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161 comments to “Kirstie Alley Fires Back At George Lopez…Goes WAY Too Far”

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  1. Fabu says – reply to this


    I think they're now even… lol

  2. 2

    I think that was a great comeback. Serves him right.

  3. 3

    You called her a pig loads of times, Mario!! For cryin' out loud, hypocrite!

  4. 4

    Perez, you are one to talk! After the things you've said and written about people? Please. And you know very well that George was way out of line FIRST! But I think we all know why you're siding with him… see, you're very transparent and kind of pathetic, so we all know. George was out of line! Not cool George!

  5. jham says – reply to this


    IDK - jury's out. he made very very low blows about her weight and took it to a very cruel personal place. she responded in kind. two wrongs certainly don't make a right, but i think BOTH of their comments were equally bad.

  6. joka says – reply to this


    he deserves it. no one ever puts him in his place

  7. 7

    I don't think that's too far. He insulted her on television. I'm sure that she gets tons of negative comments directed at her for her weight, so she's just tired of it and is firing back. No big deal. People who insult others should be able to take it, if not then they need a new job.

  8. 8

    How did she go to far??? He started this mess and he's the one who took his wifes kidney and slept with hookers. Good for Kirstie for lashing back just as harshly! They're GROWN-UPS Perez, not 5 yr old freaking kids.

  9. 9

    AHAHA owned!

  10. 10

    For a gay man that forces down people's throats tolerance for gays, Perez should be smart enough to try and understand how HUMAN beings interact. First, George had no right to disrespect ANY woman considering what his ex did for him, PERIOD. That was the most unselfish thing any woman could do for a man aside from pulling them out of their crotches. Second: Kirstie is human and sometimes when a woman's feelings are hurt by men we have to go for their jugulars the way they go for ours.

  11. 11

    If he isn't out of line then neither is she. Kirstie's response was not much worse. Perez, you are being a hypocrite and a bully.

  12. 12

    How is it too far? I must not get it.
    I thought she was funny.

  13. 13

    Hilarious! That is soooooo funny. Good for Kirstie.

  14. 14


  15. 15

    I don't think she went too far. He started it. If you dish it you better know how to take it.

  16. 16

    Go Kristie!

  17. 17


  18. 18

    How is what she said, that bad? Sure she could of had a much better come back, it was kinda tacky lol… but how is that insulting to him? If I was him, my response would be "umm……. alright then, odd but ty anyways" haha.

  19. 19

    well, you act like a jerk, get ready for all the shit you're going to receive. she didn't go over the limit at all. she was all quiet in her corner and he seriously insulted her. she should definitely go after him. btw, no wonder that's so much bullying in this country, the adults in tv are complete bullies! kids are just following the example. some show hosts, reality shows, those are the responsible for the propagation of hatred and violence in this country. they spread hatred in the form of jokes.

  20. 20

    I don't think she went too far at all, he asked for it!!!

  21. 21

    she said EXACTLY what i was thinking. FUCK him!

  22. 22

    I think they are both comedians and are both probably having a great time thinking of the next most ridiculous thing they can say. Neither you nor I have anyway of saying for sure how they are reacting to it personally, but I wouldn't be surprised if they are being over the top just to be that way. They have probably called each other and laughed about it together.

  23. 23

    Gimme a break Perez. Her comment was no lower than his.

  24. 24

    I think her response is ok. His joke was not a casual spur of the moment, he thought about it, it was a planned segment, and he did really go too far. So a simple, oopss sorry if someone was offended is not ok. She has the right to say what she did, especially if he has a history of insulting women as her comment suggests

  25. 25

    ………kirstie only said out loud what everyone else was thinking……good for you girl…….

  26. 26

    I'm sooooo glad she threw that one out there. You have no idea how I wanted to say that.

  27. 27

    I agree, it is probably too far, but I do understand why she said it.

  28. 28

    NOT too far AT ALL! He points out shes over weight, she points out he uses and abuses women. Alls fair in love and war.

  29. 29

    I thought it was funny.

  30. 30

    Her comment made me LOL, Perez, youre so sensitive, like a woman.

  31. 31

    yes, not very nice Kirstie, no need to go so far.

  32. 32

    hahahah I love Kirstie. George is a turd.

  33. 33

    I thought that was great comeback!

  34. 34

    If you fucking dish it out, you better be fucking prepared to take it. I learned that from Perez Hilton.

  35. 35

    I don't think she went too far at all. Asshole deserved it.

