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Burger King Bikini Brawl!

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Shizz got real for anyone in this Florida Burger King during spring break!

In the CRAZZZY video above, a woman takes on the entire staff of a Burger King restaurant after her food took too long.

The best part, she does it all in a bikini!

This is RIDIC!

And, of course, some spring breakers caught it all on camera and posted it for the world to see.

Listen closely when the unidentified camera man yells, "This is the best spring break ever!"

The seemingly unstoppable bikini bandit was vacationing from Alabama and arrested after the incident for simple battery.

She said in a statement:

"When I walked in they had no smiles on their faces. We weren't treated fairly. If I knew what was gonna happen, I would've gone to Taco Bell."

Yeah, gurl, make a run for the border!

P.S. Violence is not the answer!

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183 comments to “Burger King Bikini Brawl!”

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  1. 101

    Re: freedom2011

  2. 102

    Black women of America, wow I'm sooo not surprise. and can I say GROSS!

  3. 103

    Good grief. I nearly expected her to start flinging excrement. What's wrong with her? :O

  4. 104

    Re: gelibelli – You said it! This idiot was never a slave, so that excuse is just fucking pathetic. While I don't agree with some of the other comments on here, she is really setting black people back a few steps with this kind of behavior. Not only her, but the other customers who laughed and did nothing but watch her during the whole thing. She is really playing up the "angry black woman" stereotype. It's disgusting and ridiculous. Grow up and behave like an adult. I hope her ass goes to jail, not only for this, but for not knowing where the hell her kids were. Worthless piece of shit.

  5. 105

    I didnt say slavery was an excuse, but there's a psychology behind it that you should consider.Colored schools, the right to vote. Black people deal with shame. And when people say shit like put all blacks in a building and burn them, well that just makes you look bad. you are no better than her. be real, woman to woman, shes just another human being. try to look see beyond the transient and physical. just sayin###

  6. 106

    i mean shes got attitude and i admire that. it was totally not the appropriate place for it. but at least shes not preaching death like some of the crazy bitches on here.

  7. 107

    You know what? Life just sucks sometimes…having to wait in traffic, having to waitRe: Eldridge Cleaver – hey, there is nothing wrong with Glee…and why call it a product of 'white' people when it has a multi-racial cast and crew, twat arse

  8. 108

    so the white lady who injects her child with botox is really setting you all back bc like the bk lady shes representing your entire race

  9. 109

    Monkey see, monkey do, monkey get in trouble too. You can take the monkey out of the jungle, but you can't take the jungle out of the monkey. Why is it you rarely see any race but blacks doing this ignorant shit?

  10. 110

    your so mad when people pull the race card yet your the ones who turned it into a racial issue in the first place. hypocrites

  11. 111

    Re: freedom2011 – First off, having 'power' isn't all that great, and in the wrong hands, is definately not a good thing (as shown in the video above). Secondly, the 'power' I think you are refering too is definately NOT reflected in this video. The majority of power goes hand in hand with respect - which is what gives any individual power in the first place (for example, the president, a teacher, a soldier, perhaps someone's grandmother who they look up too and inspires them). This sorry excuse of a person is no where near 'powerful'. What she is doing is acting like a plain psycho, which quite frankly, anyone would be scared of. Especially if she has just escaped from the looney bin!

  12. 112

    These kinds of people of people have ruined south Florida for decent folk.

  13. 113

    Forget power i meant attitude. She has serious attitude. And anger issues. Not her finest hour

  14. 114

    Re: freedom2011 – I understand what you're trying to say, but I can't see this "woman" for who she is if that's the face she's going to wear in public. I know not all black people behave like this, and that many would be disgusted by her behavior. What she did is just stupid and totally damaging to the black stereotype. A lot of people are going to judge the entire race by a few individuals' behavior. It's sad, but it's true. I think that she needs to spend some time in jail to reflect on her actions. It was totally inappropriate. No one, no matter what color you are, should behave like that.

  15. 115

    Re: BLACKgoAWAY! – I'm not black, moron. I am, however, pretty positive that I pissed you off. Did your mommy tell you about your test tube past and now somebody is sad?

  16. 116

    WHY, oh WHY do things like this always turn racey? I saw a woman who was experiencing a bout of social regression. Aside from that, what can the public possibly know about the context? I do wonder how bad of a day one would have to have in order to trounce from atop a Burger King counter though. Which is a much more fascinating subject than a set of genetics.

