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Matthew McConaughey Speaks Spanish On Lopez Tonight

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We knew Matthew McConaughey was from Texas, but we had no idea he could speak fluent Spanish!

Well okay, maybe not completely fluent, but fluently enough to impress George Lopez and the audience of Lopez Tonight.

During his display of foreign wisdom, he told the Lopez that he was born in the town Uvalde, Texas which has a population that is 82 percent Mexican and all his older brothers’ friends, both men and women, were Mexican.

He then switched back to English and concluded with, "That’s where I learned a little bit of Spanish."

We're impressed!

This is just further proof that Matthew is more than meets the eye. Sure, he looks good with his shirt off (quite frequently), but he's more than a hawt bod!

Check out Matthew wow the crowd (above) as he appeared on the TBS late-night talk show to promote his new film Lincoln Lawyer.

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61 comments to “Matthew McConaughey Speaks Spanish On Lopez Tonight

  1. 1

    What's with the illegitimate children? How come he hasn't married Camilla?

  2. 2

    Funny how he learned Spanish to talk to the Mexicans that lived in Texas, but the Mexicans who live in Texas refuse to learn English!

  3. BC666 says – reply to this


    Guess it doesn't take much to impress Lopez and his audience. He speaks spanish……wow, that's so exciting. Guess it doesn't take much to impress Hilton either.

  4. 4

    we live in an era where more adonis people are on earth. as of april my way of speaking adonis could lead me to texas….i think i'll try to learn a little bit less adonis and still keep it in mind, denver

  5. 5

    I am NOT a prejudiced person, but any race (i.e. Chinese, Indian, Latina) that produces an over abundance of offspring in an already OVER populated Earth frustrates me.

    This Earth canNOT produce enough food to feed every one.

    There needs to be responsibility.

  6. 6

    Actually I am not easily impressed, and I found it SEXY. I think when white guys speak spanish is so sexy. I applaud him for his effort and see him in a different light now, more human. Anyways, I am a sucker for men who speak more than just plain English.

  7. 7

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – Yea, but those 'filthy assholes' do the jobs the lazy ass Americans don't want to do.

    I usually don't mind the comments you post on here (most of them make me laugh) but as a Hispanic that was a bit harsh.

  8. 8


  9. 9

    Those words are not Spanish. The drool that comes out of their mouths is Mexican. Matthew is a puto & George is a toto podrido,

  10. 10

    Re: Yenny87 – I agree it was harsh. I'm pissed off. My beloved city of LA was straight up destroyed by illegals. CA's economy is in the shitter mostly due to the illegals. And I don't buy your argument that illegals do work that Americans are too lazy to do. I literally know white American janitors, dog-shit picker uppers and others who do menial, gross work. Americans just don't want shit wages for doing jobs and that's another huge part of the problem with illegals: they drive down wages for everyone. I know what I'm writing isn't PC but it's also not untrue.

  11. 11

    dang whats with all the racism. well i am mexican and i was impressed although i have heard a lot of white people speak spanish i had no idea he could. so that's great. he speaks better than i do. and i grew up with it within my household lol. but i prefer english. i wish i knew as much spanish as he did lol. but i def. can understand it more than i can speak it. and stop all the hating just because you all weirn't smart enough to pick up another language as to where other countries learn 3-4 or more languages at a time. so who's the real idiots here?

  12. 12

    there is something about him I just don't like

  13. 13

    I love him, and I'm so jealous of her girlfriend. How hot and how nice guy could there be?

  14. 14

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – your prejudice disgust me! you're obviously very ignorant for someone who lives in a border state. so let me educate you. Spanish is one of the easiest languages to learn as oppose to english. if you actually THINK about it, we AMERICANS spend 15 years learning english and STILL most Americans do not speak it correctly. For those Mexicans who do labor work…SO WHAT,YOU'RE NOT GONNA DO IT!! I'm a Hispanic American and I'M not gonna do it!! I'd rather pay for things to be done and if my pay helps another get further in life,so be it! I'm not going to address the rest of your ignorance because it is just ridiculous!!

  15. 15

    Re: xhollax – Someone standing before you is 'legitimate' you stupid fuck. Why do you think every couple should marry? Your huge religious beliefs? You are such a Christian you call a innocent child names? Go Fuck Yourself honey.

  16. 16

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – Why don't you blame the real ones who fucked up your 'beloved LA' - - - - the people who are hiring these poor people at below minimum wage to build your shopping malls and swimming pools. Boy, you seem kinda stupid.