  36. 36

    Why do you have to make such a big deal about her answer? I would have used the F… word

  37. 37

    Okay…Um…he has a late night show and the ONLY goal of the late night shows are to make fun of EVERYTHING/ONE from that days "news". It is his job. I have heard Jay and Conan say way worse about people. KIRSTIE IS A HARDCORE SCIENTOLOGIST, they are taught to "destroy at any cost" anyone who criticizes them or their "religion", "Attack…never defend" She is so tacky to take a LATE NIGHT SHOW JOKE and turn it into this. KIRSTIE has exploited her own weight OVER AND OVER AGAIN ON TELEVISION….it in NO WAY warranted the spilling of his dirty laundry. If you knew what scientologist were like…you'd see the writing on the wall. The only problem is you are all buying it.

  38. 38

    Are you fucking serious you flaming idiot. What the fuck was so bad about that? Let's see, she's a pig, and he needs to give his kidney back. Yeah, wow, she sure did cross the line. Fucking moron.

  39. 39

    Perez, you've obviously forgotten how much fat jokes hurt. I don't think Kirstie Allie was out of line at all. Being made fun of for your weight is something that can (and does) have a life-long effect. Even now, after I myself have lost 150 lbs, I still have a 'fat girl' mentality. George Lopez was the one who was out of line.

  40. 40

    Are you butt boys EFFING kidding?! Ida ripped his effing throat out for calling me something like that!!! She went easy on that uglay dent-face!


  41. 41

    lol, what she said is true.

  42. 42

    I think they're even now too. I love Kirstie. I don't really find George Lopez all that funny. At least not as funny as he thinks he is…

  43. 43

    No I don't think Kirstie went to far. He deserved it. Also, he's a comedian, he can take it!

  44. 44

    Great comeback. Serves him right.

  45. 45

    Once he attacked her and attack is the right word he became fair game. There is a difference between a joke and what GL did. I LOVE GL,miss his sit com.
    BUT she did not go far enough.

  46. 46

    You know, I've been a fan of yours for a long time, but in the last year or so, I've grown tired of your behavior. This post here? Pushed me over the edge.

    As a person that was overweight (see, told you I've been reading a while), how do you think you would have reacted to comments like that? And don't give me that "but she's a public authority" BS either. SHE'S A HUMAN BEING.

    It's sites like this that CAUSE this kind of behavior to happen. People say crap like that because the Hollywood Society Sycophants, you being their king, will just about break your fingers to report it and they are looking for the free publicity which you are more than willing to give them.

    I'm sure you could care less Perez, but I will no longer read your site. If this kind of behavior keeps up, I'd bet that your 15 minutes will end….then you will just be a sad, sad little man with a designer dog that you bought from a puppy mill (wouldn't PETA, who just awarded you for something, have a hissy fit if they knew??!!?) and memories of being famous.

    And maybe, if we are lucky, one day, George Lopez will call you a little piggie on TV and the masses can then tear YOU apart for how you respond to it.


  47. 47

    TEAM KRISTIE she was great at dancing I'll be voting for her every week. I like George but it was to far now take it and move on. It was funny as hell Kristie lol

  48. 48

    George Lopez is a racist!

  49. 49

    fuck no! it was well deserved. you go kirstie alley!!

  50. 50

    Yeah it was a low blow. But George had it coming.

  51. 51

    Wait! Alec Baldwin calls his daughter a "rude thoughtless littlp pig" when she was like 11 years old and got away with it. What is wrong with people?

  52. 52

    LMAO…. i loved her comment…

  53. 53

    PEREZ, REEAALLLLLY??? How can you POSSIBLY say Kirstie's comment went too far? Especially since you know how horrible it feels to be bullied about being over wieght? Did you listen to that set of "jokes" that former funnyman spewed out the other night? [& not just about Kirstie either…The comments about Wendy Williams were truly cruel! The man is an ASS–where is Wendy's apology???Where is the apology to her son?? How does he think those comments made that young man feel?? ]
    He has turned from a funny well dressed semi good looking family man into a disheveled messy loudmouthed nasty malicious & vicious seemingly drunk or drugged out creepy old groping ol' geezer in a wrinkled off the rack gap khaki suit…it's a shame!!! He's a BULLY, mad at the world because he screwed up with his wife & went back to drinking like it's his job…he spends his nights in the clubs realizing young pretty girls will only sleep with him for gifts or money!! He knows his wife loved him & he can't figure out why nobody else REALLY does!!!! He needs rehab!!! & until then he needs to SHUT THE HELL UP

  54. 54

    No she didn't. I'm sick of comedians taking pot shots at people and then getting off the hook with and stupid "I'm Sorry." She had a right to say what she did. Go Kirsty.

