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Black Swan Producers Defend Natalie Portman

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Producers of Black Swan are standing by Natalie Portman.

After the star's dance double, Sarah Lane, made claims that Natalie only performed around 5 percent of the full body shots in the film, saying that producers created a "facade that [Portman] had become a ballerina in a year and a half," Fox Searchlight has responded, releasing this statement:

"We were fortunate to have Sarah there to cover the more complicated dance sequences and we have nothing but praise for the hard work she did," the statement reads. "However, Natalie herself did most of the dancing featured in the final film."

Natalie's choreographer and baby daddy Benjamin Millipied insists that 85 percent of the dancing scenes were filmed with Natalie's body.

Hmm, we wonder who to believe? Maybe both sides are doing a slight bit of exaggeration.

We fell in love with Natalie's performance in the movie. It'd be a shame if it really was a facade.

[Image via WENN.]

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92 comments to “Black Swan Producers Defend Natalie Portman”

  1. 1

    I believe the professional dancer. She isn't some new dancer, a lot of people know this ballerina. It's IMPOSSIBLE to learn ballet in like 1 year. Perhaps being a celebrity gives you some sort of supernatural powers to learn everything fast.

  2. 2

    While both sides may be exaggerating, it does not take away, in any manner, from the fact that Portman delivered a powerhouse performance. Yes she played a ballerina, it was the scenes outside of the dance sequences that made the film. the dances were amazing, and to Portman's credit, the sequences clearly showed it was her face doing the emoting. Sure, 18 months dont make a ballerina, but this is a movie, not a ballet performance. and within those parameters Portaman is worthy of every single accolade and even if Sarah's claims were true.

  3. 3

    Oh, who cares? Maybe the double wanted some attention for herself? Either way, it's just a movie. Natalie may have done the best that she could, but we all know that she wouldn't have been able to master the art of ballet in a year and a half. The producers will stick up for Natalie, because she is the star and Oscar winner. It's not exactly the news story of the year.

  4. 4

    Dancers aren't suppose to be credited the way this dancer wants to be. There is no reason this girl should be bringing anything up. I doubt anyone believed before all this that Natalie did all the work. It is common sense to know that body doubles do that kind of stuff. I still find it impressive that Natalie did the work she did and committed herself for a year and a half. Sure she didn't do the complicated stuff but she is an actress not a dancer and no where does she say that she IS a dancer. I give her props for any amount of work she has done even if it was just 5%..which is stupid for the dancer to claim because how does she know exactly how much Natalie did. I am sure the dancer was not there every step of the way. Give Natalie the credit she deserves because the movie was about ACTING not DANCING.

  5. 5

    it's flashdance all over again

  6. 6

    Not care the ballerina. If it bothers her the job she got, then she should just stick to her dancing routines and not make herself of a fool again for participating as a double.

  7. Fosca says – reply to this


    the very impressive part of her acting wasn't the ballet but her intensity in dialogues. The scene when she talk on the phone with her mum in the bathroom is a masterpiece.
    the professional dancer obviously want to be recorgnized for her amazing job,and this is worth, but i don't think anybody should really think portman's performance is a facade.

  8. 8

    Sarah Lane is burning her bridges in Hollywood.

    I'm not a ballet dancer myself, but I frequent the dances and have danced a little. However, it was so obvious when a dance double (she is 1 of 2) was used. I believe the studio in that Natalie performed most of the dances in the FINAL CUT. They were incredibly simple.

    It's a shame that Sarah Lane decided to put into question Natalie's integrity when all of her gripes could have been fixed with an adequate contract. And that last attack on Natalie's dancing… seriously that's in poor form.

  9. 9

    I feel bad for Sarah. She obviously worked very hard on this movie and no one cares. I know it's not cool for her to be talking but I totally understand why.

  10. 10

    "It'd be a shame if it really was a facade.'

    OMG, what an asinine comment! It is a movie and she is an actor and actors PRETEND — it is all make believe you. The movie was NOT about ballet, the movie was about a character who is a ballerina. A character — a Natalie Portman character and she did such a good job acting she won an acting award for it. That Dancer needs to shut up already. Her ego is out of whack, she was hired to be a double, she did her part and now she wants more credit — for "honesty sake" Stop moaning already, you were not the star of the movie and any good dancer could have done what you did. It was Natalie Portman's movie and it was her that made it good and it was her the got an award for it. Deal.

