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Watch Whoopi GO OFF On The Donald!

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Hot Topics got extra HEATED this morning!

Whoopi Goldberg lost her cool with Donald Trump this morning on The View after he began pushing the issue of President Obama "hiding" his birth certificate.

The conversation escalated and escalated until Whoopi (and Barbara Walters, to an extent) became enraged with The Donald and told him what for.

Ooo! You in danger, girl! You don't mess with Whoop!

Check out the video (above) to see the feud go down!

At least she didn't walk out!

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106 comments to “Watch Whoopi GO OFF On The Donald!”

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  1. 1

    Unfortunately, Whoopi is not helping the pres much…she is a drugged-up mess…at least I am hoping that pot is her excuse for behaving this way.

  2. 2

    WTF?? This happened yesterday!!

  3. 3

    Oh please, would she defend Obama if he were a Republican? Of course not!
    What kind of discussion is this when your hosts go off the deep end. Remember when the liberals went nuts about McCain being born outside the country when he ran for President? Whoopi is an ignorant fool.

  4. 4

    Oh shiz!

    Check out my lifestyle blog: www.imsoboring.com

  5. 5

    Whoopi is a joke and only became so irate because she knows her "man" Obama is going to be voted out in 2012. And, yes, it's a fact that Obama is hiding his birth certificate (and other documents) regardless of whether or not you believe he was born in the USA. He spent a few million to keep the documents out of the public and media eye.

  6. 6

    This is why woman should keep out of politics.

  7. 7

    I think Donald Trump is absolutely right. Why would the president, if it isn't a big deal, just show the damn birth certificate. Ive been saying the exact same thing since he came into office. Personally, Whoopi goes off on anything she thinks is anti-african american and she is just completely overreacting more than the majority of the time. Secondly, someone needs to eliminate Barbara Walters from television. Even though Perez, we know you have a serious distaste for Elisabeth, she is the only one on that panel that I honestly respect.

  8. 8

    I am outraged by this conspiracy of silencing the "birthers".
    That is the REAL CONSIPIRACY that's going on in this country!
    Normal, sane people can't ask why the President's birth certificate isn't public without being harassed and ostracized?
    We don't have a 'birther' problem. We have a 'vetting' problem created by the MSM.
    Would any American corporation hire a CEO who made such a refusal as Obama?
    Obama is a disaster, whatever he is.
    My take is, he's on the verge of being found out, he's a girl!

    Tired of being suckerpunched by Whoopi and the rest of the Marxist press!

  9. 9

    The presidents place of birth is something that should be verified before he can even ran for president. Therefore I'm sure Obama is a citizen of the United States do you really believe that would not have been discovered by now.

    Whoopi has a point no other president has been asked to show their birth certificate to the public. Surely the hospital he was born in has records of his birth. I don't believe for one second that our government wouldn't be able to discover the birth place of Obama or anyone for that matter. Even if he wasn't born here at some point there would be records of his mother entering the country with a small child. Both Obama and his mother would have needed a passport or some kind of paperwork in order to enter the United States. His mother at some point would have had to obtain us citizenship for Obama if he wasn't born here. It's total bs and people like Donald and Elizabeth make themselves look stupid everytime they bring this crap up.

  10. Blunt says – reply to this


    Sorry Donald but whoopi is right. I mean think about it, before he became president, his social security number, IDs, Birth certificate etc…. would be presented. Gosh ppl are sooo dump it's funny, i mean everyone knows he was raised by his american grandparents. And last i checked Hawaii was a damn sate just like Alaska. Lol ppl use your heads, btw has a white president EVER been asked to present their B-Certificate??? O_O i smell bigotry

  11. 11

    He should show it….just like everyone else has to…

    why wouldn't you?

    Obama made it into a big issue by not showing one…and I agree. where are any parents for either one of the Obama's? You hear about a grandma here and a possible mother their, but you don't ever see them???

