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Real Housewives Of D.C. Hasn't Been Canceled Yet!

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Despite reports that The Real Housewives of D.C. has been canceled due to low ratings, a rep for the Bravo network says that "no decision has been made yet" regarding the future of the D.C. housewives.

A source had originally said:

"The show just didn’t do well and it wasn’t worth airing another season. The DC housewives were meant to be starting shooting their second season now and they haven’t heard a peep from Bravo. No one from the cast has been contacted yet and told that the show is canceled."

However, it looks like Bravo doesn't want to let go just yet.

While it's safe to say that the Salahis most likely won't return for a second season, we wonder if the show's drama can compare to more successful Housewives series such Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Would U want to see the D.C. housewives come back? Or is it time to say bye-bye??

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23 comments to “Real Housewives Of D.C. Hasn't Been Canceled Yet!”

  1. 1

    Good! To many of those stupid shows out. Always avoid them.

  2. 2

    Glad I can't stomach another season of D.C. it's horrible, just like Miami's season.

  3. 3

    I kinda of like them.

  4. 4

    I think theyre boring..

  5. 5

    No more of them! They were insanely boring and the women on their didnt accurately reflect the actual population of DC - which is mostly black and poor. I never even saw them doing fundraisers or anything for the core population - just politicians. That rubbed me the wrong way. Also, Miami hasnt really been doing it for me either- but even they are better than DC

  6. 6

    Nope they didn't have one personality that I liked on DC. I couldn't stand that one with the Horrid Snobby British accent and Masculine voice.

  7. 7

    DC and Miami are the WORST housewives. DC got a little more interesting towards the end but Miami is so terrible I don't even bother with it anymore.

  8. 8

    Eh, I had NO interest in watching them so I doubt I would watch season 2. I think they should cut their losses with this one and move on to another city!

  9. 9

    Love the Real Housewives franchise but the DC one was horrible and unwatchable. The characters were boring and DC is just a boring city.

    If I were Andy I would…
    1. Make a Real Housewives of Dallas
    2. Make a Real Housewives of London
    3. Give Lisa VanderPump her own show. She's really a star and people love her, as do I

  10. 10

    Re: Sexsai
    andy cohen doesnt decide which city the show will be filmed in. &..i doubt they will film overseas. Lisa (from beverly hills) is a doll, but i dont think she could carry a show on her own like Bethenny Frankel does. Lastly, i think Dallas or Houston Texas would be an awesome & refreshing choice..afterall, southern bells have proven to bring in the ratings :)

  11. 11

    housewives of d.c. is just ok..maybe they could spice up the cast a bit?..i definitely think d.c. is better than miami tho..just a teeny-tiny bit ;)

  12. 12

    housewives of Aspen would be g00d t00 ;)

  13. 13

    I loved Washington DC; Kat is a hoot. 1. Beverly Hills 2. New York 3. Washington DC 4. Miami. OC - boring. NJ - ridiculous. ATL - waste of electricity

    Bethenny - FANTASTIC. Agree Lisa VanPump should have her own show.

  14. 14

    they will not be missed!!!!!!! tell them goodbye andy!!!!

  15. 15

    I loved the DC HW cause they are smart and sophisticated EXCEPT for MS who is full of BS. I would not watch season 2 if the lying, cheating, Salamis came back. They brought the DC francise down and I think the other ladies deserve a second change without them. Lynda and Cat were my faves cause they spoke the truth. Loved the racial conflice Stacie and her friend brought. Very much a part of the Dc culture.

  16. 16

    DC and Miami are just not good. The women are just not interesting or appealing. I really love New Jersey and OC. I also liked Beverly Hills, and if it wasnt for the NeNe-Kim catfights I would have never watched Atlanta. I dont really care for New York anymore since bethenny left because she was the funniest one! I think they should make a real housewives of Las vegas!

  17. 17

    Let's just get it over with and say BYE-BYE to that show and following that one should be Miami. Boring as hell.

  18. 18

    no need to renew it, shut it down then shut down the Miami show. just look at the comments on bravotv , they're not liked!

  19. 19

    I'd rather see NJ canceled first. The Manzos are borrrrrrrrrrring. And dumb.
    Actually, they can cancel all of them except NY and Beverly Hills.

  20. 20

    None of these women deserve to be called "real housewives". If this was a show about middle class women, then yes.

  21. syd3 says – reply to this


    I appreciate both the Miami and the DC versions of the Housewives series, in part, because of their different perspectives regarding cositas (things) from the mundane to the highly unusual, por ejemplo (for example), preferences in food (Cubans love pig meat) to political talk … just think, Miami offers us a chance to learn some Spanish. Remember, also, that we viewers didn't get a chance to really learn much about the DC show characters, due to all of the hoopla concerning that Salahi (sp.?) couple.

  22. 22

    I am sooooooooo glad these dumba$$es aren't going to show their smug-face again. Yeah, it's been cancelled, Andy Cohen just announced it a few days ago.

    Cat was the most annoying housewife,EVER…..next to the short fat one who always drank alcohol & admitted to doing marijuana– ANNOYING!
    Buh Bye DC Housewives- you will NOT BE MISSED!

  23. 23

    Miami is out the door too- thank you, God! These women speak in heavy accents and quite honestly, without the caption on, I really would not be able to understand these hustlers with the exception of Lea Black. Marisol and her mother, I do like- hard to understand, but worth the extra effort to caption both.
    Buh bye DC & Miami!