  55. 55

    I think she had every right to speak her mind…Hey George, If you can't hang with the Big Dogs…maybe you should go lay down with one!!!…TEAM KIRSTIE!!!

  56. 56

    You go girl! He had it coming and then some.

  57. 57

    George Lopez. Hmmm. I am team Kirstie! I have always loved her and will always love her. She has her ups and downs, and I just wish her the best in all. She didn't deserve any of this. George is just a monster. Probably wants attention like Charlie Sheen or the other whack-jobs. I hate his voice. Good job to Kirstie. Only being a voice to all women. Good for you girl!

  58. 58

    Yaaayyyy Kristie. I love her.

  59. 59

    Perez you are such a hypocrite! I agree with Kirstie.

  60. 60

    WHAT??? Are you serious?????????? Kirstie Alley is a woman. She knows she doesn't look her best. George took the lowest blow possible. He doesn't have any kind of moral platform here. Worst of all he was cruel. Far out. It's not ok to be mean to people. It's like being back in kindergarten. Be nice, if you don't have anything nice to say…

  61. 61

    She's hilarious, I think they're even now too. Good ol' Whore Hopper Lopez better watch his step. I'm not saying his wife wasn't paid off big time for what she had to go through, but that still doesn't make it right. He was too cheap to pay for the discreet whores, so he just ordered them off Craigslist and expected them to keep quiet when the Enquirer came knocking. Wrong again, sucker!

  62. 62

    LMAO, I'm thinkin the butt boys throw these little inflammatory comments on here to get us to say what Perez wants to, but caaaaan't cuz he's soooo polite now! Effin manipulators! geeeeeze!

  63. 63

    He deserved it, but your response reminds me of the bully from Autralia demanding an apology from his victim. Please, Gearge got what he deserves and yes, he should give his kidney back to his X after cheating on her. I used to be a fan of him, but not after cheating on someone who gave him an organ, that's just low and classless, vete a la mierda George Lopez!!!!! Team Kristie!!!

  64. 64

    She's a Scientologist. . .she's taught to fire back with anger and hatred! So sad!

  65. 65

    Team Kristie - he should STFU if he can't take what he dishes out - low blow to her. Eff him.

  66. 66

    George is right. She is a pig.

  67. 67

    I'm shocked at George and his joke about weight. As a mexican, he knows full well what happens to mexican women when they turn 30, so calling people fat is like self hating. HA!

  68. 68

    Not only Fair Super Fair. This jerk makes fun of Kristy for her weight. He cheats on his wife after she gives up a kidney for him. He is a lower life form. P.s I would rather be Beautiful and chubby like Kristy than ugly as hell and disformed like George Lopez.

  69. 69

    Way too far? Wow, Mario, you really are a total princess. Do you scream in total fear when your phone rings? And then proceed to scream at the caller for scaring you so badly, telling them that they're cruel for doing so? Jesus Christ man. You can really dish out the hatred and bullying but man o man you are one sensitive douchebag, ya full on hypocrite bastard. And you're still ugly. And you're the pig. You always will be. So enjoy those lonely nights as you stare at your ceiling letting your subconscious tell you what a complete zero you are. Enjoy all that money, doucheboy. Cause you have NOTHING else.

    First thing Lopez did was laugh at what she said.

  70. 70

    perez you have become so soft. i remember when you first started your website…drawing dicks on people and some of the nasty stuff you would say…mind you it was hilarious…however you really are one to talk. i unfortunately still love your page, but only because you have the most current celebrity bullshit. however many of your posts and comments piss me off. if anyone says anything bad about the gays, omg you have a shit fit, but when it comes to anyone else you really could care less. my god, in my experience with my gay friends, they all know how to take a joke…you are hurting your community by getting so defensive about stuff. give it a break…and as far as kristi and george go…more power to kristi, george lopez is one of the biggest assholes on the planet, he's not funny at all; have you ever watched his show? if not notice how he waits for the crowd to laugh at his "jokes" whatever you want to call it, they don't laugh because he SUCKS BALLS…he should give his kidney back he doesn't deserve it…..prick