  17. 117

    bitches be crazy yo

  18. 118

    I would have dumped that nappy ass in the fry cooker and given her something to be pissed about.

  19. 119

    This doesn't surprise me ,this is how BLACK people behave . It's such a shame .

  20. 120

    omg i hate to say it but i'm not surpirsed. so ghetto act like a lady, and why did everyone else start trashing the place wtf

  21. 121

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – Aww, boo hoo! They did have a child and it was me. You found me out. Now don't tell anyone else, okay doll?? Now I'll leave you to go kiss blacky's ass.

  22. 122

    I ain't racist either, but there's a reason there are stereotypes. I live in a very diverse area and see stuff like this all the time. On the bus, the streets, even in their own natural habitat. All it takes is someone ignorant to say something, and then the whole group comes and tags along.
    No, this has nothing to do with slavery, as it has gone and passed. There is no excuse for this type of behavior from any race.

  23. 123

    thats what happens when you let animals congregate like that.

  24. 124

    i dont know about northern blacks, but this is normal behavior for the blacks in the south. bunch of fucken animals.

  25. 125

    Re: Bravnik – I applaud you for telling the TRUTH. So many people out there are scared to admit what's right under our noses. Everytime I open up my local law enforcement paper with the recent arrests, it's majority blacks. I feel SO BAD for the black people out there who are just trying to make a living, and take care of their families, and be a part of normal society, because there are so many other ones out there trying to bring everyone down. And just like you said, they're bringing the stereotype upon themselves. Oh, and do you wanna know the ironic part?? 9/10 it's the young ones. The hotel I manage has a jazz club inside of it, and they have a predominitely middle-aged black customer basis. Those people are ALWAYS nice and respectful! But it's when I get the young ones in here looking for "jacuzzi suites"(and they pronounce suite like a suit that you wear) that cause all of the trouble, and mouth off. And the young ones didn't even have to go through segregation, it's the older ones! And they're the nice ones! Sorry if I'm rambling, but this topic just gets me heated.

  26. 126

    the natives are restless!!

  27. 127

    Re: Amber Johnson – you people just dont know how to act in society, half cant even speak english the right way yo. then you look for equal rights well fuck you

  28. 128

    Please don't come down to Florida and add to the "out of their fucking minds" mentality ever so present here.

  29. 129

    I like when she jumps on the counter. They need to make a musical of this.

  30. 130

    Re: marieclare89 – I commend your comment, as well. I had to go through the EXACT same thing you did for many years. I lived in what you might call a "diverse" area, and I went to an all-black middle and high school (well, all black, besides me and 6 or 7 others). And i'll tell you what, the number 1 quote that I came out of there with was "Sterotypes exist for a reason". Like I said on my last comment, it's really ironic that the ones who had to go through segregation usually turn out to be nice, well-mannered individuals, while most of the young ones act as if they deserve a million dollar check in the mail for having a dark skin color. When in reality, it was people like myself that had to go through all of the racism. But the only person I know in that neighborhood who had it worse than I did was my longtime friend. They didn't like her because she was an "oreo", meaning she liked white men, and rock music. But anyways, when it comes to the video, you are right- crap like that should not be tolerated by any race. And when it comes to your current situation, I really wish you the best of luck, marieclare89.

  31. 131

    That is how stereotypes get started and continue!

  32. barny says – reply to this


    The employee's should have bent her over one of the handrails,pulled bikini bottoms down and then taken turns spanking her fat black ass.A good does of Humility would do her some good.

  33. 133

    Of course. She's black. They didn't evolve all the way from baboons

  34. 134

    Those workers make minimum wage and once again you wonder about that giant gorilla. Smiles on their faces? How about a animal trainer for her? People carry pepper spray because that "thing" needed that in her eyes. Fucking monkey

  35. 135

    wow…I thought that was Miami Beach during Memorial Day or Labor DAy when
    ghetto rats infest and make a mess of lovely MIA…yes they do Perez you know it's true
    doesn't surprise me…ANIMALS!!! and WTF are those APES SORRY girls…sorrry Trash
    doing in Bikinis? girl gots no business showing all that nasty flab!!! wrap it up
    mama gross!!! and behavior fit for a prison cell…which is where they likely will end up

  36. 136

    Re: simonamona – Please boo…90% do!!!…oh you don't want the sista to come out in me…"'oh remember IM black" saying they always say!!!
    it's true…many more like that than they are Oprah's sorry fact fact fact

  37. 137

    Re: djnv2009 – lol so true so very true

  38. 138

    Re: DixieFL – lol you left out they were with all four of their baby daddies that's why cops couldn't find them oops my bad…the daddies wanted nothing to do with them you right!!!! LMAO

  39. 139

    ghetto trash. i bet her spawn will be just like her. just a bunch of wild apes!