  11. 11

    Re: yeaman
    Well said.

  12. 12

    I believe the professional dancer.

  13. 13

    It's nice to read how many folks have a good common sense take on this.

  14. 14

    ….just about as phony as a taco-bell taco

  15. 15

    Of course a producer is going to defend the star that they just paid a few million dollars to over an unknown double. They've back Natalie whether it's the truth or not.

  16. 16

    I'm behind the professional dancer. I remember watching a video posted here on Perez where they showed the SFX that went into creating Black Swan. At several points, it was shown how Natalie's face was super-imposed over the dancer's. Now, that video has been scrubbed of any indication this has happened. Natalie's a fine actress, but I have my doubts she could really perform the dances shown in this movie.

    I don't think any of this would be such an issue if the studios would stop lauding Portman for being a "ballerina" when she had a lot of help behind the scenes.

  17. 17

    LOL Should we give the dancer an Oscar? I think not. Oscar is already in the well placed in well deserved and proper hands, and it was not for dancing!

  18. 18

    The producers are just covering their asses. Even though Natalie's acting was what made the movie great, I feel they want people to believe she made this huge transformation and became an incredible dancer in just a short period of time. It's easy to back the superstar instead of the nobody. In this case, I definitely believe the dancer. However, she should realize that doubles never get the credit they deserve. The movie is all make-believe, so she should known that it's obviously going to be made to look like Natalie did all of the dancing (even when we know she obviously couldn't have). They're not going to acknowlege the double, because movies never do. She's burning any of the bridges she had left in Hollywood. I can understand why she wants recognition, but she should just shut up now. No one's going to want to work with someone that's considered a troublemaker and a whiner (regardless if she's right or not).

  19. 19

    me thinks she doth protest too much…

    really, she had to have her producers back up her claim? i guess they dont want to see her discredited as they want to keep selling dvds etc…
    but seriously…to say that the double didnt do much…i saw the movie, the only stuff portman did was from the waist up and in tight shots…any idiot can see that.

  20. 20

    I believe the dancer. It takes years to perfect ballet. I have nothing against the movie, I loved the movie, but of course they don't want people to think that it isn't Natalie Portman dancing because it takes away the effect of the movie.

  21. 21

    Natalie studied Ballet for years. (I'm not saying she did or didn't perform the routines) I do think however that the body double dancer is making this too big a deal for what her job was. You don't see stunt doubles going out there complaining about not getting credit for their stunts performed. Or when the actor claims they perform most of the stunts you don't here the double saying "no not true." I'm just saying that body doubles are routine in Hollywood and a lot of those doubles make a pretty damn good living being a private person.

  22. 22

    Re: alcaatras
    emoting?? i didn't realise she did anything other than look pathetic the entire time…i guess i missed the parts where she actually emoted something other than being a wet rag

  23. 23

    On another note: Perez Hilton has this blaring banner on his site that claims over 35 million hits a month — from Canada alone! Canada's population for 2009 was 34 million btw. Anyway, apart from the little detail that it's more than the population of the ENTIRE country, I'm thinking if this were really true then wouldn't there be more than the average couple of dozen posted comments on the stories? His claim just doesn't add up.

  24. 24

    Re: Quichie
    yeah, because it happens so often that ballet dancers are needed for double work in hollywood lol
    i don't think this actress is doing anything other than defending her hard work and someone else taking full credit for it. It's one thing to say you trained and attempted to do as much as you could, it's a completely different story to take credit for another's work. You must credit sources in writing, the same goes for every other medium or situation. She should not be going around saying she did all of it, or even the majority if in fact she did not. I think anyone can see she didnt do the majority, so she should have been more modest and this would not have happened.

  25. 25

    Re: Miley is an ugly whore
    Looking at your name, the first thing that pops to mind is: Jealous much?

  26. 26

    Re: Sarah A. Sachs

    I want to see this video of her face being superimposed onto the doubles…but i guess they have tracked them all down and removed them in order to support natalie and her babydaddy's bogus claims…
    hopefully that video will surface again, and vindicate the honest words of the dancer.