  17. 17

    Re: coconutgirl0213 – Welcome to America. NOW SPEAK ENGLISH. I don't give a shit HOW hard it is to learn English. Don't come to my country and refuse to become fluent in the language spoken here. I don't care how many crappy jobs hispanics do. LEARN THE F*CKING LANGUAGE HERE OR GET THE F*CK OUT. It's really that simple.

  18. 18

    If you are spending more than six months in Switzerland, you must start to learn Swiss-German. It is mandated. Keeps their small country, theirs. However, the US is based on individuals all living together from different countries. But, we are not tolerant. Everyone says 'look how the Japanese are working together' after their earthquake/tsunami. Because they are one culture, duh…. The US has to learn to be more tolerant or we will collapse, or the violence and living conditions will drive the smarter part of the society away, leaving a mess.

  19. 19

    Re: La Garse – You should be speaking the tongue of one of the American Indian Tribes then. You are probably a stupid mic that thinks because you have been here two generations your own the country, haha ha

  20. 20

    Re: La Garse – oh sweetie learn how to read. I'm a U.S. citizen,all American girl as i clearly stated in my comment. oh and just to let you know, I live in Texas and I don't speak fluent spanish. However I do know Mexicans and my lack of ignorance (that means that I'm not ignorant) allows me to be a more understanding human being. Should immigrants at least learn some english to order food,shop,etc. sure! But guess what they really don't have to,this country doesn't have an official language and was based on allowance to be who you are,which makes it so great!! Try being a better person sweetie,I'll pray for you and E.C.

  21. 21

    Re: blue velevette – Exactly. If you don't like people hiring the cheapest labour then you have a problem with the most rampant, greediest form of above-the-law capitalism as much as you have a problem with illegals. Capitalism has no loyalty to anything but profits, and it can and does exploit people the world over not just the legal residents of So Cal. (I'm not anti-capitalist in all forms at ALL, I just find it strange that the people who are for total un-regulated profit, profit, profit are often the ones who don't give a crap about OTHER people's exploitation and complain about their own most vociferously).

  22. 22

    Re: blue velevette – I actually do speak some Cherokee, fuckwit. You're the stupid one, not I. :D
    Re: coconutgirl0213 – Cram your prayers, you hypocritical shit. Just because I have a different opinion doesn't mean I need to be a better person. I'm just fine; in my eyes you're a liberal piece of shite who needs to grow up and get a backbone. Idiot.

  23. 23

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – Haha wow! racist much? Heres a little racist thrown back at you. Make fun of the mexicans all you want, but they do the hard jobs you lazy ass white people wont do (and before you go skin head on me. Im white. And people like you make us look bad) So yeah. I dont know why you are saying they are destroying our country. When its actually people like you who are. Lazy white trash hillbilly!

  24. 24

    Re: La Garse – Seriously doubt it.

  25. 25

    Re: La Garse – Saying "how" doesn't count, ha ha hah ah

  26. 26

    I love how perez makes one post about someone speaking spanish, not even mentioning half the shit you guys are talking about, and all these people start with their ignorant, racist bullshit. I really don't get how him posting a video of a celebrity speaking spanish can turn into such disgusting comments. I swear most of you just want something to bitch about and somewhere to place the blame for why this country is the way it is. Oh, and this is coming from someone who lives in a border city and knows what its like to have a large Mexican population. It is not as bad as you people make it sound.[re=5655897]
    And Re: Eldridge Cleaver[/re] You are disgusting, and you sound so fucking paranoid ( saying they're "out to destroy our country") and ignorant.

  27. 27

    I'm impressed that at 65 years old he's still learning. He should quit dying his hair, eat some food, and enjoy life.

  28. 28

    Re: La Garse – LOL!!! Thank you sweetie for the energy of hatred you've wasted me. I'd love to type some sort of harsh towards you,but I know someone more powerful will take care of that for me. I hope in time that YOU will grow up and expand your horizons instead of remaining close minded. Have fun exploring the world!! *SENDING HAPPY THOUGHTS YOUR WAY*

  29. 29

    I don't think this was supposed to be a debate about illegals. But since it has been brought up I have to put my two cents in. I am not prejudice at all. I live in Los Angeles, CA and I am very tired of the illegals. The "illegals". I have friends that are of Latin decent. Some Mexican, some Puerto Rican, etc. I am of Italian decent. But no matter the race, if you are here illegally, you need to be packed up and shipped out. Period. It's not fair, it's not right. Illegals often get more benefits and more programs to assist them than Americans (of all races) do.
    Something is very wrong with that.

