think it is sad that George has to put others down at the expense of trying to make himself look funny. I have all the admiration in the world for Kirstie and think she is a shining example for all to follow. You go girl!!!!

  46. 46

    Really George? I like you… but that was SHITTY!

  47. 47

    Re: zooby – So if someone doesn't like this comment, they are automatically overweight Republicans? How do you logically arrive at that conclusion? Care to walk me through it? Also, you seem to apply these terms as insults, while simultaneously complaining that using words to ridicule or demean someone is wrong. Please clarify, because that makes no sense.

  48. 48

    Her little hooves….. still giggling from that one. Seriously lighten up. He makes fun of everybody, that's what comedians do. What made you a bully Punkinhead is you would make fun of only a few, relentlessly, for every little thing. Whereas others like Gaga would get a pass no matter what they did or didn't do. Lighten up and learn balance and context. Little hooves…. LOL

  49. 49

    He's not funny at all…

  50. zooby says – reply to this


    Re: lolgfgstfuhaha – With a username like that, I think all has been said. All the angry fatasses like you made my night as well!! Cause after all, you replied to ME when I wasn't even talking to you! :) But I needed that laugh. Have a good day! (I'm serious too)

  51. 51

    Kirstie Alley was hot in a movie called 'Runaway' (1984) with Tom Selleck and Gene Simmons.

  52. 52

    I wish George would stop spitting when he talks.

  53. 53

    Stop the bullying! She looks really amazing at 60. I wonder how some of us would look at that age.

  54. 54

    Who cares what that Greasy Wetback says about anything. He is not funny. He needs to learn to speak English better. Puto.

  55. 55


  56. 56

    It's not that the joke wsa bad, everything he said about everyone in his skit was pretty lame. He used to be funny and now he's (sorry - there is no better word) LAME :-( It's a little pitiful, really.

  57. 57

    LOL…he killed me!!!! funny!!! what the hell does him being Mexican have to do with anything!!! these jokes were funny!!! they were jokes!!

  58. 58

    i guess all the unfunny comedians get jobs at tbs. Kirstie looked great on dwts!!

  59. 59

    Why is this turning into a race issue??The guy is simply not funny. Kirstie will always outshine George in the talent department. Kirstie is very likable and real. She is not a primodonna and she feels comfortable in her own skin. I will definitely tune in to watch her and MAKS take the trophy this year.

  60. 60

    It's no different than the crap that spews out of the mouth of Joan Rivers. Back in the day, Joan used to be quite funny. Now; however, not so much - she's just mean & getting paid to be that way. I guess I'm just tired of all the small-minded trash talk. Bullying is a big issue these days, and that is sad. But how is stuff like this any different?

  61. 61

    Really? How about the part with the Wendy Williams man jokes…. and that's what you think is the worst. All you fatasses get soo butthurt when people call a fat person fat. At least weight is something you can change. He's a comedian and that is what they do. Comedians poke fun at people's sexuality, weight, drug problems… everything. Get over it.

  62. 62

    His ex wife must have been a buffalo in his eyes, she is alot bigger then Kirstie.

  63. 63

    Re: Barbidoll – Bullying is a big issue these days? To whom? The media that covers "soft" stories like bullying versus the "icky" real news?Bullying has been going on since the beginning of the human species. Most of us have been subjected to it and survived. We learned that life is tough…not a bed of warm fuzzies. I was really impressed the Obama addressed bullying to the media versus his plans to drop bombs on Libya.

  64. 64

    Re: carrie from la – Thanks. You said it perfectly.

  65. 65

    I laughed. Whatever.

  66. 66

    This man is going through a very public mid-life crisis. He has had weight issues of his own over the years. This jsut went too far even for a comedian. For a man who has behaved so badly this year you would think he had learned a little compassion and humility…obviously not!

  67. 67

    George Lopez is not funny, ever. The people laughing at him are losers.

  68. 68

    Why is this guy on TV? Who is his audience? He's never been funny.

  69. 69

    What an asshole. Apparntly he has not been watching George Lopez in Syndication because I recall looking at his fat ass also.

  70. 70

    I don't get why so many people are only now offended by him. If any of you watch him regularly, he makes fun of women a lot. He specifically makes fun of "heavy" women. He's a chauvinistic pig. I forgot real men marry a woman, accept a life saving organ, and then cheat on her. I wouldn't be surprised if he was emotionally abusive to his wife while they were married after seeing the way he carries on about women. I get Kendra was in Playboy, lived with Hef, etc, but it was disrespectful when he mentioned her and then made a motion depicting big boobs.