    Natalie should have been more honest or modest…now she looks like a complete fool and a liar.

  27. 27

    1st Mario, stop with the 'BABY DADDY' , AGAIN, it sounds so uneducated, so ghetto. Next, okay, someone did some, alot, most, whatever of her dancing. BIG EFIN DEAL! This was for her acting! Do you CREDIT side by side STUNT DOUBLES???? NO!!!!!! and finally, even though Natalie went to Public School, her parents saw that she had all the extras, AS IN DANCE, MUSIC, ETC.!!! She started dance classes at the age of four and performed in local troops. So, it was NOT LIKE SHE TRIED TO DANCE FOR THE FIRST TIME 2 YEARS AGO. This dancer, okay, her feelings are hurt, BUT THIS IS HOW IT GOES, SHE IS A DOUBLE, NOT THE STAR.

  28. 28

    Easy solution. Let's have a dance off! (My money's on Sarah.)

  29. 29

    [re=5657342]Re: samdavid[/ LOL

  30. 30

    Re: samdavid

    Natalie Portman has never taken credit away from the damn dancer. Absolutely NO ONE said she learned pointe in a year. In fact, there are radio interviews in which Portman discusses the body doubles. Sarah's initial complaint (and one I agree with) is that she was credited as an EXTRA. And then came this other bullshit about 85% vs 5% and then dissing Natalie about her dancing ability. I mean seriously, Sarah lane is not Aurélie Dupont, so she really needs to stop while she's behind.

    It's incredibly rude of Sarah Lane to bring this up with Natalie's name in it. She has a problem with how she was credited, talk to the studio. Don't bring into question the actress' rightful Oscar win. To me, it sounds like she wants more credit than she deserve.

    And Sarah lane is more than a ballet dancer, just in case you didn't know. There are plenty of dance movies that are released in a year that I'm sure she won't be invited to participate in.

  31. SF90 says – reply to this


    I believe the dancer and I don't think she's talking to the press to get attention, but just because she's tired of Natalie getting credit for things she didn't do.
    If I were the body double of someone who ended up winning an Oscar for the part, I would've also wanted at least some acknowledgement from the people involved in the movie. I would feel very unappreciated if they gave someone else the credit for my work and people starting to praise that person.

  32. 32


  33. 33

    This dancer sounds like she's got an ego problem. Doubles never get any credit, you'd think she would've realised this before signing on to a Hollywood movie. I wouldn't care if Natalie did none of the dancing, she gave an incredible performance.

  34. 34

    The professional dancer is telling the truth. Being a professional ballet dancer (degree from Juliard) I can say that it is ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE to become a ballerina in 1 year..even when the upper body shots with Portman dancing are shown, her movement is not that of a professional dancer, she does not move naturally. But then you see her feet and it is excellent. Of course the producers and her fiance are going to defend her. And is it not strange how Sarah was never mentioned in any acceptance speech yet Portman was continuously talked about in interviews as having trained rigorously to perfect being a ballerina..sorry but that is total BS…She was a wonderful actress in the film, but sorry sweetheart you don't fool real dancers.

  35. 35

    enough! natalie portman won the oscar,period. ballerina shut up! yes, u did an incredible work dancing, but i mean this is old news… REALLY. natalie will win another oscar and u will be forgotten.

  36. 36

    So far, all I'm seeing are people ignorant of dance training that actually thought Natalie could 'become' that good en pointe in a year.

  37. 37

    Re: melaniarose – Natalie also went from little experience to hard work for over a year. The whole movie was about Natalie, not the dancer. The dancer did not have to learn anything or commit to anything. The acting was front and center. Dancers know that they do not get acknowledgment like the actresses that are committed to the roles for years. I do not see why she wants credit when no dancer ever gets credit. People aren't going to see the movie and say "Oh, that body double did excellent work, she made the movie."

  38. 38

    Why would it be such a shame if it was a facade? Wasn't this just a movie? Aren't most movies (except documentaries) suppose to create a facade for us to escape in to? I don't get what the big deal is..

  39. 39

    It's true, it was a movie.. an acted movie, not a ballet performance.
    Tall poppy syindrome. Natalie Portman makes quality movies. She's amazing at what she does and now she has an Oscar. Some people are jealous of that kind of success.