  30. 30

    Its sad to see how racist people are when they are hidding behind a computer. First off, the whole western hemisphere speaks spanish except for US and Canada b so to be offended that the language spreads is IGNORANT. Texas and southern parts of the west coast belonged to Mexico at some point so COMMON SENSE would tell you that there will be a lot of people speaking spanish. The only time a Mexican or latino becomes a burden to society is when they become Americanized. Most foreigners who dont adapt to American culture progress in this country quite easily compared to stupid Americans. Americans never were able to do anything for themselves, blacks, mexicans, latinos, asians where all exploited at some point for the gain of americans and when they dont need them anymore they treat them like dogs. Eldridge Cleaver…this specially goes out to you.

  31. 31

    Re: blue velevette – I do blame the people who hire illegals. I just blame the illegals more. Do you realize there is no such thing as an illegal with car insurance? They don't play the rules with ANYTHING in their life and I'm sick of their shit.

  32. 32

    Re: coconutgirl0213 – LOL The reason why you're not gonna address the rest of my "ignorance" is because it's all fucking true. Most illegals are Mexican. I wrote that. Most of the border states have been flooded with droves of Spanish-speaking illegal immigrants who do their absolute worst to learn the language of the country they snuck into. Go to a fucking car wash, any car wash and you won't see white people washing cars. Hell, you don't even see black people washing cars. You see Latinos/Hispanics and they're probably all illegal. Go ahead and refute ANYTHING I just wrote :)

  33. 33

    Re: Matt Clampitt – Obviously, you're white, dipshit. You got a fucking shamrock for your avatar. LOL I wouldn't suspect you're Cambodian. You call me racist but then you mostly agreed with me that Hispanic/Latino illegals do menial labor in the US. You must've missed my earlier post though where I said that (white or any) Americans will do those jobs if the pay is decent. Illegals drive down the wages. Attack my points instead of calling me a racist.

  34. 34

    Re: ameriie – right on girl in Europe and other countries they speak different languages….AMERICANS ARE JUST DUMB AND STUUUUUUUPID ….ALL THEY DO IS WHINE AND COMPLAIN BEHIND THEIR LITTLE COMPUTERS. GET YOUR LAZY FAT ASSES UP, if you are tired of an illegal taking your job then get your FAT ASSES UP and mow your own lawn if not STFU.

  35. 35

    Re: Matt Clampitt – THANK YOU!

  36. 36

    Re: idaknow – do you live in Texas? ugh i do and the mexicans do speak spanish.. oh i am sorry that you think everyone should be fluent in the hardest language in the world to pick up..but then again your the first to come to other country and expect everyone to speak english to you..hm?

  37. 37

    Re: Red Panda – you are so dead on….many jobs have been taken to other countries like india and china because americans are lazy and they nickel and dime people for shitty work. just because i say Americans does not mean Im only referring to White people. If you have adapted to American culture then you are probably lazy and ignorant.

  38. 38

    You call THAT fluent?
    Hell, I can do that, and I didn't grow up in Texas.

  39. 39

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – AGAIN,so what if they're working the car wash! They not American,they're PEOPLE who only want more opportunities in life. Americans are given so much to go beyond being a car washer. However if you wanna remain uneducated and fight for your job at the car wash, go ahead! You're American,do whatever you want.

  40. 40


  41. 41

    Re: idaknow – shut up asshole

  42. 42

    I am a white person who cleans houses of a living. I get attitude from Hispanics because they act like I am taking away a job from them.

  43. @v@ says – reply to this


    If Matthew headed up a mixed village, his attitude would lead to peace.
    If Re: Eldridge Cleaver – headed up that village, it would be war, 24/7. Man your borders, then, or forever keep your peace. BTW, I hear as many Mexicans say you ruined THEIR country, after you took it. Therein lies part of the problem that never goes away.

  44. 44

    Re: La Garse – Time to get off your high horse.

  45. 45

    SO sexy and muy caliente.

  46. 46

    Re: marythgrt – "The only time a Mexican or latino becomes a burden to society is when they become Americanized. Most foreigners who dont adapt to American culture progress in this country quite easily compared to stupid Americans. Americans never were able to do anything for themselves"
    WTF are you talking about? Immigrants who don't adapt to American culture are bound to never go anywhere because they don't speak the language and are going to remain uneducated and underpaid. There are "stupid Americans" out there who are smart and highly successful, they pay for their house, their car, their insurance, their food, etc. so you are completely ignorant.

  47. 47

    He thinks he's a mexican because he was born in Texas and speaks broken spanish. If he's an illegal…. ship him back to Mexico.