  40. 140

    A bunch of gorillas!!!

  41. 141

    Jerry…Jerry!! Seriously though that is beyond disgusting and I hope they locked that crazy beotch up and throw away the key….poor people that work there - bad enough they make low wages then to deal with the Queen of Crazies!

  42. 142

    I hope she gets charged for her ridiculous behaviour. As someone who has worked in fast food before, this kind of behaviour, unfortunately does happen from time to time. People need to learn some class, and not react like this. Her meal cost, what? Like 5 bucks? And she is making herself look like a complete fool over it taking too long. I've had people freak out over stuff like this, and it makes no sense.

    Everyone who works in fast food is just trying to make a living. And sorry if your burger takes a few minutes to cook, but its seriously not the end of the world. Destroying a restaurant is not going to make the food come faster, it only makes you look like a fool. This woman should be ashamed of herself for making American's look ridiculous, it's videos like these that perpetuate a poor opinion of American's around the world.

  43. 143

    Major chimpout!!

  44. 144


  45. 145

    Why do blacks get so hysterical over food & have meltdowns in fast food restaurants?

  46. 146

    She should have been charged with more than simple battery. I kept thinking that an employee sould have knocked her @ss off the counter. But then she would have sued burgery king and they would have been fired. Seroiusly though she should have been charged with more AND the other customers shouldn't have egged it on. Guess her friends thought this was acceptable. All of them are trashy people then.

  47. 147

    Her parents must be so proud. Sad thing is her mother probably is and her father can't be found.

  48. 148

    Re: unreal5511Re: ShaFeelinMii – The difference is the crazy white folk you give as examples are a seriously deranged, very small percentage of the population. What you see in the video is pervasive behavior among the black population (including Africa, have you been watching what they do to each other there?). I still agree with you, this has nothing to do with race, we are all the same. This does have to do with culture, the black community could learn a lot from other more civilized cultures. Start by picking up the garbage in your ghettos. Show some civil pride in your own communities. Make your kids go to school, parent them. It's ironic because most ghetto real estate in America would be worth a fortune if it weren't for its inhabitants.

  49. 149


  50. 150

    Trashy bitch's!

  51. 151

    Re: YanksGirl91 – Agree! I would have laid her the Fck out!

  52. 152

    Re: notorious420 – LMAO! That was funny, thanks for the laugh

  53. 153

    Black people are always so well behaved in public and never cause a scene.

  54. 154

    Seriously, why isn't AIDS working? Aren't these people the reason why AIDS was invented?

  55. 155

    Always black girls doing this animalistic, gang-mentality shiz! But, ya know, the rap/hip-hop culture calls for it! Just calling it as it is.

  56. 156

    Re: freedom2011 – Educate yourself, chicky, and you'll be calling this shit out, too! It's "black" girls doing this continually and getting filmed in the process!

  57. 157

    "Da white folk made me do dat!

  58. 158

    And one more thing, the rap and hip hop thugs are bringing the people dowwwn. Sex, drugs and violence is what it's about. Period. So nurturing and uplifting. SICKENING.

  59. 159

    Racism stems from incidents like this. Everyone is black and acting barbaric. Dont tell me "not to be racist" its in plain view…oh ya the white mexican and chinese were totalling acting like savages…nope…just the black ppl

  60. 160


  61. 161

    Why are you even sharing this? By posting it you help give it more attention than it deserves. How sad is it that she had to go and do that? No manners. No shame. No class. Really really STUPID.

  62. 162

    They are clearly in the ghetto and not in a normal spring break spot. Also, she doesn't need to be eating fast food.

  63. 163

    Re: freedom2011 – Just saying..women didnt have rights either back in the day and you dont see me sitting at home, making dinner, and not making anything of my life. Black people had it rough years ago but that is no reason to act this way. I agree with the one person that said that she pushed the race back a few steps. Many act ignorant because they think they cannot be better "because they are black". You see it alot in elementary schools where little african american kids say "you act white." By saying and doing stuff like that, you are defeating yourself to become the stereotype.