  40. 40

    Bitches please!!! Hollywood is all about smoke and mirrors - always has been. The official Fox video, that clearly indicates the heavy handed usage of CGI head replacement, can still be found on YouTube under "Black Swan Visual Effects Reel"

  41. 41

    team dancer :p

  42. 42

    Finally the truth comes out. Natalie Portman isn't the perfect little Jewish American princess everyone thought she was. This reminds me of Milli Vanilli. They should make Natalie return her award and give it to Michelle Williams instead. I have never liked Natalie because she has that air about her that I can't stand. She's a stuckup spoiled bitch from an affluent family. Her looks are just average and her acting is mediocre and unimpressive at the best of times. I didn't like any of the the newer Star Wars movies because they paled in comparison to the first 3. In spite of their special effects, they were still soulless, boring movies. I believe the professional ballet dancer. Why would she lie about this? She has nothing to gain from either talking or keeping quiet. Natalie just lost most of her credibility and integrity.

  43. 43


    There was a total of 4 minutes, tops, of "whoever" dancing as Natalie, whether it was Natalie or someone else. So, if it's 4 minutes of dancing, and someone is claiming 85%, that's less than 4 minutes of screen time, regardless of who's right. The bottom line is that Portman was is the other 95% of the film, as her, period. Her dancing didn't win the oscar, her acting did. Morons.

    And Mario, cut the "facade" bullshit, you fucking tool. Is that your passive aggressive way now of bullying people and stirring shit up for no reason whatsoever? You really need to find a different hobby, man. People loathe you, even those closest to you, however you just won't admit that to yourself. You will pass away and old man, with NOONE at your side.

  44. 44

    Looks like I spoke too soon. Most of the head replacement shots have now been removed from the FX video. Hmmm… Team Sarah all the way!

  45. 45

    You can't trust her. She's a jew. They lie about everything. Her real name isn't even Portman, it's Hershlag. Apparently she was ashamed of her jewish name.

  46. 46

    So Perez still has the FX video on here under the post: "See The Magic Behind Black Swan's Visual Effects!". However, it's the video with all the head comps removed. So my theory is that Perez has either been asked to replace the original video, or has seen the FULL version and is continuing to post this story with out directly pointing out all the known facts…probably because he got paid to promote the video in the first place.

  47. 47

    Re: adg100 – dude its not about that , natalie portman did an amazing job with the role i was very happy that she won the oscar, but the problem here is that the producers are giving her credit for something that she didnt do. if it was "hey y i lost weight did a couple of moves but y ofc i had to use a double other then that hope you enjoy the movie" but whats its happening here is that "double who?? nah natalie did most of the dancing double wasnt needed at all" like seriously -.- if i was the dancer i would be pissed too, one thing is to not mention no one double work behind scenes and its fine , but another completly different is if you have to say who made it dont lie about it. kinda disapointment with Natalie she should speak out to the audience and clear this mess

  48. 48

    Obviously you can't dance Swan Lake after a year and a half of training. I doubt 85% of the full body shots are Natalie but 100% of the acting was her. I never believed anyone could turn into a ballerina in that little time anyway.

  49. 49

    I think that the professional dancer did the majority of the work, but Natalie probably did the smaller, easier dancing.

  50. 50

    Natalie won an academy for her acting in which she was superb. As for the dancing well those greedy producers should be sued for their attempts at discrediting a dancer. It's one thing for no one to ask for the double and another for the movie producers to deny that Sara didn't do any of the movies either way Natalie Portman is caught in the crossfire. The dancer should either due something about it legally or just shut up ’cause she is coming off as a whiny little brat who didn't get her way.

  51. 51

    Re: yeaman – Exactly.

  52. 52

    Why the eff is this even still an issue. Sarah Lane needs to STFU and stop throwing shit at Natalie Portman. First of all, Natalie Portman NEVER EVER claimed to do all of the dancing. I sent Perez an email with links to at least 4 interviews where Natalie either names Sarah Lane as her double, saying that Lane did the more complicated stuff, or where Natalie admits to not being able to do things like the fouettes. She never claimed that it could be done in a year. But Perez never posted any of those interviews because I guess he wants to contribute to these false accusations against Natalie.