  48. 48

    Re: marythgrt – "AMERICANS ARE JUST DUMB AND STUUUUUUUPID ….ALL THEY DO IS WHINE AND COMPLAIN BEHIND THEIR LITTLE COMPUTERS. GET YOUR LAZY FAT ASSES UP, if you are tired of an illegal taking your job then get your FAT ASSES UP and mow your own lawn if not STFU"
    What the fuck do you think Americans do all day? The same fucking thing as everyone else, they work to support themselves and their families. And by the way, MOST Americans don't hire illegal immigrants, they mow their own fucking lawns and take care of their own kids. You obviously don't know shit about Americans.

  49. 49

    "many jobs have been taken to other countries like india and china because americans are lazy and they nickel and dime people for shitty work."
    Those jobs go to other countries because corporations are GREEDY and want to pay lower wages for better profits, not because Americans won't do the work.
    You obviously have serious fucking issues. There are Americans all over who are not racist, and here you are insulting all Americans and making close minded assumptions about them. There are plenty of smart, hard working Americans out there. You sound like a fucking jealous resentful bitch.

  50. 50

    Re: marythgrt – "Its sad to see how racist people are when they are hidding behind a computer"
    YOU ARE THE MOST RACIST FUCKING PERSON HERE. Even Eldridge Cleaver doesn't sound as bad as you.

  51. Laura says – reply to this


    am i the only one who thinks he should know more spanish than what he tired too pull of?

  52. 52

    Re: Chinwe Okorie Ŧ – Yes I do live in Texas. Why else do you think I commented on Texas? And no, if I went to another country, I would not expect them to speak to me in English. If I moved to another country, I would learn their language no matter how difficult it was, just as my brother and his family did when they lived in Spain and Panama……they learned Spanish. And the Spanish in Spain and Panama are different from each other, just as the Tex-Mex is here. And by the way, English is not the hardest language to learn… I believe that would be Gaelic.

  53. 53

    Re: marythgrt – RIGHT ON! It's the truth, Americans blame everyone esle for their problems but themselves.

  54. 54

    He's actually really good, bravo! Most people from the United States (I refuse to call tehm "Americans", the continent doesn't belong to them) barely speak English, so good for Matthew :)

  55. 55

    If he wants to pretend to be a mexican, let him live in his delusion. I think he's an arrogant liberal dick just like Cloney.

  56. 56

    Re: Isabel Durán – WTF is with everyone's negative attitudes toward Americans? Are you going by what you see in movies or something? The idea that "most Americans barely speak English" is ridiculous. A select group of uneducated people in America does not equal "most Americans."

  57. 57

    If we are trying to be technical. The most common language of the Americas is Spanish. We are American and we speak spanish. They are not taking anything from you and pretty soon this whole country and the world will be mixed. So if your still around in 100 years please let me know if white still exists in America.

  58. Mermo says – reply to this


    what is written on his T-shirt?

  59. 59

    That's very cute of him, but he's hardly fluent, Perez!!!

  60. 60

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – no we are sick and tired of YOUR shit. Stop posting your political beliefs on a site that has nothing to do with your conservative agenda. Be proud that people want to live in such a great of a country that is America. Oh, and learn you're history because believe it or not, mexican- americans fought for the U.S in WWII, oh and gues what? They spoke spanish. I'm sorry but in a country with no official language, anyone can speak any language they want. I'm sick and tired of listening to people like you 'voice their opinions' on illegal immigration sitting behind their computer not doing shit, but crying out their concern on how American is 'being taken over' for goodness sakes, get you're fucking lazy ass off you're chair and do something. This just proves the fact on how Americans are lazy. If you're also the kind to say 'America is for Americans' then lets get technical here. We live in NORTH AMERICA, hence everyone who lives on this continent are AMERICANS? Why don't you do something about the child molestors, rapists, murderers, (oh, and don't come up with the bullshit that they are mostly all hispanic, God knows that's not true). Oh, did you know that LA stands for Los Angeles (which is spanish for The Angels, California being the land that the spanish missionaries settled, yes SPANISH missionaries, meaning they spoke SPANISH). Get you're head out of you're ass and stop whining.

  61. 61

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – you're so observant, yes they are hispanic, (referring to the fact that you said that people who work in carwashes are latin) but I guess you'd rather have them sit at home and receive welfare (which is impossible because after all they are illegal *sarcastic voice*) well thats what it seems you are saying. Like i've said before get you're head out of you're ass. With a name like Eldridge, you sure make an impression….hah, yeah right. ^_^*.