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Is This Video Racist????

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The answer is NO!!!!

We're kina bummed! In a concerted effort, Xtina fans are SPAMMING this video claiming it's racist!

Hellooooo! La Coacha is Mexican! And Perez is Cuban AND gay! That's a double minority! And even though minorities can be racist and prejudiced against others, we are not.

We are both not racist and this video is CLEARLY not racist. It's satire!


So sad that some fans with an agenda are claiming that inaccurate bullshiz in an attempt to get the video flagged!

Aguilera would not approve of that!

What are YOUR thoughts on this????

P.S. As the video says, we are all Africa! The message of this video is all about peace and love and a CELEBRATION! Such a shame that these stans are trying to turn it into something else!

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228 comments to “Is This Video Racist????”

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  1. 101


  2. 102

    Re: tanjan71 – i totally agree with you. people saying this is racist are probably racist to begin with.

  3. 103

    youre blaming this on xtinas fans?? lol! unbelieveble!!
    i am glad this is getting bad press, cause its just plain stupid.

  4. 104

    Perez I love you and i think this video is amazing! this world does need more love and peace and people who are hating this video are just looking for something to complain about. your amazing keep up the good work.

  5. 105

    Ironic because Gaga is meant to be a message about love and acceptance but her monsters, such as himself, are filled with nothing but hate. Isn't this sort of like the pot calling the kettle black or did he forget how the monster went around flagging Not Myself Tonight saying it was sexual or what not? Or when they went around posting farfetched pictures saying X copied the other one. Or how they go around spamming Britney videos with nothing but hate. Or go on every Madonna video and make fun of her and like the comments so it is the first one on the page, or how they tried to get MadonnaIsABitch trending because it came out Gaga was lying about that email. Or how you go on undermining every female who is doing well in your blog because you don't want them to threaten your precious gaga pedastal. Wanna pull out cards, how when the fans managed to trend something like WelcomeXtina they tried to hijack that with insults against Christina. Or how the first picture Xtina put up had a negative comment jumped on about the ”flop album”.

  6. 106

    I could not stop laughing at this! This is great! Keep in mind that I like a few songs from every artist being parodied. This was fantastic. Thanks! It IS a PARODY! People need to stop being so serious. Life's a game, have fun!

  7. 107

    Don't try playing the innocent card because your deeds are a ****load more shady than whatever the stans are attempting to do.

    And this isn't racist? Or did you not notice the subtitles of what she was saying and how they were spelled paradoying the accent. Or the very insults hurled at the women mentioned in this video if nor racist is at least selfish. Are you ****ing with me? Everything was done to make Gaga come out as ****ing Jesus and every other girl as a wannabe imposter hater of the might lord gaga.

  8. 108

    Mario, you are such a typical racist Democrat. I hope Jay Z beats the living shit outta you for trashing his wife. You better call up your dear ol' mom so you two clowns can make one of those videos in hopes of garnering sympathy from your readers.

  9. 109

    I can't speak for Hispanics, but as a biracial female with black family members, I found the Beyonce portion of the video offensive. Putting, "we are all Africa" at the end of the video after images of fried chicken and cornbread (among other stereotypes) doesn't make it less offensive. It's offensive regardless of the origins of the creators.

  10. 110

    Well what do you think you do Perez?
    You turn stories of nothing, into something all the time !

  11. 111

    I just don't get what the point is at all…It's not racist, but if you're going to make a point, make it clearer than that. How does 'we're all africa' mean anything, unless you're going all scientific evolutionist and saying we all descend from africa? i dunno, i just don't get it.

  12. sanaa says – reply to this


    Why was Beyonce introduced as a "dirty blond"?

  13. 113

    Re: J_Baby – Totally agree. While I don't think the video is racist, I think it's a little bit hypocritical. You (perez) were one of the first media outlets to say that the gay reference in the trailer was a movie was super offensive, yet you put this out and hide behind your "double minority".

  14. 114

    We are all Africa!!

  15. 115

    I don't know about racist, but I can see how it may offend some. It is very stereotypical.

    The video itself just isn't my cup of tea.

  16. 116

    RACIST that beyonce scene was bullshit I hate you.