    Furthermore, shots where it is a double and not Natalie amount to less than 2 minutes of the overall 1:47:00 movie. But you know what? It doesn't even matter. Black Swan isn't about Ballet…Ballet was the setting of the movie. The story is about Nina, a girl with internal and psychological issues. These issues can occur anywhere in the world. Natalie Portman won this Oscar for her AMAZING AMAZING performance - not for the few shots of dancing that occur within the film. It's completely rude that people are trying to bash Natalie after all of the hard work that she put into the role.

    Team Natalie all the way. Sarah Lane got paid for what she signed on for. To be a double. Plain and simple.

  53. 53

    Re: Mad Dog – oh my god how shocking, she changed her name. i've never heard of an actor/actress ever doing such a thing.

  54. 54

    look, Audrey Hepburn didn't sing a note in My Fair Lady, so Natalie's in the clear no matter how you slice it.

  55. 55

    Believe the professional dancer she's a professional ballerina, she isn't JUST some dancer she's THE dancer. It's not likely that Natalie would learn how to dance skillfully and perfect in a couple of months. Producers are going to defend their actress no matter what the same thing goes for her fiancee he's going to defend her. I feel bad for Sarah, all she wants is to be recognized for her work. GIVE HER THE CREDIT THAT SHE DESERVES.

  56. 56

    Hey Sarah Lane, good luck finding your next gig. Don't you know it's not cool to bite the hand that feeds you? Anyway, it's a movie. There is no loyalty to a hack-dancer. over making a film that is intended to appear believeable, no matter what kind of smoke and mirrors it takes to achieve that.

  57. sanaa says – reply to this


    this movie looks so trashy

  58. 58

    Whether or not it was Natalie, the Oscar went to the best actress. Her breakdown was performed by Natalie and Natalie alone. I really don't care if she had a body double doing 50% of the dancing…It was about the acting folks. She was amazing and deserved the award. I am not quite sure why this woman who has been dancing for 20 years is all of a sudden having a meltdown over this. If she has been in the industry for that long than she should know the ropes by now. What exactly is her agenda? Is this her breakdown now. Is she looking for that Oscar?

  59. ed69 says – reply to this


    so bitch wants what? for natalie to chop the head out of her oscar and give it to her.. puleeez …3 posts for this idiot have been enough already. MOVING ON!!

  60. 60

    Sarah Lane should be properly credited for her input in the movie. Sarah was THE DANCER. Without Sarah there would be NO BALLERINA … IDIOTS. Take away the ballet and you have no freaking movie. Put a mediocre ballerina double in there and you would have no Oscar in your hands. See how it goes? Great dancing - the gist of the movie - then the other frilly character acting - then an Oscar - which mind you should be shared with Sarah too. And why not - she did the work then Portman's face was superimposed on the body.

    The reason Hollywood movie makers lied about this whole issue it is because Portman is the start of the movie and she is bankable and you cannot show the truth to the populous since Portman stood to earn an Oscar and make tons of millions for everyone who created the movie.

    But lies fly high in Hollywood and lives and money are at stake.

    If these movie makers are so eager to shove Sarah Lane and discredit her work, they would sell their own mother for cash. These people have no morals and that is because they are driven by the mighty $$$.

    At least they could have mentioned and been honest about Sarah Lane's dance percentage input. BE HONEST YOU DISGUSTING "BLACK SWAN" CREATORS AND BE SPECIFIC ABOUT IT TOO.

    I have not seen the movie nor do I intend to, but the allegations have certainly put a cloud over how Oscars are earned and the honesty behind it.

  61. 61


    Wow…I bet you don't even know how stupid your comment sounds. First of all, the fact that you haven't even seen the movie basically makes your post void of any valid or useful argument. You know, since you don't know what the hell you're talking about.
    You said: "Great dancing - the gist of the movie - then the other frilly character acting - then an Oscar - which mind you should be shared with Sarah too." Well, no, dancing was not the gist of the movie. It was actually a small part of the movie. Yes it was important, but the downward psychological spiral of Nina was the gist of the movie. So the "frilly character acting", as you call it, was significantly more important. Need I remind you that this was a MOVIE. Hence actress > dancer. And by the way, Natalie's acting was phenomenal. One of the best performances I've ever seen. The Oscar is hers and only hers.