  12. 12

    Of course Whoopi had to play the race card when she herself voted for Obama because he is black. How does Whoopi know that no other president had to verify their birth, McCain had to prove his birthright. Besides, Whoopi publicly admits she wets her pants. She appears to be full of crap as well.

  13. 13

    I like Trump, but I think he made a mistake with Whoopi. She just brought Trump a lot of unwanted attention.

  14. 14

    didn't this happened yesterday……Anyways, when they start asking the other US presidents for their birth certificate, then Obama can show his. Let's face it, had Obama been white, this whole conversation wouldn't be happening. unfortunately We still live in a racist society, the only reason is that now is now more on the DL.

  15. 15

    I can't believe people are this stupid there was a news article the day he was born in Hawaii they did show a birth certificate if people don't want to believe in facts than there is little you can do. It's sad that a man of Donald stature would go way to the right on this issue America is mostly in the middle he will lose the election.

  16. 16

    The President's father is Kenyan, his mother is American, and much of his youth was spent outside of this country.
    No other president of our country has had similar circumstances.
    This is where the doubt comes from. All he has to do is show his birth certificate. Simple.

  17. 17

    Also, I might add, Whoopi did not exactly give Donald the beat down, that is a bit of an exaggeration, the sparred back and forth but by your title Perez, you act like Whoopi opened up a can of whoop-ass on Donald. I'm sure all ended on a friendly note, they just each have their strong opinions. Whoopi wets her pants, Donald has a combover - tie score

  18. 18

    LATE, LATE, LATE as usual. This was yesterday's news. Day late and a dollar short as usual Perez. Keep up.

  19. 19

    please - perez - this is hardly "heated" - she was smiling. you sure know how to add drama where there is none.

    and p.s. i had to show my kid's birth certificate when i registered him for school. so yes, he should have to show it. but i do think he was born in the u.s.

  20. 20

    They wouldn't even care about his birth certificate if he weren't black

  21. 21

    Perez, I think you see things through a different kind of eyes. No one was "enraged" and it was hardly a feud. A heated discussion, maybe. But that's about it. Geeze.

  22. 22

    Constantly posting shit that happened yesterday or the day before as new news is going to drive people away.

    This site has gone sooooo downhill.

  23. 23

    Whoopi seems to interpret every criticism of Obama as an attack on his race. Not true! He was voted in to fix the health care situation and get us out of two wars. Health care is still not fixed, and we're a entering a third war. The criticism of Obama is justified, and I voted for him!

  24. Blunt says – reply to this


    Re: diamondheart – I agree it's sad, ppl are soo foolish. If he wasnt american do you really think the media would expose it?? smh btw If he was 100% white would this be an issue?? think about it

  25. 25

    Let's knock off the racism BS. "If he were white…" Such bullshit. His father is black. His mother is white. He's mixed…not solely black, not solely white. Quit throwing out the effing race card on everything.

  26. 26

    Re: Renee1234 – You are correct. Our government would not allow a person who was not an American citizen to run and become president. He doesn't have to show his birth certificate. No other president was badgered to show his before. His skin color is what is really bothering a lot of these Republicans. "Oh, dear God! There's a darkie in the Whitehouse!"

  27. 27

    Re: YRUFATT – "he should show it..just like everyone else has to" really? Name one president that has had to show the public their actual birth certificate? I'm pretty sure running for President, you do that in the beginning..people are so ignorant. Just tell me how our own government wouldn't be able to figure out if someone was born here or not? They posted his birth certificate online in 2008 yet people believe it was forged. Then they found a newspaper article in two major newspapers in Hawaii with the announcement of his birth…people are just looking for anything to find..if you really don't like him..go vote clearly he was voted the president for a reason and if people aren't happy with him he'll be voted out in 2012..but if any of these people who are claiming he is not born here and is of age to vote and didn't..you have no right to have any say in the matter.

  28. 28

    Re: savhjoan – He did show it!