  64. 164

    Rotten stinkin stupid fucking bitch - I hope she gets her ass royally sued

  65. 165

    She is the poster child of why everyone thinks Blacks are trash. It is not racism it is the way those people act!! And just like the animals they are everyone else in her party joins in throwing things. Just like the monkeys in the zoo throw their pooh!! But honestly monkeys have more class than this Whore. It is sad when there are only a few decent people in a whole entire race..

  66. 166

    Ugh, racism is still alive and well I see…

  67. 167

    yes racism is alive, well, fully fed and thriving.
    It will continue to plague our minds until we cease to exist.
    Do people have any other criticisms besides her race linked with ignorant behaviour? I am appalled by her lack of patience and class. But by no means does this behaviour comes from race, its environment…..

  68. 168

    Blacks should of been eradicated a long time ago..

  69. 169

    FAKE! Someone wanted this to end up on You tube and get their 5 mintues!

  70. 170

    Re: freedom2011 – NEWSFLASH THIS SHITE IS FAKE!

  71. 171

    I hope these orangutans die of a horrible death and get taken out of our society so people like us can live in peace. Mother F-ers!

  72. 172

    eewwww what a trashy, disgusting woman. why are you giving props to this woman perez???

  73. 173

    Re: notorious420 – haha luv the creature part, and I totally agree with you!!!

  74. 174

    "kewn shit"

  75. 175

    For everyone person like the Obamas and pulls us ahead 20 steps, there are those like this ghetto trash who drags us back 50 steps. SMFH

  76. 176

    Its alwayas the dark skin females, you never see us lightskin females acting like such hoodrats, they make black people look bad but not all of us are like that, al these racist people are probably fat ugly on welfare all that so yall can STFD, but yeah, dark skin females ruin everything

  77. 177

    Its always the dark skin females, you never see us lightskin females acting like such hoodrats, they make black people look bad but not all of us are like that, al these racist people are probably fat ugly on welfare all that so yall can STFD, but yeah, dark skin females ruin everything

  78. 178

    every race has people who embarrasses the shit out of them and lives up to the stereotypes. for example i moved to a new city and while living in that city i had no idea why people hated on native americans so much because the majority of the ones in the city i lived in were getting their lives on track and reaching out to their community and then i moved to the northern part of Ontario and its dangerous to walk anywhere at night because they have tendencies to cause alot of crime in this city.. so every race has its fucked up douchebags cant going around insulting the entire race because of losers.. human being are just VERY fucked up creatures

  79. 179

    Trash people. Good thing I didn't work there, I would have knocked her ass out.

  80. 180

    Re: krrrystal – This is true yes but I don't see videos of Native Americans doing stuff like this. Nor do I see them re-enforcing the stereotype on a daily bases. Yes all races have their trash but it just seems that there is a hell of a lot more trash in the black community than any other race. The only way to kill a stereotype is to stop enforcing it. The day we never see this type of stuff, see blacks going out of their way to clean up their neighborhoods, get real jobs instead of chasing the fast buck and strive to be stand up citizens instead of expecting everything for free then when they get everything handed to them on a silver platter NOT USING IT TO BETTER THEMSELVES…..Then and only then will the stereotype stop….but it will require time and effort which I'm sad to say I doubt they will do.

  81. 181

    She needs to be on the winning tour with Charlie…they are on the same drugs!

  82. 182

    Re: BigB0882 – You sound like a fool if your gonna make a point make a logical one.

  83. 183

    Re: Bravnik
    The reason why you don't see videos of any other race doing this is because you're not looking for it. It's spring break right now. You can find videos of college students of all races acting rowdy. However, no one's going to make an exception of posting white students getting in brawls, because we as a society consider that as normal..it's just college students having fun, or "girls behaving badly" or whatever neat and safe phrase we want to call it these days. Put a video up of a black girl tearing up a Burger King, and it makes news and draw the ire of people who want to say it's all one race that act like this. I do remember Perez posting a video of a young woman who was white tearing up a Papa John's or some pizza place because she wanted her food right then. People on here were actually defending her, explaining away her unacceptable behaviour by saying she had mental problems. What if this black girl has mental problems (not saying that's an excuse..just wondering if people would be that quick to give her a free pass because of that as they did the pizza girl)? I also remember seeing a video where a girl attacks a fast food worker in the drive-thru, and throws an object through the window, shattering the glass and causing damage. I believe the race of that girl was white.

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