  17. 117

    The Beyonce part was pretty offensive ._. "Chicken and grits, cornbread". Really?

  18. 118

    ok… I get it. I think what you posted was trying to make "light of" (a.k.a., fun of) great female performers… However, you happened to do this with a hispanic tone. Funny???? Possibly. Racist??? Possibly…

    You lost me when you claimed it couldn't be racist, because you are a "double minority"… ummm, last time I checked, there is no accuracy to that. If you draw a conclusion to anyone's race (be it your own), you are a little bit racist. You would like us to be sensitive to gay and lesbian issues (which you are correct), yet negate the idea that some might be sensitive to racial issues (once again, be it your own minority). Just because you are clowning on your own minority doesn't mean your minority as a whole thinks it's funny…. While I find your post entertaining, others may not. Carry PreJean thought her opinion on gay marriage reflected that of U.S. society… It did not. Yet, I think she thought she was being true and honest to herself… She was on the "back end" of the learning curve. Like all of us at one time, WE NEED TO BE EDUCATED! Bet she never makes that mistake again… Hope you don't either.

  19. 119

    it's not racist, neither of you are Republicans

  20. 120

    Dont no about racist but its proper SHITEEEE

  21. 121

    not racist at all for corns sakes…get a grip on humour folks….i found it funny and refreshing considering all the bad junk happening in the world….hi luff it mommy!!!

  22. 122

    it's not racist it's stupid

  23. Dale says – reply to this


    kay… this is disgusting, and you are a complte ignorant jerk with no regard for the sensitivity of other cultures! what the hell is wrong with you? the fact that you dont see anything wrong with this is more disturbing than the video.

  24. 124

    Just because you're latino does not mean that what you say is not racist.

    Have you ever heard of HORIZONTAL OPPRESSION? Yeah, didnt think so.

  25. 125

    People we need to go to youtube and LIKE! come on lets make it number 1!

  26. 126

    Well! I am not sure how you could make it Racist, because it gives bad to everyone and everything in equal portions, except for maybe latino. They get more of the shares than most. I think it is misogenostic, anti little people, gays, every race imaginable, except for maybe Jewish, but I may have missed something in that regard. It does however cover just about every other possible direction there is except for middle east. It may have been there, but I may have missed it.
    In this regard I find it hard to say it is racist, because you cannot tell which race is judging which race negatively.
    That is in my understanding, the meaning of racism. To show your own prejudices agains some other race. Or maybe religion, or lifestyle etc. It is not in my estimation however they may have meant it to be, a parody. as I understand parody, it is to make a harmless humor of some imitation of anothers oddities. Not their inherent way of being. If it is an affected way of their life, that can be changed, then it is then being
    treated as a joke. Things that cannot be changed, without an easily repaired inherent charachter trait, then it is not funny. Like making fun of a blind person, or someone who is unable to walk. Or they are a male or female. That is trying to just have an excuse for a way to justify your prejudices. Just name it a parody.

  27. 127

    you will look for ANY excuse to spam this video on your site won't you? This is the 3rd time you posted it. TODAY.

  28. 128

    Yes its disgustingly racist! Fried Chicken?? like WTF??? You think being gay and hispanic gives you a get out of jail free card?? Only white people can be racist huh perez? that thought in itself is racist.

    But what can we expect from the biggest hypocrite on the net…You need anotha beatin and fast

  29. 129

    I don't think it's racist at all honestly I do the accent thing all the time w/ my family and friends. My parents and grandparents both sound like that when they speak english and I think it's funny sometimes. The whole video is not any more racist then what I am sure most of you all see in most videos daily, whether or not it's about your own culture or race. I think Perez needs to understand if he is going to put his name behind this video he can't get all upset when someone says something derogatory (jokingly or not) towards homosexuals. I find humor in it because of the accents but that's about it. It's unnecessary just like 90% of the videos out on the internet are unnecessary. All the people hating and ranting about it STOP because your just making it more popular.

  30. 130

    not all ! i dont get it. If people thinks is racist they dont know La Coacha!.