  29. 29

    ZERO has "invested" about $2 million to insure his privacy.
    THe reality is that he doesn't exist.
    No birth records
    No passport records
    No school records
    No scholarship records
    No Occidental records
    No Columbia records
    No Harvard records
    No Illinois Senate records
    Multiple SS numbers including the one he mainly uses that was issued to a Connecticut resident.
    No friends have come forward
    No girlfriends have come forward
    How did BO travel to Pakistan, when the USA did not give out visas, to that country back then?
    He really doesn't exist.
    Hey… ever watch the movie, the Laurence Harvey, Frank Sinatra, Angela Lansbury version of the "Manchurian Candidate"
    America has been punked.
    Go fuck yourself Whoopi and Joy.

  30. 30

    Trump now has my vote for sure!

  31. 31

    OMG ARE YOU SERIOUS? It has nothing to do with Obama being BLACK! Is everyone forgetting he is also white? He's the best of both worlds.It has nothing to do with RACE. The only reason people want to see his birth certificate because when he was asked for it he had a proble, with it. All of the other presidents had no problem showing there. So enough with the " Its because hes black." bc he is also white.

  32. 32

    It's common knowledge that is reasonably acceptable that he was born in Hawaii. It is what his family said and what he friends have said and what the unofficial records and unofficial evidence has supported all along. Just like with any other US President. That's right, just like with any other US President. Never has a US President had to provide his birth certificate. It was just accepted through unquestionable common knowledge where they were born. Ronald Regan or Theodore Roosevelt could have been born in China, for all you know. Why should he have to show his birth certificate if no one else did? That is the million dollar question that has all kinds of discriminatory undertones not to be addressed here. I think ALL presidential canidates should have to provide an official birth certificate in the future, and that will take care of these kinds of controversies in the future. Maybe if everyone is required to provide one for the next election, we can get jackass Obama out. But let's do it fair and square.

  33. 33

    Whoopi, get over yourself. Stop bringing up the racist card every 5 minutes. If Obama has nothing to hide, show the cert, it's that simple.

  34. 34

    Whoopi is on the money. Donald Trump has no clue. Just looking for any straw in the haystack to try and cut down our President. He needs to come up w/something better than wanting to see the man's birth certificate.

  35. 35

    Team Donald…oh please Whoopi "cause he's black"…please hello his mama is white, he gone as far as he has…because of his whiteness meaning he was raised by white folks…
    a fact!!!!
    he wasn't around his black daddy at all as usual…was your daughter around her daddy whoopi ….mmmm didn't think so. Barack show your birth certificate…

  36. 36

    Re: looloo316 – "All of the other presidents had no problem showing there." ?? umm what President had to show their birth certificate to the public?

  37. 37

    Why doesn't he show it then? That is just weird… Why is it a secret? Obama is all about "transparency" in the government … why doesn't that include Himself just squashing the rumor mill and showing people they are idiots are even asking?!

    Obama NOT showing it is weird.. and maybe there is something on his birth certificate that Obama doesn't want to show us but maybe its something personal

  38. 38

    Amen Donald Trump! I think Obama is a fraud and he will go down as one of the worst presidents we have ever had!

  39. 39

    To "Ilovejames"….Whoopi a "drugged up mess"? Marijuana is nothing dear….Millions smoke it and are not "messes"….So get some knowledge first, thank you….Secondly, Trump is a tool….typical rich man with an ego with bad hair and a terrible fake tan…..Trump needs to go away….

  40. 40

    Dwight Eisenhower had to file his birth certificate to run for president.