  71. 71

    Re: sickofyou` – AMEN!!!!! He is just horrible unless it is a gay issue he can get all indignant about, she is human and being someone with weight struggles myself I can imagine much worse she could have said AND still not be over the line. I just love how Perez acts with such double standards… it is a pity people like him reach so many inpressionable youth today making them think it is ok to act out against anything they are not themselves… I thought you were all for stopping the bullying Perez, just because you are an adult doesnt give someone else the right to hurt and bully you… but oh… I forgot, it isnt GAY bullying so I guess it is ok… my bad… I have several gay friends and they have WAY more compassion than you…

  72. Di31 says – reply to this


    No You should know better Perez..Kristrie is right..he is just bigest pig on the planet and his joks are not funy at all..
    It is true that he just use his ex wife,and dumped her after she save his life
    Truly not human at all

  73. 73


  74. 74

    Mario is probably saying in his head "but George is a MINORITY, he can't be offensive to people!". It's clear that Mario hates women…except for Lady Gaga. If this were Lady Gaga George made fun of, then Mario would be seekng his head on a silver platter. So transparent.

  75. 75

    He deserved that… he's the real ass and pig!

  76. 76

    Nope, not too far. Kirsti points out the truth and the truth hurts more than name calling.

  77. 77

    How can you defend him. The man cheated on the woman who gave him the kidney. Give me a BREAK. He needs to do more than give it back. He makes me SICK!

  78. mw says – reply to this


    nice burn kirstie!

  79. 79

    Nope, she did not go too far. He started it and he has been insulting women that way for years. Comedians think it's their "right" to say anything about anyone because they are comedians. When a non-comedian says the same thing, they get attacked for it.

  80. 80

    Hey shes fat hes a ass so the even…

  81. 81

    He deserved it.

  82. 82

    She would have come out so far ahead if she'd said nothing. (And has he looked in a mirror lately?)

  83. 83


  84. 84

    Go Kirstie! For all us fat women out here, don't let jerks like him win.

  85. 85

    Perez you are such a hypocrite. Lopez was wrong. End of story.

  86. 86

    She didn't go far enough. That woman has been attacked so much! She is right. George shouldn't dish it out and call someone a dancing pig if it can't take it. Lopez is a loser with no fans

  87. joka says – reply to this


    I think just the fact that kirstie is in such a good place right now and getting everything back on track, the last thing she needed was a comment like that.

  88. 88

    She should have told him to go back to that piece of shit third world country he came from, and take all his relatives too!

  89. 89

    tit for tat

  90. 90

    He is a pig. I agree with Kristie and no, she did not go toooo far.

  91. 91

    Both said things that are bad. Of course most people would see the funny side of it but theres something slightly funny and slightly horrible about each comment. Kirstie is always the first one to poke fun of her weight with tv shows or the first one to show herself off as in the Jenny Craig commercials. She had a tv show that was called Fat Actress i believe. Sure it is not right to make fun of someone and I think that both shouldve just kept the comments to themselves

  92. 92

    I like to state the fact though that any comedian you watch has said alot of inappropriate things. People arent going to sit and watch someone who isnt funny and it is sad that America laughs from peoples misfortune but thats who we are. I am sure that if he said that on one of his shows and you were in the audience, you mightve laughed along. Its not right but sometimes comedians arent right.

  93. 93

    Is it any wonder our kids BULLY in school these days? It is OK when comedians insult people to get laughs and think nothing of it. Mario, you should be just as appalled by him calling her a pig as someone calling a gay person a f_gg_t. Both are demeaning and insulting. George Lopez is a half assed comedian like Kathy Griffin, its easy to insult people, its harder to write good jokes that do not invoke pain or embarresment on another human being. I truly hope this kidney lasts him a long time.

  94. 94


  95. 95

    She did not go to far she got even.

  96. 96

    One thing you NEVER do, Perez, it criticize a woman about her weight. He deserved it!

  97. 97

    Perez! That come back was FABOOSH!! You know it too!

  98. 98

    Sounds like they're even to me.

  99. 99

    Is it just me, or is this bullying? We keep hearing about all this bullying, but it usually just involves kids and sexual preference youths. However, this scenario is with adult bullying. So George is the "popular and perfect" bully. Kirstie is the underdog. Underdog fights back and you now wonder if she went too far? I just don'tunderstand where your head is.

  100. 100

    Look, as a kidney transplant recipient myself - I think the joke wasn't too far. Knowing what donors go through, and seeing what he did to his wife - no way - sorry; he's an asshole. Period.

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