  31. 131

    Re: J_Baby – Wow…have you ever heard of comedy? There's a difference between a joke in bad taste and a JOKE. La Coacha is one of the most whimsical comedians out there! If you think Perez is a racist you have no business on this site because you don't understand the meaning of comedy. You must think Chelsea Handler is Satan! Your own comments about gay people "going crazy" are pretty offensive. you're no beacon of civility. I'm gay and white and I love all people INCLUDING comedians. Get a life.

  32. 132

    Oh and the Beyonce part was definitely racist. Just bc your Latino doesn't mean you can stereotype other races dumb-ass! I love comedy, yours just happens to suck and this is not satire, FYI!

  33. 133

    For someone who is trying to promote "peace & love" you sure are doing a horrible job. I don't know if you Perez watched the same video as we all did, but this video mocked everyone from Britney to Christina, to Beyonce. So why how did you come to the conclusion that "Xtina's Fan" is trying to cause a stir? Sounds like to me you're just trying to start shit again.

  34. 134

    I was so confused as to why people were saying it was racist. People are so weird.

  35. 135

    Re: Shaniqua Jones – "You need another beatin' fast?" Have fun in jail, loser.

  36. 136

    Americans are so uptight! La Coacha is a great comedian and Perez is not racist! All you do is whine and whine about stupid stuff when there are more important issues going on right now-shift your focus on Japan or Libya for example. and btw no one forces you to watch this video!

  37. 137

    lol, u mad mario!? keep on flagging the video, i love watching this dipshit squirm

  38. 138

    Yes, this video lampoons a number of racial stereotypes - therefor it can be perceived as racist.

  39. 139

    Re: etastic – And have fun tryin to defend Racism you piece of shit. Just because perez and racists like you think this is funny, does not make it true, no matter how many times you repeat it.

    As a Black woman I found the Beyonce bit with Fried Chicken and Cornbread a very negative stereotype and very distastefull. But like I say, what can we expect from Hypocrite perez and those who support him.

    And you're damn right Perez needs another beatin..maybe we can give WILL I AM's manager a call again to do the job properly this time. Don't forget Perez wanted to call WIll I AM the "N" word but instead called him a homophobic slur instead at the last minute. If anyone else had done that Perez would be calling for their head.

    So fuck you bitch.

  40. 140

    The 4chan /b/tards are at it again, don't get your panties in a wad, it will pass when they become bored or some 12 year old posts a video on youtube.

  41. 141

    Re: etastic – How is saying someone "goes crazy" offensive? Judging by your "it can't be racist, they're not republicans" comment, you aren't the sharpest crayon in the box. And I have no business on this site because I don't "understand the meaning of comedy"? Because this is a comedy site? I'm sorry, I thought this was a celebrity gossip site. Furthermore, I have no problem with comedians making jokes about different ethnicities because they make fun of everyone. No ethnicity, gender, or sexual preference gets a pass. My problem with Perez is that he complains when anyone says a single negative thing about gays, yet he can portray Beyonce in a stereotype that is offensive to black people.

  42. 142

    Perez, you are a disgrace to the human race, even animals have more dignity than you, your mother should be ashame of having a son like you, you are just a f**king fat a** who just wants to have attention, u have to realize that everybody hates u, thats why u dont have a boyfriend and u dont get laid, i dont understand how Lady Gaga keeps paying u and relates to a racist like u.

  43. 143

    i think it's hilarious that people come and comment just to say that Perez sucks. Like really…get a life. If you dont like Perez get off his website. GEEEZ people annoy me.

  44. 144

    Soooooo youre latinos making fun of white people?

  45. 145

    it's not offensive just silly and true in a way LOL

  46. 146


  47. 147

    I'm Colombian and I do not think this is racist at all. This was hilarious! LOVES IT! What has this world come to when we can't even make light of ourselves? People are either too uptight or too ignorant to know what "satire" actually means. You have a redneck like Larry the Cable guy talking about being a white trash cracker and that's ok, but when Hispanic people poke fun at themselves, it's racist. Talk about double standard.

  48. 148

    I don't think it's racist I think it's hilarious and tasteful.