  41. 41

    Re: Iscis7447 – i kinda feel the same way "show the birth certificate" but…just as an example…

    i lost my birth certificate a few years back, so i got a copy from the state in which i was born. obama was born in hawaii. the state of hawaii has a copy of obama's birth certificate. that is a fact and has already been stated. why does the president need to show his own copy? and if he does, do you honestly think that would satiate the racists birthers who don't believe obama isn't an american? the whole movement is ridiculously paranoid. how could obama have possibly been placed in this country as an *illegal alien* - because honestly, that's what we're getting at folks - only to be elected president of the united states? i think we all have better chances of winning the lottery than an illegal alien - yet another target of the ridiculously tighty whitey righty - getting voted POTUSA. but we're talking conspiracy here, so WHO KNOWS RIGHT?!

  42. 42

    also, this sets a very bad precedent that, regardless of who you are in this country, you can get bullied in to defending yourself against the most baseless accusations. these birthers are racist to the core, and they're either too stupid to recognize how racist this argument is, or they don't care. why are they racists? glad you asked! i will NEVER EVER get asked to prove my citizenship. i'm white. but obama was 1) born in hawaii 2) to a black father who happens to be from kenya 3) and to a white mother who moved him around the globe. the argument is racist on the face of it because the only reason anyone is demanding to see his birth certificate is because he is a black man with an exotic background. as soon as the POTUSA caves to such a ridiculous demand as "show your papers" that basically opens the doors to everyone in the country having to do the same because of their racial background and/or color of their skin.

    oh and donald trump is a bigger douche than michael lohan. I SAID

  43. 43

    Jeeze. This whole thing ends if he shows the birth certificate. The Donald is right. What is he hiding?

  44. 44

    Donald Trump is right. Obama has not shown ANYthing of substance.
    ZERO has "invested" about $2 million to insure his privacy.
    THe reality is that he doesn't exist.
    No birth records
    No passport records
    No school records
    No scholarship records
    No Occidental records
    No Columbia records
    No Harvard records
    No Illinois Senate records
    Multiple SS numbers including the one he mainly uses that was issued to a Connecticut resident.
    No friends have come forward
    No girlfriends have come forward
    How did BO travel to Pakistan, when the USA did not give out visas, to that country back then?
    America has been punked.
    Go F yourselves Whoopi and Joy.

  45. 45

    The NEXT Republican Candidte must bring this issue up during the next election. That is where John McCain dropped the ball - he did not press the issue. Obama has lotsa splainin' to do because so much of his history is hearsay and not factually backed up.

  46. 46

    Re: gapeachy – You're wrong because YOU aren't running for the office of President. This has nothing to do about race and everything to do about qualification and the law. You are foolish if you don't want to see proof from ANY candidate who is running for office no matter what color etc… they are. No one shoul blindly accept hearsay as "proof" when it comes to the highest office in government. Get some common sense. And yes - WE have to show our birth certificates for all kinds of stuff - no one is immune to doing that except Obama apparently.

  47. 47

    He has shown his birth certificate, you don't think that the republicans that try every dirty trick in the book to discredit someone during an election that this fact wasn't already for the millionith time now verified. This dicussion is beyond ridiculous and the people that argue this are insane.

  48. 48

    these wind bags irritate the dog doo outta me! I'd love to see Trump & Palin run for Prez… I love watching train wrecks.

  49. 49

    She's on the dope again.

  50. 50

    Uhm, everyone who is trying to make this a race issue I think you are forgetting that he is not black, he's half black. Nice try though.

    Whoopi is an idiot

  51. 51

    Donald is a friggin joke he's not in politics he's a real estate mogul and in entertainment if he becomes president America would look like the biggest joke of a country I hate it that he thinks that he would win what an arrogant fu@#!

  52. 52

    I don't watch the View because of Whoopie. She cannot appreciate an opposing view from hers without Yelling or Stomping Off like a child. I will never watch this show as long as Whoopie is on it. I enjoyed her in the movies but not on a talk show.