  62. 62

    So what if she didn't do the dancing? It was the acting the blew me away.

  63. 63

    Re: Black Swan14 – Good points! As I recall, nobody made a stink about Mickey Rourke not being an actual wrestler, or his having a body double in The Wrestler (also directed by Aronofsky). I agree as well, that it's idiotic to go on a rant about some crackpot Hollywood conspiracy theory without having seen the movie + have no intention of so doing.

  64. 64

    Re: TRUTH-TELLER – Natalie Portman has been studying dance since she was 4 years old. Get a clue!

  65. 65

    Mad Dog: I was looking for the big fat stinking POS Jew hater… and there you are.

  66. 66

    Re: JETHRO2 – Audrey, her husband and her producers never went around talking about how audrey became such a wonderful singer or did all or most of the singing in my fair lady though! BIG DIFFERENCE
    portman has been going around since day one talking about how much dance she did in the movie.

  67. 67

    Natalie Portman is not a professional ballerina, omg, shocking I know!!!

    This Sarah needs to get over herself, Natalie got her praise for her performance, not her ballet. Natalie earned her awards.

  68. 68

    Re: alcaatras – Totally agree with you. To suggest that Portman was supposed to be a full=fledged ballerina in 18 months is ludicrous. She was spectacular at the level she was able to get to, though. She was not performing a ballet - she was performing scenes, and that makes all the difference. It truly shows her ability as an actor. She's amazing - maybe one of the greatest that we will see in our lifetime.

  69. 69

    Well I loved the movie but thought from the start that was not Natalie's body, she is 30 and the girl in the movie looks 12 please. They should have admitted this from the start to not have this problem, soon as I saw her in the movie my first thought was her face yes but not the rest we are not 5 years olds to believe that her body could change that much hello!

  70. 70

    She didnt win an Oscar for her dancing, she won it for her acting. The other bitch is just bitter because shes not getting the attention she thinks she deserves. Either way she did an amazing job and lets leave it at that

  71. 71

    The movie sucked so with without her it still sucks! www.youtube/user/TheLexicake

  72. 72

    Who cares? That dancer sounds petty. Natalie Portman is an actress… not a dancer. She may be able to dance and thats cool, but people liked her acting in the movie. This is a ridiculous "story."

  73. dude3 says – reply to this


    I believe this girl. You can't separate the dancing from the acting in this film, because dancing is integral to the story. Plus forget about the Oscars for one second, if Natalie and her team kept making it seem or outright said that she did most of the dancing, when she did not, then that's lying. And if the Oscar community was slightly swayed by the fact that she did most of the dancing when she did not, then yea…her Oscar was slightly gotten on false pretenses. I don't think this girl wants attention, because she would have said something earlier. She just wants the truth to come out. If you created a bunch of paintings for a movie, and then later an actor claims how he was the one who created the paintings, wouldn't you say something? It would eat at you until you said something. Also if she was so confident that her acting alone would have given her the Oscar, why did she keep this girl secret? Why didn't she mention her at all? Why was the girl prevented from speaking before the Oscars? Why was the CGI video where they replace the girl's face with Natalie's face all of a sudden taken down? If you have nothing to hide, you hide nothing. I definintely believe this girl.

  74. 74

    if this escalates into a war of words the dancer just might end up in a courtroom..
    which might fare well for her,
    because then frame by frame it would be broken down and all the computer generated tricks would have to come out. The studio, Portman-anyone claiming the dancer didn't do the bulk of it would be shown to be lying with clear knowledge of the truth!
    They should just admit the dancer did the bulk of it and graciously praise her for adding to the believabliity of the character/film and that would be the end of it all-give redit where credit is due. Do you really think that Oscar voters seriously believed Portman did those dance moves? Of course not-and they still voted for her -it took nothing away from her

  75. 75

    i think this is just stupid. One who cares she gave an utterly amazing performance in that movie. The dance sequences she was portraying are ones in which, only years and years of training would allow. Im sure she did more than 5% but I am also sure the professional ballerina also did a great deal as well. Its a movie, people act, not sure what the big deal is because that is just what she did.

  76. 76

    Who has more to get by lying and going to the press about it? The dancer obviously.

    I don't think Natalie or the people in charge of the film care if she indeed used a double for most of the film, but if Sarah is lying, then they would defend it…which is what they are doing now.