  49. 149

    Re: Shaniqua Jones – Don't pay attention to that idiot etastic. Any intelligent person can see that the video has some serious racist undertones. As a white woman, I was extremely offended by the portrayal of Beyonce and the stereotyping that because she's black she must like fried chicken and corn bread. You brought up a great point about the feud between Perez and Will.I.Am. He admitted to wanting to call him the n word. If that doesn't prove he has racist tendencies, than this video definitely should.

  50. 150

    this is so f-ing retarded. this whole post was a scam to watch this video. i couldnt even get through it because it seems so shitty.

  51. 151

    I can't believe I watched 5 mins of that but I did, and didn't see any racism? Can someone point it out to me?

  52. 152

    Just because you are hispanic doesn't mean you can't be racist. Sorry, it just doesn't work like that. This video is awful. I'm not saying it's the most offensive video in ways of racism, but it's just AWFUL. I agree with the person who said the money spent on production costs for this should have went to a charity you promote.

  53. 153

    Re: 4fucksake – Couldn't have said it better myself.

  54. 154

    Fuck you perez you self serving dick . YOu are one sad f***

  55. 155

    Re: Real336 – Agree 100%!

  56. 156

    why to people bitch just to hear themselves bitch for. come on, it was great! I love it! It has that OMG factor, i cant believe they just did that … but in the end all of it was really dead on about the person. Quit trying to make it something it not. I would love to see another one of these!!! Awesome Job!!

  57. 157

    You Clearly Dis-like Beyonce for whatever reasons, But as a FAT & GAY individual in America you should be a bit more sensitive to stereotypes that you have for people, This video wasnt funny at all in fact it was down right BORING!

  58. 158

    omg perez i have blonde hair and I dont wear meat on my head are you saying all blondes are meatheads (lol) YOU RACIST!! I am white and I like cornbread whats wrong with some cornbread yummy break the old stuff up and dip it in milk!! What!??! LOL YOU RACIST!! Oh wait didnt I watch it till the end… YUPPPP!!!! Guess it didnt offend alot of you all who watched the entire thing and are still on logging into his site to see what people write. If you really didnt like any of it you would of turned it off before it was over and not even wasted your time with a post. This was sooo funny!!! It covered everyone… as for how everything sounded it is right on. Go listen to some videos and listen the words are written just the way they sound. Good Lord people Get a Life,,, oh yeah… tell your friends how bad it is so they cant click in and view it to, more hits….I myself will show my friends and repost! Power to whitepeo… scratch that.. Power to Perez…. Its a joke people ..If you are stuck on this and its the worse thing going on in your life right now you are pretty damn lucky.. Love some perez!!!

  59. 159

    It isn't funny.

  60. 160

    If you are going to make fun of artists unoriginality why would you use such horrible/common stereotypes to do so, be origina yourselfl. There is a way to do comedy without being hurtful to others.

  61. 161

    Did you guys notice the excellent job La coacha did??? her dances,make up made her look like other celebrities. Nobody has done a video wher she sings,dances, and acts like Gaga,Christina, Britney,Chakira, Marilyn Monre or Beyonce. Concentrate in the talent this young artist has. She is a comedian,actress, singer,writer,director, focus in her talent. Do not destroy her work by being so negative. Perez has been her Patron and he is a blessing in her life. Success is their best friend for both of them.

  62. 162


  63. 163

    Oh My God!!!! The majority of the people that commented here are IDIOTS! This is a PARODY!!!! I don't understant why people are so deffensive about this. UGH First of all, I LOVE all the females in this video: Christina Aguilera, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Madonna, Marilyn Monroe, Beyonce, and Shakira! I LOVE POP! I love all these pop stars! I was so excited watching this video with my boyfriend and we were just laughing our asses off!
    This video is so HILARIOUS in so many ways. La coacha is really funny, and talented. Her voice is amazing as well as her impersonations.
    By the way, I'm Mexican American, and I'm so happy that La Coacha and Perez are representing Latinos. This was NOT racist at all.
    All these people complaining about stupidities, insulting Perez, insulting any of these stars, or saying this video is racist, is clearly uneducated and pretty much an idiot.
    I LOVED the video :)

  64. 164

    I can see how some people might take some of this out of context but you can tell it was made to be funny. I thought it was hilarious and really well made.