  53. 53

    You birthers are the dumbest fucking morons alive. Really.
    You say, Obama has spent $2 million on legal fees keeping his records 'sealed'

    That's funny. A year ago you said it was $1 million dollars. Did you see the receipts? Do you know the names of his lawyers or the law firms? How does one sue to keep public records hidden? You idiots just repeat whatever you hear on talk radio as if it were a fact. Stupid stupid people, all of you.
    No one owns their 'original' birth certificate, dumbasses. It's an official state document that's kept in the archives of where you were born. You get a copy, which is what I have, which is what you have, which is what everyone has. What would be the point of a birth certificate if only you had a copy and the state government didn't? What if you lost it? What if it got burned in a fire? That's why the state keeps it, and you don't. That's why I mailed the county where I was born to get a copy. Then again, I am white so no one will ever challenge where I was born.
    It's really a waste of time to explain anything to birthers. They cling to their conspiracy as if it was the truth, and no amount of real evidence will convince their little minds otherwise.

  54. 54

    This Dumb Fuck with the weird hair ! How stupid is he - thinking the Prez wasn't born in the U.S. ? I had a 'little' respect for him before this…thinking he could run for the Republicans rather than that mildly retarded Palin Whack Job. But this - this takes the cake ! Dumb is as Dumb says ! Really…. WHAT A FIRST-CLASS FUCTARD !

  55. 55

    Re: Snookietoes – no. no i'm right. besides i'm pretty sure you accepted as "PROOF" the citizenship of every white man and woman who has run for president before obama. but thank you for your misguided opinion, you just illustrated my point.

  56. 56

    Everyone he has shown his birth certificate it's online so that argument is invalid, he does have school records, people have come forward to say they known him as a child. No other president has had to provide a birth certificate and his birth was reported in two newspaper on Hawaii. On side note I lost my birth certificate and had to get a copy doesn't mean I wasn't born in my country of birth just saying this in case the argument is that Obama only provided a copy.

  57. 57


  58. 58

    Re: blaakq

    But really, if he were white, even with one parent from another country, would the question of his citizenship have even come up? Republicans are just trying to justify their racism.

    If Trump and Palin are the best Republicans have to offer next year… This country is screwed.

  59. 59

    Re: Irvinegirl

    Would Elizabeth ever defend anyone if they were a Democrat? Of course not!

    How ya doin there pot? Kettle says hi.

  60. 60

    Re: WatchGuardian – Exactly I lost my birth certificate and had to get another copy but arguing with them is just pointless you can't reason with stupid people they don't use logic.

  61. 61

    Don't you all know that the people who put Obama in power are the real ones in charge of the US government. He is a PUPPET and all this talk of "change" during the election was complete bullshit. We're never going to see his birth certificate nor will Trump become president.

  62. 62

    im so tired of these rude ass ugly hags and their damn yapping..its so tacky to invite somebody on ur show and talk over them and attack ur guest. sherri and whoopi are some racist ass bitches, who does whoopi think she is saying "am i blonde" meaning that she would be dumb if she was..what if somebody said "i didnt steal from your store, am i black?" they are both racist bitches, all these bitches need to SIT DOWN with their annoying racist asses

  63. 63

    Re: redbusta – but really, do you look at obama and think "whitey" or "asian?" he's clearly black. this argument is unfortunately in part about race, regardless of whether anyone wants to believe it or not. this is not an argument we have had with any other president in history, and they have all been white men. now do you think that is a coincidence or conspiracy?

  64. TCYB says – reply to this


    Bush was definately born in this country Donald? Why? Because he is white? It is not Obama hiding his birth certificate, it is the laws of the state of Hawaii. Now you can buy his certificate for 100 bucks through the state. Too cheap Donald? So are your cheap shots. Obama 2012.

  65. 65

    really? we still think he is from Africa? He was raised by his white grandparents.. do you think we would make this biggest mistake in history. Why does he have to defend himself? I am sure people don't ask Donald where he comes from. its soo ignorant!!!

  66. 66

    I like Donald and all as far as him being a smart Business man but if he was president the world would be at war with everyone. Scary thought.

