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Bret Michaels Sues CBS And Tony Awards Over Head Injury!

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Bret Michaels is blaming his fall at the 2009 Tony Awards for his severe head injury.

If you didn't watch the Tony's that year (or didn't see the countless videos that were posted the morning after), Bret was hit in the head by a piece of scenery as he was exiting stage and suffered a busted lip and a broken nose.

A few months later, he suffered a near-fatal brain hemorrhage and has been in and out of hospitals ever since.

He's now suing both CBS and the Tony Awards for his head trauma.

His attorney, Alex Weingarten issued a statement:

"The Tony Awards dropped a piece of the stage on Bret’s head, and then instead of doing the right thing, joked about it and played it off for ratings … Bret never wanted to file a lawsuit, but the Tony Awards have left us with no choice. They must be held accountable for almost killing Bret, and that is what we are going to do."

The lawsuit also claims that the producers of the awards show failed to give him instructions on where to stand during his performance and was only told to "simply exit the stage from the rear."

It also reads:

"Michaels was never told that the scenery piece would be descending or given any warning of the existence of the dangers it presented. Quite the opposite, Michaels specifically asked for instructions regarding how to exit after his performance and was just told to walk off the rear of the stage – in what was ultimately the danger zone.

One of the most common causes of this type of hemorrhage is head trauma - exactly like the one Michaels suffered at the hands of the Tony Awards."

Bret is suing for unspecified damages and is taking issue with the way the producers dealt with the press afterwards. He's also suing for the cause of his subarachnoid hemorrhage.

We're actually surprised it took him this long to sue the awards show. It was a pretty nasty fall and he may just have an actual case here.

[Image via WENN.]

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26 comments to “Bret Michaels Sues CBS And Tony Awards Over Head Injury!”

  1. 1

    His wig is causing brain damage and the bandana is on a little too tight!

  2. 2

    So is he suing for medical damages, loss of income, personal, emotional, and physical distress or what? Saying he sued because the press was handled badly doesn't make any sense. Is he suing only for monetary compensation or does he want the uniion to up their standards in handling staging equpment?

  3. 3

    What a slimey Douchebag. He must be having money problems

  4. 4

    You're just now reporting this? This was all over the other gossip sites on Friday. You are so slow.

  5. 5

    so after going thru a life threatening condition, battling back from near death, he has learned the true meaning of life MONEY & to sue for every penny he can!

  6. murg says – reply to this


    Live theatre (which the Tony's represent, and is much like) is dependent on people hitting their marks and their cues. The opening segment, where Bret got hit, are carefully timed and choreographed. He was treating it like a rock show and milkin the crowd when his song was done- that is why the set piece fell on his head. If he had gotten off stage when he was supposed to instead of being a show-boating d-bag, his accident wouldn't have happened. He's lucky because I believe stupidity should be fatal.

  7. 7

    Nothing to do with all the years of drug use…….

  8. 8

    Re: BIGFOOT1 – LOL

  9. 9

    Baldy's an idiot.

  10. 10

    How hard is it to make an exit without a blindfold on if you're following your cues? I know theyre dark, but come on….

  11. 11

    He's had a series of mystery illnesses since he was on The Apprectice. Fainting, heart attacks, near death experiences. Maybe he's broke too.

  12. 12

    Who knows if this is true or not…but apparently:

    There is a video on YouTube of the dress rehearsal of the 2009 Tonys showing Bret Michaels walking off of the stage and clearing the descending piece of scenery. He did not look confused about how or where to exit and he sustained no injury.

    And then on the footage of the actual telecast, you can see that the other members of Poison ran off the stage without incident and that Mr. Michaels stayed onstage longer "vamping" and then slowly walked off, obviously not caring about timing or cues. And you can also see in the video that the piece of scenery did not "fall" on Mr. Michaels so much as he ran into it.

  13. jian says – reply to this


    ridiculous. he had an aneurysm and it was not post traumatic based on the location.


  14. 14

    Anybody who watches the footage can see that he walked straight into the (descending) set piece. He "clotheslined" himself and fell down - he wasn't crushed.

  15. 15

    That brain hemorrhage was one of the best things to have happened to him, according to Bret himself. It is rather odd to be suing people for the allegedly life changing event that turned out leading him to a more fulfilling life…if that head injury was indeed the cause of the problem. I would speculate that the guy has pumped enough substances in his body over the years to set himself up for a myriad of health issues. I suppose his dealer from the 80's-90's is going to be the next party taken to court??

  16. 16

    good for him. those were serious injuries.

  17. 17

    stupid filthy scum hes stoned or drunk or both and he could not follow directions. He has turned into a bich. I hope he blows his cash on legal fees stupid scum.

  18. 18

    Re: NotHatingJustStating – such a douche

  19. 19

    I seriously doubt he is broke! He almost died as a result of their set and I think he should be compensated.

  20. 20

    I'm usually against lawsuit hunting but if the hemorrhage was legitimately caused by the accident on the set of the Tonys and the accident wasn't his fault then I don't see why he shouldn't be compensated for his damages.

  21. 21

    Re: murg – exactly… its not like a concert at all. And even if it were in the dark, there are marks all over the stages saying where set pieces are and where they are suppose to be

  22. 22

    In fact, in that YouTube clip, the other guys immediately jump back up onto the stage riser to AVOID the descending piece of scenery, and C.C. even POINTS at Bret as if to say, 'look out!', right before he walks into it! What a jerk!

  23. 23

    his guittarrist walked away after the finished, clearly because that thing was comming down everybody seemed to know that but bret wanted so much those claps and ovations that clearly forgot that thing was comming I really doubt that he didn't know, he can't blame somone for his brain damage when he only hit his nose come on! are running out of money bret?

  24. 24

    I thought he should have did it a long time ago!! www.youtube/user/TheLexicake

  25. 25

    What an ugly lesbian. He really should take a bath and put a blow dryer into it.

  26. 26

    It's funny that he was the only one who did'nt hear the stage managers directions.