  65. racos says – reply to this


    not only is the video racist but it makes u seem like a fake ass walking contradiction… You say you re so against "bullying" and every post that Christina aguilera seems to be in you try to bully her… before you outright did it now you hide behind"hopes and wishes u have for her to do good" when you and we all know u don t mean it, you are nothing but a bully and needs to think before you post shit up, act like you have some common sense … cuz u seem really bitter towards christina… wouldn't singling her out be the same as bullying??? ur pathetic dude, and the picking on x tina is getting old… not hiding behind what i'm voicing here either, oscar lisbey u can fb me if u agree or disagree with what i'm sayin

  66. 166

    How come so many of the comments I read on here are dissing Perez like all you do is come to his site to find something to hate him for, then why come to this site at all, there is enough hate in the world.

  67. 167

    wtf this its not racist i find it really funny !!!!!! ok uptight bitches get over it its funny get some fucking sense of humor!!!! its just a joke !!! and perez ur just doing ur job being an entertainer!!! la coacha u are highlarious as fuck!!! keep doing what u do!!! and nevermind this boring ppl who obviously dont have a sense humor!!! peace be happy with urselfs bitches!!!!!

  68. 168

    ugh who cares, guess hes not famous enough.

  69. 169

    the most racist thing about this video is the beyonce and fried chicken…..so what if you said xtina is from cholo decent. this video was funny as fuck, to everyone who thinks this is racist your fucking stupid, satire is just poking fun. and face it xtina, gaga rules the world now.

  70. 170

    Im latinamerican and the part of Shakira didnt really move me a hair. I dont think its racist, just that she tried to stereotype black people and latinamericans. I can understand thats funny for many people, yet still not really offensive.
    I couldnt help but to notice that the Beyonce part wasnt well played. She was trying to find a more stereotyped voice, slang phrases and the way she moved and all that, but it didnt work cause Beyonce always acts white.

  71. Aleya says – reply to this


    How does it feel Perez? You do the same shit when it comes to gay jokes.

  72. 172

    It's hilarious and I don't see how any of this could be construed as racist. Get a sense of humour FFS.

  73. 173


  74. 174

    This video is plain STUPID. You are making a "controversial" video so this untalented pendeja gets popular. Puh-lease. This is not funny, and I don't care whether it is racist or not, it is sooooo dumb that paying that much attention to it would be pendejo

  75. 175

    I was expecting to hate it, I hate La Cocha, but I actually loved it. I'm a huge gaga and britney, and madonna fan, and I was getting kinda pissed…. But…. I hate to admit this…

    This was awesomee!!!!!!

  76. 176

    I don't see how it's racist but it was boring as hell

  77. 177

    LoL, it was funny! Geez…some people. Let me guess..it's because Perez is behind the vid?

  78. 178

    Satire…….that's all about it !!!! and Perezito honestly you don't have to apologize for anything…the video is very very funny……..

  79. 179

    "Hellooooo! La Coacha is Mexican! And Perez is Cuban AND gay!"
    Oh I am sorry, I didn't realise that being latino/a and/or homosexual exempted one from being racist. Just like being homosexual makes it ok to angrily call someone a f*ggot, right Perez?

  80. 180

    LOL I'm loving that this is blowing up in your face. Karma time :D

  81. 181

    i don't find this racist. some people have a stupid way of "labeling," for lack of a better word, something as racism. it's just a comedic video about some of the chart topping blonde women in the music business. whoop de freaking do.

  82. 182

    Fuck you perez! you are the biggest Hypocrite in the world! XTINA IS AND ALWAYS WILL BE A BILLION TIMES BETTER THAN GAGA!! XTINA has more talent in her shit than Caca has in her entire body. XTINA was ORIGINAL!! Something Gaga doesn't even know what it means..

  83. 183

    "Only remix a track and call it 'Born Diss Way" LOOOOL that was hilarious! and no It's not racist. you wanna see racist? Go watch Chris Rock or Chelsea Handler stand Up comedy shows..

  84. 184

    This video would have escaped being racist if it was brought out that Madonna, Brittany or Lady GaGa can't dance because they are white or that Christina should show her birth certificate to prove she's legal. I mean really. Why is Beyonce the only one singled out with liquor, chicken & cornbread?? It's the 21st century and we're still on that craziness?