  71. Mimsi says – reply to this


    Re: white_is_ugly – You are and Idiot and an ASSHOLE.

  72. 72

    I think Kirstie is an amazing woman inside and out. She's the kind of person I'd love to hang out with because she's hilarious and wacky. She has a great chance of winning the season because she's awesome! She doesn't deserve those attempts at humor about her weight. She looks great and has the best hair in Hollywood! Girl can dance!

  73. 73

    He should talk, look at that face - fugly.

  74. 74

    When someone has no real talking points they blame the Tea Party!!! How fricken funny is that.. It just shows how ignorant you are.. How about not bringing race into this either.. Just the plain facts: It wasn't funny!! George, you're an idiot for bashing women this way!!!

  75. Enjo says – reply to this


    Many sensitive people.. It was hilarious! Love the show!

  76. 76

    Where was Jorge when Bristol Palin was cheating her way to 3rd place? I'll bet Kirstie actually loses weight, whereas Brizdull gained. Must have been all that whine.

  77. 77

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – There are plenty of American ass holes. We just call them "Exceptional"

  78. 78

    If any one is a pig it's him

  79. 79

    Dear Kirstie,
    You would think that a guy with his own show would not recycle jokes, especially when he is the one who looks like a pig…come on! You looked radiant, sparkling, and so beautiful and you nailed those dance moves, girl! He is just jealous bc he is no longer creative enough to think of good material. So, lame George, so pathetic.

  80. 80

    george lopez isnt funny…..i dont understand how people think he is. ive never understood this.

  81. 81

    First of all, his now ex wife used to have some weight on her too, so he needs to shut up and up until just a few years ago HE had weight issues. What a moron!

  82. 82

    I love Kirstie! She did a great job on DWTS. She looks amazing for her age. Atleast she is doing something about her weight rather than just sitting around doing nothing.

    I can't say much for George, I haven't watched his show before, I don't really find him all that funny.

  83. 83

    George Lopez sucks… as a comedian, as a person…

    Why is he still on TV

  84. 84

    Re: catlover – you're now my hero. haha. wet burrito.

  85. 85

    Has he looked in the Mirror? I wouldn't be commenting nastily on other people's weight!
    What a jerk!

  86. 86

    Geoge Lopez is ugly himself, he wishes he had a pretty face like Kirstie. Shut up George Lopez, you are annoying, fat and has that skin rough like asphalt.

  87. 87

    Re: white_is_ugly – go fuck yourself! - vete a la mierda! - mange d'la marde !

  88. 88

    Kirstie still looked good in that black S & M garb she wore in Rodney Dangerfield's last movie, "Back by Midnight." People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. Back then Lopez looked like Fernando Valenzuela's uglier brother who made way too many trips to Taco Bell. He wouldn't even have a career if Sandra Bullock didn't have a soft spot for Latinos. Is George Lopez even legal?

  89. 89

    george lopez is such a jackass…he is the biggest asshole ever, rude to his staff and even people in his audience if you've ever seen the show. he is so not funny…the fact that he has to do a balancing/dance act to get the crowd laughing at his ralph maccio joke is pathetic….wait for it wait for it…

  90. 90

    i have never laughed at anything george lopez has said

  91. 91

    those jokes were totally funny. i mean come on, he called wendy williams a man and you don't hear her crying about it! he's a comedian, he's not being serious, just trying to get a laugh. kirstie needs to not her her panties all up in a bunch over it.

  92. 92

    Re: devo88 – Poodlewithamohawk. Yesterday in my city an eight year-old boy, a second grader, was found hanging by his neck in the bathroom of his elementary school, and is now fighting for his life in the hospital. In Indianapolis today a 15 year old boy was shot in the stomach at his middle school by a fellow student and has had to endure surgery just to save his young life. I know these stories are not quite as "icky" as the stuff going on in Libya (which is easy to say, I guess, if you're not the parent of one of these kids). With all respect to Perez Hilton, had I wanted to comment about Libya, President Obama, or any other political issue, Perezhilton.com would not be my first choice for doing so. My point is simply that it's getting to the point where parents are afraid to send their kids to school for fear of what might happen to them at the hands of the bullies who, by the way, are getting worse everyday, and that maybe people in Mr. Lopez's position could use their time in the spotlight to prove that you don't have to be a bully to be funny or cool.