  67. 67

    I'm not a "birther" but why wouldn't someone just show it, so we can move on to the important issues of this country??? I am an avid View watcher, and I HATE when Whoppi brings up the race card time and time again… And not every black person is good, or white person… She defends Chris Brown, Michael Vick, Charlie Sheen, etc…. I realize she has had a wild life, but we the public are sick of that antics and illegal activities of athletes and celebrities….

  68. 68

    Isn't a birth-certificate a public record. I really don't get what the big deal is, he could NOT have run for president if he was born in the US, hello?????????? Why do black men have to continue to prove themselves. Sorry but RACE is still a big issue in America.

  69. 69

    People show how ignorant they really are!!! Black card!! How many Blacks live in your town named BORACK HUSEIN OBUMA??? This is not the NORM black name people but you peeps saying this are more racist calling us racist!! This is a Muslim!! This why they keep asking not that he is worthless Black-man who has never run a Corp or even ran is own state. Know that he hung with a Rev who hates whites and Americans for over twenty years and hung with a LOT bad people around the world in his travels. He doesnt even salute the American flag or does his wife!! You people are the fools and applaud Woopi, shame on you calling yourselves American. She is an ACTOR not a POLITICIAN and u peeps are followers to applaud her BLACK BS. You are sleeping with the enemy!!! You will find out!! By the way the other Prez names were Ben,Henry,William,George,Thomas,John,Ronald and NOT Barack Hussein Obuma

  70. 70

    If Obama has to show his birth certificate, I think that 'the Donald' should have to expose his real hair and wash off that fake tan…

  71. 71

    Re: missmagz – "Don't you all know that the people who put Obama in power are the real ones in charge of the US government." Seriously? I'm pretty sure it's called an election and everyone who voted put him in power. He posted a copy of his birth certificate online if you want to see it. Wait. You think its a fake? Why do you put your trust into a government/country when you obviously believe they can't prove where someone is BORN? Ignorant.

  72. 72

    Everyone is so quick to blame race, which is actually highly annoying. Whoopi shouldn't get into politics, LOL. Even though I agree with Donald, I don't think he needs to get himself into these controversial agruements if hes seriously considering running for president.

  73. 73

    Obama HAS shown the fucking document, you tards! It's an official document from the state of Hawaii. It's been verified over and over and over again.

    The state of Hawaii doesn't have an issue with it.
    The US Dept of State doesn't have an issue with it.
    Harvard and Columbia don't have issues with it.
    The state of Illinois doesn't have an issue with it.
    The United States Senate doesn't have an issue with it.
    Washington DC doesn't have an issue with it.
    The Federal Election Committee doesn't have an issue with it.

    The ONLY people who have issues are fucking slobbering redneck morons who watch Fox News and listen to Rush Limpballs all day. Yea, those winners.

    Go ahead and keep crying about it, you idiots. Really. I hope you never ever stop. I hope you scream long and loud every single miserable day you exists that you think the president of the United States, the highest fucking office in the land, is somehow suspect.

    I knew the election of the first black man would cause 1/4 of the country to shit their pants daily, but I had no idea of the level of intensity.

    Oh, and get used to this too, morons. Obama WILL be re-elected and there's not a goddamn single thing you can do about it, except maybe cry with Glenn Beck when it happens.

  74. 74

    When a man could not pass a background security check to be his own bodyguard something is wrong. Produce the ORIGINAL LONG FORM document and all will be resolved. Until that happens, Barbara and Whoopi can take a whole bottle of Shut The Hell Up you worshipping Zenu-type harpies.

    And where are all the Pink Ladies in the Bay Area now that Obama has his very own war????!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought so. So YOU can shut the hell up, you have no creadance. Where's the outcry when a Jewish family is murdered in their sleep????!!!!!!! I wouldn't cry tears for you if magically, your life savings and checking account was suddenly "disappeared" and you were left on the streets with you 2008 "Baby Killers" signs and pink garb as your homeless shelter.