    If Sarah wants to be famous and recognizable, she should go out and do it herself, not piggyback off Natalie Portman and tell the world that basically, she is the more talented one.

    This girl will never work in movies or anything big ever again, I guarantee it.

  77. 77

    this is such bullshit, i'm so sick of this story. the girl was hired as a dancer, she did her job and got paid. it's like a stunt man claiming he deserves the credit for die hard cause he did the stunts. uhm, no you were hired to do one thing, and you did it and you were paid, you are not the star, so shut the fuck up, and stop whinning.

  78. 78

    Sorry, don't believe this dude. Natalie is NOT a professional dancer, but an actress. Nice try, dude, now sit down and shut up. I'm not buying it.

  79. 79

    This whole story is ridiculous. It doesn't matter in the least who danced, Natalie's Oscar was for ACTING not dancing. I suppose the dancer wants to claim she acted too? Movie extras are going to start wanting main billing credits for stunt doubling now? Nonsense.

  80. 80

    Liars spinning because they do not want to be found out as liars. Sarah Lane did most of the dancing. She is not getting more money but to have her contribution to the film nullified would be hard for anyone to take. How does she benefit? She did the dancing and everyone that matters is insisting she did not…

  81. T-Dot says – reply to this


    I agree with the professional dancer. And for those that say Natalie won the Oscar for the acting not the dancing, well yes, the Oscar is an acting award, however if you took all the actual dancing out of the movie and just had it be about the ballerina outside of the studio, I think Natialie would have been recognized but not won. Would Jennifer Hudson have won if she had lipsynched her way through Dream Girls? Would Reese have won if she had done the same? No. They won because they showed they had tremendous range as a performer by taking on something that they don't normally do (Jennifer acting; Reese singing). I think that it would be an insult to ballerinas because though Natalie training all day every day for a year, that's a dancers life EVERY DAY. So for it to be presented as though not only is she beautiful, ivy league educated, funny, multi-lingual, and an incredible actress but hey! Look she can even train for a year and be just as good as ballerinas who have done that every day, their entire lives. Just be honest and say, "Yes I trained but obviously I could not be the dancer that I would have needed to be in the film because - as you saw in the movie - these girls live and breathe dance whereas I have not been training anywhere near as long. I am in some dancing scenes but for the more difficult scenes technology and real dancers definitely made me look good." Done.

  82. 82

    Re: melaniarose – You um do realize that this was a DANCE movie, correct? You do realize that WITHOUT the professional ballerina, there would have been NO movie correct? You do realize that a huge part of what made Natalie's acting incredible was the professional dancer because the whole point in the last scene was to do the Black Swan dance perfectly? Natalie Portman's acting was fantastic, but it kind of sort of neeeeeded the dancing in order to make it a high scale BALLET film. Sarah deserved the credit for dancing..dancers get credit..I am happy she spoke up because it just made the Black Swan production crew and everyone who stated it was Natalie in the film look like idiots.. By the way, I think it's cute that you decided to reply to the one person who stated to be a professional ballet dancer..and your ignorance is embarrassing

  83. 83

    Re: yeaman – You um do realize that this was a DANCE movie, correct? You do realize that WITHOUT the professional ballerina, there would have been NO movie correct? You do realize that a huge part of what made Natalie's acting incredible was the professional dancer because the whole point in the last scene was to do the Black Swan dance perfectly? Natalie Portman's acting was fantastic, but it kind of sort of neeeeeded the dancing in order to make it a high scale BALLET film. Sarah deserved the credit for dancing..dancers get credit..I am happy she spoke up because it just made the Black Swan production crew and everyone who stated it was Natalie in the film look like idiots.. By the way, I think it's cute that you decided to reply to the one person who stated to be a professional ballet dancer..and your ignorance is embarrassing

  84. 84

    I'm glad she said something because there are stupid people out there who actually believed that you can become that level of a dancer in a year! It takes years, years of non-stop dedication to be decent dancer; let alone a "Prima Ballerina!" It's a little disappointing that Natalie felt she should perpetuate the lie.

  85. 85

    i don't care who did the dancing. i loved the movie.