    Just because you are a minority (whether it be race or by sexual preference) doesn't mean you cannot be racist. It always comes out. (excuse the pun)

  85. 185

    No i don't think this is racial!! Just having a good time!! www.weightlossin90.bodybyvi.com

  86. 186

    theres is NOTHING wrong with it at all its hilarious! there probably just angry because everything La Coacha is saying is right, they need to calm down and stop putting race on everything it doesen't matter what we are and this video shows this!!!

  87. 187

    SO LAME….how did you know those are XTINA fans?? This blog SUCKS

  88. 188


  89. 189

    hahahaa. this was amazing. seriously people are saying this is racist? its a parody. lord, people need to..wait for it…RELAX THE F OUT

  90. 190

    Here's what I think of this video: It's funny but to a point. Making fun of careers is not a problem, but when you get to Beyonce and start making her seem ghetto, and talking bout chicken, grits and cornbread, your being racist, because that is a racist sterotype some people use fto make fun of black people. There are plenty of ways that Beyonce could have been percieved to make it funny, but the way you did it was in poor taste. That was terrible. You just posted a video a few weeks ago of a UCLA girl sterotyping asians and making fun of them, and even YOU thought that was disgusting. You need to get your shit straight Perez, or just bow out.

  91. 191

    Its a parody you guys…enjoy and just laugh…god why does everyone have to take everything so literally and if you don't like it, thats fine too…lighten up and laugh!! I am sure we have all been racist more than a few times….

  92. 192

    NOOOOOOOOOO it's NOT racist!!!! Get a friggen life ppl. You guys really must have nothing else to do. I personally thought it was cute and funny…Unfriggen real. The ppl. who don't like Perez really just need to stop coming here etc. and stop watching these things, really. It's your choice to switch pages etc. Get a fuckin life!!!

  93. 193

    this is why racism will never die. People are so fing uptight!!! This video is funny!!!! Those that think its racist you need to go out and get a life! Every race has people in it who fit the stereo types! But you need to let this roll off your back or else your all gonna die of heart attacks! and its true comedians make fun of race ALL the time. Ever hear George Lopez???? What about Chris Rock??? Cmon people get the stick out of your asses

  94. 194

    Personally, I like Perez and I like this site, but I just don't agree with him sterotyping a black girl, with chicken and grits. I just thought it was poor taste at that part.

  95. 195

    MORE proof that Perez and his illiterate sister have no clue. Word: Racists and people who post racist material almost NEVER admit they're racist. Instead, they spin their hateful stupidity with "but we're black" or "I have Hispanic friends" type excuses. STOOOOPID! But the most alarming thing in the video: When did "Gaga" get so fat?

  96. 196

    is it racist, prob not. Is it tedious and not very funny? you betch it is. did not have the energy to make it to the end. sorry. I find overall you are not very funny actually

  97. 197

    what a geek

  98. 198

    while it may not be racist, perez.. it is you being a nasty person still. while you say you've changed. and are no longer gonna be nasty to celebs(xtina) this is you being nasty to xtina as always you havent changed a bit. though you are pretending it is " just, all in good fun" maybe it was in the case of poking fun at gaga/shakira/beyonce/madonna/marylin m. and brit. we all know you love them. however your efforts to ruin xtina in the last 8 months show your intentions were otherwise when it came to her. the poking fun at xtina was a little nasty in comparrison . do you expect us to believe after all the venom for xtina all the sudden you have changed your mind? PS 10-15 NEGATIVE BLOGS IN 1 DAY insulting XTINA IS EXCESSIVE.. you only post the info you deem negative about her .. you never talk about the really positive things she does. you only post the negative.. BIASED MUCH? its nice to see you get a taste of YOUR OWN MEDICINE , FOR ONCE.

  99. 199

    Seriously?! if This video had come out on SNL you would all be laughing your asses off! Just because you don't like PErez, doesn't make it any less funny. You hypocrites! this video was amazing.

  100. 200

    I didnt think it was racist. I thought it was hilarious. I got the point and you should just ignore all the haters. people just want to start drama.

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