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Michael Lohan Opens Up About Domestic Abuse Arrest

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Michael Lohan Just Wanted To Go To Blockbuster

Michael Lohan spoke in an interview about his arrest, and he had quite a bit to say from his hospital bed.

The short of it is this: Kate Major is a liar. He didn't do it.

We're not sure who's telling the truth here, but Lohan does get pretty specific in his recount of what happened.

And here's his story:

“Yesterday I went to all my therapy meetings and went to the house and Kate was there. She’s been staying at my place. It’s a lie that she wasn’t staying there. She wanted to go out to dinner but I said no, I’d rather go to Blockbuster and bring food home so she wouldn’t drink at the restaurant.

“When we got back to the house after Blockbuster she was in the bedroom and I was cooking dinner when she started screaming. She was yelling ‘what the f**k is this? You’re a piece of s**t. Who is Maryann Mancuso?’ and that is a friend of mine.

“She was holding my phone and I grabbed it away from her and she had something sharp in her hand and she grabbed my arm and slashed my arm open.

“I told her to get out of here, you get your stuff and get out of here right now. I should have listened to my counselors and everyone else. I then said to her by the way, now I’m calling the cops. I put my shoes on and she left.

“She said I gave her a fat lip, she has Restylane in her lips. I didn’t give her a fat lip. She did the same thing in West Hampton. I didn’t touch her, she’s full of crap. I have cuts on my arm. She put fake makeup on her eyes before.

“Kate drove to the police station. She was drunk when she drove to the police station. I called the police, I called 9-1-1, and said I wanted to press charges on my girlfriend. They connected me to the West Hollywood station and they asked where I was. I said I was on the street walking towards the police station and I flagged down a police car.

“I just got out of Celebrity Rehab for co-dependency and that’s the last thing I wanted. This was all a set up. When my lawyers resolve this with the police and I prove this is all a set up the world is going to know about Kate Major.”

Quite the tale you weave, Michael! We guess that the truth will come out one way or another.

On one hand, if you did do this, it's really atrocious. On the other, if she lied about it, that's really terrible too and she should seek some help.

Either way, someone did something that is no good and it needs to stop!

Do U think Michael is telling the truth??

[Image via WENN.]

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12 comments to “Michael Lohan Opens Up About Domestic Abuse Arrest”

  1. 1

    So it's only atrocious if Michael did it? I'm so tired of your bullshit, Perez. Team Mike, bitches.

  2. rvb says – reply to this


    who cares?… the man has proven over and over he's a douche… whatever the outcome of this - still a douche bag…

  3. rvb says – reply to this


    oh… and how can such a douche bag's sperm create such a beautiful daughter… Oh, I forgot… SHE's FUCKING NUTS

  4. 4

    altho i think milo is dipshit kate 2.0 is a crazy bitch.

  5. 5

    If he thinks all of these things that are happening to him are horrible, then why doesn't he remove himself from these situations?

  6. 6


  7. 7

    Perez, Perez, Perez….. Stop taking up space on your site with this wind bag. No one wants to hear what he has to say. Maybe if you stop reporting on him, he'll go away. Maybe.

  8. 8

    WHY IS THE WHOLE WORLD TRYING TO SET UP THE LOHANS!!! oh wait. nevermind. they're a bunch of liars.

  9. 9

    If the Lohan's lips are moving they are lying. It has to have something to do with some sort of publicity for something. And what is up with having chest pains right after? Kind of coincidental don't ya think? Oh no, feel sorry for me I am having chest pains. And, anyone could take something and make marks on ones arm. Yes, kate is a little bit of a wacko but Michael is a big bit of wacko. Mix the two and you got yourself a big, bad situation.

  10. 10

    Less is more, Michael.


  11. 11

    I took the time to log in and say this: There is no way I will read this trash.

  12. 12

    He tells big fat lies.