  75. 75

    Donald Trump might be the only person in the U.S.A. with Presidential aspirations who makes Palin look worthy. What an egotistical tool. And I'd say something smartass about Elizibeth too if I could take my eyes off those legs and stop thinking about spreading them…

  76. 76

    I think Donald Trump is unamerican for using his "I may run for President" to get ratings for his show.

    My family lives in Hawaii and birth ceritificates arent the same as they are on the main land. Get over it, he was born here.

  77. 77

    Re: looloo316 – oh my god, yes, thank you! i was going to comment about this. he is half black, half white. and regardless i don't even think race has anything to do with it. i don't want to see his birth certificate because he's black, i want to see it because he refuses to show it, and as a normal human being with a working brain, that sparks my curiosity. we didn't give the other presidents shit about it, because they didn't work so hard to hide it. everyone needs to stop playing the race card.. it's getting really old.

  78. 78

    Joey McJ, you just made me howl with laughter.

  79. 79

    Honestly, no other President in the history of Presidents has ever, ever been asked to show proof they were born an American citizen. Why this one? Because he's black? Because his middle name is Hussein? Seriously, you have to show proof before you are accepted as a nominee that you are in fact an American citizen born in the US.

  80. 80

    Re: zobiana – Not all Republicans are racist. I don't think it is so much about the fact that his father is black rather than any other color, so much as the fact his name is that of a Muslim decent. Any frankly, isn't that what everyone was so up in arms about to begin with…after 911? Everyone screams about Muslim terrorists? It's not a half-black issue. Showing a legal document isn't that hard. They produced the paper today. Maybe birth certificates are different from state to state, but that didn't look like any birth certificate I've ever seen. It looked more like a letter. I really don't care. I'm not one that believes he would get into the highest office in the Nation if he weren't a citizen. The whole thing is stupid. I'm just sick of the race card always being drawn.

  81. 81

    well, now we can see what the donald would be wasting time on instead of real issues. hes already losing votes before he even gets started….and look at that ignorant kunt elisibitch just loving it… being ignorant aint goin to get it…tell us how your gonna fix the economy dipshit.

  82. 82

    as usual, Perez. You completely sensationailzed nothing

  83. 83

    His mother is an American citizen…therefore it doesn't matter is he was born on US soil…!!!!!!! Even if he wasn't born in Hawaii, it wouldn't matter he is still an American citizen! I have American parents and I was born in Egypt while my parent lived there for two years. I am still an American just like Obama is an American.

  84. 84

    To address the comment by Donald regarding photos of President Obama in his younger years. If the Donald is as current on his history of our current President, he would understand that he lived in Indonesia from ages 6 until 10. Are we stunned that he has not been given personal access to the President's private childhood photo album? Why if the Donald wants access to something he should obtain it! Privacy is something the Donald's party holds near and dear to their hearts, yet they are quick to demand an outsider's privacy as something of public policy. Perpetuating false gossip is damaging to our community, the Donald uses this mechanism to shamelessly propel himself through the media and keep himself current. This man has presidential ambitions, imagine the garbage and rumor mills he would create and perpetuate if given the chance to lead our great nation? This is not someone to be trusted for he has his own interest first and foremost before that of the people!

  85. 85

    Secondly, it is very appropriate for Whoopi to call into question the disrespectful manner in which some members of the community have been quick to call for the President's birth certificate. This type of disrespect could have very well be rooted from that fact that the President is not white, and considered "other" by many outside of his party. Honestly the fact that this argument is still valid today is quite saddening. Let's keep pressing on and respecting others different from us in the community and we will continue to move forward as a nation to greatness!

  86. 86

    Re: Noah Doubt
    Another fucking moron.

    Let me try and explain it to you, okay idiot?


    There, did that work? No one. It belongs to the state. It's an official document kept in the archives where ever you were born.

    Tell you what, dumbfuck, why don't you go down to the government building that keeps all the records in the town you were born.