  86. 86

    Re: melaniarose – You, um, yeah know you commented on your own post dumbass. You do realize that this was a HOLLYWOOD MOVIE. Yeah and the award was for ACTING? Do you realize that they couldve found any ballerina to do the job and most wouldn't be grabbing for attention like this women? Do you not realize that without an ACTOR, you would have no movie? That the job of a double is to be invisible? The movie is not about Sarah Lane. It's about Natalie Portman. If she wanted to be an actress, she shouldnt have became a dancer. Obviously she cannot act since she is a double. Oh and by the way, your ignorance ranks up there with the dancer. The movie was not about dancing. If you took just dancing away from it then you are stupid.

  87. dumi says – reply to this


    Ok, if Sarah Lane had such a small role,

    Why was she kept a secret? Why was she warned not to give interviews before the Oscars? Why was she only credited as lady in the lane, rather than a dance double? Why was she never mentioned? Why was the video of her face being replaced with Natalie's, using CGI removed from Youtube!???

    People who have nothing to hide, hide nothing. End of story.

    I believe her.

  88. 88

    Re: yeaman – Well said hehe. Not to mention the fact that Oscars are given, in this case, to actors, not dancers. Lane should've kept her mouth shut, she just ended her own career. She signed up to be a body double, she didn't audition for the lead role. People don't know who she is, so don't care about her, it's as superficial as that. You didn't hear Julia Roberts double for Pretty Woman (Shelley Michelle) complain when Julia was called beautiful on the poster, even hough it wasn't her or hear Schwarzenegger's double cry because Arnold gets to be the action hero even though he does all of his stunts?

  89. 89

    From what I've heard, Natalie wasn't turned into a ballerina from nothing over 18 months. I've heard she did ballet when she was younger, so that would have taken a lot off the time needed to learn some of the dances. And aside from this, i think the dancer is being a bit of an attention whore (despite having done a great job). This whole thing is just shattering the illusion of a beautiful film.

  90. BBKay says – reply to this


    They should mention her at the end of the film as DOUBLE DANCER, and everything would be fine, but they didn’t, the question is why? Maybe there was some benefit because of it. She's not some person waiting at street in movie or double in action movie jumping on roof – besides even stunts are mention as stunts not some HAND MODEL – where people don’t even know what exactly that person did. The Dance was important for leader character, it trigger her psychosis. It seems that Portman dance scenes are without showing her lower body like waving her arms around in port de bras etc., not counting scenes where Nat is just standing around in dance attire -that's not dancing.
    Natalie Portman is fantastic actress, she deserved for all her awards because it was for ACTING! and the DANCER did the great job in FULL BODY DANCE, GIVE credit for Sarah ! End of story ! Everyone is happy now.

  91. Luiz says – reply to this


    Natalie did ballet when she was younger ;) Well that change everything ;-)
    Natalie probably also took piano and swim lessons and horse-riding as a child, at next movies she'll play piano the I Chopin's concert of course by her own, she'll become Olympic swimming champion and achieve - for real and because of her hard work and her multi talents – Gold medal at show jumping ;) Many young girls take ballet lesson but they don't make it, because they aren't physically too strong, or are too tall, can't hold right weight… Ballet is not alphabet or bycicle riding you have to work for many many years, day by day without pause, and in the age of 30 you finish carrier and at the end probably finish in wheelchair. In no way Natalie (her age) could master the dance like prima-balerina .
    Not that anyone would have expected the actress –Natalie is GREAT actress - to be able to dance Swan Lake ;) none of this wouldn’t have been a big deal except that Portman and the filmmakers were disingenuous about it to begin with.

  92. 92

    Re: Black Swan14
    Actually the truth is I have seen the movie and it did not capture my attention much simply because I do not like Natalie's performance. Hence I mentioned I did not watch it with full attention. She is boring and has been in many movies. Had it been some other actress I would have watched it with gusto.
    That Oscar should have gone to someone else.

    Regardless, Sarah should have received much more attention for her work and producers should stop lying.

    No one is going to questions and physically see how many shots Natalie did. But it takes a lot longer to learn the moves she did YEARS AND YEARS not 1 or 2 yrs.
    The dancer also danced her arse off and she should be acknowledged for it.


    PS you are the idiot and nonsensical troll in this conversation who has no clue about dance and making movies and what is and is not important.