    Go there and DEMAND to take possession of your 'original' long form b.c. Just go ahead and ask them.

    See how long it is before you get escorted from the premises by security. You know why? Because it's theirs, not yours. You get a copy.
    A copy is good enough to buy a house, get a passport, go to college, etc etc.

    Fucking idiot.

  87. 87

    Donald did make himself look like a Jackass! American's need to give themselves more credit. Do you think if Obama were not born in Hawaii, he would have been kicked out of public office by now.
    I want some of what Donny Boy is smokin! He kind of looked like a Jersey Shore cast member with that orange tan.

  88. 88

    way to go Donald
    if Obama wants to put an end to any doubt he could easily have produced it a few years ago
    If he is the president of EVERYONE in the States, NOT JUST THE LOYAL DEMOCRATS, then why doesn't he show it!
    end of of the discussion!
    the longer he delays, the more people will jump on the suspicious bandwagon.. that's just natural

  89. 89

    No other President has had to show their birth certificates so why Obama? Elizabeth get off you republican high horse! Obama has had a hard enough job trying to help the country after George Bush destroyed it!

  90. 90

    because Obama was born to an American mother and a Kenyan father it is assumedthat he is a citizen of both countries no matter which of the 2 places he was born in
    when and where were parents married? where and when was their divorce?
    how old was he when he left the US with his parents-days old? a toddler? and how old was he when he returned six? a teenager?
    what day was the birth registered? born in a hospital or home birth? birth announcement in the newspaper? baptismal certificate? not baptised? what year was that?
    what year was his passport issued? assuming as a child he was on the passport of either his mother or father–which parent's was he on?
    if there isn't a straight forward answer to even one of those things, that would feul suspicion for those who tend to think that way to begin with
    where are the easy answers to those questions-is there some website?

  91. 91

    one last comment as food for thought….
    running against Hillary Clinton, you know that her team, her and her husband tried to dig up any and everything negative or questionable about Obama give her a leg up in the running for the Democratic nomination
    …assume they found nothing or they would have used it-the Clintons were well known for their dirty politics….

  92. 92

    Donald is a freaking woman hating jerk. This self made man got his start when his Daddy gave him hundreds of millions to play with. He is a fraud. And he is a HUGE a*shole. STFU Donald you ugly f*ck.

  93. Megz3 says – reply to this


    I 100% agree he should show his birth certificate!! Why not unless he has something to hide!?

  94. 94

    Oh please, what a trivial thing for everyone to get uptight about! Bottom line, he is a good president, and is much better than Bush. I'm not even American, yet it's clear that all of Bush's lies are much worse than a questionable birth certificate.

  95. 95

    Nobody's Grl:

    Thanks; my pleasure.

  96. 96

    Do you really think Obama was allowed to run for public office without proving his birthplace? Of course not, you stupid assholes. There are certain hurdles one must jump before being allowed to enter politics, let alone become president of the United States of America. Stop with all the silly shit and get real people!!

  97. 97

    I can't stand Whoopi Cushion Goldberg, she's such a moron.

  98. 98

    Re: caitlinf1234 – I wish winning an election was all it took to become President of the United States. You really believe that anyone can become president? See this is exactly what they want you to think, my friend. Of course, there's an election to make it appear as though the US is a democratic nation and they occasionally allow people to vote on certain issues but the real issues around the world are decided by a very small group of people and without their approval, there would be no Obama. You can call this a conspiracy but what people believe to be true when it comes to politics, justice and money is an illusion.

  99. 99

    for some reason this video is taking forever to load.. but just thought I'd say that I love the "Ghost" reference.

    Oo you in danger girl!

    RIP Patrick Swayze!

  100. 100

    [re=5652602]Re: jonesjl9[/re
    Why play the race card?? Geez show the birth certificate and move on? Folks wonder about him being an American because lots of his decisions and actions do not represent what many Americans believe is best for this country. How dare we ask to see his birth certificate how dare we ask anything of him!!

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